in that dumb bowtie

Haikyuu host club au (again sorry)

Imagine oikawa and kuroo as the top hosts
Oikawa has his boyish flirting and subtle comments, like he takes a selfie and crops out his face cause he really only wanted a picture of you, and he laughs a lot and is a bit touchy feely, and he wears a dumb yet cute bowtie
And kuroo has this really sexy aura going on? And he always smells so nice like always and hes the type to lowkey worry about you when you drink too much, or he puts his arm around the back of your seat protectively, or he whispers “you look beautiful” in your ear and DAMN does he smell good like he’s just gotta smell really nice he’s kuroo and he wears black suits with red ties and when he gets passionate about a conversation he throws the tie over his shoulder or tucks it into his shirt pocket to get out of the way and DAMN HE SMELLS GOOD
And then hinata and kenma come together, and hinata’s cheeriness always compliments kenma’s quietness, and hinata would be very childish and want to play dumb drinking games and kenma is so tsun but you know he enjoys your company
And then sugawara is like the “perfect” host, where’s hes really kind and gentle and always knows when you’ve done something different with your hair and stuff
And asahi is a butler type that doesnt really entertain but more of looks pretty and refills drink and such
Tanaka, tsukishima, bokuto, and kageyama work in the kitchen cause lets be honest they have no chance of being hosts

Someone please draw this au and dont forget kuroo smells great cause that is important

gaysyndromes here is the full comic, in english!!

at the end of volume 6 theres a comic that was full color, but printed in black and white when the volume was published. I keep seeing the first panel (in german??) on my dash so i figured id scan the whole thing!

this page was printed to the right of it

look at their dumb bowties