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David Kamp’s career is not going to be ruined because he called reylo imagined fanfiction. Shippers are not going to take down a 20-year Vanity Fair contributing editor because he said an imagined romance (and the romance is 100% imagined) is imagined. It’s not going to stain his reputation. Going after him is not going to make him look like the bad guy, just like Rian Johnson didn’t look like the bad guy but instead looked like he was backing slowly and not making any sudden movements when that reylo accused him of discriminating against women and lgbt. 


is like a line out of “Misery.” 

Fans seem to forget that this was an interview. Rian didn’t just say random things about the movie. At some point, Kamp brought up fandom’s obsession with romance, ships came up, and Rian said what he said. 

I mean, keep thinking it’s going to be canon, whatever, but those little confrontations aren’t hurting them, they’re just making you look bad.

EXO (OT12) react to love at first sight

Xuimin: You would run into him at his secret coffee shop. The place where he comes to relax from his stressful life.  You walked up to the countered and ordered the same coffee as him. You sat at the edge of the bar. “You have exquisite taste in coffee” he commented. You flashed a small smile and the rest was history as they say. 

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Luhan: Backstage is where he first catches your gaze. In the chaos, you stood calm and poised. You gracefully commanded his attention. His manager told him he had a brief interview before the show. However, he hadn’t expected you to be so captivating. It clouded his thoughts and made it difficult to focus. 

“You sold out this arena. As a fan, I am proud. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.” He paused before responding.

“No, thank you. It has been a delight. I would love to do this again.”

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Kris: It was an early morning film shoot for him. He walked up to the chair tired and fatigued from the night. There you were pleasant smile and aura. The care you placed while expertly placing makeup on his face. He couldn’t help but crack a smile. Once complete, You looked back and admired your work as he admired you. He was already thinking about how beautiful you look wrapped around his arms. 

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Suho: Another SM mandated event. Suho was beginning to grow tired of these forced networking events. People just sucking up just to get on top. When you introduced yourself, he felt something different. You spoke of your modeling experiences and how excited you were for this opportunity. He hadn’t met someone like you. Many gorgeous individuals come here every day but not many with an intellectual mind to match. He made sure vouch for you for the new video as the main female protagonist. Just to ensure he would see you again and gain more courage to ask you on a date 

“Y/N would be a great addition to our new music video. She fits the concept and has the talent needed to add that extra magic to the video.”

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Lay: If there was one thing everyone knew about Yixing, he was disorganized. SM made he get a personal assistant after being late to 3 events int he past week. He wasn’t exactly pleased with the idea. You quickly changed his mind with your introduction.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang, My name is Y/N. I will be your new assistant. I have gotten your coffee along wth a special homemade treat. You have approximately 30 minutes before we need to go to the radio station for a brief interview. The following events for the day have been shared to your email. The ride should be here in approximately 40 minutes.“

He had a second to realize how professional you carried yourself. He noticed how you spoke in a firm but gentle tone. He complained at first, but now he was going to thank Suho for finding a perfect match for him.

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BaekHyun: Laughter and smiles can only hide so much. Today he needed someone to pick him up. You were training as a new vocal coach. You accidentally walked in on him. He was sniffling. You didn’t want to overstep your boundaries. However, you couldn’t just leave him like this.

"You have a fantastic voice. Believe in your talent and you will hit that note.”

He smiled at your comment. After the session was over, he treated you to bubble tea. It was the start of the beautiful relationship.

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Chen: During his free time, Chen enjoyed dabbling as a radio personality. He arrived a little early today. You were interviewing a new rookie group. Your quick wit and humor impressed him. The jokes you had were hilarious. The rookie group became comfortable with you. He even chuckled a few times. During the break, He stopped in gave his compliments. 

“You are doing great. Stop by my interview at 1 PM. I’d love to have you join in today as a special co-host” He smoothly said sliding his number on a piece of paper. You grabbed it and smiled. He knew he needed someone with your wit around.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol is a musical genius, not a technological one. When his music engineering equipment broke, he nearly had a meltdown.You stood behind the counter and took the laptop. Distress was written across his face. You welcomed him with a bright smile. After about 40 minutes, You switch out one minor part. The laptop came back to life. He fell in love.

“You should be careful about overheating. Our system could potentially lose your work.  No need to worry.” You said with a warm smile.“ I suggest you invest in a laptop fan. Install the upgrade. It backs up everything to the cloud.” You calmed his worries. During a distressful time, you brought a smile to his face. He watched in awe thinking about matching couple outfits already.

“(Y/N), you were such a delight. If you aren’t busy, I’d love to hang out with you.” You flipped the receipt over and saw his number. You wrote your number on his copy. The rest was history as they say.

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Kyungsoo: As the cooking mastermind, He enjoyed trying new cuisine from all across Seoul. He had heard a lot of buzz about your pastry shop. He strolled up to the counter and asked you what you recommend. You gave him his signature treat. From his reaction, You could tell he loved it. What you could not see is that he loved you. Kyungsoo went back to that pastry shop every chance he could to see you. Every day he would practice how he would eventually ask you on a date. 

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Tao: You were an up and coming designer working in China. Your client today was Tao. You stressed every single detail. Tao had to maintain his look. The outfit was presented to him. He fell in love with it. It was his style. After the shoot, He had to meet you. You were working in the back. Your mind focused on the next outfit. 

“The clothes were amazing. You have a good eye for fashion. I will be reaching out to you again. We’re going for hotpot. Come it’s on me." 

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Kai: You were given a chance to pitch your choreography for the new EXO video to Kai. He watched as your body moved to the music. The way you flowed. The way you embodied the feel of the song. Kai was beyond impressed. You deathly glance made him fall in love.He gave a standing ovation at the end. 

“You were amazing. I’m going to vote for your choreography for the song. Let’s get ice cream. It’s my treat.”

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Sehun: Saturday evenings were always busy at the shop. It was never like this. The parade had increased the amount of foot traffic to the store creating long lines. Despite, the bad attitudes from the wait. You remained your composure. You put the same attention and detail to each drink. Sehun caught a glance at his bubble tea princess. The drink that the perfect balance of ingredients. The pearls weren’t too cold. The initial sip was the most satisfying. Sehun came back the next day to properly introduce himself to the person who stole his heart with one drink.

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if u think gametheory is bad have a look at the homestuck fans who think the interviewers will all pretend to like rosemary because its a non controversial ship

oh well lol

its not a bad thing to criticise the game or the team for being REALLY damn late,

but it gets kind of weird when these conspiracy theories pop up…

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I'm surprised that interviewer straightly asked her about bechloe rather than usual question asked by most journalist "what can we expect from PP3?".. I guess maybe bechloe phenomenon is also invading France, or the interviewer is a bechloe fan..Hahaha. Well, what I catched from Brittany's answer is that we cant expect anything yet both about bechloe and PP3

Well she did say ‘When I type your name into a search engine’ which reminds me that Yahoo! interview Brittany did. The interviewer obviously did some searching on Brittany Snow and obviously she saw something about Bechloe.  

Billboard Music Award Recap
  • BTS walked on the magenta carpet & shocked America
  • BBMAS kept using ‘Fire’ as the background music
  • ARMYs were chanting & singing BTS songs from the sidelines
  • the abundance of individuals there for Bangtan was overwhelming
  • the boys killed us by serving A+ looks
  • ARMYs nearly broke twitter because of all the retweeting & voting
  • Namjoon did so well translating & answering all the interviews in English
  • they held a Vlive for fans which was just so thoughtful and wonderful
  • Hobi somehow spilled cola on Jin XD
  • BTS were so cute standing up and clapping every time an artist won an award >#<
  • Jin transformed from ‘car door guy’ to ‘third guy from the left’
  • Vogue called Taehyung the most ‘fashion forward’ dressed
  • Yoongi cackled when Vanessa Hudgens started rapping
  • Kookie didn’t shy away from taking pictures with girls
  • Tae kept popping up in other celebrities’s feeds & flirting to the cameras
  • Hobi was so energetic & taught Laura Marano how to dance ‘Fire’
  • Jimin kept switching between soft and smol to smoldering and dangerous, like hOt dAmN
  • Namjoon mentioned ARMYs even before the thank you speech started
  • Yoongi got his hands on the award so fast right after
  • BTS made history today by being the first k-pop group to be nominated & winning an award on BBMAS 

i can’t imagine what she’s going through right now…..a fan did an interview with a news station just now and talked about how ariana’s mom literally pulled fans that were in the first few rows backstage along with security to get them to safety. her family and team saved fans lives tonight. absolutely nobody deserves this and i just know ariana’s taking it all to heart. she’s going to be traumatized by all of this. i feel so terrible for everybody involved i don’t even know how to begin to put it into words


“There aren’t a lot of girls of color doing action movies. I was raised on magic and action and going to the Renaissance fair. I’d love to act in movies where I’m wielding a sword.” - Herizen Guardiola

It’s time for another Hiveswap development team interview!

Hey there, Hiveswap and Homestuck fans! Ash here once again, and as promised, it’s time for another interview with the talented folks on Hiveswap’s development team! And don’t worry – if you missed the first interview, with our environment art director Rah, you can find it right here!

Who’s in the hot seat today? Why, it’s Adrienne, our lead animator! She can tell you far more about her work on the project than I ever could, so without further ado, I’m going to hand things off to her – after reminding you all to take good, long looks at the wonderful examples of her work peppered throughout this interview. Take it away, Adrienne!

Introduce yourself to the fans! What is your specific role on the Hiveswap team?

Hiya! My name’s Adrienne and I’m the lead animator for Hiveswap. I work together with Angela, the animation director, on roughs, cleanup, background and cutscene animation – anything that moves!

When and how did you get your start on the Hiveswap project?

I was hired full-time in January 2016, but I started doing some sprite conceptualization in late 2015 in tandem with [S]:Collide work (I animated sprites for the main big bads and did thumbnails for some of the sequences).

Tell us a little bit about your career background! How did you get your start in animation? Do you have any advice for others looking to enter this field?

Homestuck is basically my career background, ahaha.

I drew a lot of fan art for Homestuck after I finished catching up in late 2012. I got some attention from my work and I was asked to do comic pages for Paradox Space. Then I did work for the Homestuck calendar. Then I just became more involved in the comic after that by doing thumbnails, sprite animation, comic pages, snapchats… and now I’m working on the game… it’s been a wild ride from fan to full-time fan.

But as for how I got started in animation, a lot of it was influenced by anime and then DeviantArt while I was growing up. I grew up with Naruto and loved Norio Matsumoto’s work in it (he did the key animation for the best episodes!). And on DeviantArt, I liked following OCTs (Original Character Tournaments) and was particularly inspired by Unknown-Person’s work.

My general advice would be to value learning and exploration, and have less expectations of what life should hand you – it makes a lot of circumstances feel like a pleasant surprise and a good opportunity to learn something new. That’s how I felt when I stumbled into this field anyway, haha.

We’re making a video game, so of course the question must be asked: what’s your favorite game of all time, and what games are you playing currently (if any)?

Agh, what a difficult question. My most-played genre is colorful multiplayer shooters like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Splatoon.

I finished Nier: Automata recently and now I’m working through Persona 5. But when I’m not working through that game, I play Breath of the Wild (most of my time is spent riding my horse around Hyrule – it’s very calming).

Are there any games that you currently use or have used as inspiration for your own animation work here on Hiveswap, or just in general?

I generally use Homestuck flash animations as an inspiration for Hiveswap sprite animations.

When I’m working on cutscenes, I look to Professor Layton stuff. I love how they integrated cutscenes with gameplay in that series.

As an animator, you must have some favorite cartoons and/or anime – tell us about them!

My recent favorite is Mob Psycho 100. The raw and rough quality of the animation for that one is my jam and the main cast is really inspiring. Avatar: The Last Airbender is still my top favorite for its epic storytelling and world-building. Naruto always has a special place in my heart since it’s one of the earliest things that inspired me to study animation.

Other big influential works for me were Princess Mononoke and How to Train Your Dragon.

What’s your workstation like? Do you like to listen to any particular kinds of music while you work? If so, tell us about it!

Here’s a picture of my workstation! If you squint at the bottom screen closely, you can see me taking the picture. But anyway… yeah. I am a little embarrassed for people to know how saturated my workstation is with inspirational quotes (there are papers of handwritten motivation on the walls behind me), but that’s just how I deal when the anxiety gets a little rough.

When I want to focus (usually for rough animation and concept art), I pull up an electronic or classical playlist on YouTube (and recently Spotify) or have no music playing at all. But for everything else (cleanup, in-betweens, etc.), I dig into different genres once in awhile but Imagine Dragons and Americana/folk stuff are my go-to. Acoustics sound really nice in these speakers.

Favorite Homestuck character?

Egh, this is impossible… I’m gonna say it’s between Rose, Jade, Roxy, Kanaya, Terezi, and Vriska… um…

Favorite Homestuck ship?

Rose/Kanaya has never once failed me! c: (I think John/Terezi is really funny too.)

Favorite Homestuck flash?

Urgh… I don’t know, there’s so many that I love. In terms of like… cool and creative setup, [S] Cascade probably? [S] GAME OVER is cool too, because everyone died and the stakes just got so much higher. Oh! I just remembered [S] Make her pay as well!

This question is impossible.

(In the above animation timeline, the first frame is held for 4/24 of a second, the second frame for 2/24 of a second, the third for 2/24, and so on.)

Do you have a personal message you’d like to relay to all the Homestuck and Hiveswap fans out there?

Thank you for all your support, and for your patience in making it through the Giga/Mega/Omegapauses intact!

Where can people find more of your work? Link us to your own little corner(s) of the Internet!

If you want to see more of my stuff, my Tumblr is the place to be!

Thank you, Adrienne! Well, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this second Hiveswap development team interview – and don’t worry, there are still plenty more to come!

Now that we’ve gotten things rolling, from here on out we’ll be bringing you a new interview every Wednesday, so be sure to check back every week for a new behind-the-scenes look at the development of Hiveswap and the talented people behind it!

See you next time!

10 Tips For New Kpop Fans

1.) Find some underrated groups! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with loving the most popular groups such as EXO, BigBang, BTS, etc. I love them, too! But I have found my greatest loves in some of the smaller groups. They seem to have greater fan interaction, and not to mention, it’s just fun to watch them grow. There’s nothing better than finding a newly debuting group and watching them grow.

2.) Girl groups, girl groups, girl groups! While it’s easy to get caught up in the fever of loving boy groups, don’t be afraid to branch out and listen to some of the talented girl groups out there. Their concepts can range from adorable to powerful, with everything in between.

3.) Don’t forget about solo artists. And I don’t just mean the solo albums put out by members of existing groups! There’s Ailee, Crush, Zion.t, and so many more talented soloists. Not to mention, that makes it easier to pick a bias ;)

4.) Shipping is okay! But… don’t be rude about it. There are some idols that are uncomfortable being shipped with others, and don’t like to hear about it. Write all the fanfiction you want, run a blog about your otp, but don’t annoy the idols themselves. There’s nothing worse than seeing comments on SNS and livestreams asking if they are dating someone, or if the other member is there with them.

5.) Try not to over-sexualize them. Of course, we all get a little thirsty when it comes to the sexy concepts a group can have, but you have to keep it within reason. There is so much more to them than the subject matter of their songs or the way that they dance. There’s a fine line between enjoying a sexy concept and fetishizing their every move.

6.) Don’t start fan-wars or compare artists. There’s nothing worse to me than hearing someone say that their fav is better than someone else’s. Truthfully, each and every artist works so hard to get where they are, and we as a fandom need to recognize that. For example, I am not a fan of BTS, but I respect them and recognize that they work incredibly hard to do the things they do. They deserve every moment they have recieved in the spotlight. It’s okay to dislike someone, but don’t try to make it into a contest. We are all just here to listen to good music. :)

7.) It’s okay to be a casual fan. Not everyone needs to get swept up in the obsession over kpop. One can listen to the music without knowing a single member’s name and still be a kpop fan! If you want to run a blog and watch every interview and memorize blood types and heights, you can. But if you simply want to listen to a few songs every now and again, you’re still a fan. Welcome to the kpoppin’ world.

8.) Don’t be embarrassed! It’s easy to think you’re weird for liking kpop if you live in a small town like me, but in truth, you’re never alone. And even when you feel like the only one on the planet that likes it, you’re allowed to rock it. Wear your merch, listen to your music, and scroll through your blog in front of others. There’s nothing wrong with loving what you love. (If you are being bullied already for your interests, please reach out for help.)

9.) Whitewashing is a no-no. I love me a good kpop edit, and kudos to those who make them, but please do NOT whitewash them. Melanin is a good thing, and their natural skin is something they should be proud of. Some photos are posted by them already over exposed, but the edits are different. If you think their skin is too dark, perhaps you should choose a different picture to edit.

10.) Unless you are actively learning Korean, please do not use random Korean words while you are speaking. Not only is it slightly annoying, it’s offensive. If you don’t know or understand where it comes from, you just happen to know it, it’s disrespectful. If you are interested, there are many online courses you can take and apps you can download on ios for free to learn the language properly.

That is all I can think of! Enjoy your stay in this wild fandom. :)


BTS Thank Their Fans in Winners Walk Interview at The 2017 Billboard Music Awards