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Oh man ur alfred+jason hc fucking kills me LIKE YES PLS ALFRED TEACHING JASON TO COOK BC JASON ASKED HIM (bc maybe if he's not good enough bruce is gonna kick him out and he can at least learn smth from alfred if he needs to go back to the streets)

“I can cook a little.”

“I’m sure, sir.”

“I just don’t know how to do all the…all the fancy stuff, y'know?”

“Potatoes are not very hard, once you get used to them.”

“Yeah, I just got stuff from a box. I’ve never peeled–hold on.”

“Please do not cut off your thumb, sir.”

“I’ll be all right, Alf.”

“Even so, I would prefer not to have to explain to Master Bruce that his child put in my custody has lost a thumb.”

“They call me 9-Fingered Giuseppe.”

Alfred shoots him a look, but cannot hide a smile when Jason snorts.

Moments pass while they peel, the only sounds from the kitchen being the plunk of potato skin in the sink.

“…Does he really–y'know…” Jason lowers his eyes. His eyelashes are dark against his skin. “Never mind,” he mutters, heat dusting his cheeks.

Alfred looks down at the messy head. “Yes,” he replies after a moment.



He does see you as his son, goes unsaid.

Jason smiles slightly, then yelps. “Ouch!”

“I warned you, Master Jason. Put it under the water and then put your hand above your head.”

Jason groans but follows instructions, holding his bleeding thumb above his head. Alfred goes to get a medkit and returns. There is a slight argument over hydrogen peroxide, but Jason’s thumb is bandaged soon enough.

“Can I still help?”


“MAY I still help? I can peel with my other hand.”

“I could use the help with Thanksgiving this year. You may take the time to practice.”

“Thanksgiving? As in Thanksgiving Thanksgiving?”

“That would be the one, sir.”

“With a proper turkey and everything?”

“Yes, Master Jason.”

“That’s nuts! Just like TV! And I get to help?”


“This is crazy! I’ve never even–yowch!”

“Perhaps now would be a good time to take a break, sir.”


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Strike Two (Part 9 of Curve Ball)

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Summary: An accidental collision. Lucky shoes. Baseball lessons. As much as they might try to deny it, fate seemed to be working to bring Derek and Y/N together. But being in each other’s lives could prove to be more complicated than either one of them bargained for.

Author’s Note: FINALLY! It is here, y’all!!! I know it has been an eternity since I updated this series, but it is finally written and I couldn’t love this part more. I really hope you guys like it, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy ;)

As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-pilot on this series, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales!!! She is so amazing to work with and always such great ideas!!! I can’t even say thanks enough <3

Warnings: Language; a lot of feels

Tags: @wheresthekillswitch, @urwarriorangel, @palaiasaurus64, @melanie451, @houseofrahl, @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one, @splashofbi, @livinglife-dsa, @miaforeverblue


“Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” Stiles’ voice broke me out of my stare and I slowly turned my head to look at him, eyes wide and lips sucked between my teeth as I grunted out a ‘hm?’ He blinked at me several times before averting his gaze to the spot I was so tethered to only moment ago.

“Sorry,” I sighed. “I’ve just been…distracted.”

“I’ll say,” he snorts, earning a glare. “What’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

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Can we get some fluff tythan? Like a date to a park with flowers and light kisses?


-let’s pretend that LA has actual seasons like here on the East Coast or Europe
-Tyler and Ethan go on walks to the park nearly every day, for either a casual stroll or a date
-They always hold hands, unless they’re out for a run (or if it’s summer)
-They bring Chica with them whenever they can
-The park has a giant pond with ducks that Ethan likes to feed
-The park management gets pissed about the fact that they’ll climb the trees all the time

-Tyler likes to take advantage of the nice days and will often drag Ethan out for a morning run
-Tyler carries tissues in case Ethan reacts badly to the pollen
-During the day, Ethan loves to take pictures of the flowers and the baby ducklings
-He always gets too close to the young birds and the parents will angrily chase him so he jumps on Tyler like “run fucking run”
-Tyler is actually surprisingly good at making flower crowns and bracelets and will pick buttercups and daisies to string them together
-Tyler will also bring him actual bouquets of flowers
-When the wind picks up, the cherry blossoms will fly everywhere like snow and they’ll sit under the trees while Chica happily runs around
-Them kissing under all the blooming trees
-After a movie date they’ll come to the park when it’s like dark and stuff because they can see the stars and it’s very quiet and peaceful
-Ethan secretly still plays Pokemon Go but you can hear the little ding whenever an egg cracks and he gets all flustered about it like “aaa sorry” but Tyler just kind of takes his phone out to show that he also has the app running
-Tyler pushes Ethan on the swing set and sometimes they’ll sit in one of those spinning things and see how fast they can make it go
-If the forecast says that there will be rain, Tyler will bring an umbrella for them to share
-When it just rains without warning they just kind of flit from tree to tree and they laugh a lot about it and when they get home they towel each other dry

-Ethan just wants to stay inside with the air conditioning because he’s still not used to hot summers
-Tyler makes them go out anyway, especially if he knows that Ethan will have a busy day recording ahead of him
-Tyler makes sure Ethan is absolutely covered in sunscreen so that blue boy doesn’t burn
-Ethan complaining about it a lot and refuses to let anything touch him because he is sticky and feels like the sun is out to kill him
-Tyler always packs a picnic with like sandwiches and cool drinks
-Ethan finds the absolute shadiest/coolest spot in the whole park and demands that they lay the blanket down there
-Tyler gets really calm when it’s hot so he’ll immediately take a nap shirtless and sometimes Ethan takes a nap with him but he usually stays awake to watch Chica
-Ethan has one of those handheld tourist fans (that don’t really do anything and are scams tbh) pointed at his face 24/7
-He lives for those small refreshing breezes
-Tyler’s actually lowkey really scared of bees and fireflies so he’ll quickly move away if one gets too close
-Meanwhile Ethan’s over here, letting them land on his skin and trying to convince Tyler that they won’t hurt him
-Tyler buys them ice cream and Ethan’s trying to eat his as fast as he cans because it melts so quickly
-Tyler’s like “this is why I got my ice cream in a cup” but Ethan argues that it’s not a proper scoop without a waffle cone
-The sun sets really late in the day so they stay out a lot longer than usual
-Sometimes the park has like? An outdoor movie thing? That they’ll go to at night and it’s really cute

-Eth and Ty enjoying the leaves, taking pictures of each other in it, making leaf piles
-Tyler makes leaf crowns for himself because he thinks they suit him better than flower crowns
-Chica likes the leaves too
-During fall harvest festivals they go to those market things and buy autumn things
-Ethan makes Tyler buy him the biggest pumpkin and they eat squash soup or whatever
-Tyler buys those apples that taste the best in autumn and he makes his own apple cider out of them
-Ethan and Tyler on a hay ride and Ethan just tosses the shit everywhere
-Ethan gets too excited about Halloween tbh he starts singing the songs in September
-Pumpkin carving feat tythan in which Ethan aims for a scary face design and Tyler aims for like. A graveyard landscape
-Tythan going out to stores to pick out decorations and costumes for each other
-They get a couple costume because they’re cute like that (what ship though that’s the question I’m a big fan of Harley!Ethan but?? oh I knOW THEY TOTALLY COSPLAY AS SPIDEYPOOL because!!! Idk with the size difference I think it fits pretty good and ye acrobatic Ethan and heart of gold Tyler)
-Ethan being on a sugar high after eating all of the carefully sorted Halloween candy and Tyler’s just like pls it’s five go to bed
-Tythan getting ready for thanksgiving, just cooking together and stuff
-They try to make everything from scratch because it’s more fun tbh
-Tyler has a “kiss the cook” apron and he’s always pulling Ethan away when blue boy tries to taste the gravy or apple pies or whatever
-Ethan runs off with the cranberry sauce
-Thankful boys
-Walks in the park in the crisp autumn air in which the strong wind blows leaves everywhere
-Um idk if this happens in America but in Germany the young ones come out en masse and collect a bunch of chestnuts so I just want Ethan dragging Tyler out and forcing him to hold like a wicker basket while Ethan just excitedly darts around and comes back with armfuls of chestnuts
-“I’m not helping you prepare these” sure Tyler

-Ethan and Tyler cuddled up in blankets with mugs of hot chocolate (this is canon though bless)
-Chica enjoying the snow!! Ethan enjoying the snow (they both like catching snowflakes on their tongue)!! Tyler not enjoying the snow because he is cold but as long as Ethan’s there he’s happy
-Ethan is always pelting Tyler with snowballs and making snow angels and entire armies of snowmen
-Ethan makes a big snowman and just puts a beanie on it “it’s you Tyler”
-Them going ice skating over the frozen lake and Tyler being a very cautious boy while Ethan’s doing all of these tricks and going really fast because ice skating is big in Maine and he’s acrobatic I recommend him for figure skating
-Ethan holds Tyler’s hand like “it’s okay” but then he just drags him along because it’s easy on ice and Tyler’s like !!!!! Too fast
-Ethan’s nose and cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink in the cold
-Ethan steals Tyler’s beanies during the winter to keep his ears warm and buys both of them scarves with pictures of cacti or doggos on them
-Does America have Christmas markets? Idk but it’s basically like a bunch of outdoor stalls where you can buy a lot of things like semi precious stones and intricate wooden boxes and glass bird figurines and honey candles and there’s always Christmas music playing and a constant smell of Glühwein and frying Kartoffelpuffer it’s great
-But anyway tythan going to one of these and they hold hands while they browse the stalls
-They find a lot of cool things so basically Christmas shopping for the gang
-Mark’s house is honestly filled to the brim with mistletoe because they’re all little shits. The mistletoe is legit everywhere you can’t walk two steps without encountering another bushel of it (there’s some in the fridge too why)
-Tythan decorating the tree!!! And explaining the story behind specific ornaments because many ornaments will usually have some story tied to it
-Ethan excitedly running down to the stairs with Chica on Christmas morning and Tyler’s really tired like pls why
-New Years kisses!
-Ethan sledding down a hill and falling on his ass and when Tyler laughs at him Eth tries to tackle him so just laughing boys rolling around in the snow
-Tyler just wants winter to end tbh because while he’s a fan of the winter Starbucks flavors he doesn’t like the cold


They eat before the sun goes down. His mom insists on saying grace. Will doesn’t know how to pretend to be grateful. Last year he’d counted down the days until Thanksgiving break, five glorious days off in a row. Now Will would do just about anything to go to school again.

This is Thanksgiving in 2017: Will, his parents, and Frohike and Byers and Skinner, weird old friends of his parents’ who’ve always floated around the periphery of his life. No uncles and aunts, no cousins, no Grandma. No Matthew. Maybe none of those people, ever again.

No one actually told him that Grandma died. When his mom and Skinner had come home from town two weeks ago he’d known immediately that something was wrong: his mom didn’t say anything, just sort of fell through the front door like a marionette whose strings had been cut. Will’s dad had whisked her away and they’d stayed in his office for the rest of the day, while Will stared bewildered at the closed door and Skinner sat at the kitchen table, unspeaking. At some point in the evening Will picked up the papers his mom had dropped on the kitchen floor. He saw his grandmother’s name and understood, finally, what had happened.

But no one ever actually told him. It makes Will wonder what else they’re hiding from him.

Earlier in the day his mom exhumed a can of cranberry sauce from somewhere way back in the pantry, but that’s the only recognizable Thanksgiving food. Everything else is the same stuff they’ve been eating for months: canned black beans, canned green beans, canned corn. The only difference is usually they don’t even bother to heat anything up. For this special occasion they cooked everything over the woodstove, like shitty camping.

Last year the adults had made Matt say grace at Thanksgiving and he’d opted for “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub”, at which point he’d been banished back to the kids’ table. Will had laughed at his cousin’s misfortune until he’d realized that eating with the adults was just as boring as eating with Uncle Charlie’s three million little kids. Except that with the little kids, there was no obligation to stay seated until everyone was finished. And Aunt Tara was the world’s slowest eater.

This year his mom says grace and Will closes his eyes. She says, “And we ask you, Lord, to keep watch over our family and friends who are not with us, until we are together again,” and even his dad says amen.

No one says anything else. It’s warm in the house for once, with the woodstove on and six people’s body heat filling up the air. They’ve lit candles for decoration instead of necessity. And even though the food isn’t good, there’s actually enough, for the first time in months.

Will munches on a spoonful of white rice. “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub,” he says thoughtfully. A grin twitches at his lips. Uncle Bill had been so mad. His entire head had turned violet with rage. Will and his dad had laughed about it later. Crazy Uncle Bill, flying off the handle again.

His dad looks at him now, a matching mischievous smile on his face. “I didn’t have any problem with it.”

“That’s why no one ever asks you to say grace,” Will says, and that’s definitely true.

His mom clears her throat. “No. No one asks your father to say grace because the one time your grandmother asked, he panicked.” She’s smiling too, which would have seemed impossible two minutes ago. “He couldn’t come up with anything. He was silent for the rest of the meal.”

“I did not panic,” his dad grumbles.

“You panicked,” his mom confirms, and then Frohike starts in on a long, rambling story about how once in college this hot girl invited him home for Thanksgiving and it turned out that she was just trying to convert him to some weird religion, and then Byers recites what sounds like the entire Wikipedia entry for said weird religion, and before long everyone’s talking and the sun is still up and the fire is still going. Most of the people who should be here aren’t, Will thinks, but we’re still here.

And he remembers Grandma praying to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. When Will was a little boy she taught him. Dear Saint Anthony, look around, something’s lost and can’t be found. Maybe that prayer works for people, too; maybe everything’s not lost.

Look around. Amen.

Verse of the Day : 24 April 2017

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:6-7 | NIV84


This is the best freaking ThanksLiving jam ever.  I tried my best to transcribe it!

this your boy no lot(?)

vegan thanksgiving at our house

about to bring everything but the hog out

think we eat nothing but grass what you talking about

shit I’m like jumping though window to get the tofu’s early

get everything to get the tofu working

Like mac’n cheese the collard the greens black eyed peas get a roast of that tofu turkey

Got cornbread even got stuff’n

mash potatoes so good you put your hand in it

got three rings(?) even got yams with it

got kevin degree(?) with no ham in it

You can fill your plate up without all the guilt

with piled up ***(?) out of almond milk

Everything you touch going to be dairy free

even though I don’t care for me

I got beans greens potatoes, ain’t fuck’n with the chicken

beans greens potatoes, ain’t got no,

what’s you got baby

Imagine Thanksgiving with Chris.

A/N: Hey lovelies, I’m back from my hiatus. It was Thanksgiving recently so in the spirit of that, here’s a imagine about the holidays. I know I’m a bit late with this but oh well, enjoy! The word count is a little longer than usual, oops.

Chris pulled his car to a stop in front of your family home. In the front yard, your niece and nephews ran around and jumped into piles of red, orange and yellow leaves in their fall coats. Chris smiled as he watched the children, imagining a future where your kids were in the mix. His smile grew wider when he remembered that that future wasn’t too far away because after two years of being married, the two of you’d finally decided to start trying for a child. There weren’t any results yet but- it’d only been a couple of weeks.

“Are you sure your mom is okay with you spending Thanksgiving with my family this year?” You asked Chris and he turned to you. “I mean I know she said she was okay with it but- was she really okay with it, or was she just saying she was okay with it?”

“I love how you ask me this every time we spend a holiday with your family.” He chuckled with a shake of his head and you smiled. “She is fine with it, sweetheart. She understands that she can’t always have us, we’re married- we have to split our time between our two families.”

“Yeah but-” You began to protest like you did every time you came home for the holidays.

“Y/N,” he cut you off. “We’re having Thanksgiving here and we’re having Christmas there, we’re not skipping out on anyone. We did the opposite last year and everyone was happy with it. So do me a favor and stop worrying?” He grabbed your face in between his thumb and index, squeezing your cheeks. “We’re good,” he said then pecked your lips.

“Okay,” you chuckled softly.

“Now come on.” He released your face from his grip, smiling. “Your mom’s pumpkin pie is waiting for me in the kitchen.” He winked with a click of his tongue and hopped out of the car, leaving you laughing as you followed suit.

“Do you need some help?” You asked Chris as he walked around to the trunk to grab your bags for the weekend. “Oh, right.” You began to tease him when he shook his head at you. “I forgot I was talking to Captain America. The Super Soldier doesn’t need any help, he can lift a motorcycle while showgirls sit on it.”

“That’s cute,” he chuckled and proceeded to pull out your matching leather duffles.

“Aunt Y/N!” You heard Rosie; your second brother’s youngest daughter call out for you as she came barreling towards the car. You smiled and rushed in front of her, scooping her up off the ground as she jumped into your arms. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too, baby.” You cooed, hugging her tightly. “Or should I say young lady,” you teased her and she giggled as she leaned back. “You’re so big now, and so pretty just like your mommy.” She gave you a toothy grin and you chuckled. “How are you?” You bounced the five year old gently.

“Better now that you’re here-” Rosie stopped herself when she saw Chris, her eyes lit up just like they always did when they saw her superhero uncle. “Captain America!” She reached out for him and you took it as a sign to put her down. “You’re here!” She squealed and hugged his leg.

“Of course I’m here, sweetheart.” He lowered the bags onto the sidewalk then picked her up, hugging her tightly. “How could I not be here when your aunt’s here. I go wherever she goes, remember?” Rosie giggled as he winked at you. “How are you, love bug?”

“So good!” She chirped. “Spencer, Alex, Charlie and I have been playing tag and jumping in piles of leaves that Papa raked up for us. I was just about to jump into that one,” she pointed it out to the two of you, “when I saw your car. Will you come play with us?”

“Why don’t you go play with the boys so Aunt Y/N and I can go say hi to the adults?” Chris suggested and lowered her onto the ground. “I’ll come out and play soon, okay?” He assured her and she nodded, running back to join her older brother and cousins.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” you told Chris as he picked up the bags off the ground. He chuckled as you looped your arm with his; the two of you walked towards the opened front door. “You do this every year, you tell her you’re coming out to play and then you get caught up with my dad and my brothers with the beer and the game, and I’m stuck running around with them.”

“Yeah, but you love it though,” he nudged you playfully.

“No,” you chuckled. “I love them, I don’t love running around.”

“That’ll change when we have our own ball of energy begging you to play with him or her.” He whispered into your ear; the smile you couldn’t see, you could hear, and it made you smile too. “Don’t worry, I won’t do that this year. I’ll come out and play with them, I need practice considering we’re planning to be parents soon.”

“Like you need practice in that division,” you scoffed and rolled your eyes. “If anything, I’m the one who needs practice. You ooze paternal instinct,” you said and he chuckled. “Me, on the other hand? God help us.”

“Oh stop,” he planted a quick kiss on the side of your head. “You’re going to be a great mom, trust me. Whatever you can’t do, I’ll do. That’s why there’s two of us, Y/N.” You felt yourself smile. “We are going to nail it, I promise.”

“Speaking of nailing it,” you stopped walking and made him stop too. You turned to him and waited for him to turn to you before you spoke. “Can we not say anything about us trying for a baby until we have a baby to talk about? I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and I don’t want to jinx anything. I know you’re excited but we’ve only just started trying and I just- I don’t want people to know yet.”

“Okay,” he nodded and kissed your forehead.

The two of you entered the house and the smell of home cooked food washed over you; roasted turkey; baked potatoes and yams; pumpkin, apple and pecan pie. Everything traditional at one of your annual family Thanksgiving dinners. It was very, very good to be home.

“Kiddy,” you heard your eldest brother, Scott’s voice. You saw him walk towards you with his arms wide open and you pulled away from Chris to bury yourself in one of his bear hugs. “It is so good to see you.”

“You too,” you smiled.

“Chris,” he pulled away from you to hug Chris. “It’s good to see you, man.”

“Yeah, you too.” Chris smiled when he pulled away. “I’m just going to go put our bags upstairs-”

“Let me,” Scott took the bags from him. “Everyone’s in the kitchen, and there’s someone particularly excited to meet the two of you.” His smile grew when he said that, much to yours and Chris’ confusion. “Now go, I’ll sort this out.” He beckoned his head towards the kitchen before taking the stairs upstairs.

“What is he talking about?” Chris asked with a raised brow.

“I have no idea,” you narrowed your eyes in confusion. “Let’s just go.” You took his hand and the two of you made your way for the kitchen where everyone was crowded around the kitchen counter. “What’s so interesting?” You quizzed with a light chuckle and gasped when the crowd parted to reveal your no longer pregnant sister-in-law carrying a baby. “Oh my God, Lexi!” You dropped Chris’ hand and rushed to her side. “When did you…” You trailed off, mesmerized by your adorable new niece.

“A while ago, clearly.” She chuckled softly because it was obvious the baby wasn’t a newborn. “We wanted to tell you as soon as I went into labour but- with your job and Chris’ filming schedules, we didn’t want to cause any problems. We’re all the way over here and the two of you are all around the world, it was just easier to wait till Thanksgiving. Plus- it was worth seeing the look on your faces.”

“Please,” Chris chuckled, joining your side. “We would’ve dropped everything and flown from anywhere to come see this precious angel.” He poked his index finger into the baby’s hand and smiled when she gripped it. “But you’re right, the surprise was- well worth the wait.”

“She’s beautiful,” you gave your sister-in-law a quick kiss on the cheek. “Congratulations, Lexi. You and Scott, you finally got the baby girl you’ve always wanted.” You smiled at her and she smiled back with a satisfied look that every mom had.

“This is Phoebe,” Lexi introduced your niece to the two of you. “Phoebe,” she spoke gently to her daughter. “This is your aunt, Y/N, and your uncle, Chris. They’re two of the best people you will ever know and they are going to love you as much as they already love your brothers.”

“May I?” Chris asked and Lexi nodded, passing him Phoebe. She had the prettiest green eyes, like your brother. “You are such a doll,” he cooed and bounced her gently, walking her away from the crowd. “Aren’t you just the cutest little thing in the world? Yes you are.”

Everyone went about their business while you stood and watched Chris interact with your baby niece. It was because of his interactions with your nieces and nephews, and his niece and nephews that made you change your mind about having kids. You had never thought about having children, but that was until you met him. With him- children had to be a part of your future because you knew he was going to be the best father in the world and you couldn’t deprive him or your future children from that.

“He’s going to make a great dad one day.” Your mom wrapped an arm around you, drawing you out of your love sick daze. “Hopefully, one day soon?” Your mom raised an eyebrow at you and you chuckled softly. “I know you’re not a kid person but- surely that’s changed now that you’re with Chris. C'mon Y/N, you’re the only child who hasn’t yet given me a grandchild.”

“I know, Mom.”

“So when?” She pressed.

Chris looked over at you and smiled, beckoning his head excitedly at the little baby in his arms. He didn’t have to say anything but you knew he was saying, “I can’t wait till we have our own little one.” You smiled and you nodded at him, which earned you a wider smile from him. You let out a sigh when you realized you were about to break your promise.

“When the universe decides to bless my womb with a baby.” You told her and she smiled; she was so used to your way of talking that she knew what that meant without you explaining it. “You’ll get your grandchild soon, I promise.”

“I guess I’ve got another thing be thankful for today,” she began as Chris joined the two of you. She turned to Chris and her smile grew wider. “I’m thankful you married Chris, because without you-” she glanced at you and chuckled. “This stubborn child wouldn’t have wanted a stubborn child of her own.” Chris’ face lit up when he realized you had broken the promise of keeping things hush. “You really are a miracle worker.” She patted his arm then returned to the stove to cook.

“Don’t let that get to your head,” you playfully warned Chris as you took your turn in carrying Phoebe. “You’re not the reason I’ve decided to have children.” You said and he nodded, chuckling because you’d already told him numerous times that it was in fact because of him. “It’s because of babies like you, Phoebe. Your cuteness won me over,” you cooed at her.

“I don’t really care what your reasons are,” Chris whispered into your hair as he wrapped an arm around you. “Because as long as you’re happy to have a child with me, I’m happy. In fact, getting you to marry me- is a miracle in itself.”

“Aren’t you a sweet talker,” you bit back your smile.

“And how did you think I won you over?” He chuckled and pressed his lips against yours.



SUMMARY: -request-You told your sister that you have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set you up with people but now she’s coming to visit and you’re in too deep and need a fake boyfriend ASAP. (THANK YOU TO @super-slick-fanfic-chick for letting me use this idea for my series! Love you!)

PAIRING: Barry X Reader 

WARNINGS: none really

A/N: I am so happy to announce that I am finally done with finals and have returned to the land of fan fiction and tumblr. This was a lot of fun to write, even though finals kept me busy and writers block tried to stop me. Let me know what you guys think and whether you want part 2 or not! ALSO! thank you @winchester-with-wings   for editing this! You rock!

        You are seriously starting to consider murder. Life imprisonment doesn’t seem so bad if that means a break from your sister’s constant nagging on your perpetual single life. But if you’re being honest with yourself, she’d probably haunt your ass, asking why you still haven’t found a man. You know she means well, just wanting you to find the same happiness she’s found with her wife, Jane.

           However, with terrible blind dates one after the other, set up by your well-meaning sister, you couldn’t handle any more. That’s why when Thanksgiving came swinging around this year, you tried everything to get out of it. Even going as far as to say you were in the hospital, but your mom saw through every lie. She’s known you long enough to spot it over the phone, (it’s a little discontenting at times). So here you are, miles away from your home in Central City where you could be wrapped in a blanket or dining in with Barry, who had invited you to Thanksgiving with him, Iris, and Joe. Instead, you sit at your family dinner table, with your sister, Megan, across from you in the middle of one of her infamous rants. Like this one, they usually focused on your “fast approaching doom” of becoming a spinster.

“Y/n, I’m just saying that there comes a time in your life where you have to ask yourself, is it me?” Megan chides as she passes the mashed potatoes to your dad. Unintentionally your jaw clenches, it has developed into a habit around Megan.

“Right, dad?” She asks him, like a child waiting for approval. He seems like a deer in headlights and makes the wise decision of standing from the table and claiming to have forgotten the gravy. Even though it was sitting in front Aunt May.

           It doesn’t take Megan a second for her to spin her head back to you, her face a bit softer.

“You know what? There was this guy, Sam something, I met at a charity event last time I was visiting you in Central City. I think you both would hit it off—“

“Meg, honey, not now.” Jane, your sister-in-law, pleads, and you mouth out a ‘thank you’ to her. You’ve spoken too soon; however, as Megan pulls out her phone waving Jane off.

“Just a second, I’m sure I have his number in here somewhere.”

           Your heart beat quickens while anxiety follows. You are not going on another crappy blind date.

“Meg, stop it. I’m serious!” You beg, but she’s glued to her phone. Heat bubbles up inside of you, and anger fills your head, turning your ears red. “Megan,” Damn, what are you going to have to do to convince her to give it up? This is getting ridiculous.

“Found it!” She exclaims, and you forget to think. (God, you’re an idiot sometimes).

“I have a boyfriend!”

           At that, your sister is snapped back to reality, and it takes you a minute to let the words sink in. Shit, what did you just do? Your mind flies through possible ways out, take it back, lie, act like nothing happened…but it all brought you back to the simple point: if your sister thinks you’re taken, no more blind dates, no more speeches of being doomed to live alone. Of course you don’t really have a boyfriend, but how hard can faking it be?

                                       **6 MONTHS LATER**


           Pretending to have a boyfriend has turned out to really not be that hard. With your sister almost never visiting, all you really had to do was answer questions about your “boyfriend” whenever she called. And man, was it bliss, to not be worried about what blind date was next.

           Barry’s feet rest on top of your coffee table, and you stretch your legs on top of his. He smirks, and pulls his eyes away from the movie.

“Comfortable?” He asks, laughter hinted in his voice.

“Very.” You give him a cheeky grin, cuddling up next to your best friend. Chuckling, he wraps his arm around you.

           Tonight was one of your weekly movie marathons with Barry. When no metahumans would be tearing the town apart and Barry, aka the Flash, didn’t have to stop them, the two of you would choose movies you’ve never seen, or movies you wanted to see again or TV shows and marathon them together. Eating more popcorn and milk duds than humanly possible, and joking around. Sometimes muting the television and making up your own commentary for the characters.

“Hey, we’re out of popcorn,” You point out and look up at Barry expectantly, causing him to roll his eyes with a smirk. He doesn’t need to respond and he moves away his arm, standing up and moving towards the kitchen, taking the empty bowl with him.

“Thank you!” You call to him, stretching out the ‘ooo’ sound as you say it.

           Suddenly, the noise of someone knocking against your door enters into the apartment. Groaning, you toss the blanket you had to the side and make your way towards your front door.

“Barry,” you yell out, pulling open the door as you speak, “did you order pizza again? You know there is such a thing as too much pizza…” Your voice regresses suddenly when you’re met with the person standing at the door. Instead of a pasty, teen in delivery uniform and holding a pizza box, your sister, Megan, is there.


           She reigns you into a hug, taking you in by the neck causing you to laugh.

“What are you doing here?” You inquire, pulling away to get a good look at her. You haven’t seen her since Christmas.

“What? A loving sister can’t visit?” One look from you has her giggling away her previous serious expression and walks inside, dropping her coat into your arms. “Okay, your right. My business is hosting another Charity event here! It did so well, last year and I thought, ‘hey if I’m in town, why not stay a couple days with my younger sis?’”

“So, you’re staying here? At my place?” Oh no.

“Well yeah, unless, of course, if you want me to go…”

“No, no, of course not, it’s just—“

“Y/n, I get it, you don’t want me to intrude on you and the boyfriend, but I swear I’ll be the best guest ever. You and him are even invited to the Charity Gala!” You don’t know how to respond, but she doesn’t notice, her eyes busy looking around the room. “Where is the guy anyway? I want to meet the man who stole my sister’s heart.”

           Right about now you wanted to hit yourself in the head with a frying pan. How could you forget, about telling her you and your make believe “BF” were living together? Another one of your brilliant lies, at the time you thought it made your story more believable, but now you were wishing you kept your mouth shut.

“Megan, I have to tell you something,” you begin, the truth has to come out. You can’t invent a boyfriend out of thin air.

“Oh, don’t tell me that you and him broke up? I mean seriously, Y/n, can you not keep a man?”

           At that, you shut your mouth tight. It was all flooding back again, like nothing had changed. It’s in this moment, that Barry, bless his soul, decides to come out from the kitchen, a newly filled bowl of popcorn in his hand.

“Double buttered just how you like it,” His voice trails off when he sees that you’re not alone, his eyebrows crinkling together for a moment.

“Oh, you must be him! I am so happy to finally meet you!” Megan’s face lights up when she sees Barry, quickly walking over to him and enveloping him into a similar hug she gave you earlier.

“Uh, Barry meet my sister, Megan. Megan, this is Barry.” You introduce, awkwardly shoving your hands into your pockets. Your best friend’s face lights up in recognition and immediately returns a smile towards your sister.

“It’s really nice to meet you, too. Y/n, has told me a lot about you,” he tells her and she looks him up and down with a grin plastered to her face.

“Y/n, you didn’t tell me your boyfriend was hot.” She exclaims,

“What?” Barry questions, his face in complete shock and bewilderment. Megan, luckily, didn’t catch on.

“Hey, I may be gay, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a hot guy when I see one, and my sister has definitely snatched up a good one.” She replies in confidence, and you want to hide your face in your hands.

“You know what, Barry, can you come with me?” You say finally, trying to control this before things gets out of hand, “I, uh, need some help setting up the guest bedroom.”

“Uh, yeah, okay.” He agrees, reluctant, placing the popcorn on a table nearby.

“Meg, just make yourself at home, we’ll be right back!” You tell her before pulling you and Barry into the spare bedroom.

           You turn around, after closing the door behind the two of you, and are met by Barry’s stern green eyes and his eyebrows raised expectantly.

“Okay,” you begin, reaching out to him, “I can explain.”

“Run that by me again?”

           Barry sits on the edge of the bed, and he runs his fingers through his hair, before turning to look back at you, across from him.

“Barry, you know I wouldn’t be asking you if I had another choice,” you don’t bother to repeat the plan again, you’ve already done it twice.

“Okay, let me get this straight. You told your sister you were dating someone so she would stop setting you up on blind dates, but now she’s here and you need me to pretend to be your boyfriend?”

           You move closer to him,

“She’s only in town for a couple days. Barry please, I’m desperate.”

           He bites the inside of his cheek, like he does when he’s thinking something over. Your heart beats anxiously for his answer.

“How sure are you that it’s going to work?”

“Like 20%.”

“And the other 80?”

“The other 80% means my sister finding out I’ve been lying to her for months and she never talks to me again.”

“Those odds suck.”

“I know, but I need you, Bare.”

           Barry smiles and scratches a spot behind his ear, before giving a reluctant sigh.

“Why not? It should be fun.” He breaks into a large grin, and you tackle him, covering him in a bear hug.

“Seriously? Thank you so much!” Barry laughs into you, his back lying on the bed from when he fell against your sudden burst. You fall to the side, rolling off of him. The two of you stay like that, for a second, giggles being shared between the two of you. Him on his back, with his head turned to see you and you on your side, a hand propping up your head. Barry’s the first to speak,

“How hard can it be, right?”

story of us

pairings: jung hoseok x reader ft. im jaebum
genre/warnings: werewolf au, romance, angst; themes of heartbreak and violence
word count: 16,587
description: before the bite, he was your sunshine; now, you’re trying to live without him but maybe the universe can’t bear to separate you both completely.
a/n: i decided to just combine this thing since it was originally broken into two parts. 

Originally posted by hoseokwhy

When you met Hoseok, he was a normal, average teenager with little worries aside from passing his next English exam. Maybe even math too. Science was a breeze for him at least, but you tutored him for the other subjects, gladly, of course, and somehow along the way he became more than just some guy you were tutoring.

He was the guy that was on your mind for hours on end even after you two parted ways for the day. He was the guy who knew just how to make you smile even when you were trying to be serious. He was that guy you were hooked on, always making it the most simple deed in feeling at ease with him. He gave you the childish butterflies you were way too embarrassed to tell him about, the warm cheeks and largest grins you swear your cheeks would fall off, and the best feelings you wanted more and more of.

There was just that beautifully positive quality with him you enjoyed, and naturally, when you knew the extent of your feelings -and damn, they felt oh-so-right- you couldn’t help but admit to your feelings on a fine day of good news, where not only were you going to confess, but he was also going to tell you that he actually aced that exam you were prepping him for.  

When you did, in a rather rushed but straightforward manner, he told you about the test results. But that didn’t stop his wide eyes or yours either nor did it stop the smiles elicited from both your lips. The simultaneous “Really?!” was with giggles and affirmations. And a heartfelt conversation on the next course of action now that both of your feelings -thankfully he felt the same- were revealed.

Well, date after date was more than enough. It was like the feelings you received after your tutoring sessions, though those didn’t stop, and it wa a telltale sign that you both were content with the progression of change now that you two were happily significant others.

Hoseok, at that time, was very kind. He was the equivalency of sunshine to you. His contagious smile always struck your heart, and the way he laughed at absolutely nothing sometimes. You couldn’t help but laugh with him. He was playful, always at your side after he was done with dance practice just so you both could do homework together and remained at your side even during school. If you called him, asking if he could come see you, he would in a heartbeat. He was reliable, loyal, and so down for you- the love you two had for one another was undeniable.

So, it struck you as odd when he changed in the last few weeks since his return from a camping accident over Thanksgiving break. He was indifferent to everything else, often cancelling your dates and study sessions, and he even quit the dance club he was co-leading. He started hanging out with a graduated student named Min Yoongi, who everyone else eyed warily and voiced their rumors about him being the leader of a gang and living alone in the backwoods like someone with something to hide.

If you weren’t mistaken, the last rumor was true.

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Thanksgiving: Josh Dun imagine

A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s a holiday so I wanted to do something a little different for y’all. I love you all so much and are so thankful for everything you do for me, from reading and liking my work to sending in requests and giving me such positive feedback. You are all so sweet and amazing people. I’m very thankful for you guys! I hope you celebrate your Thanksgiving. Sorry it’s kind of short, but here’s a fluffy Josh Dun thanksgiving imagine…

If there was anything your boyfriend Joshua Dun was excited for, it was Christmas. Even during Halloween, he couldn’t help but express his excitement for the twenty fifth of December. So you weren’t surprised when you came home the night before Thanksgiving and he was playing Christmas music, talking with Tyler on the couch and drinking a Red Bull. “Christmas music already? Really?” you raised your eyebrows.

“It’s never too early!” he protested. “They call me Spooky Jim Christmas for a reason, y/n.”

“He’s crazy,” Tyler joked.

“I’ll agree with that,” you laughed, giving Josh a kiss on the cheek. “But I love crazy.”

“Thanks babe,” Josh smiled.

“So is Jenna coming over tomorrow morning to help with the dinner?” you asked.

“Yeah, we’re all going to help,” Tyler answered.

“Even you and Josh?” you questioned, eyeing them carefully.

“What? You doubt us?” he teased. “Our cooking capabilities will exceed your expectations. Just you wait. We will blow your mind.”

“Mm hmm,” you nodded your head, extremely doubtful.

The next morning, things pretty much went like you thought they would. It didn’t take but five minutes before Tyler and Josh were throwing mashed potatoes in each other’s faces, and Jenna and you had to tell them to go pick up the mess and then stay in the living room and play video games. “What are we going to do with those boys?” Jenna laughed, stirring the stuffing with a wooden spoon.

“God knows,” you chuckled, putting the turkey in the oven. “But we love them anyways.”

“Of course,” she rolled her eyes. “It’s our job, remember?”

You wiped your hands on the towel, getting ready to prepare the cranberry sauce when you felt two arms wrap around your waist from behind, and warm lips on your neck. “What do you think you’re doing?” you smirked, looking behind you and staring at Josh.

“Nothing,” he lied, acting innocent.

“What happened? You guys got bored of Mario Kart?” you joked.

“Tyler’s too good for me,” Josh groaned.

“I am the victor!” you heard Tyler shout happily from the couch in the other room, earning a laugh from Jenna.

“Come here,” you giggled, kissing Josh on the lips.

“You taste like gravy,” he whispered in your ear with a small chuckle. “Have you been secretly eating the food, y/n?”

“No,” you shook your head. “You’re just making things up, silly.”

“Well either way, you’re more delicious than any Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had,” he winked.

“You’re so cheesy,” you shook your head, suppressing a grin.

“I love you,” he attempted to break out your smile.

“Love you too,” you replied, kissing him on the cheek. “Now go run along and beat Tyler for me.”

“Absolutely!” his eyes lit up.

“Hey! I heard that!” Tyler yelled from the other room.

“They’re so funny,” Jenna sighed.

“How are we so lucky to get stuck with them?” you teased.

“I don’t know,” she laughed. “But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

The next few hours consisted of you and Jenna working hard and making sure all the food was properly cooked, seasoned, and prepared in fancy dishes. It would just be the four of you, seeing as the weather was a bit crazy and their families couldn’t come in time for Thanksgiving, and you guys were stuck with them. Much less, it would be the first holiday spent in you and Josh’s apartment together, and you were interested to see how it went. You’d never complain though, spending time with your boyfriend and your best friends was something you loved to do, and it was moments like this that reminded you of how special this little family you had created really was. Whether it was the boys making stupid jokes or Jenna and you conspiring pranks against them, both of them trying to woo you with cheesy pick-up lines or clearly showing off onstage, they were the best times of your life.

“Is it ready to eat?” Tyler called from the living room. “I think we’ve played over a hundred rounds by now.”

“And we’re running out of Red Bull!” Josh complained.

“Calm down, only a couple more minutes, guys,” Jenna reassured.

“And not too much Red Bull! You’ll kill yourselves,” you warned.

“There’s never too much Red Bull,” Josh argued.

“Red Bull gives you wings,” Tyler reminded.

“Whatever,” you shook your head, laughing. “Dinner will be ready soon, boys.”

“Meanwhile, you can help set the table maybe?” Jenna raised an eyebrow.

“We would love to!” Tyler responded quickly. “We might not be able to cook, but we can surely set a table like the pros we are. Right Josh?”

“Oh yeah,” he nodded, both of them entering the room and trying to look tough. “That’s a task we do best.”

“Then prove it,” Jenna chuckled, handing them a stack of plates and silverware. “And maybe we’ll forgive you for the incident earlier.”

It didn’t take too long before all of you were at the table, filling your plates with food, holding each other’s hands in a circle, waiting for Tyler to begin grace. “I just want to say thank you for being here. Thank you for all the amazing people we’ve met and have in our lives, all the blessings that have been bestowed on us, for my beautiful wife and amazing friends, for Josh and y/n, bless their hearts, and for everything in my life. Thank you for the music and the experience, for our success, and for being alive,” he smiled. “Amen.”

“Amen,” you all agreed.

“Now let’s eat!” Tyler announced happily.

It didn’t take another second before all of you picked up your forks and began your meal, stuffing your faces with delicious food, talking and laughing, sharing jokes and teasing each other. Halfway through the meal, Josh couldn’t help but start to ask where the dessert was, and that led up to begging Jenna to finally take the cinnamon apple pie out. Everything was perfect, just like those cheesy adorable Thanksgiving meals were shown on television, where everyone was smiling and eating food. But you wouldn’t have asked for anything else. You were having the time of your life, and for the first time you could remember, it wasn’t being spent with your relatives arguing about politics or your aunts and uncles pestering you about still being single. There wasn’t any fighting or embarrassment, awkward moments or being afraid to ask for your sibling to pass something to you across the table, nothing you didn’t like. Instead you were beyond happy, extremely excited yet still relaxed, and you hoped for more holidays like this, times where you could be yourself and just enjoy the day.

Jenna and Tyler didn’t take off right away, they insisted on helping you and Josh clean the dishes and help pack up the food. They even cleaned up some of the house too, vacuuming the carpet and cleaning off the table. It was a little late before they left, but you didn’t mind at all, actually you loved the extra help, and it was super kind of Jenna to stay with you all day and assist with everything. After giving goodbye hugs and sending them home with lots of leftovers, you sighed, tired and exhausted, joining Josh on the couch to watch a Thanksgiving special on television. You curled up in his arms, resting your head on his chest, pulling a fluffy blanket over the two of you.

“Thank you for everything today, babe,” Josh smiled, kissing your forehead lightly. “You did a great job with everything. Sorry I wasn’t the biggest help.”

“It’s okay,” you laughed. “Jenna helped me a ton, it was all good.”

“You mean so much to me,” he whispered, hugging you tight. “I hope you never forget that.”

“I love you, Josh,” you murmured, closing your eyes and getting lost in the moment. “Thank you, so much. For everything. This was the best Thanksgiving ever.”

“Just wait until Christmas,” he chuckled. “It’s going to get even better, my dear.”

Lonely Thanksgiving

Summary: You are alone on thanksgiving because you & your family aren’t on good terms. But then you meet Harry and he tries to make you forget everything and have a happy thanksgiving


You blankly stared at your tea cup, tracing the rim with a shaking hand, trying not to cry. It was the evening of Thanksgiving and you couldn’t of felt more alone. The laughs and conversations around you in the cafe was ringing in your ears. Looking outside, every seemed happy on this holiday. Everyone was with family, everyone but you. The entrance to the cafe slammed, and it made you remember the last time you saw your parents as you slammed the door behind you.


“Is that really how you feel about me?” You said in disbelief as you stared blankly at your parents.

“Honey, we just think you’re throwing your precious education away, to be a writer is really nonsense.” Your mom told you.

“Is this what you believe Dad?” You reached out to him to hope he didn’t feel the same. I’m

“I agree, we are very disappointed in what your doing with your life. Did you ever think how this was going to make us look?” He said sharply.

You looked at them as the sadness dissolved into anger. “I can’t believe you guys are thinking about how this is going to affect you! How about my life. This is what I want, this is what I’m passionate about! And if you don’t agree with it fine, I don’t need your permission. I am 18, an adult now.” You yelled as you stood up.

“If you walk out of this house young lady. We will never forgive you.” The person you called your mother said.

Tears started to form in your eyes but you blinked them away. You stared at your parents right in the face and said, “you know what sucks. You guys didn’t even give me a chance to prove myself. You doubted me. You just assumed I would fail. And coming from your own parents, that’s heartbreaking.” That was the last thing you said to them. Before you walked out of the house and slammed the door you called home for so long behind you.

*End of Flashback*

You wiped the almost fallen tears with your maroon sweater of that memory. It was always so hard this time of year, being alone on holidays where you should be with your family. All the great memories you made as a kid during these times are the things you hold onto.

You are so deep in thought you almost didn’t notice someone talking to you.

You blink and turn to see a tall guy holding a warm drink in his hand. “Excuse me?” You said not catching what he said.

“Do you mind if I sit with you.” He pointed at the empty chair across me. “It’s bloody packed in here.”

You look around to see there are no open seats beside the one by you.

“Yeah for sure.” You said as he sighed in relief.

He pulls the chair out and slides right in. “Ah thank god. I honestly thought you were going to turn me away.” He chuckled and a cute dimple popped out of his cheek.

“Why would you say that?”

“I just thought you were waiting on someone.” You shake your head, as he is added sugar to his tea.

“A boyfriend maybe.” You shake your head. “oh no, I wasn’t.”

“Or just family since it’s thanksgiving.” You sadly shake your head. “Nope, it’s just little old me.” You smile sadly.

You didn’t notice but the guy looked up at you through his lashes and saw how upset you looked. While you looked down into your tea. He thought you were very pretty, and for some reason wanted to make you smile.

“I’m Harry by the way.” He takes out his hand for you too shake.

You look up “I’m Y/N” you shake his hand back.

“What type of tea is that?” Harry said looking at the mug you have in your hand.

“Well I usually always get Earl Grey but today I decided to be adventurous and tried this apple cinnamon. And it’s actually really good. How about you?” You tell him.

“Really? That sounds really good, can I try some?” He randomly asks.

You were a little shocked that this random guy you just met like 5 minutes ago wanted to drink from your cup. But for some reason you laughed,nodded, and handed it to him. You watched Harry bring your mug up to his pink lips and before he took a sip, he winked. You realized how cheeky Harry actually was, but he was pretty cute you couldn’t deny that.

“That’s some good stuff” He said “Do you want to try mine?” He offered you his cup. You didn’t hesitate to take it and take a sip while Harry stared at you. As you moved the cup away from your lips you realized you left a lipstick stain on the rim.

“Oops I’m sorry.” You say handing him back the cup. Harry just smiles and brings the cup to his mouth to drink it, on the same spot your red lipstick was. He smirked and you blushed.

You and Harry really hit it off and for the past hour you’ve just been talking about everything. You forgot how sad you were and just was happy. Harry was really good at making you feel that way. Until he brought it up.

“So what are you doing tonight for thanksgiving? Are you going to your families?” He questioned.

You break eye contact which you haven’t done and sigh. “Um, no. Im actually not doing anything. Just gonna probably go back home in a bit and maybe order pizza and just watch a movie. Nothing spectacularly on this night.” You tell him.

Harry wondered why you weren’t with any family or even friends. But at the same time he was happy cause he liked spending time with you.

“Yeah, well I’m not gonna doing anything either, with the family. My flight got canceled last night because of the storm, and back home in England, I wouldn’t have made it. So here I am, with you. But at the same time I’m not complaining.” He smiles and you do too.

“I’m so sorry Harry. That much suck. I honestly would do anything to be with some family right now.” You didn’t know why but you just felt like telling Harry everything, he was so easy to talk too. “My parents and I haven’t spoken in awhile, so this is my first ever thanksgiving alone.” You tell him.

He looks at you with a sorry look on his face. He sensed that maybe your parents and yourself weren’t on good terms. Since you barely mentioned them.

Harry unintentionally reached for your hand across the table. “Well Y/N, this is my very first thanksgiving alone too. And maybe we shouldn’t be all by ourselves.”

“What do you mean?” You weren’t really catching what he was getting at.

“Maybe we can go get that pizza you were talking about and have our own thanksgiving minus the home cooked meal.” He offers a little nervously, he didn’t want you to say no.

You laugh at his statement. Pizza does sound good right now. “Yeah, let’s do it.” You say.

“Really?” He didn’t actually think you would just go with him so willingly.

“Yeah. But first you have to apologize and say Pizza is a very gourmet meal.” You say while smiling.

Harry laughs as he stands up from the table. He takes out his hand, and you take it, as he eagerly pulls you out the cafe.

The pizza parlor was dead. It was only you and Harry and all you can hear were the ringing of both of your laughs. Harry was telling you jokes that were so bad you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ok ok last one!” Harry said trying to contain his laughter for the final one. “Ok, who doesn’t eat on thanksgiving?” He asks you.

You thought for a second but couldn’t figure it out. “I don’t know who?”

“A turkey, cause it’s always stuffed!” He lays his head on the table and breaks down laughing. The workers kept looking at you funny. But You couldn’t care less. You were having so much fun to stop.

Eating the rest of your pizza and drink you look up to see Harry already looking at you. “What?” You asked subconsciously. “Do I have something on my face?”

Harry just shakes his head, “No, I just thought you look particularly cute, love.” You blush and shake your head trying not to smile with food in your mouth.

“I look disgusting but thanks, Harry.”

The waiter came and asked if we were finished, and Harry insisted on him paying even when you refused. But in the end he won. Harry drove you back to your apartment, and walked you to your steps.

You both stood their in silence, it wasn’t awkward, it was nice. You didn’t know what to say, you really wanted to see him again. You just hoped he would to.

“Well” you pulled out you keys from your purse. “I really appreciate you hanging out with me this evening. It really means a lot since I didn’t have anyone here. And I know you probably would of wanted to hang out with your real friends.” You sayed looking down at your keys and playing with them. Suddenly you felt kind of embarrassed for some reason. You hoped he didn’t hang out with you out of pity.

“Hey no.” Harry lifts his chin to make you look at him. “I had a really great time, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. And here.” He pulls out his phone and you put your number in it, and texted yourself.

“Well I should better get inside.” You say. And Harry nods, and starts to walk down your steps. You hadn’t put your keys in before you run down the steps to catch him before he left.

He turns around surprised. “I just wanted to say that this thanksgiving I’m really thankful to have met you. So thank you for today. For everything, it made me incredibly happy.” You ramble off, you didn’t know why you just ran to tell him that. But you did.

“I’m thankful to have met you too.” Harry said & You smile, nod, and turn back to go inside but before you could Harry had taken your hand to bring you back around, and kissed you.

It was slow and passionate, and caught you by surprise. But you kissed him back.

He pulls back and says, “ I’ll see you soon, Y/N . Happy Thanskgiving.” He smirks and leaves you on your front porch.

You watch his car drive away. And you realized all the things you are grateful for, and Harry is now one of them.




With Thanksgiving coming up next Thursday here in the U.S., here are some Hawkins Thanksgiving headcanons. :)

- The Wheelers spend it with family out of town (Mike tries unsuccessfully to get his mom to let him stay home this year so he can be with El)
- The Sinclairs have family over and invite the Hendersons and Byers to join them but the Byers graciously decline, preferring a quiet day with just the four of them: Joyce, Jonathan, Will, and new member of the family El.
- El invites Hopper after hearing that he usually spends the day alone in front of the TV with a cheap microwave dinner and a can or two of beer
- El and Will run around in sweaters and sock feet all day
- All four Byers help each other make the dinner:
         - Jonathan feverishly consults the tattered cookbook early that morning to make the turkey
         - Joyce lets El make the potatoes, standing by assist as she follows the instructions on the box, and is the first one to cheer when they turn out perfectly
         - El helps Joyce prepare the boxed stuffing
         - Will and El are in charge of cooking the frozen Sara Lee pumpkin pie and sitting in front of the oven door to watch it cook through the transparent window
         - El and Will are shooed out of the kitchen by Jonathan after a half hour of that and sneak dinner rolls into the living room to snack on while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV
- Hopper arrives bearing a green bean casserole from Flo and a couple cans of whipped cream for the pie
- El tries some of everything and ends up liking the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie best
- Hopper doesn’t admit it out loud but considers this the best Thanksgiving he’s had in a long time
- Joyce tears up looking at each of her three kids (she considers El just as much her own child as Will or Jonathan) and thinks how nice it is to have Hopper around
- Will and El fall asleep on the couch after dinner and Hopper and Jonathan carry them back to their bedrooms
- Hopper, Joyce, and Jonathan clean up the dishes and kitchen together
- Joyce insists that Hopper take some leftovers home with him despite his protests that she’s got THREE growing kids now, but he eventually ends up with a plate holding some of everything just to appease Joyce

A Girl Like Her Thanksgiving

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Plus Size!Reader

A/n: This is part of a Girl Like Her holiday series I have coming up.  I just can’t let this story go.  Pure fluff hope you like it!  Want me to write more side stories like this for the GLH series send me an ask!

A Girl Like Her Masterlist / Relapse (sequel to A Girl Like Her) Masterlis

You were in your office going over your checklist for thanksgiving.   You were hosting thanksgiving at your and Bucky’s place this year.  It would be your first time having thanksgiving together and as you were hosting, everything had to be perfect.

You were going through the list for a fourth time when a knock on your door interrupted you.  Bucky’s grinning face peeked around the door, you meet his eye and give him a smile.  Which he takes as an invitation to come in.  Walking around your desk, he turns your desk chair to face him and kisses your lips making you hum in delight.

His lips leave yours to kiss your forehead before he makes his way to the other side on your desk, plopping down on the brown leather chair usually reserved for guests.  Bucky thought briefly about placing his legs on your desk, but thought better of it. He needed you in a good mood if he would get his way.

“Angel how much do you love me?”  He asks giving you a smile.   You look up at him narrowing your eyes, you knew him well enough to know that meant he wanted something.  Something you knew, he knew, you wouldn’t want to give him easily.   

“I love you very much. What do you want?”  You say grinning at him and giving him a knowing look.  Bucky tipped his head back a let out a groan.  He knew you would see through him, you always do.

Giving you a smirk he leaned forward placing his elbows on your desk holding his head in his hands.  You try to hide your smirk.  This must be something big, he was trying his hardest to make himself look as cute as possible. “Sweetheart, I was hoping I could help you with Thanksgiving dinner.  I was hoping you would let me, Steve, and Sam handle the turkey.”

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The 7 Keys of Story Structure

Watch this. For the price of a little over one minute, you’ll learn a storytelling secret that will save you hours of writing despair. (Well, at least it’s saved me a bunch of times.)

I saw this while watching the thanksgiving parade with my family, and was surprised (and impressed) that a commercial made me emotional. I was even more impressed when I spotted my mom, and saw that it made her tear up. My mom is a connoisseur of classic movies and books, taught me to read, let me read and watch excellent stories constantly (that were regarded as “above my grade level” and “too advanced for my wee brain”) and is the reason I love stories so much. Her reaction proved to me that mine hadn’t been the product of some holiday-induced saccharine state of mind. The commercial worked, so while watching giant balloons bob across the screen, I tried to figure out why.

It wasn’t an exhaustive search, because the reason it was effective was something I rely on all the time. The commercial had followed basic story structure: seven key points, and one “author goal” as I like to call it.

1) Hero Question
2) Goal
3) Opponent
4) Plan
5) Battle
6) Answer Revelation
7) Equilibrium


1 Author Goal

That’s it. Seven keys. With these, you can tell a short story. You can tell a full character arc. You can structure a subplot. And, as the commercial proves, you can even tell a complete story in one minute and some seconds.

So what are they? And what’s an author goal?

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How I’m Managing College Apps

It’s that time of year for high-school seniors and the college application process may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! I compiled some tips that have been keeping me organized so far! I hope they help!. 

1. Keep a notebook used for college apps only 
In this notebook, you may keep track of to-do lists, write rough drafts for essays, write down your information that you put in the common app, and whatever else you may need! What this does is keep everything in one place. You may even use sticky tabs to organize it! 
2. Additionally, keep a folder on your desktop and within that folder, create subfolders for each college you are applying to. This keeps all of your essays and extras saved in one place on your computer. This is especially helpful if you are applying to art schools and you have to send a digital portfolio! You may also want to save copies of emails that you’ve sent and received to/from admissions counselors. Remember to back up all of these folders on a flash-drive or using the internet! 
3. Speaking of emails, create a separate email used ONLY for college! This is a tip that I’ve seen floating around on several different posts around the community. Use a separate email for college mailing lists because they tend to flood your inbox. Use a professional email with your name. 
4. Take your time to express interest in the colleges you are considering
This can be done in a variety of ways including college visits, interviews, National Portfolio Days, College Fairs, and even through email. If you can’t visit the campus or talk to an admissions representative directly, the easiest way to express your interest is through email. Introduce yourself by first and last name. Include details such as where you are from, what high school you attend if the college is familiar with your school, and any questions you may have (that can’t be found on the college’s website. An admission’s officer appreciates when you do your research). At the end of your email, include your contact details such as your email and phone number. 
5. Go to workshops If you can! Many are offered for things like Financial Aid and the application process!
5. In your notebook, list all of the colleges you are applying and their due dates. Self Explanatory
6. Put yourself on a custom deadline that is much earlier than the due date! Especially if the school does rolling admissions. Applying early may also ensure that you are eligible for more financial aid!!! My school requests that we have all of our applications done and sent by November first and before Thanksgiving at the latest! 

6.Make a chart of everything you have to do and check off when you do it to keep track of your process! This really helps me stay organized and gives me a visual reference of what I need to do/have done. 

This is just a quick example! Put everything you need to do in this chart and draw one in your notebook/planner/bullet journal/whatever!! If one or two colleges don’t require certain fields just put N/A where you could put a check mark. 

7. Work on your apps an hour a day!  Start early and space your time out so that you don’t get overwhelmed. A post in which tumblr user CollegeApp-chick stands by this idea
8. Fill Out the FAFSA the day it comes out! So that you can receive as much aid as you can get!

This is my plan of action and so far it’s helping me keep organized and level-headed. I hope this is helpful to those that try it too!

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Hi I have a prayer request, I need help really bad. I have social anxiety and I don't want to be this way anymore, it's ruined a lot of opportunities for me. I don't want it to ruin my future opportunities too

Hi friend,

Sending prayers up for you. <3

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” - Philippians 4:6-7

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” - 2 Timothy 1:7

All my love,