in that first pic she chilled there for like 3 minutes

Prompts/Blurbs List

I put together a list of different prompts and blurbs about the Dolan Twins! Feel free to request which ever ones you want. Also, If you do happen to use any of these, please give credit! 

1. “I miss you.“ 

2. “Would you feel better if I let you hold my hand?”

 3. “Do you have any feelings whatsoever? Or are you always just a complete dick?" 

4. "I don’t love you anymore." 

5. "Hey babe, did you eat my sandwich?”

 6. “I thought you were different." 

7. "I’d rather be smothered with a pillow in the middle of the night then go on a date with you.”

 8. “Wait a minute..Are you jealous?" 

9. "Fuck off, she’s mine." 

10. "I’m glad you find my boyfriend attractive, now fuck off." 

11. "I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

12. “Do you love her?”

13. “Wait.. You’ve never had your first kiss?!”

14. “Oh, and that’s Dolan. He’s the perfect example as to why condoms are necessary.”

15. “Did you just smack my ass?”

16. “Are you kidding me? This shit was expensive you twat.”

17. “Stop being a tool and put your fucking shirt down. You’re taking a picture for Instagram, not sending ab pics.”

18. “You’re not welcome.”

19. “And you wonder why we broke up in the first place.”

20. “…My bad?”

21. “Do you not trust me?”

22. “Have you ever masturbated?”

23. “Can I play with your hair?”

24. “If you say like one more time, I’m gonna like totally choke you the fuck out!”

25. “By all means, go fuck yourself.”

26. “Can you shut the fuck up?”

27. “Wow nice job. 5 brownie points for you!”

28. “Fuck that was so hot.”


30. “You belong with me.”

31. “Hey, I’m right here. Shh you’re okay.”

32. “Do you seriously have a boner right now?”

33. “Were you staring at her tits?”

34. “This isn’t the first promise you’ve broken.”

35. “Don’t you ever fucking do that again, you hear me?”

36. “Yes, Daddy.”

37. “My ex was never like this.”

38. “Is that my football jersey?”

39. “Hey babe, do you have any tweezers?”

40. “Why are you crying?”

41. “You know I never meant to hurt you, right?”

42. “Y-You thought I was gonna hit you?..”

43. “Your boobs are comfy.”

44. “I swear to god if you make one more smart ass comment I’m gonna stomp your balls, you dickwad.”

45. “What did you just say?”

46. “Did you just call me (Your/Ex’s/Name?)

47. “Hey baby, I’m drunk as fuck and I miss you so much. Please come home.”

48. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you go and get me some skittles.”

49. “How did you manage to fuck this up?”

50. “Do you ever regret it?”

51. “Shut your mouth and kiss me, damnit.”

52. “What the hell is on your face?”


54. “Can we just cuddle?”

55. “Baby, my tummy hurts.”

56. “You have such a nice butt.”

57. “Sorry, I-I can’t get comfortable.”

58. “I want kisses.”

59. “She came onto me, I swear!”

60. “Stop giving me the puppy eyes.. Ugh fine, fuck you.”

61. “Did you know sex is exercise?’

62. “You’re not going out like that.”

63. “You smell good.”

64. “You mean the world to me.”

65. “Promise me you’ll be here when I wake up.”

66. “I may be drunk but I know for a fact that I love you.”

67. “Uhm.. Your book is upside down.”

68. “That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

69. “Stop teasing me.”

70. “You’re gonna get it when we get home.”

71. “Pretty please?”

72. “What the fuck are you giggling at? it’s 3am.”

73. “Can you just hold me?”

74. “Can I be the little spoon tonight?”

75. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, bitch.”

76. “Obviously I’m upset.”

77. “Fuck that feels good.”

78. “Stop being so horny.”

79. “Sure, go hangout with your ex. I mean, I might as well text mine, too.”

80. “You’re mine. You got that?”

81. “I know I’m your bestfriend but I want so much more.”

82. “I think I should call heaven because it looks like they’re missing an angel.”

83. “I think I just shit myself.”

84. “I have to let you go.”

85. “You broke my fucking heart.”

86. “You mean everything to me. And I’ll be damned if I were to let you walk out on me right now.”

87. “I swear to god I won’t have sex with you for a whole month if you don’t kill that eight legged motherfucker.”

88. “I want to come home.”

89. “You’re so cheesy.”

90. “You need to chill, babe.”

91. “How do you spell aluminum?”

92. “Do I look fat in this?”

93. “You can do so much better that me.”

94. “Wow you have nice abs.”

95. “You make fun of me for being short, but do you see me making fun of your small ass dick? No? Exactly. Shut your ass up.”

96. “Wow you’re really tall.”

97. “You were the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”

98. “Can I kiss you?”

99. “I know, this was just an excuse to cuddle.”

100. “Maybe we should just order some pizza..”

6 months

2 years. 2 years in a relationship with Nash, just to break up over text message because of the pictures of him and another girl. He was on tour and cheating on you.

You’ll admit, the first week, you laid in bed crying. You were heartbroken. He was your first true love, after pizza of course. But you were so hurt. He said he loved you, but his actions showed otherwise.

In the messages, he said it was an accident. A one time thing. She was just a fan and things just happened. He didn’t mean it. He loved you.

Lie after lie after lie.

The second week you were still upset, but you moved from your bed now. You found yourself mostly playing sad songs and drowning your pain in the bottom of a tub of ice cream. Not the healthiest way to cope, but you were doing okay.

The third week you were finally realizing that he didn’t deserve your tears. You saw his tweets, Instagram pictures, snapchat stories, he was out having the time of his life it seemed. He was out on dates with other girls already. Out partying with the guys. He was happy, so why weren’t you?

The forth week rolled around and you decided you were done. You finally got rid of that box of stuff you had of his under your bed. Your burned the love letters, threw away all the gifts he bought you, like the teddy bear from Valentine’s Day. The minion he won from a carnival game the night he took you on your 4th date. All of it. You were finally ready to move on.

Now, here you are, 6 months post break up, hanging out with your new boyfriend, Beau at his place.

You guys met at the gym (since drowning your sorrows in ice cream did nothing for your figure) a month after your breakup and really clicked. Granted he gave you all his lines that day, it was his sense of humor that made you agree to going out to lunch with him the next day, and well, the rest is history. That was 5 months ago though.

Now here you are, head over heels for the biggest goof you knew. He constantly made you laugh, and his brothers, Luke and Jai, same age as you, were suddenly your best friends. You spent at least 4 days out of the week with Beau, the other 3 you were just busy with work.

You were currently at Beau and the rest of the boys place in LA, cuddled up on his bed watching a movie. You couldn’t deny that you were tired. You were up early this morning for a photoshoot, and you didn’t get home until late last night.

You did some modeling, and you had to admit you did love it. You noticed how 3 months after your break up though, any picture you would post you saw Nash would like it. No big deal, since you did get like 200,000 some likes on a picture, but still.

And he would indirect you on twitter a lot. Or at least he has lately. He’s tweeted ‘don’t ever let go of someone who was once all about you’ and ‘my only regret was hurting you so much it made you leave.’ Of course there were several others, and people always tagged you in the tweets, but you paid no attention.

You were happy with Beau. He made you feel beautiful. Loved. Everything. You loved being around him. You honestly couldn’t even picture being with anyone else now. You wanted nothing more than to just be with Beau. Like, he was your happiness.

That night you didn’t have to work, and you didn’t have anything for the following morning, so as usual you stayed with the boys, a habit that seemed to be starting. You cooked them dinner, which they were grateful for, and then watched them play fifa. Jai and Luke versus Beau and Skip.

Around 11:30 you decided to head to bed, knowing those four would be up for hours. Beau did pause the game though to ‘tuck’ you into bed, which only led to you guys making out for like 15 minutes before Jai screamed from downstairs for Beau to ‘hurry up and finish’ since ‘everyone knows you can’t last that long anyway’

You stayed up though, watching a movie from bed, cuddling with Hamlet. You were watching the lion king, and you couldn’t help but snap a pic of you and Hamlet. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs, cuddles, and the Lion King? You posted the photo on twitter and Instagram and then locked your phone and then focused on the movie.

Nash was on twitter, and was guilty of having your tweet notifications on, along with you Instagram ones as well. He was over at the boys house, and they had just finished a game of hoops, everyone taking a break and checking their phones.

He had a notification of yours from twitter and Instagram. Checking twitter he saw it. The picture you had taken while over at Beaus. He immediately exited out and checked your Instagram post, only to see the same picture. He admits, it was a great pic of you. You looked great, even for it being 11:30 at night.

“another night with the actual love of my life Hamlet” and it had Beau fuckin Brooks tagged in the caption, and the picture itself.

“that’s the third fucking night in a row.” He mumbled, locking his phone. “the third fucking night in a row she’s spent at his house.”

“bro chill, they are dating, it’s not like she’s cheati- never mind.” Johnson spoke, catching himself from saying something terrible.

“like I don’t fucking know that. I know they’re fucking dating. Everyone fucking does. Who doesn’t know about the hottest model dating the Australian prankster. I mean, if you didn’t just go on any fucking site. Twitter, where her fans and his fans and half the other people in the world talk about how perfect they are. How much they ship them. Or even look at their profiles. They do nothing but fucking tweet about one another, tweet one another and fucking post pictures of them together all the damn time.” Nash went off. He was pissed. He didn’t like that you were this happy with someone that wasn’t him.

Because just a few months ago that was you guys. People were shipping you guys. You were tweeting about one another, tweeting pictures of each other, posting all kinds of pictures together, tweeting one another.

“bro, can’t you just be happy for her? I mean, don’t you want her to be happy?” Johnson, the man of wisdom spoke again. Everyone else just kinda put in their own little inputs, but Johnson was the only one to make you realize anything.

“Yeah I want her to be happy. But I want her to be happy with me. I want her to be posting pics of us, not her and someone else.”

“yeah, well you kinda ruined that didn’t you?” Johnson fired back. Everyone was shocked he said it because well, yeah everyone knew Nash cheated, but since it happened no one talked about it. Not that they were scared, but simply that it was just kinda understood. Everyone knew what went down, no need to discuss it

“Johnson.” Nash practically growled. Everyone could tell he was ready to punch Johnson for bringing it up.

“no Nash listen. You fucked up. Big time. You had a fucking dime, and to be honest with you, if it wasn’t for bro code, the second you two broke up I would’ve gone after her. I’m not gonna lie, I still talk to her, hang out with her. She’s great, and she loved you so much. But you fucking took her for granted and lost the best damn thing that ever came your way.” Johnson spit.

“you don’t think I know that? I know I messed up okay.”

“I know, but I still don’t think you get it. Yeah you messed up. You treated her like shit while you were on tour. Empty conversations, hardly ever talking to her. I think there was seriously like 2 weeks when you didn’t even bother to respond to her? But she fucking stuck by you. She way faithful as shit. And then you go and cheat on her? With a fan? You know they can’t keep their damn mouths shut. And after that breakup sure you were feeling great. Free. Nothing could stop you. Nothing was holding you back. Now here we are, 6 months later, she’s moved on, and now’s when you start caring. She’s your ex and all and you should want nothing but the best for her since you couldn’t give it to her.”

“I don’t need this.” Nash said, walking off inside, where he found Nate and Sammy drinking and smoking. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and started drinking, giving up on basketball and now all of the guys essentially just having a small party.

A bottle of vodka, and like half a blunt later Nash was just a mess. He excluded himself from everyone else inside laughing, having the time of their lives. He went outside, sitting on the edge of a cement wall. He scrolled through your guys’ old photos he still had on his phone. His thoughts eating him alive. He couldn’t stand this.

He missed you.

He missed making you laugh, the way your eyes would squint and your nose would scrunch up as you tipped your head back. He could no longer do that to you, he could no longer make you laugh. Now it was Beau who made you laugh. And that hurt him, so much. Your laugh was his favorite sound.

He missed the way you would cuddle up next to him. How you would throw your leg over his body and your arm across his chest and snuggle up real close to him. How you would nuzzle your head in his side. How perfect you and he fit together.

Or the way you would skip through the house, just humming or singing. His shirt draped over your body, and your little knee high socks, and nothing else. It was his favorite sight. He loved nothing more than trudging out of bed in the morning to find you in the kitchen singing. He loved walking up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck, telling you how great last night was. He cringed at the thought of Beau and you being the same way.

Then the thought of you and Beau being intimate in anyway. Doing anything sexual. He started to think about all the things you used to love in the bedroom. How you loved when he would pin you up against the wall. How rough he could get, but how he could slow it down, putting all his love into every deep thrust. How you would squirm when he kissed that spot, right below your ear. Or how you loved to suck him off before anything. The foreplay. How much you loved to be on top, or how you loved when he hit it from the back.

Thinking of you and Beau doing any of that together was enough to set him off. He had a new message open to you, he just didn’t have any idea what to say. His thoughts were all jumbled, and the alcohol gave him all the confidence he needed. No matter how sloppy his thoughts were one thing was clear. He missed you, and he wanted to let you know that.

To (y/n): I miss you.

And after he sent it, he waited. Messages still open. Hope of any contact from you started to fade as 15 minutes had passed and you still hadn’t even opened it. His thoughts started to come back, and he thought about how much he missed falling asleep next to you every night, and waking up with you every morning.

He was about to type another message but then he saw the little bubble pop up and eagerly awaited your response.

Beau had just came upstairs into his room to get ready for bed when you got a new message. Rarely ever getting a message at midnight, you were quite curious as to who it would be. The only person you ever talked to this late was either your best friend, or Beau. And since your best friend was out of state, in a different time zone for the week, you knew it wasn’t her, plus you guys only talked late when it was an emergency. And considering you were with Beau, it couldn’t be him.

“who’s that?” Beau asked, emerging from the bathroom in his boxers, a sight you quite enjoyed.

“no idea.” You replied, reaching over to the night table and checking your phone.

You unlocked your phone, only to see something you did not expect at all. A new message from the last person on earth you expected.

“it’s uh, it’s from Nash.” You said, shocked.

Beau climbed into bed, pulling you into him so you guys were spooning.

“like your ex Nash? What did he say?”

“yeah him. And he just said he missed me. I’m not even going to reply. I’m just going to go change my number in the morning.” I said, clicking out of my messages.

“no don’t. I know it’s not ideal, but I mean, you should text him back. You know, give him some closure or something.” Beau smiled.

“you’re not mad?”

“why would I be? I mean, I’ve got you now. Even though he fucked up, he still deserves some closure. Thing about it babe, this is the first you guys have talked in like 6 months.”

“okay. You’re the best. I love you.” You smiled, turning and kissing his lips lazily.

To Nash: It’s been 6 months Nash. I think you’re fine.

From Nash: I’m not fine. These past 6 months hae been hell. I miss you so muvh babt.

“he’s drunk.” You told Beau.

“drunk or not, he still has feeling babe. Just, let him say what he has to say. I know this is what you’ve wanted for months now.”

“what have I wanted?” you asked, confused. You didn’t want anything from Nash. You loved Beau now, so you were confused.

“you want answers, and now’s your chance to get some.”

To Nash: well, that’s not really my problem.

From Nash: I knoww. I mesaed up

To Nash: can I ask you something.

From Nash: of course.

To Nash: okay, firstly. Why’d you do it? Were you not happy with me? Cause if not, you should have broke up with me before.

From Nash: no. fuck no. I was happy with you. It’s just on tour I felt held back. Like everyone else was out having great times and I just felt like I couldn’t cause of yoi.

To Nash: you could have just talked to me, instead of ignoring me and then cheating on me.

From Nash: I know. Can I ask  you something.

To Nash: sure.

From Nash: are you happy? With bo ? nd evrithing else in oyur life?

To Nash: Beau* but yeah. I am happy with him. And my modeling is really taking off.

From Nash: I’m glad your work iz good. Bo is lucki

To Nash: Beau*

From Nash: right. I’m sorry.

To Nash: it’s fine. Lots of people spell it wrong.

From Nash: no. not for the name. For everything else. For the lies, and cheating. I regret it all. I still care about you, but if you’re happi then I’m happi for you.

To Nash: why?

From Nash: I already told you. I felt held back.

To Nash: no, not that. Like why now? Why are you apologizing now? 6 months later? I wanted an apology like a week after, maybe a month, but 6 months later? I thought maybe we could be statistics, remain friends after the breakup, but 6 months later?

From Nash: it’s just. I wanted to be friends. I just needed to figure things out.

To Nash: by sleeping with other girls?

From Nash: that makes it sound bad.

To Nash: cause it was bad Nash. It hurt so much knowing while I was laying around hurting, you were out, happy as can be.

From Nash: funny.

To Nash: what’s funny about that?

From Nash: no, not that, it’s just funny how things change.

To Nash: what do you mean?

From Nash: it’s funny how now, I’m the one hurting, and you’re happy as can be.

To Nash: what?

From Nash: It hurts knowing you’re falling asleep in someone else’s arms, and waking up next to them every morning now…


Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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Le Prodige; Jungkook

Here’s Jungkook’s part for my Gang!AU serie ! Inspired by @hoseokxx answer lol. Enjoy !

Words : 1238

Rated : M for language and violence

Genre : Gang!AU

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

He knew he was talented, and his ego grew bigger and bigger everytime the boss praised him for his good work, annoying all the others, which was really pleasing to him.

Everytime he got a mission, was another chance to show to everyone that he was the best, that he was the prodigy, and that he definitely deserved the ‘future Boss’ title

Today was not special. It was a Saturday night, Jungkook was chilling inside the HQ, playing Overwatch with random people with his bottle of vodka right next to him, when he received a text from Namjoon.

From : Boss

To : Le Prodige 

Yah kid, a new mission is waiting for you and has to be done before 6am tomorrow morning. Some rich bastard is willing to pay us $500k just to kill his son’s girlfriend that is a thread to their family or whatever. Hoseok will send you her exact location in no time. You can do whatever you want, quick, slow, I don’t care, just do it, take a pic and send it to me so we’ll get paid, and I’m sure I don’t need to repeat it but don’t forget to dispose of the body. Don’t deceive me kid.


He read the text from the corner of the eye, still focused on his game, and smirked while reading the oh so familiar word kill. At the exact same time, the word “winner” was popping on the screen, he had just won his game. Celebrating with yet another shot of vodka, it didn’t take long ‘til his phone was ringing again, but this time it wasn’t his boss, it was Hoseok, the IT guy.

From : Hoseok 

To : Le Prodige

Elisabeth Lee, age 24, receptionist in a poor Motel down the Barn street, in a relationship with TaeHyo Kim, son of the rich JaeHyun Kim. The target is actually on her work place, and will be all night. There’s no cameras and no security system, only 2 guests are written in the registration book so you shouldn’t be disturbed. Be quick, and text me if you need any more infos.


A poor and innocent girl, in a shitty motel, with barely anyone around ? Now that was something interesting for Jungkook. He picked up his phone from the dark wood desk in front of him and left the room, leaving the screen of his computer lighten up, the word “Winner” still appearing in big letters.

He made his way to the weapons room, meeting his colleague, The Slayer aka Taehyung, casually cleaning his bloody baseball bat, to pick up the things he will need for tonight’s mission. 

Knife, guns, ropes, gloves, gas. This was probably the hardest part of every mission, choosing a weapon. He stood approximately 10 good minutes in the middle of the room, wondering what choice he should make, to finally pick up the simplest gun ever.

“I don’t have a lot of time, I can’t be creative for this one” he murmured to himself, gently caressing the canon of the shiny gun. After that, Jungkook went to the dressing room, picking up some fancy stripped tuxedo and putting it on. He always liked looking good for girls, even if these said girls were going to die few minutes after their meeting with him.

A hour passed and he finally was ready to leave the HQ, his gun hidden in his pants, and his new favorite thing in the world in hand, his bloody bunny mask that Taehyung bought him a month ago, that he never forgets to put on for every murder mission.


After a long ass ride behind the wheel of one of his many sports cars, Jungkook finally arrived at destination. A small and dark alley, with no one in sight and absolutely no sound.

“It’s going to be as easy as winning arm wrestling against Jimin” he mumbled to himself, approaching slowly but surely the Motel entrance.

When he passed the door, to his surprise, the hall was completely empty, no one behind the desk. Only a little lamp was lighting up the small room, but it was enough to make the little bell on top of the desk shine bright. The boy didn’t lose any time and rang it.

He tapped his fingers impatiently against the warm colored wood waiting for his target to arrive, but when that person actually came out, Jungkook’s heart literally skipped a beat.

A beautiful girl was standing in front of him, not too tall, light brown eyes with long messy black hair. Jungkook probably just woke her up, judging by how she looked and how she was dressed.

“Hi mister, how can I help you?” she asked gently with her eyes still half closed.

But Jungkook didn’t answer. He was still looking at her, with his brows frowned. She was beautiful he couldn’t deny it. But it never stopped him from doing his job before, why couldn’t he just take the gun out of his pants and shoot her right between the eyes like he usually do ?

He awkwardly replaces the vest of his tuxedo before speaking.

“Did I wake you up Miss ?” He asked with a surprising caring voice.

The minutes passed by, and Jungkook couldn’t find the strength to kill her just yet.


From : Boss

To : Le Prodige

Kid what’s wrong with you ? Where’s the picture ? Isn’t the target at her work place ? Did anything went wrong ? You better hurry the fuck up Jungkook, we can’t let these $500k go away and you know it. I’m counting on you.

Seeing the message of his boss, made him remember who he was. He was a member of the most feared gang of Seoul. He was a murdered, an abductor, a monster. He didn’t deserve to be happy, not after everything he did. He couldn’t live a normal life like every other kid his age. He couldn’t have loving parents that would be proud of him whenever he would come home with good grades, he couldn’t have a girlfriend because he simply didn’t know what love was. He was forced to live this criminal life.

He suddenly stood up from the not so comfy couch of the reception and apologized briefly to the girl.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time Miss, please go back to sleep.”

Without any further talk, the girl bowed to him, and turned around, walking her way back to her room.

She was walking slowly, letting the time to Jungkook to put on his mask, and adjusting the gun, targeting the back of the head of the poor Elisabeth. 

“I’m sorry” Jungkook stated, with a cold voice, making the girl turn around to face him. As soon as her eyes met his, POW, he shot.


He watched the lifeless body for a few minutes, before snapping a picture with his phone, sending it immediately to his Boss, with the caption “Mission completed”

He then sighed, and carried the body to put it somewhere safe, somewhere no one would find her.

In reality, today was a special day, today was the day Jungkook realized, that he would never truly be happy, because he was a monster, and no one could ever change that.

Admin K

Alexa’s announcement livestream
  • new dance complex in south scottsdale
  • inspired to do this from her tours 
  • non competitive (rip her team) 
  • drop-in based?? taking classes from a lot of different people (kind of like the edge or MDC) 
  • all ages
  • all levels 
  • committing her life to helping us? 
  • b/c it’s non-competitive means there’s no comp team out of her studio (rly) but she can still be booked for choreography and come to the space to rehearse 
  • she’s not hosting a specific company out of the studio
  • alexa is an interior designer lol she’s not showing us inside the studio but the catch is u need to visit if u want to see it??
  • june 2nd = preplex, pre-danceplex, chill and take pics, Addy will be there?
  • special phrase “can i have some sugar/do u have sugar” you will get a special something from alexa at the opening 
  • june 3 and 4 - huge first workshop with all sorts of really awesome choreographers 
  • sign up on show clicks through danceplex 
  • alexa is already booking solos contact thru website
  • discusses how she’s not in as good shape as she was when she was 17/18, she’s going to be hosting classes for people like her (older ppl wanting to get back into dance i think) 
  • all styles 
  • she’s been on a rant for the past few minutes about how overworked she was in high school and how she wishes she had a mentor? idk
  • has yet to address MBA or her current team (if they are even still there)
  • has brought up the special chair at least 4 times ?? ? ? 


Hey y'all! So I know I made y'all wait a while for the whole story so I now I present to you the story of how I, Emily Jenkins MET Taylor Swift………..

**pictures will be in different posts bc apparently there’s a limit to how many pics you can post at once.

So the main question I have been asked since this all happened has been, “Was this set up? So to answer that, let me paint you a little picture…

My dad NEVER took days off of work. I guess he just got used to it after years and never taking days off because he might be getting a call any day that he would be getting a kidney transplant and he’d need all the days he could for the aftermath. Well then he got a kidney and a few years passed and he was like, "I am going to go on a vacation.” And he knew how much I wanted to go to Nashville, so he mentioned it to my mom and she was like okay, and then I guess he wanted to go to Dollywood and I love roller coasters too so we added Pigeon Forge onto the trip! But that’s beyond the point. So back to the Nashville part; we were trying to figure out when we were going to go and then we finally decided on June 23rd and 24rd for Nashville. So at this point we’re still like 2 weeks out from leaving so I make a countdown and I’m all excited and planning everything I wanna see and do.

*Fast forward to June 22nd*
(Day before we leave!!)

Okay so my mom and I were just walking around the Container Store, just shopping and my phone lit up with some kind of notif from Twitter. Being the social media obsessed girl that I am, I immediately opened my phone and all of a sudden I was reading a DM from Taylor Nation. They saw that I was coming to Nashville( I tweeted about it a crapton and I guess they saw it when they were online!) and they said they wanted to give me a bag of Taylor merch for all my love and loyalty to Taylor. AWESOME. So then we worked out the details and I was to meet two of the Taylor Nation girls in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s lobby! So then we get back into the car and I call my aunt(the one who went with me to 1989 Louisville and will still be seen in public with me- the real MVP if we’re being honest- and I told her what had just happened and she immediately said, “OH YOU ARE SO MEETING TAYLOR.” And to be honest that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until she had just said it and for that split second I truly believed it was finally my turn. Then I jokingly said, “You should come with us! Make your first graders really jealous! You not only *saw* Taylor on the floor at the 1989 tour, but you also got to meet her!!!” (She’s a first grade teacher at a little catholic school in Cincinnati). Then we laughed and hung up. Then the thought of meeting Taylor dropped as I just stared at the message from Taylor Nation in all its glory. So then we get home and chill for a while, I watched the Skin Wars semi finals and then I started packing at 10PM, you know the later the better😂. Once I got most of my essentials together I took a break and got on Twitter and my feed was filled with “Taylor’s in Nashville” tweets and I was like, “ oh my gosh that’s so cool, I’ll be in the same state as Taylor, I’m gonna switch out shirts to make sure I’m wearing Taylor merch with stuff on the front and back for our days in Nashville just in case she randomly sees me and is like, "SHE’S WEARING MY SHIRT!!!!” So then I finished up packing and laid in bed on Twitter for probably another hour or so until I fell asleep😂.

June 23rd (DAY OF!!!!!!)

So we got up and left the house about 8:30EST and had a nice like 5 hour drive from Cincinnati to Nashville and all on the way I’m looking at the dm from Taylor Nation, the whole way down trying to not let me get my hopes up that I will run into Taylor or that that DM meant that I was meeting her. So we got down to Nashville w/o any problems and checked into our hotel, but our room wasn’t ready and by this point it was only 1 o'clock CST and we weren’t supposed to meet the girls from TN until 3. So since we were completely unfamiliar with the city, we decided to walk to the Country Music HOF, which was only like a block away from our hotel and see if there was anything around there we could do. Well apparently there was nothing around that we could walk to and get back to the HOF in time so we just walked around the stores in the HOF and the park across the street until we went back and waited for the two girls. 3 o'clock came…3:15 came and I messaged her to ask if she was okay and she said that they were just running late and that they’d be there! Ten more minutes pass and then here they come and we’re all hugging and saying hi and then they give me a big bag of Taylor merch! As if that wasn’t enough, they then pull out tickets for my mom, dad and I and for them to the museum! So then we all walk over to the ticket taker and get into the elevator to go upstairs. So, if you’ve never been to the CMHOF, when the elevator opens, the first thing literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU is the Taylor Swift Education Center. So I see the 1989 Tour display case and I just run towards it and start hugging it. Well I hugged the right side with the HYGTG outfit and the Christmas tree SIO outfit and shoes because those were my two favorite outfits!! Then I let go for a second and one of the TN girls is like, “You should do that again so your dad can get a picture of you!” So I did. And I’m pretty sure that’s when TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT WALKED IN AND STOOD RIGHT BEHIND ME and I didn’t even notice!!!! So my initial reaction is AHEDJSYEYKSBAHDJSJA NO WAY THAT IS NOT TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT NO WAY BUT OH MY GOD IT IS. She was holding a little envelope with my name on it, she handed it to me and then I grabbed and hug her so tight and said I love you at least a million times. She smelt like the most beautiful flower in the world and it all felt like if you could encapsulate the feeling you hear that one song that makes you say “‘ME”. As soon as I let go of Taylor, I see Scott reaching out with something in his hands and low and behold it was a bunch of picks for me!! I sobbingly was like THANK YOU SO MUCH😭😭. Meanwhile while this is happening my mom is talking to Andrea and Andrea is telling her how THIS WAS ALL TAYLOR’S IDEA AND HOW TAYLOR WANTED TO
MEET ME. Then I ran to Andrea and hugged her and I felt like we were back in Columbus in the bstage pit hugging as Taylor is singing Love Story on her suspended stage. So by this point, me and Tay had taken all of our pics and people were all like OH MY GOD THAT’S TAYLOR SWIFT so people were asking for pictures with Taylor and I was just basically being a lost puppy by this point, crying and following Taylor around the room as she took pics w/ other people. Then right before she had to leave she was like, “Where’s Emily?” And I was like, “behind you..*holding back the waterworks*” she wanted to be sure to hug me and thank me again for being so nice and loyal and I just couldn’t stop saying thank you. Letting go of her and that last hug was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do because in that moment everything I had ever wanted was happening.

Later that evening

So then we get back to our hotel room and my phone starts ringing and the caller ID says “no caller ID” so I throw my phone at my mom and I’m like you answer it😳. To my surprise it’s Tree Paine and she’s calling on behalf of Taylor saying that she wants to pay for us to go out to dinner tonight. So my phone is laying on the bed on speakerphone and my mom and I are staring at each other like HOLY CRAP. So then Tree is like do you know where y'all want to go and we were like ummm…so then she started listing places and then she mentioned an Italian place named Il Mulino(SO SO GOOD BY THE WAY THEIR CHICKEN PARMESAN AND VANILLA CHUNK GELATO ARE FABULOUS). And so we went there and had an amazing dinner ALL PAID FOR BY TAYLOR.

And that’s the story! That’s the story of how I died!
January 25th, 1997-June 23rd, 2016

alright children.. gather round..its time 2 hear the story of me . ya boy @actualbrendonurie, meeting panic! at the disco.. this is gonna be long as fuck...

ok so like first off it’s terrifying standing in line, its hot as dicks and i was nervous af, when we were walking closer i  was like “whos that” and kale yelled “who the FUCK do you think it is” and of course it was Zack and he looked at me and i gave sort of a sad dying smile. When people actually starting filing in it was…intense.. we got free pepsis and got to hear their soundcheck tho (which i recorded all of). Oliver @tinybren​ was at the very beginning so he walked out when we were still waiting and he told us about it which was Scary. And when we got into the like little…house..bungalow ….thing.. they were in i’m at least 99.9% sure they kept  hearing me repeat “what the mcfuck” at least like 15 times.. Very nervous.. i also slapped myself like 30 times which my sunburn…now moving on…

when i was the next person in line Zack was fucking around with a walker and we had A Moment. Where i’m sure he thought I was an idiot, it’s fine it’s chill.. when he waved me to go next it was like… heart stopped i swear….i fumbled with the presents and walked up to kenny and shook his hand but since i had the wrong hand out (holding presents with one hello) i ended up bending awkwardly and kinda fucking up but he was nice so its cool, he was like “hi i’m kenny” and i was like “hiiii my name is actually…Brendon, too” and i looked at brendon and i was shit man. like shit fuck. that boy is drop dead gorgeous i swear to god.

the first thing that popped into my head was “oh my god he’s 3D” and it felt kinda like slowmo?? bc i was just taking in his features, like we r the same height and i could see EvERYTHING, his eyes, the hat, his freckles, his smile, the nose, eyebrows, lips, everything. It was….intense… he is honestly such a beautiful dude and hes so gorgeous irl like wow shit fuck i gayed the fuck out. anyways, so i was like “my names actually brendon too” and i heard a few “woah”s from dan and dallon and kenny was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaat” and brendon made a little face and he was like “thats pretty cool!!” and we shook hands weirdly too because he put the wrong hand out too because he’s an Evil Tyrant and he smiled at me and i….i melted…like a popsicle on a hot ass sidewalk.. i just kinda like shoved my gifts at him, less violently than it sounds, and i was like “my MUM WANTED TO GET YOU STUFF TOO ITS NOT ALL FROM ME” and his face did that thing he know the face…when his eyebrows scrunch together and his mouth slowly opens into the :0 shape, he did that only his eys got HUGE and he was like “holy shit” and like i gave him a hat (jat), a tie, and 2 frank vinyls and he kinda moved the stuff to see the frank vinyls and his eyes got bigger and he was like “holy shit???? thank you so much? thank your mom so much” and idk i did get the other guys stuff but i put it in the letter fjhdfjgdhj ok the letters

i had 2 letters, one from me and one from sunny @jupllter​​ and i drew…stuff…on them…fhdjhdgjdfj. I drew like 3 dat bois on mine (also wrote dem boys! at the disco because?? i hate myself) and it was on top of sunnys so it was the first he saw and he pointed at one and went completely serious and he was like “you know that’s me right?” And then broke into the biggest most beautiful bright smile and laughed and i smiled and died a lil and i was like ofc and i moved onto dallon who was Beautiful As Hell holy shit and he was like “hi im dallon james weekes” and i was like “hi i appreciate your tallness” and he smiled wider and laughed a lil and i shook dans hand and i was thinking like “WHAT DO I APPRECIATE” i almost said his drums but that wouldve sounded weird so i just shook and kinda squeaked out “hi” and stared for a minute and then traveled back to the middle and Brendon was handing the presents to Zack and he was like “honestly thank you again so much and your mom” and i was like “aaA she loves you and this is gospel so much” and he got all smiley and happy and i screamed inside

now moving onto pose….i wanted 2 propose originally and then i saw him proposing to someone and i was like Yes and its good i did bc my knees fucked up and i forgot my brace jfdkgjk so i was like “so i was WONDERING…” and he stared at me and cocked his lil puppy head to one side and was listening intensely and i died…ufk.. i mean its brendon urie come on…. anyways i was like “i would do it myself but i have a bad knee so i was wondering for the photo if you could maybe??? propose to me??” and my voice got kinda high and his eyes lit up and he nodded and he was like “oh! yeah sure! just let me get on my knees for you” …… shut up.. hdfjfgjkgj i watched him like scramble down and fix his shirt and i thought “he has a tiny lil knee” anssdsdjhfhjjdfhdjfdg and he stuck his hands up and  i just kinda…..grabbed them… NOT WEIRDLY…. i saw someone else do it and i was like “yeah sure why not” and they were soft and firm and like i’ll never forget them?? god bless america/? ive talked about how A+ his hands are before but theyre even better irl i swear to u.. i didnt look at the camera bc i was like thinking to myself “wow his hands are nice” and then i realised and turned right when jake took the pic jhsdshjfgjrjhfhsjgdn oops

so i was like kinda stumbling away and like kenny stopped me and he was like “so ur names brendon two..?” and he was holding up 2 fingers but for some reason my brain didnt process it so i thought he was asking if i was named brandon?? i dont/?? ii dont know?? and i was like frozen for a sec and he was staring and i was like “nOO haA just brendon” and then brendon peered around me and i think put his hand on my shoulder and he was all serious and confused and he was like “no no but your middle name…your middle names not the number two..right? or is it?” and then smiled and laughed and i died a squeaked out a laugh and smiled at them both and me and brendon urie made so..mcuh…eye contact…..ill never forget it…mostly because i  have an 11 minute video of me sitting on the grass repeating everything that happened like 10 times bc it was so surreal..

the concert itself was unbelievably amazing. The third time i’ve seen panic live, the first time in DOAB era. I’ve been listening to them like.. on and off for so many years, longer than i’ve actually said before bc i..ididnt fucking know when exactly hdfjfghjgfgjh…I was able to give brendon the letter that i needed to for so long, telling him why vices is so important to me and how he really does impact and help so many people.. I hope reading it helped him feel something even if it was small, whether it was like happiness or thankfulness. i just…its so weird.. i’m definitely lucky, definitely blessed, I cried for like an hour after andrews set lmAo i was emotional… kale @sunshinebrendon literally had to hold me but i was like crying into my elbow so it just looked like i was sadly dabbing…its fine..

this was definitely an experience i’ll never forget or regret.
Ex-grammar school pupil is cleared of raping college student
George Owen, 21, was subjected to a 19-month court ordeal after the 19-year-old woman claimed he forced himself on her as they left a bar at a shopping centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.

“George Owen, 21, was subjected to a 19-month court ordeal after the 19-year-old woman claimed he forced himself on her as they left a bar at Millgate shopping centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.

The student - who cannot be named - had initially declined to report the matter to police. But almost a year later she spotted Owen by chance in a pub, recognised him as her alleged attacker and called officers to speak to them.

In Facebook messages, she said: ‘OMG hahahahaha my mum knows. My mum started crying. She wants to hold my hand to go through it all with me. I was only raped chill the f*** out’

She added: 'I’m going to ring them (police) tomorrow and tell them I’ll do it. My mum wants to come so I’m going to ask whether I can do it while she’s on holiday. It’s going to be so fun.’

Privately-educated Owen, from Bury, was later arrested but said the woman was a willing participant in sex. He was later charged with rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, the keen golfer, who works for an accounts and auditing firm in Bolton, was cleared of all charges following a week-long trial during which the messages were read out to the jury.

The jurors took two hours and 14 minutes to reach their unanimous verdict to cheers from the public gallery.

The court heard the encounter occurred in June 2015 whilst the girl - then 18 - had been out with a college friend in Bury.

Initially the pair went to Yates Wine Lodge but during the evening the girl met another man who was a friend of Owen and she decided to go with him to nearby Pics bar.

Once there, the man began drunkenly chatting the woman up and asking for sex and Owen, stepped in. 

He apologised for his friend’s behaviour and offered to pay for the girl to get a taxi home - but it was alleged he pounced on her when they went outside.

The girl - who was said to be 'tipsy but not stupidly drunk’ - claimed she was repeatedly sexually assaulted in a nearby alley before Owen threw a £5 note at her and said: 'I think you should go home now.’

She told a friend about the incident but did not report the encounter to police. The court heard when she was in college for lectures, one of her tutors was concerned about the way she was behaving and she attended the rape crisis centre at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

She was eventually interviewed about the allegations on April 5 last year and she called police again when she spotted Owen two weeks later playing pool with friends in a pub.

When the woman was asked in court what she meant by her Facebook message saying 'it’s going to be so fun’, she replied: 'I was being sarcastic there.’

In addition, she texted her friend saying: 'Do you know what you’re going to tell the police?’ But in court, she said: 'I was just asking whether he had an idea. I was just curious.'”

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Hannibal Set Experience

Well, I’m still in shock about the wonderful experience I had last night staking out the Hannibal set in Toronto! 

I had heard from a friend on facebook that they would be filming outdoor location scenes for Hannibal on March 28th between 7pm and 5am at 50 Lowther Ave. So, Katie and I decided to check it out in hopes of catching a glimpse of Mads or Hugh. We had no idea what kind of shots they would be filming, if the actors would even be involved, so imagine our delight when we showed up shortly after 7 to Hannibal’s House!!!!

Yeah, we were over the moon. They were setting up for the better part of 3 hours while darkness fell, so we walked around the neighborhood, scoped out the trailers, and warmed up in a nearby pub. When we returned to the set around 10 things were starting to happen, and a small group of fans had collected on the sidewalk across the street from the house.

More SEMI-SPOILER-Y fun under the cut!

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Three First Dates

I finally wrote something again! Kinda nervous but this was inspired by all the spoiler pics and @briellableu‘s headcanon here (thanks for letting me use the idea! except the ending is different). This is like three mini fics in one so it’s in sections with each “chapter” title in bold. And the last date is dedicated to @locostnanny who sent me the idea a while ago, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Anyway, done babbling now, enjoy!

I ‘Heart’ Iris

Barry was standing in the mirror adjusting and readjusting his blue tie. He had to do something to distract himself until it was time to leave. He made sure his hair was perfectly cut and gelled, not one strand out of place. Then he scanned his body up and down to make sure there wasn’t a single wrinkle on his light gray suit; it had been a while since he last wore it.

In fact, the last time he did, it was when he took Iris to the event at Stagg Industries. He remembered it clearly because it was when he fainted after getting his powers; he wasn’t eating enough for his body’s new high metabolism. Barry also remembered seeing Iris in the pale pink dress that looked as beautiful on her as ever. She was nervous, covering the event for CCPN. It made him laugh that back then she brushed off an interview with Simon Stagg, but now she would fight tooth and nail to get a story like that.

It was near seven o’clock now so that meant it was time to go. Barry asked Iris to meet him outside of CCPN so they could make it in time for their dinner reservation, but he also had something else planned. And it wasn’t crazy of him, right? This was Iris, she deserved the best, and so before he could convince himself that this was crazy, he sped out of the house.

Before he could even blink, he was outside of Picture News’ office, and the floral arrangements were to his right. The vibrant red and yellow flowers shone in the nighttime; the gust of wind that followed him almost knocked them over, so he fixed the structures and his damn blue tie before Iris got outside. His heart sped faster than it ever did before, but this was meant to happen, meant to be, so he waited for Iris to come outside.

Iris was typing rapidly away on her computer while working on a story about a new research program that Central City Hospital sponsored with the local university. Although the subject interested her and she was able to interview the head of the program at the hospital, she wanted to finish the story so that she could meet Barry in time for dinner.

Eagerly, she hit ‘Save’ on her story and shut off her computer. Barry would be outside anytime soon. As she stood up from her computer, she smoothed her dress down, adjusting the skirt. It was brand new and since Barry wouldn’t tell her anything about their date besides the fact that they were getting dinner, she wandered around the boutique she bought it from for an hour.

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 『Free!』関西上陸スペシャル REPORT!! Part 1: The Before and After

I left for Kansai at 5 AM Saturday morning so I could spend Saturday with my (husband’s) family in Nara (part of the Nara-Osaka-Kyoto triangle of cool places in Kansai). I spent the day playing Pokemon with my niece and nephew and trying to explain what kind of event I was going to to 8 and 9 year olds… I went to bed early, as I was witness to the Makoto posters selling out within minutes of the Nakano event and I wanted to be up at the crack of dawn. But at 3 AM I got a Line (a chat thing) message from a friend ALREADY THERE WAITING saying about 60 people were ALREADY IN LINE. Holy crap. Lots of fans were staying in hotels near Miyako Messe so they simply chose to not sleep… I guess. I couldn’t get back to sleep myself and my father in law, bless him, was up at 4:30 AM to drive me to the first train I could catch (around 5). It was freezing cold in the morning, but my only jacket was a Samezuka jersey and it’s kind of weird to “cosplay” in the train, but I had no choice and pulled it on. From Nara to Kyoto, a real swim club, about 20 of them, boarded, and were pointing at me and giggling. I FELT LIKE SUCH A FAKER. As I neared Kyoto, more people with Free! straps and paraphernalia were boarding, but I was easily the most obvious in my freaking Samezuka jersey with my bright red hair. We pulled in around 6:30 and fast-walked to the venue. I followed a person in front of me I HOPED was going to Miyako Messe, and a group of about 20 others followed me, POSITIVE I was going there. We had NO idea how to really get there. My friend who had lined up at 3 wanted to let me sit with her, but cutting in line might have caused an issue (even though the staff said it was fine, we are too shy) so I sat with the group of people who’d gotten off the train with me. I was so sad thinking I would be so bored and alone, but soon another friend from Twitter (a Japanese Kou fan!) tweeted me to say was I in Rin cosplay and she thought she saw me and could she come play for a bit? Of course I said yes, so she came and sat with me for a while! Kou is her favourite and she had every Kou merch ever plus multiples on her phone, and we had a really fun time talking for a good half an hour about Season 2 feelings :D She offered to get me the Event Set, since we thought it might sell out and she was far ahead of me in line. Yessss!!! By the way, I was about 250 people deep in the line. There were about 2300 people in line a bit later. I don’t know how many eventually lined up, but it became a huge drama, and I will discuss it more later. I was still lonely so I began to hand out cookies to people around me to make friends. And it worked! They said they’d been listening in on me talking to my Kou friend and were interested in some of my opinions. So we began to talk! It was two of us, then it became four of us, then five as more people were drawn into our discussion about every single aspect of Free! and man it was so fun. I am SO GLAD I brought those cookies. I admitted I was following the one girl there, and the rest admitted they were following me, and all noticed me on the train in my Rin cosplay. I said my hair is always red and to cosplay Rin I just put on the jacket, but one day I SWEAR I’ll do it right. Once my hair is longer! It’s too short for a good Rin right now…. They were so curious about the non-Japanese fandom, and I talked about (mostly the good points of) it. One of the girls was a huge OLDCODEX fan so we talked about Tattsun’s horrible English and that went into Mamo’s horrible English. We talked about shipping a lot too, and I was kind of nervous at first, before I realized they were all super chill about ship-related stuff, so we had fun fangirly discussions. Whew!!! We were also given a voting card to vote for our favourite scenes (we found out later only the first 1000 got this card). Around 9:45 they began… though really, they should have begun at 9, because what a disaster this became because there just was not enough time to get 2300+ people through the line before the show started at 3. Soon after, my Kou friend came over and handed me my Event Set!!!! So we had the pamphlet earlier than everyone else!! We opened it and began screaming. Soon half the line was craning their necks to look at my pamphlet. So much screaming!! I tweeted one pic from inside drawn by director Utsumi and for some reason it started to get thousands of retweets? While almost inside I saw this and was astounded, and a girl near us leaned in to say “I retweeted it!”. Her and her friend became members six and seven of our group. Waiting for the line to move SO SLOWLY was boring and I won’t write more about that, except I saw so many cool Free! fans in line and took photos of some of their bags, especially an awesome Rei fan! It turned boiling hot too, and I threw off my Samezuka jersey at one point while yelling in my Rin voice “It’s too hot, fuck it! I quit Samezuka!” My friends laughed a lot at this so I felt like I was funny for a while.

We were all certain they’d run out of things the instant we got in, but as slowly as that damn line moved, still nothing was sold out even once we got inside. And inside was another line, winding around and down the stairs, where we saw the hold up….they had only about five or six registers?? And hardly any space. No wonder it was moving so slow. As we watched two more staff arrived in a hurry and they began to set up a new table to add two registers…too little too late. It was already 12:30 by the time we got our goods, ordered our alarm clocks (we get those in July! they were a special order item) and got out. So yes, I got up at 4:30, got on a train at 5:00, got in line at 6:30, which began to move at 9:45, and got my goods at 12:30. As I said, I was about 250 people deep, so it took them almost THREE HOURS to get through 250 people, with a line of 2000+ people waiting. There was NO WAY everyone would get a chance to buy goods, not at all. The line was so slow, not enough staff, not enough registers, and it was boiling hot, so people were getting ill. So yes, it was super worth it to arrive as early as I did, especially because I made so many new friends and had a GREAT time talking, making the time fly, but still! You had to arrive at the crack of dawn to even have a shot at it? Bad Planning + Free! fandom + Merchandise = always going to be drama. We met an eighth friend!!!!!!!!!!! And began to explore Kyoto to find food and rest and shelter from the heat! I kept looking at the huge goods line and feeling so bad for everyone in it :( We checked twitter updates all day, and the things we all wanted most… the Uchiwa (fans) and Rubber Straps…sold out shortly after we made it out. Waaah!! It wasn’t too long after we left that things began to vanish. Apparently 6:30 arrival was just right…. With eight Free! fans now gathered, we went for Kyoto noodles and had a good hour and a half long rest, during most of which time we spent fangirling. Our group was a pretty mixed batch that also well represented the Japanese Free! fandom. Everyone liked Makoto, much Makoharu, some Rinharu and one HUGE Reigisa fan (ME) while everyone else agreed they are “such an item”. Four girls loved Makoto the most, two were big on Rin, many of us seemed a bit mixed too? Which is also fairly representative of the Japanese fandom. Though I was the one who loves Rei best, the way I talked and dressed everyone assumed Rin was my top favourite (many people do since I ALWAYS TALK ABOUT HIM!!).
In any case……it made me feel happy, and I really enjoyed the Free! fandom that day, and everything about it. It was just wonderful and peaceful and fun to talk with so many different fans who loved different aspects of the show and fandom. Nobody was fighting with one ANOTHER, though some fans were quite mad with the staff…understandably. To cut a long story short, this is the part where we headed back and went inside and found our seats. The seat numbers were made up for this event so no map told anyone where they were sitting. One girl from our group ended up in the VERY FRONT. I actually had a GREAT seat myself, maybe twenty or so rows back, but that was quite close compared to some people in some seats that were utterly awful, I felt so bad just looking at those seats… though the voice actors tried to make up for it later… :D After the event, we were asked to stay in our seats while the director of the event got on stage and profusely apologized for the goods line clusterfuck. He began to instruct people about what goods they still had (they’d made something like 6000 pamphlets for an event with 3200 people…?) and how to get them and again how sorry he was for how bad and horrible the line was, but I was already tuning this out since I had tweets to twit and I already had my most wanted goods safely tucked in my bag. But, this guy’s ten minute apology + twitter reports are how I know people were quite pissed. I don’t blame them!! The other seven people in my group and I all followed each other on twitter and plan to remain friends in Free!dom happiness for all time, even though we are all from Tokyo, Saitama, Osaka, Hyogo, Chiba, and other random places… Thanks to them, what was supposed to be a day spent munching goldfish and reading my kindle all alone turned into a fast paced, fun and fangirling filled day of 100% Free! obsession and discussion and speculation and love :D

Now stay tuned… for Part 2 of the 『Free!』関西上陸スペシャル report… the CONTENTS OF THE EVENT ITSELF!! Thanks for reading!!

Prepping for Prom (Scott McCall)

OMG I FINALLY FINISHED THIS. I am SO FREAKING SORRY that it’s taken me so long. I literally lost 1,400 followers AND I HOPE THEY WILL ALL FOLLOW ME BACK NOW THAT I”M POSTING AGAIN! But, anywho I’m terribly sorry if this started off good and ended bad. I kind of forgot hpw to write after April? Yeah, I gotta get my groove back, haha. Enjoy :)

Word Count: 2,175

Trigger Warnings: None

“(Y/n)! Wake up! PROM IS TONIGHT!” Shouted Lydia as she ran into your room. You groaned in response.
“Lydia, it’s 7 a.m.! Prom doesn’t even start until 9 p.m!”
“Yes but our nail appointments are at 12 and our hair appointments are at 3! And then pictures are at 5 and then after that we have dinner at 6! Get up!” She said in a rushed voice. She then proceeded to pull off your covers and open your blinds. You hiss to the sight of bright light and sit up.
“I already made breakfast! Eggs and pancakes.” Lydia clapped as she pulled you up and down the stairs.
“Lydia I have to call Scott to-”
“Nope nope nope. You can’t talk to Scott until pictures later.” She tisked. You gave her a confused look.
“Lydia, we are going to prom, not getting married.” She rolled her eyes.
“It’s a Martin tradition! No talking to your date until picture time. Which is why I’ve been ignoring Stiles texts and snapchats.”
“No I can’t not snapchat Scott!” You say with a pleading look in your eyes.
“Sorry. You can’t.”
“But what if our streak gets broken! Lydia we have 155 day streak!”
Lydia just laughs at you.
“(Y/n), chill out it won’t break. Come on let’s eat and watch some TV.”
You both take your plates into the living room and turn on the TV to the TLC channel. Something about families with 8+ kids on TV made you happy. As you were enjoying the amazing pancakes Lydia made, your phone buzzed.
‘Snapchat from Scotty😍🐶’
You really wanted to open it. You peered over at Lydia to see if she was watching you. She was totally engrossed into the show so you quickly opened your phone and got on snapchat. It read:
‘Just woke up! Excited for Prom?’
You chuckle slightly at the pic caused Lydia to glance at you, but you acted as if you were trying to read something. You sent him a pic back saying
'Very excited. Lydia said I couldn’t talk to u until pics😥’
Scott sent you another snap with a sad face that read:
'Booo I wanted to go to lunch with you.’
As you were trying to send him a face back Lydia caught you.
“(y/n)! Give me your phone right now! I said no snapchat!” She scolded. You tried to fight her, but deciding that it was no use you gave up. She smirked in triumph and put your phone in her bag. At around 10:30 you guys got dressed and ready to go get your nails done.

“Let the day begin.” Lydia sighed as she started her car and drove off towards the nail salon. Scott and you had decided to go with grey, black and white as your theme. At the nail salon, Lydia started to chat it up with the girl next to you and as you decided what on earth you wanted to do. After flipping through a few magazines and pictures on google, you finally found what you wanted to do. Lydia got hers done right after yours. Her theme is champagne colors. The nail appointment overall took about an hour and a half. You only got yours shallaced, but Lydia got acrylics.
“Okay, next stop, back to my house to do our makeup!” Lydia probably drove 10 miles over the speed limit.
“Woah there Lyds, we’ve got time. No need to rush.” You exclaimed as she had to jerk to a stop at a stop sign.
“There is always a reason to rush (y/n) no matter what you are doing.” just then Lydia’s phone started to ring. The screen read “Stiles” with a funny picture of him in the background. She was reaching down to answer it when you snatched her phone and answered it instead.
“Eheheh, no no remember ‘no contact until pictures.’ I’ll answer this one.”
“Hello?” you asked.
“Hey babe what time are you coming over for pictures?”
You stifle a laugh. Stiles didn’t even realize that you answered it.
“Hey babe to you too Stiles.”
“(y/n)? Woah I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you would answer the phone.” you heard a voice in the distance say “(y/n?) can I talk to her?”
“Hey Scott wants to talk to you.” Stiles said. You smile at his sentence but the frown when you see Lydia’s death glare.
“Stiles, tell him I can’t, Lydia won’t allow me to talk to him until picture time. Which by the way we will be over there by 5.” Lydia approves of your response as you hang up with Stiles. You guys were already at Lydia’s house and getting ready for makeup when you hung up with Stiles. Lydis wanted to do yours first because she ‘has a perfect idea and doesn’t want to lose it’ after an agonizing 30 minutes of her poking and prodding at your face she was done and it was her turn. It took you about 30 minutes to do her makeup as well. It was around 2 when you headed in for the hair appointments. You sighed - you haven’t spoken to Scott since those snaps you sent. Only 3 more hours until you get to see him….

“Hurry up Lydia! We have to be at Stiles’s house by 5!” You grumbled as Lydia was touching up her makeup and hair.

“Relax (y/n) Stiles lives 5 minutes away and it’s 4:50. Besides I’m ready anyway.” She smiles as she exits the bathroom. You sigh in relief and head to the car. You were so close to finally talking to Scott today. After what seems like forever Lydia finally got to the car and headed to Stiles’s house. Once in his driveway you bolted out of her car and into his house. And then it felt as if you were in slow motion. You turn towards the kitchen and saw Scott laughing about something and he started turning his head towards you. You both locked eyes and you ran towards him, not even caring if you broke one of your heels. He opened his arms and you ran into his chest, inhaling his scent deeply as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“(Y/n), you look gorgeous.” He commented, which pulled you out of your ‘slow motion’ trance. You looked up to him and smiled. You plant a kiss on his lips and say

“Thank you, you’re looking rather dashing yourself.” And giggle. He cracks a grin at that.

“Okay! Picture time!” Melissa said from the kitchen. She came up to you and gave you a big hug with a huge grin on her face.

“You look beautiful!”

“Awe, thank you Melissa! But I wouldn’t even be here and going to this dance if your son didn’t ask me out last year.” You beamed at her.Scott blushed.

“Dawh, (y/n) don’t drag me into this, you would look beautiful even if I didn’t ask you out.” He said as he gave you a peck on the forehead. You heard the click of a camera. Melissa was the culprit behind the camera.

“Juuuust taking a few test shots.” She said and took a pic of Lydia and Stiles laughing.

“Okay, (y/n) and Lydia stand in front of stiles and Scott. And then lets have Stiles and Scott stand on the fireplace ledge so that they look a little bit taller than the girls.” Lydia’s mom instructed. The boys stood on the slab of concrete that was a little higher off the ground as the girls stood in front of them. Scott’s mom did the countdown and then took a few more pictures. We then did a few more basic prom poses until Lydia finally spoke out.

“Mom, Prom starts in like 2 hours and we need to get to our dinner reservations.”

“Oh alright fine, you kids have fun!” She said as we gathered our things and headed for Stiles’s good old jeep. You would expect us to go all out for prom - nope, we felt that Roscoe was a good choice. He brought back all of our memories from sophomore year to now. Scott and I took the back as Lydia sat up front by Stiles.

“Lydia what place did you reserve?” Scott asked.

“A restaurant with a French sounding name.” She replied. Scott looks at you and You just shrug. We pulled up to the restaurant 5 minutes later and made it just in time for our reservations. Once we were seated and settled, we all had a hard time figuring out what to get. Lydia didn’t want stiles to get someone too messy, because he would end up just ruining the suit. And Stiles didn’t want Lydia getting salad because he claims that “she is the most beautiful person on earth - even when she is devouring hot wings on game night” which earned a smack in the shoulder from her. You had the problem of figuring out which meal was the cheapest. You were hungry, but didn’t want Scott to have to pay a bunch for your meal (he always offers to pay, even when you say you have money for it.) Scott sees you scanning the menu and leans over to whisper in your ear.

“I know what you are doing, and I want you to just pick out what looks good.” Your heart rate picks up and Scott chuckles as he grabs your hand.

“(Y/n), it’s fine. I’ve been working a lot more hours at the shelter, I can pay for whatever you want.” He smiles. You smiled back to him and nod, as you point to the platter you thought looked the best for your growling stomach. Lydia ended up ordering a salad and she said to Stiles “I’m not getting it because I’m watching my weight, I’m getting it because it looks good!” Stiles ended up getting one of the messiest plates there was, although he didn’t get any food on his suit - just all over his face. Once you all finished eating, Scott and stiles paid and tipped the waiter and then you all set off towards the high school for the dance. At the dance there was a photo booth. You and Lydia looked at the each other and ran straight towards it. The boys following you. You pulled out your phone and set it on the handy tripod the school set up.

“I’m taking 4 pictures!” You said as everyone out on some type of goofy hat and whatnot. You set the timer to 3 seconds and sat down on Scott’s lap. This cycle repeated 3 more times until you had a picture for each of you.

“I’ll print these out once I get home.” You smiled. After running into a few friends and chatting for a while, you hit the dance floor. Your favorite song came on, and you rocked out with Scott to it. Then, ‘Girls Just wanna have fun” came on, and you and Lydia started screaming.
“Woah! What just happened?” Stiles asked.
“THIS IS OUR SONG STILES!” Lydia shouted back to him as you started singing the beginning verse to Lydia. Scott and Stiles gave each other weird looks but then shrugged it off and started dancing with us. After 2 grinding heavy songs came on, a slow song started to play. You looked to Scott and he gave you a shy smile as he wrapped his hands around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and hummed along to the song. You leaned up to his chest and could feel his steady heartbeat. His heartbeat, something that always calmed you down. You would always lay your head on his chest when you were upset or anxious or even when you were happy. It always just put you in a good mood.
“I love you.” Scott whispered - yet it was loud enough for only you to hear over the chatter and music. You froze. You guys have said that you love each other all the time, it’s not like it’s the first time he’s said it. But, it’s the first time you’ve realized that he really means it. Sure, he’s meant it since the day he met you, but you could really feel it this time. You broke out into a wide smile and leaned in for a kiss. Scott was taken by surprise, but happily returned it. As it became deeper, the song ended and a really popular song came on. Prompting someone to knock into you guys and mumble a sorry. Scott just laughs it off and takes your hand.
“Let’s go finish up this prom night. Just you, me, and our friends.” You smile once again.
“I’d like that.”
And so, the rest of the night was spent dancing all of the supernatural problems away, and having fun at your last prom with all of your closest friends.

Oh, and your snap streak with Scott didn’t end, don’t worry :)


long (read: redundant) streetcar recap (4/30/16)

okay so!!! everyone knows i saw streetcar last night and i’ve probably said all the most interesting things (david was there, gillian was fantastic etc) but now i’m on my laptop so here are my stream of consciousness streetcar thoughts!!

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we were about to leave the Grove and through an alleyway i see LUKE FUCKING HEMMING’S HEAD over a wall and shit a brick

*possible spelling mistakes bc it’s 3am srry*

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anonymous asked:

May I know what formed the basis of your speculation that Zayn might attack Malay on socila media?

1) Zayn tweeted, “It’s embarrassing when you have no originality … people lack this frequently ..why copy ?” in the middle of retweeting fan art.  

The way he tweeted was oddly ambiguous and doesn’t quite fit with fan art.  If someone steals your fan art, it’s usually referred to as stealing, not copying. Also, he had been and continued retweeting fan art where you can’t really tell if the original artist posted it to Twitter, something he should feel the desire to be careful about if that tweet was supposed to refer to people abusing fan art.

2)  Malay Ho posted a picture on his Instagram of a tent with the caption, “Recording in tents. Acoustic treatment from surrounding trees and open air is epic”.  

Two hours later Zayn posts a similar Instagram picture of the same tent taken from a slightly different perspective.  His caption was, “You’ll probably copy this ,”.

This is strange because Zayn posted 2nd.  Why is he talking about copying? Also, the first tweet about copying is clearly a negative one, then the caption on the picture that’s clearly related to Malay Ho is also about copying.

3)  Malay Ho posted a picture on Instagram of birthday cake congratulating him on his birthday with the caption, “Thanks Z”.  The implication is that since Zayn was with him, Zayn set up a nice tray with cake for his birthday.  

However, I find the picture very odd.

Is he supposed to be implying they’re still out in that tent in the forest?  The tray looks like it might be set on a circular table with a glass top and the carpet underneath has a pattern that makes me think of hotels.  Maybe they’re in the tent or maybe they’re at a hotel, who knows.

Look at that tray.  There are 2 individual slices of cake, fancy cursive writing in chocolate, nice white china, linens, a flower in a glass bowl, and a bowl of ice cream chilling on ice.  That’s a very odd tray for one friend to be giving to another friend.  It’s so fancy and intimate.  It looks more like something Malay’s girlfriend/wife would have done for him than a twenty-two year old artist he’s producing for.  

Another thing is that the picture was posted around 3am PT, 6am ET. Assuming they were on the West Coast, that’s not too late to stay up, but it’s still not really when I’d expect someone to be eating fancy birthday cake or posting Instagram pictures of fancy birthday cake.  If they were in NY, I see no reason why they’d be up that early eating cake or posting pictures of it.

Again, why is Malay posting this?  Why is he advertising that Zayn did something for his birthday on social media, but Zayn can’t even tweet Malay or post a picture himself?

4) Eight minutes after posting that picture, he tweeted, “Cat’s out the bag, it’s no secret we’ve been working. @zaynmalik is pure genius. An artists’ artist. A shining star with a genuine <3”.  

I mean, “Cat’s out of the bag” is used to refer to accidentally revealing something you were supposed to be keeping quiet about.  After the double tent posts and the “Thanks Z”, it was Malay and Zayn who made it more than obvious they were together and working on recording.  They chased the cat out of the bag, so why play coy?

Then he retweeted the Billboard article from today that was talking about how he and Zayn were working together and how he had nothing but amazing things to say about Zayn and his music.  

5) Speaking of Malay’s girlfriend/wife… Malay posted a picture with the caption, “Missing my ❤️ @pennylane915on her birthday. Our birthdays are only one day apart, so this is the first time we haven’t been able to celebrate together. You always got my back, you are my queen 👸🏼 Sending my love on this special day! We will be celebrating together soon”. 

On her Twitter, she posted, “When @MalayHo and @zaynmalik FaceTime you and sing happy birthday it’s a great way to start my birthday :) thanks guys xo”.  

So I’m to assume they aren’t in LA?  Or is she not in LA?  I tried to figure out where she was by looking at her social media, but it beats me.  In any case, she isn’t with Malay, meaning that she definitely wasn’t involved with that fancy cake set up.  She also retweeted the same Billboard article and a fan that was begging for help to get Zayn to see an edit.

All of that praise and gushing and buddy-buddy stuff from Malay and his girlfriend/wife, but why isn’t Zayn participating in this love fest?  The most he’s said was “You’ll probably copy this ,”.  ???

6) There was a Blind Gossip blind item yesterday about Zayn.  The blind item was definitely meant to be about Zayn because the hint was, “If you think this is about an American, you are looking in the wrong direction.”

It talked about Zayn’s behavior being erratic and dredged back up the narrative that “the breakups (plural), the photos, the fights… [have] become an everyday occurrence.”  This is something The Sun has also been pushing, the idea that Zayn is out of control and turning on anyone who he’s close to or would want to help and support him.

Just to be very clear here, that blind item is nothing more than an attempt to slander Zayn.  I don’t believe it has any truth in it simply because Blind Gossip has been aggressively pushing negative stories about 1D since Zayn left and probably before.

7) Yahoo Celeb UK posted an article with the title, “Who Is Zayn Malik Mad At Now? Former One Direction Star Slams ‘Lack Of Originality’”.  In the article it mentions Zayn’s tweet, his past Twitter fights and break ups, and the tent picture.  However, it doesn’t mention Malay or the matching tent picture.  It acts like no one has a clue what/who any of it is referring to instead.

The last line of the article is, “So this mysterious impersonator will no doubt be exposed before the week is up, and we can’t ruddy wait to find out who on Earth it is.”

Okay then.  That doesn’t remind me of when Krept and Konan just happened to make a throwaway comment about how their music video with Zayn would probably get leaked at all.  Except that it does and that music video was intentionally leaked through Naughty Boy, that being the incident that was used to officially sever the connection between Zayn and Naughty Boy.


This series of events doesn’t automatically mean Zayn will go after Malay Ho on social media, but it’s strange enough to make you wonder.  They’re dredging up the fact that all these Twitter fights have happened at the same time that Malay is gushing about Zayn and Zayn is not exactly gushing back.  

If you remember, Zayn hardly ever engaged Naughty Boy himself or posted pics of them together.  That was always Naughty Boy.  Naughty Boy was always very complimentary about Zayn, even after the fight.  

Setting it up that way makes Zayn look worse if everyone is nice to him and he’s the only one being aggressive. The same thing happened with Calvin Harris too.  As soon as Zayn engaged, Calvin backed off and complimented Zayn’s voice.  

That pattern is why I think all this positive press and interaction COULD end up feeding into another Twitter fight.  Maybe it’s just positive press, and that would be awesome, but there are some strange things going on with it.



Okay so where do I even BEGIN?! I was minding my own bUSINESS, rocking out to taylor, doin my THANG okay. First let me say our seats were the farthest right to the stage you could get (there was no section after it) AND we were at the very top row. Basically, we had the highest seats in the entire arena. OKAY ANYWAY then (Taylor was on her AHYDTWS speech I believe? or right before it IDR IT’S A BLUR) out of the corner of my eye behind me I thought I saw Mama Swift. And I did!!!!! I turn around and I just GASP out of amazement because she was standing right in front of me. I soon realize she is with a few other members of her team. I said “OH MY GOD.” and then I asked “can I hug you?!” She nodded so I hugged her. And I was just… I was so in shock. THEN ….. GET THIS. SHE TOLD ME “TAYLOR SAW YOUR POST. SHE WANTS TO MEET YOU.” and those words coming out of her mouth made me ….. I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN. IT WAS SO CRAZY. NOT do you want loft? or anything like that. she said TAYLOR. WANTS. TO MEET YOU. ME???? TAYLOR SWIFT WANTED TO MEET ME. I screamed “NO” and she said “yeah!” and i hugged her and then she gave me the goLDEN TICKET. Mama Swift then put the bracelet on my wrist (she had a hard time getting it on lol) and she said “I’m so happy you were standing, that way we could see you!” and I hugged her a few more times and screamed a lot more times. She said she would see me later. And…. I just. I WENT BANANAS. I, LITTLE TINY SPEC OF THE EARTH ANTHONY, WAS GOING TO MEET GODDESS OF THE WORLD TAYLOR ALSION SWIFT?????? gotta go.

okay so of course I got right back into the concert (jk not really bc I was freaking out but) and danced my little booty off as I always do. Let me just tell you how HARD I went during out of the woods. @taylor if u readin this: the (2nd) OOTW bridge is honestly me life. thanks for it girl. also wait let me just mention something (that i didn’t realize until AFTER the show) but during one of her speeches she was talking about how she loved that we were honest with her online. aND I JUST CAN’T HELP BUT THINK she was talking about me and the long post i made about my accident (i’m sure most of u know, but b4 u ask, i’m talking about this post). SO THAT JUST MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY :) :)

OKAY ANWAY AFTER THE CONCERT WE MET AT THE SECTION THE TICKET TOLD US TO and blah blah we got in line sat down she told us the rules and some other things. then we wALKED back stage and soon were in the promise land that is Loft 89 (as we walked onto the floor the go backstage there was just piles of confetti EVERYWHERE. so of course i grabbed a hand full and stuffed it in my 1989 Tour Dad Hat!).

I immediately went to the photo booth and motioned my brother to follow. We took some pics NBD and then I got a water and we sat down on the (iconic) Loft 89 couches. I got some pics of myself snapped on the couch and in front of the I C O N I C “Loft 89” neon sign and then we made our way back to the couch. I was a bit nervous, but I was quiet. I didn’t talk much but I was somewhat calm, i was just ready for Taylor to come. I passed the time by going over what I would say to Taylor, and also taking some BOMB selfies like any ordinary night! Okay so idk 10-15 minutes later we were told to put our phones away (that’s when we knew Taylor was about to come) so we did and then I got up off the couch so I could see her walk in. (WAIT pause I just wanna say I was pictured Loft 89 to be bigger but it was SO small. So cozy and so homey odmfodkakekc I love Taylor ok anyway). The lady in charge told us to cheer REALLY loudly and after a minute or so of cheering tAYLOR FINALLY WALKED IN. EVERYONE KIND OF CROWDED IN FRONT OF ME SO I DIDNT SEE HER AT FIRST BUT I SAW HER SHOES AND HER LEGS AND I WAS LIKE “OK GOODBYE SHES LITERALL RIGHT THERE” AND THEN SHE TOOK ANOTHER STEP IN AND I SAW HER FACE AND I JUST. I DIED. I COULDNT BELIEVE SHE WAS REAL???? (I STILL CANT TBH). Okay so there were about hmmm I wanna say about 7-10 groups total and so she started with the ppl near the entrance. This might sound creepy (I’m not I promise) but I was just like….. Watching her talk to each group and it was so….. Mesmerizing. You could just tell how involved she was in each conversation and that she truly cares and OAKDICJRKSJD I LOVE HER TO DEATH. Oh OH something I want to point out ok when she walked up to the group that was right before us (that had 2 small children) and she yelled “TINY CHILDREN!!!” And I just laughed ok sorry I just wanted to let you know it was so cute.

so beFORE I GET TO THE REALLY GOOD PART let me tell you about mama swift!! she walked in a about a minute or two after taylor did. eventually (before taylor did) she made her way over the me! she said it was good to see me again as i went in for a hug. and pretty much the only thing i could say to her was thank you. i just repeatedly said thank you and i love you. and i said “thank you i am so happy” and she said “aww, i’m so happy that you’re happy. i am so happy you are here” AHHHH!!!!!!! so yeah we talked for about 2 minutes and she left us after a pic and another hug. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. thank you mama swift for coming to find me!!!!

OKAY HERE COMES…. THE GOOD PART!!!!!! So. She left the group before us and came to me and my brother and she saw me and her face just lit up. She was literally the human embodiment of the :D emoji. AHHHHHH. AND I JUST WENT IN AND HUGGED HER I COULDNT BELUEVE IT WAS HAPPENING. I GAVE HER THE BIGGEST AND LONGEST HUG. A HUG 8 YEARS IN THE MAKING PRETTY MUCH. I was just. I was so in shock. I said “hi I’m anthony” and GET THIS. SHE SAID “I know!” and I was like aldkckdnskdkskd L"NO YOU DONT!“ and she was like YES!” AND I WAS LIKE “NOOOO” AND SHE WAS LIKE “YEAH!” AND I WENT IN FOR ANOTHER HUG BECAUSE I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. She asked who was with me and I told her it was my brother and they hugged or something idk. OKAY AND THEN she just like looked at me after I hugged her and I said “you’re so tall!” (WHICH I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY BC OBVIOUSLY SHE’S TALL I MEANT TO SAY “your heels are tall” i’m a screw up) and she said “yeah.. the heels add more but I’m already tall without them” and I was just like oh I know! and then i said “your heels ARE tall” ok i hate myself. anyway….. (idr which of these came first but all of what I’m gonna say next happened within the same period I JUST DONT RECALL THE ORDER IT WAS SAID) she then said “you’re so dedicated!” and I said “yeah, I’ve been a fan ever since I heard Our Song!” and my brother said something. Then I was thinking like ok let’s get to what i wANNA SAY so i said “I don’t know if you read my long post abo-” and before I could continue she said “about the accident? Yeah, I did.” AND I DIED SIDKCKRKSKDKRKFKD. She said she screenshotted it and sent it (to her mom I think) and for mama swift to come find me, and that she wanted to meet me. She then said something along the lines of, (OK REALLY do not quote me on this because I don’t exactly remember it word for word but it went something like) “what your went through was terrible. it’s just an awful thing to imagine.” you could tell that like… IDK bc obviously that is a touchy subject for me and i could tell that taylor was really considerate about it and truly did care. and she said “I’m glad you’ve gotten better and are okay now.” and then she kinda stopped herself and said “I assume you’re okay now?” which then lead me to explain my current life situation. I told her how the post I had made back in January. So since then I had left school started to see a therapist and really just took time to discover myself - OH MY GOD I’m about to get emo - and dURING THIS SHE JUST KEPT LOOKING ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES. SHE DID NOT LOSE CONTACT ONCE. SHE WAS SO CONCERNED AND SO INTRIGUED BY WHAT I HAD TO SAY. I AM TRULY AMAZED. After she looked at me she looked relieved and told me she was happy i was okay now. And during that I think I hugged her 2 more times because.. Omg I just kept hugging her and telling her I love her bc I couldn’t believe she was real. I told her “I’m so happy” and she smiled at me and said “I’m so happy you’re happy” (probably one of the greatest thing I will EVER hear in my life) and she said she was proud of me (???!!!!) AND THEN I WENT IN FOR ANOTHER HUG. Hmmmm ok what else I said that we had come from LA to see her, and also that I was at MetLife and she was like “I know!” and then it just struck me again that shE READ MY POST(S) ON HERE LIKE SHE KNEW ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS!!!!!!! AODMFKRKSKFID. and then I said something about MetLife and then she said something about me having cool friends friends like “your group of friends are so cool”. And I said “yeah! Like Kylee and ally! You met them there!” and Taylor said “yeah!! You have a great squad. You guys are squad goals.” and then she turned to my brother and said it again “him and his friends are squad goals” LIKE OAIDJFLKAJDF. AND I WAS JUST LIKE OKAY SOFKCKRKSKFKCKRKD.. Then I believe she asked if I had anything she wanted me to sign so (obviously) I handed her the loft ticket and I asked “can you write ‘choose happiness’? It’s kind of my thing” i didn’t even get to finish the sentence and without hesitation or reply she started writing it. then she wrote “I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!!!” JUST LIKE THAT IN ALL CAPS!!!! NOT JUST THE I <3 NAME. WHICH I THOUGHT WAS PRETTY SPECIAL!!!!!!

So then we were gonna take the pic and she asked me what I wanted to do (cute pose, funny, etc) and I said “what do you recommend?” and she thought for a moment then she said “we should sit on the couch because this is a completely chill vibe.” and inside I was like OKAY TAYLOR SWIFT LET ME LIVE!!!!!! but I really said (sarcastically) “yeah. this is totally completely calm and casual. it’s whatever” and she smiled. SO WE SAT DOWN AND IMMEDIATELY SHE LIFTS HER LEGS UP AND PUTS THEM ACROSS MY LAP. I WAS SO IN SHOCK I WAS LIKE IS THIS REAL IS THIS REAL. AND THEN I WAS AFRAID TO REST MY ARMS ON HER LEGS BUT I DID IT BC I THOUGHT “ok she literally just laid her entire lower body on my lap taylor swift will be ok if my arms lean against her legs like we’re FRIENDS it’s cool it’s okay” AND OK THAT HAPPENED. THEN WE POSED AND SHE KINDA PUT HER ARM ON MY SHOULDERS BUT IT WAS KIND OF A REACH ALMOST AS IF SHE WAS PUSHING AGAINST ME/PUSHING ME AWAy. once it was taken she said “wait. can we take another picture? I feel like I was pushing you away. I don’t want that” AND AGAIN I WAS LIKE AOSMFKDKAKDKDKDKD i said “haha okay” ANYTHIN FOR U TAYLOR. So she repositioned her legs and this time grabbed my head and wrapped her arm around it and I put my arm like on her wrists and SNAP! PICTURE GOALS SUCCEEDED!!!  she took her legs off of me and looked at me and said “body language is important” and i just laughed.

We got up and I hugged her again i said thank you a million times and said “I love you” and she said “I love you too buddy” I AM DEAD!!!!! -sidenote: after I got home, my brother said she kept calling me buddy which I WASNT AWARE OF because i was in some sort of TRANSE lmao but I did notice the last one and that just made me so happy because I’ve always half joked but half serious that i wanted her to call me Buddy. - Okay anyway and then (I think?) she again said she was proud of me. I said “you make me so happy!”  and she kind of did a high pitched squeal and said “BUDDY” as SHE leaned into ME for another hug so I hugged her AGAIN (i got soooo omany hugs omg) like can we please just relax aodmckfoekfkfjfsjdkckfkr. and thus we went our separate ways. but wait! there’s more!

OKAY SO… WHEN SHE WAS WITH THE LAST GROUP THEY WALKED OVER TO THE COUCH TO TAKE THEIR PIC (where I had mine) and as she was walking away she was about to pass right by me. but sHE STOPPED. AND SHE STARTED PATTING AND RUBBING MY FUCKING HEAD LIKE I WAS HER ONE OF HER CATS (i’m her honorary 3rd cat tbh) AND SHE JUST GAVE ME THE CUTEST SMILE AND I JUST WAS THINKING IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING???? IT LASTED FOR A GOOD LIKE 7-10 SECONDS. JUST 7-10 SECONDS OF STRAIGHT HEAD PATTING. LIKE WTF???? AND SHE JUST GAVE ME THE GREATEST LOOK WITH HER SMILE AND HER EYES AND ok so I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to hug her again since my time was up but I wENT FOR IT ANYWAY I hesitated but I hugged her and she hugged me right back :) and ok this is dumb but while in the hug i was thinking (aside for “this is nice), “I don’t specifically remember her saying she loves me (I mean SHE DID I do remember now but at the time I didn’t AND I WAS STUPID AND EMO) so right after the hug I was like "I LOVE YOU!!” and she looked at me and said with the biggest smile on her face and joy in her voice “I love you too!” and some people went “awwwwww” and I just JUMPED IN EXCITEMENT. like taylor swift and i basically had a totally casual but meaningful best friend moment whilst everyone was watching, even though it felt like it was just me and her.
Then she left and I SCREAMED I love you one last time. The end. I am dead.

I am so happy I got to experience this and I am so happy I got to tell her about my life. And she knows how much I love her and how thankful I am for her in my life and for that experience. The fact that she knows about what I’ve been through in my life, and that she loves and supports me and CARES ABOUT ME is something I will never be able to fully express how I feel. I am forever thankful. I WILL SEE YOU FRIDAY THE 21ST OF AUGUST IN LA TAYLOR!!!! I’LL BE IN THE B STAGE PIT :D 


Partying with Les Twins - Highline Ballroom Club 2/13/2015

Partying with Les Twins - Highline Ballroom Club 2/13/2015

I always told myself that I would never be one of those girls stuck on a club line out in the cold with nothing but a mini skirt and heels on. Lo and behold that’s exactly where I found myself last night. I’m so ashamed. You can go ahead and ask Sica about the good laugh we had just the other day about those girls. And now…I’m one of those girls. One of the coldest nights of the year in New York City. It was like 1 degree. Now you know it’s serious when there’s no “s” behind degree. What’s worse is that Club Highline doesn’t have their ish together, so I was out there for like an hour. 😁😖⛄️ I was frozen. Eyes glazed over, my knees became ice packs. And my poor toes. I couldn’t feel a thing. Which ended up working out for me because it means I couldn’t feel the pain of my sick heels. I was killin it tho, if I do say so myself.

But like I said before, these guys bring out the mess in me. So I stayed out there for an hour to get in. Plus I had already bought my outrageously overpriced ticket. So ain’t no way I wasn’t gonna make it inside. Shout outs to my bff tho for coming with and holding down. Yall already know how I feel about her. She’s the one! And you’ll find out why soon.

Backtrack a little. Up until Thursday I didn’t even know where the twins were going to be. But I was on a mission to find out. Every lead was a dead end so I decided to ask my love Sica. Yall, she sent me the info asap. They would most likely be with Roy at the Highline on Friday with Young Jeezy or Saturday with Lil Wayne. I know for a fact that I’m not tryna go when Wayne is there Cus the crowd’s gonna be “50 shades of CRAY”. But at the same token I assumed that the twins would be there when Wayne is there Cus they like him so much. So I had no guarantee that they would be there tonight with Jeezy. That was up until Roy posted up a picture showing that they would be there tonight. Yall I jumped and bought those expensive ass tickets. Bff is so ride or die that she cancelled on another event, spent her money, and stood out in the cold with me all at the drop of a hat. If anything ever happens with me and Larry, she Maid of Honor for life.

Aiight boom! So we on the line waiting and then who do I see? Roy coming down the block. So I’m like aiight so the twins must be here then. I thought they were inside already but I guess they had not arrived yet. Roy out here yelling madd stuff in Spanish and I’m trying to put my education to good use and translate. And then that’s when our babies get there. Larry was wearing a white ensemble thingy and Lau had the 99 Problems flannel shirt. So they get on the VIP line that’s right next to our little general admission line. They are standing right next to us and Bff calls Larry’s name out. He turns around surprised that someone knows his name. She extends her hand and says “I’m your biggest fan”. Yall the side eye I shot her could split her soul in seven pieces. I practically smacked her hand away and stole Larry’s hand and said, “She’s a liar Cus I’m your biggest fan”. Guys Larry said something but I don’t even remember. Whenever I’m around them I feel like I could never hear them properly. I attribute it to me just being mesmerized by them. What I do remember is holding on to his hand for dear life. As he was in VIP his line was obviously moving faster. So he’s walking away and my hand is sliding out of his and the clown gives me a dramatic “don’t let go Jack” look as he proceeds to lift my hand in the air as I hold on to his fingertips. He’s so cute. The whole time Laurent is looking at him like he’s crazy.

So we finally get in the club. Thank God. I check to make sure that I still have 10 toes. Thank God I do. We get inside and it’s actually pretty empty inside. The twins are upstairs in VIP and bff and I are downstairs on the dance floor. So if we look up we can see them looking down. The music is pretty ok and my friend and I are practically the only ones dancing. I just felt like I was in a fanfiction knowing that the twins were right upstairs looking at the dance floor. I really wish I could dance dance so I could put on a little show for them. But womp for that. So bff and I just 2 stepped. Did I mention I was killin it in my little skater dress, ruby woo lipstick, and killer heels? I had a gold choker and my hair was laid in loose curls. I was serving them 1920’s fine. Yes, I was feelin myself.

So the club is starting to fill up and throughout the night a number of guys tried to talk to bff and I. That’s cool and all but I was focused on spotting the twins so I could plot on dramatically bumping into them. But there was this one guy. There’s always that one guy. He was way too persistent. Everybody else, I smiled, maybe danced a little. But this one was going in. Every time I turned around this dude was there. He’s from London and I told him I’m from New York. He all like is that why you don’t smile. I said yeah. He goes you’re rude and I said hell yes I am now get out my face. But I’m telling yall this guy kept coming back around to me and I was tight Cus all I wanted to do was get to the twins.

Bff and I tryna plot to get into VIP so we can get closer to them, but then lo and behold they come downstairs. Not just that, they come and have a cypher right behind us. So of course I whip out my phone and take some vids that I will post up soon. Larry kills it, Lau kills it as per usual. Ok so Cypher over and Larry is about to pass by me to get to the other side. Yall I promise he like touched my hip to move me a little and he grazed my ass. I interpret that as him just grabbing my ass. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lol. So the twins go back upstairs and bff and I stay downstairs.

By now my feet are killing me so Im actually ready to go. But bff is not quite with it. But I still go to coat check to change into my flats.
Who do I see coming down the stairs? Baby boo Larry! Again, bff stops him and I don’t even know how. All I remember is me asking him for a hug. As I hug him I go,

“Larry, you never remember me”

He’s like “what?”

“I gave you your earrings and the toothpaste”

Yall he goes crazy and pulls me in tight tight to his chest. I was engulfed by him. He gives the best hugs. My breast were pressed up against him! Oh yes! So my hands all running down his back, and he got that dip that I like. So my hand is resting in the dip. And that’s the only thing that’s holding me up from the fainting spell that I was about to succumb to. He pulls back and lands a kiss on my forehead. *faints*. That’s it, I’m out. He said something again, but I’m telling you I can’t hear this guy when he speaks. And then he starts pulling away from the hug and I’m like,

“Wait where you going?” Still holding to the dip in his back.

He’s like, “I have to go to the stage real quick, I’ll be right back I promise. Go upstairs and wait for me there”

And that’s how we got into VIP. I replied with a simple ok, but in my head I was like yes daddy I’ll be upstairs waiting for you my love. Lol.

As we’re going upstairs, Laurent is making his way down I guess to go to the stage too. I say “Hi Laurent” and he goes “Hi”. I say “How are you?” He goes, “I’m fine”

He said it so dry. I know Laurent says that Larry is the mean one, but with my experience I feel so much more comfortable approaching Larry. Laurent just doesn’t seem warm to me. So I stay away. Maybe Larry is mean when he needs to be. But in general I think he’s a sweet heart while Lau is probably more closed off. Still love him tho. By the way, the twists look really good in person actually.

Also, one of the girls from VIP told me that there was nothing special upstairs. But I said yeah but I wanna see the twins. She informs me that ain’t nothing going on and that the twins spent their time chasing the bottle girls. I’m like whatever, I still wanna go upstairs. So we go and chill upstairs. And it’s really relaxed which I like. Downstairs was too crowded and the DJ kept playing trap music because Jeezy was there. So it was nothing I would listen to or dance to. So bff and I just sat pretty. So they announce the twins and they do their little hoopla. Laurent comes back upstairs first. Yall in the 15 minutes that I was there, Lau was flirting hard with at least 3 girls. But here’s the kicker, he actually lays one of the bottle girls on the couch and climbs on top of her, in between her legs. Yall im trying to take a pic and the damn flash on my phone goes off. And yall know that iPhone flash is serious. So I just throw my phone to the side so he don’t see it. I was about to get caught. So Larry comes up and finds Laurent on top of this girl and he’s like “really? Really Lau? For real?” Lau is such a freak nasty, I just hope the girl wasn’t uncomfortable.

Aiight so the lights come in and it’s time to go home. Bff and I just chill and let the crowd dissipate before we make our moves. We go out and bump into Larry again and I hug him again and tell him it was nice to see him again. He said something again. But yall know how it goes. Apparently I can’t hear when I’m around him. So we make our way downstairs and guess who comes back around? That same mess of a guy from before talking about I’m his future wife. I had to swerve him hard and tell him to back the eff up. He was just way too close. He almost ruined the night, in my way of getting to the twins.

Anyway we go outside to catch a cab and what do we see? Lau flirting yet again with another girl. He a hoe…yeah I said it, lol. He walks past us to the corner. My friend and I get in a cab and as we drive off we see the twins on the corner having discussions with a group of girls. I’m not even gonna try to guess.

But that was the end of a great night! I spent Valentine’s morning with my boys. So technically Larry is my Valentine, lol. I mean after all those hugs and kisses, it’s only natural, lol. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😊😍 I had a blast. I always wanted to club with the twins, and I’m glad I had the chance to. It was nice. Bff is ride or die for life. She the one like Neo. Again, I must apologize for the length of this, but I hope you enjoyed reliving these moments with me. The videos will be up soon. Bisous my loves. 😘

I got detention

ok so i’m in detention right now, and i’m using my school’s wifi, and idgaf if they see me writing this or whatever. ANYWAYS

I was in first period class (history), and we were presenting and stuff. (So we basically did nothing during that class). I was talking to my friend *Keelyn* and me and her share the magcon obsession, howeverrr i’m a ltitle more obsessed than her. BUT. We were talking about all of the boys’ and our opinions on their vines and stuff. MEANWHILE, This bitch comes into our conversation, may i say she is my cousin as well…

But, she’s all like… are you talking about the kids from vine? And I was basically a little annoyed on how she said ‘kids’. 

Then she was like, oh…you like one of their pics on instagram I saw yesterday. So then Keelyn was like…Syd is creeping -jokingly. 

Then SHEE decided to be all like “I don’t even know why you guys like them, he’s so ugly.” THENN I flipped the shit and was like DUDEE, THEYRE THE SEXIEST MOTHERFUCKERS EVER WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON. Then she was like the small one is so gross and short. And i was like dude how dare you say that about Jack J. First of all, your boyfriend is like 5"4, so you shouldn’t really be talking.Then she started talking about all of the boys individually saying what she liked and didn’t like about them which pushed me over the edge. For example, how they smoke, not funny, prejudice, or like rude etc. So I kind of just, I actually don’t know what I did. I stood up and told her to fuck off because she didn’t know anything, and she had no right to judge them, because if anything they’re all close to being perfect. 

So at this time, my whole entire class is like listening to me because I was basically screaming. Then my teacher told me to shut up bc the bitches in the front were presenting or some shit. Keelyn was also offended because my cousin said, “the taller one, is a little bit better looking than the smaller one." 

Then I was like ok It’s Jack G, and he’s a sex god, your opinions are irrelevent to me therefore you should shut the fuck up before I take my fist and shove it up your annoying fucking ass. So I refused to talk to her for like the next 5 minutes before I started to rage again. 

THENNN She was like "Have you heard their song, they just covered?”

I started to laugh because they wrote and sang the songs, AND it’s on fucking itunes so how are you going to tell me they covered it. So my friend said, “Syd, I think you should shut up before Amanda (me) smacks you in the face." 

So I thought she was actually going to listen an shut the fuck up, but no she kept talking shit, how she sees them all the time on tumblr and how she only prefers like 3/9 of the boys. She also said she liked the one who cut his leg. It was Cameron, and it was his fucking foot you dumbass.

Then I lost my shit and specifically said, "Sydney, you make me want to push myself off a bridge. Shut the fuck up because you are a fucking newborn and know nothing. So PLEASE shut the fuck up before I” — then she interuppted saying. “Or what will you tie me with a bandana?" 

Then I said, "yeah i fucking will, you annoying asswipe." 

I guess what I just said ^ up there was SOOO fucking offensive to my teacher so he told me to wait for him after class which I did. 

AND Let me say my teacher is chill as fuck, so I didn’t really think of it. But then he said, i was disrupting the class and it was up to my 'officer headmaster’ to decide what my punishment was. 

So yes, now i’m in detention because my headmaster is like 60 yrs old and doesn’t know what to do with his life then torture kids in their misery. AND Let me tell you guys, i am fucking prepared for my aunt to call me. If not, i’m calling her ass because I am so done with this shit. 

This rant is so fucking irrelevent now that I’m reading it but yeah. 

Newborns these days