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hi!! do u know any good stories where they have to fake a marriage for like a mission or whatnot and their dumb butts fall in love anyway? thank u!!

do i ever

Bowties and Bugs by Tsuki_Amano

In his line of work, Steve thinks he’s seen everything. After all, it’s hard to surprise a spy. So when he gets a call from one very disgruntled James Barnes who’s handcuffed to a tombstone, it’s safe to say they’ve set a precedent.

Or the one where Steve and Bucky are both spies working for SHIELD and get called in for a rescue mission. Which should be fine because Steve most definitely does not have an earth-shattering crush on Bucky Barnes and his perfect hair.
Except he does. And they’re playing the role of happily married husbands.

‘til you come to me by radialarch

“I’ll do it,” Steve says. “I’ll marry Bucky.”

(It’s because of the Russians.)

sometimes everything is touch and go by santanico

Bucky and Steve’s mission is to infiltrate a suburban neighborhood as a married couple. In theory, it should be difficult, but it also kind of isn’t.

Haikyuu host club au (again sorry)

Imagine oikawa and kuroo as the top hosts
Oikawa has his boyish flirting and subtle comments, like he takes a selfie and crops out his face cause he really only wanted a picture of you, and he laughs a lot and is a bit touchy feely, and he wears a dumb yet cute bowtie
And kuroo has this really sexy aura going on? And he always smells so nice like always and hes the type to lowkey worry about you when you drink too much, or he puts his arm around the back of your seat protectively, or he whispers “you look beautiful” in your ear and DAMN does he smell good like he’s just gotta smell really nice he’s kuroo and he wears black suits with red ties and when he gets passionate about a conversation he throws the tie over his shoulder or tucks it into his shirt pocket to get out of the way and DAMN HE SMELLS GOOD
And then hinata and kenma come together, and hinata’s cheeriness always compliments kenma’s quietness, and hinata would be very childish and want to play dumb drinking games and kenma is so tsun but you know he enjoys your company
And then sugawara is like the “perfect” host, where’s hes really kind and gentle and always knows when you’ve done something different with your hair and stuff
And asahi is a butler type that doesnt really entertain but more of looks pretty and refills drink and such
Tanaka, tsukishima, bokuto, and kageyama work in the kitchen cause lets be honest they have no chance of being hosts

Someone please draw this au and dont forget kuroo smells great cause that is important

One direction BSM #59 He gives you away at your wedding and you have an emotional moment

A/N: He gives you away at your wedding and you have an emotional moment

This happens sometimes in the far future so just humor me with the ages, please?

HARRY (age 27): “I can cry right? I’m allowed to cry,” Harry hiccupped, dabbing a tissue under his left eye. “Yes you are allowed to cry but I would love it if you were done before we went down the aisle,” you said with a smile. “Harry, zip me up will ya?” Harry sidled up behind you and zipped up your dress gently before kissing your bare shoulder. “I’m proud of you,” he mumbled into your hair, and you whined as he mussed your hair. “You twat!” you groaned and swatted in Harry’s general direction. “Why are you proud of me? I’m just getting married. I haven’t saved a life or summat.” Harry shrugged as he put one of your carefully styled curls back in place. “Do I need a reason? You’re here and you’re amazing. That should be enough, right?”  You took a deep shaky breath as you turned away from the mirror and grabbed Harry’s hands tightly. “You were supposed to cry. I’m not supposed to cry until later,” you squeaked. You leaned forward and rested your head on Harry’s chest as gingerly as possible. Harry in return wound his arms around you and squeezed tight. “We can cry together. It’s called bonding.” He dropped a kiss to the crown of your head as he slowly let you go. “Let’s get out there before I ruin your makeup.” Harry kissed your forehead one last time. “You look absolutely stunning. Now c’mon. They’re all waiting for us.” You reached up and pecked Harry’s cheek. “I love you, clutz.” “I love you too, midget.”

ZAYN (age 25): You let out another cackle as Zayn shook his hips and wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh you two are impossible,” Lou complained as she fruitlessly tried to get your curled hair up in a bun. “K-keep going,” you spluttered, gesturing vaguely at your computer that was playing One Direction far too loud. “I’m all yours I got no control. No control!” He screeched obnoxiously as he turned his back to you and attempted to twerk with his non-existent butt. You threw your head back, to Lou’s dismay, and howled with laughter. “There! I’m leaving, right now,” Lou said, but she was smiling as Zayn pretended to give you a lap dance. She showed you the finished bun quickly before leaving the room. “Damn, I didn’t know I had such moves,” Zayn smirked, cracking his knuckles as he pulled you up from the armchair you were perched on. “Dance with me,” he challenged. You shrugged and went to turn the music up before letting Zayn drag you to the middle of the dressing room and twirling you around gracefully. “Someone’s been practicing,” you praised as you swayed along to 18. “I had to be good for my sister’s wedding, right?” You stepped on his foot on purpose. “Sap,” you grumbled. “You love it.”

LOUIS (age 26): “Give it back!” you squealed, jumping over a couch. You reached out to grip Louis’ shirt, but he narrowly escaped and your fingers closed around air. “Dammit!” you cursed. Louis stopped and shook his arse at you before swinging the veil over his head with a whoop. “When you’re ready come and get it, na na na na,” he sang tauntingly. “Shitface,” you screeched before jumping for him. You ended up on his back, and you clung to him as he grabbed your thighs and started running around the room like a madman. “Put me down you Neanderthal.” Louis suddenly ran out the room and tore down the hallway at an alarming speed. “Lou! I’m getting married this afternoon! We have to get ready!” you laughed, your arms wound tight around his neck. “Who cares?” he called back, but he turned on his heels nevertheless. “Me and my fiancée,” you retorted as he finally put you back down in the dressing room. “Well, you could just get married in those sweatpants and we can have a tickle war instead,” Louis crooned, wiggling his fingers and shaking his hips. “You just can’t sit still, can you?” Louis shrugged. “And no, we’re not having a tickle war. What are you? 12?” Louis just whooped again.

NIALL (age 29): You were smoothing down non-existent wrinkles on your pristine wedding dress when there was a gentle knock on the door, and a blonde head was poking around the doorway with a blinding grin. “Can I come in?” Niall asked, fingers twitching nervously on the doorknob. “Of course. You don’t have to ask.” Niall stepped in warily, perching on the very edge of the champagne-colored couch. “What’s weighing you down, Nialler?” you asked worried, gingerly picking up a necklace laid out on the wooden table next to you. “What? Oh, I’m just a bit tired,” he waved off, and with a scoff you held the necklace up to your neck and nodded. This was the one. “That’s the worst lie I’ve heard yet. What’s going on?” Niall stood up and helped you clasp on the necklace. “It’s a bit sad to see you go you know? My little sister isn’t little anymore.” You mentally rolled your eyes. “That’s ridiculous and you know it. I’m 29. I haven’t been little in 11 years. You’re being dumb,” you deadpanned, pecking Niall’s cheek before fixing his bowtie. “Wow, thanks, now I feel much better,” Niall said sarcastically, but he was smiling and the sadness had drained from his face. “I know. I’m a problem solver. Now, let’s go get me down that aisle.”

LIAM (age 28): “What if I fall? Right on my face? Oh god he’ll be so embarrassed he’ll call off the wedding. Liam I won’t ever get married! I can’t do it, I have to go.” Liam chuckled lowly as he pulled you back by the elbow. “You won’t fall. That’s why I’m here after all. To make sure you make it down to him safe, right?” You groaned and let your head rest heavily on Liam’s bicep. “No. You’re supposed to slap me when I get cold feet because he is my literal dream man and I’m not going to find anyone better than him.” Liam was quiet for a moment and then your hip was being pinched, hard. “Ow! Liam Payne, you are the twattiest twat I have ever met,” you concluded with a flat look at your brother. “Such big words coming from such a tiny person,” Liam cooed, the last sentence said in a high pitch. “I’m not tiny! You’re just a freaking boulder!” you defended, the tension slowly leaking out of you as you bickered with Liam. Suddenly, the wedding march was starting, and Liam’s eyes were already brimming with tears as you slowly took a simultaneous step forward. “Hold on tight and don’t fall in those heels now you clutz,” Liam teased under his breath as the aisle slowly came into view. “Oh bugger off you giant and concentrate,” you snapped heartily, but there was a smile on your face and butterflies flapping in your stomach. This was happiness. 

gaysyndromes here is the full comic, in english!!

at the end of volume 6 theres a comic that was full color, but printed in black and white when the volume was published. I keep seeing the first panel (in german??) on my dash so i figured id scan the whole thing!

this page was printed to the right of it

look at their dumb bowties