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Anon Asks: Dear awesome comic artist/ storyteller, What kind of PJs do you think team STRQ would wear when they were dorming at school? :3

Ohhh, stahp it~

Text and non text versions because why not.

Qrow sports a graphic T-shirt, usually his ‘May Contain Alcohol’ shirt, and a pair of baggy sweat pants. Will take his rings off when going to bed but can’t sleep with his necklace and wristband off. He feels too weird without them anymore.

Taiyang is a shorts and a T-shirt kind of guy. He gets too hot at night, so light clothing it is. Shirt says ‘Pun Master’. Tai strikes me as a ‘sleeps in nothing but his boxers’ kind of guy once he’s snuggled up in bed.

Raven’s is based on her daughter’s PJ’s with her own colors and some of Raven’s flair. Can’t sleep with all that extra cloth, so a tank top and yoga shorts are her sleep wear. STRETCH GURL

Summer wears a tunic-length T-shirt that covers her butt and pairs it with leggings. Summer will snuggle up with a book before bed. She reads all genres, but favors adventure and romance novella’s before going to sleep. She sometimes reads to Qrow, too.

The team was initially divided by gender as far as beds go. Tai and Raven, however, start dating and basically rearrange the room to sleep on the same side as one another when Qrow and Summer are in class one day. It isn’t much of a problem until the couple start engaging in romantic festivities under the sheets. Qrow and Summer are left to listen to their team mates/sister do the horizontal mambo in awkward, disgusted horror.

Qrow may throw a pillow, book, desk, or broadsword at the couple every now and again, because he and Short-Stack need sleep and he isn’t above disturbing the two.

Qrow and Summer are indeed together during this interaction. They’re going to snuggle up together later (once Tai and Rae are asleep) and laugh at Tai getting his butt handed to him by Oobleck. Shouldn’t be pranking teachers, Tai.

Where did Qrow sleep the day he was there?

He had to sleep somewhere, Ruby blacks out at night but she wakes up in what looks like near sunset

Ruby and Yang need their rest

Looks like the only place available is Taiyang’s room haha wow look at that

anyway Qrow and Taiyang sleep in the same bed confirmed

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If your still taking requests could you do one of RoseGarden where Oscar goes to meet Tai and Uncle Qrow. P.s. ruby has never brought a boy to the house before

Ruby sneaks him inside, like she did a couple of times before, but this time Tai and Qrow come home from a mission early and so they find Ruby and Oscar cuddled up on the sofa, sleeping soundly. 

Until Qrow puts his scythe down extra loudly and they both wake up. 

Ruby tries to introduce Oscar as a friend but she just has to look at Tai and Qrow to see they’re not buying it. They’re so not buying it. 

But after all Ruby is not a child anymore and Oscar seems nice. So Tai just tells them to maybe sleep upstairs in their own room, so Qrow and him won’t wake them up again. Qrow almost can’t believe what he’s hearing. He would have sat that boy down to give him a talk on how to handle his niece, even though he does know Oscar and knows he’s a decent guy. He would have made him sleep on the sofa. 

So Oscar gets to sleep in Ruby’s bed with Tai and Qrow knowing about it. They’re almost to scared to cuddle. The next morning they all have breakfast together while Qrow gives Oscar some threatening glares and Tai makes small talk like nothing happened. 

congrats on basically excusing an abusive mother who steps in and out of her daughter’s life as she so chooses to do.

If she didn’t want to be Yang’s mother, she could have aborted Yang, not have sex, or just not come back into Yang’s life at all. 

She has no right to dip in and out of Yang’s life as she chooses to. When you have a child, when you choose to give birth to a child, you have a duty to that child. If you genuinely want nothing to do with them, then begone from their life for good. Don’t randomly save them one time. 

If you don’t want to be a mother, then do not have kids. Raven forfeit her right to “not be a mother” WHEN SHE CHOOSE TO GIVE BIRTH AND THEN ABANDON YANG

Sorry, but the fact that you are AFAB has shit to do with the fact that presumably, Raven willingly laid down in bed with Tai, willingly gave birth, and then willingly fucking left. Rightfully, that bitch should be called out on it. If Raven truly didn’t want to be a mother












The push in the fandom isn’t for a woman who has yet to have children and does not want to have children to be a mother. No one is criticizing a childless character for not wanting to or not having kids. They are criticizing a character who has willingly abandoned the child she gave birth to and not even giving Yang an answer to why


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Could you write about raven comforting tai after a bad mission

Raven: *Raven sighed as she exited the bathroom wearing a tanktop and shorts as she continued to dry her hair. It was then that she took notice to Tai sitting on the bed, still covered in dirty and and ash.* Oh Tai… Did know you where here. *Raven mutter only met with silence.* … Well I’m done so… You should take a bath… *Again nothing from her teammate.* … Sigh T-

Tai: He wanted to be a marine biology. *Tai suddenly spoke cause Raven to stare with a questioning gaze.* … He told me when Summer and I were saving the survives… *Tai said, his voice cracking as he rubbing his thumb over his bandaged palm.* … Heh, What three old year kid that lives in the mountains even knows what a marine biology? *Tai said looking back at Raven with tears in his eyes.*

Raven: *It was then Raven realized what he was talking about. Flashes of their mission running through her head. The burning building, people screaming, the Hunter they were helping fighting the madman, Tai reaching out to a small boy only to see a harpoon hooked blade skewer the boy and Tai’s hand, and most hauntingly at the other end of the cable connected to the blade The madman grinning with his silver eyes gleaming orange. To her the death of the boy, while tragic and twisted for the madman to use him as a shield against the hunter, was not the first time she saw an innocent life end. However, To see Tai broken by it reminded her of the first time she witnessed it. It was at that moment Raven walked over to Tai and sat next to him, placing her hand on his shoulder.* Tai… It wasn’t your fault… It was a bad mission from the start. We were told incorrect info… 

Tai: That still isn’t go enough. Even if it wasn’t just Grimm. Even if it wasn’t for that pyschopath… I Should’ve been able to save that kid.

Raven: You… You did everything you could.

Tai: But I could have done more. I could have been faster. I could carried him to the air ship. I could have stayed and help fight the Nut job!

Raven: The same nut job that dodged bullets and buck shot, Caught Qrow’s and my sword WITH his teeth before throwning us to the side, sent you and Summer flying through a concrete wall with a kick, and took a a giant spike through the chest and not only survived but continued to fight a huntsmen that punched a Goliath in the face killing it. *Raven listed bluntly.* 

Tai: Well when you put it that way… *Tai Mumbled before looking back down on the ground.* I just… if only I was stronger. If only I was faster. If only I was better! Than that innocent little boy would still be alive.

Raven: … Than get better. *Raven told him with a stone tone as Tai looked by up at her.* If you want to be able to be a huntsmen, to be able to make sure that this never happens again, Then. Get. Better.

Tai: Raven it’s not th-

Raven: It is that simple Tai. The world is a horrible place where the weak die and the strong live. It is a fact of life. *Raven said coldly and just as Tai was about to protest she reached up and placed her hand on his cheek, looking him straight in the eyes as her seriously expression soften and spoke.* So get stronger and change that fact of life. Make the world a safer place like you and Summer always say you’re going to do. Be the better huntsmen that will protect people. Be the better man that I love. Okay?

Tai: *Tai stared at Raven with quite surprise before reaching up placing her hand over hers and nodded.* Heh, Okay Raven. I will. I will promise. *Then Just as Tai began to turn his head to place a kiss on Raven’s hand, Raven stood up with a quick turn that caused her to slap him across the face.* 

Raven: Good! Now would you please take a fucking shower already! You smell like shit and are filth as fuck. *Raven said was she walked out their bedroom to hide her blush.*

~Else where~

Kai: So How bad is it Dr. Rhodes? OW! *Kai asked with his arm raised as a purple haired woman with glasses over her silver purple ringed eyes pulled out shards of a odd metal out of his side.*

Rhodes: Quiet whining. You’ve had worse. *She told him as she set the shard in a tray and removed her gloves as Kai’s wound closes and heals.* Count yourself lucky you can’t be poisoned and don’t have organs anymore. Otherwise, you would have lost you kidney and liver. Plus, your intestines and a lung would have been littered with these. 

Kai: Heh, Leave it to Edge to plan ahead to try and kill me. *Kai muttered as she started to put his shirt place.* Now How bad is it?

Rhodes: Hmm? Ah, you mean the kid. Figures. *She said as she picked up her smoking pipe and walked over to the bed across the room.* He’ll be fine. As expected from my former student he missed all the vital organs and arteries although the chemicals that were splashed in his eyes destroyed his retinas so he’ll be blind now. Still he’ll be hospitalized for months but will live.

Kai: At least he’ll live.

Rhodes: Uh-hmm. Anyway, I’ll let the local police stay him once he is stable enough to be moved to a hospital and see if he has any family. *She told Kai as she rubbed the boys red hair.*

Kai: I think his last name was Alistair or something.

Rhodes: I see. I’ll tell them to start there. 

Out Loud

can you do one where Tay Jardine makes you squirt for the first time and it takes you both by surprise but she loved it?

Can u do a Tay Jardine one? Where you two have a sleepover and you have been horny all day and when Tay comes over you guys watch a movie and there is a sex scene and Tay sees you acting strange and then smut

Can you like do the tay jardine smut pls

Toni here! I thought I could combine these three because the first one was just a tiny bit specific and the second one gave me a plot and the third one here you have some Tay smut. And I didn’t know if you wanted them to be friends or girlfriends but i made them girlfriends because it was convenient hehe. This is smutty. Be warned. Sorry. Enjoy. Excuse any mistakes. 

(I just re-watched an old interview with Tay where she said she had once been good at speaking french and I was like imagine Tay moaning things in french just holy fuck that’d be hot.)

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“Knock Knock" (oc-violahuntress2017)

(19) Tai was on his bed. He was lucky that his daughters were gone because he had an urge. Viola had been out on a mission for awhile and he was feeling pent up. He sat on his bed, pants down and hand around his erection.

10- What you do to relax him when he can't fall asleep

Nash- After a long day,bNash is exhausted, but he can’t ever get comfortable while he’s about to sleep. So you just talk. He loves you voice and thinks it’s so soothing and clam, so you could talk about anything and he’d slowly drift off to sleep.

Cameron- Whenever Cameron has something big going on the next day, like a photo-shoot, you make him go to bed extra early. He lays there next to you, eyes wide open and squirms around. He talks about random things, to try to distract you from falling asleep. “Cameron,” you interrupt him. “Yeah?” he asks. “Shut up,” you say, not opening your eyes. He chuckles and rests his head next to yours. “Can I have a kiss first?” you grant his wish, pecking his lips.

Taylor- “I’m so tired,” he complains, staring blankly at his lap top. He is currently doing online school, and he is exhausted from the day. “Go to bed,” you kiss his head. “I’ll finish it.” He looks up at you. “Really?” he asks and you nod. “But only this once,” you tell him, and he stands up and pecks your lips. “Thank you.” He crawls into your shared bed as you start on his math. “(Y/N), I’d rather fail the class and have you come cuddle with me,” you hear him say. You just smile and shake your head. “Go to bed, Tay.”

Jack Johnson- You relaxed Jack by telling him about your day. He hated when he talked about himself a lot and how amazing his day was, so when you tell him a story from the day he makes sure to listen, drifting off to sleep with the sound of your voice ringing in his head, which he has grown very fond of.

Jack Gilinsky- Jack seemed like he loved sex, which he did, but usually at the end of a long day he liked to cuddle. He would wrap his arms around you and tangled your legs together. You just lay there quietly, letting him get comfortable as his warm breath tickled the skin on your neck.

Aaron- “(Y/N),” Aaron whispered from the other side of the bed. You pretended to be asleep, so he would fall asleep. “(Y/N),” he repeated. You sighed, “Yes?” He rolled over so your noses were touching. “I can’t sleep,” he whispered, and you let out a small giggle. “What do you want me to do?” you asked him, and you saw the shadow of his shoulders shrug.  “Can we watch a movie?” “What do you want to watch?” you whispered. “Lilo and Stitch.” You giggle and stand up, popping the movie in. You crawl back into bed, and he is asleep within the first 20 minutes.

Matt- You stroke Matt’s hair as his breathing becomes steadier, so you finally think he’s asleep. As soon as you stop, a complaint slips Matt’s mouth. “Don’t stop, baby,” he whispers, his eyes still sealed shut. You just smile and continue stroking his hair. “Go to sleep,” you tell him, kissing his cheek. He pouts his lips, making duck lips. You shake your head, pecking them and he smiles, satisfied.

Carter- “How is this going to help, babe?” Carter asks, wrapping his arms around your waist. You stood at the kitchen counter, stirring tea you made for him. It was late at night, probably at least two am.  “It always works,” you tell him. “I don’t see how a drink can make me sleep,” he sighs. You hand him the cup, and he takes a sip. His eyes widen, taking another drink. “Oh my gosh, this is amazing!” he tells you. “Shhh, you’re going to wake my parents up,” you whisper to him. He finishes the whole cup in less than five minutes, and he is passed out on your bed shortly after.

Shawn- “Sing to me,” he requests, just as you were about to drift off. “Hmmm?” you ask, opening your eyes. “Sing to me.” You sigh, thinking of a song to sing. You decide on his own, Life of the Party. He smiles, shutting his eyes. “You have a beautiful voice, (Y/N),” he tells you, yawning as you finishes. He opens his eyes, staring at you. “Now go to sleep,” you whisper, kissing his eyelids closed.

// reluctant packing

Sam had told Taylor that he was going up to pack about a half hour ago but aside from taking his suitcase and one or two other things from his closet, he hasn’t done any of it. Of course he was grateful for the opportunity to be in a movie that he truly thought was going to be good, but he would be lying if he said that was excited to go. He sighs as he looks at his phone and then puts it aside as he sits on the edge of the bed.

I love how this fandom is so weird and filled with terminology and stuff that if a stranger walked into the theoretical room of Swifties on Tumblr they’d be like… 

“So… Taylor’s your mother… but most of you’ve never met her? She’s your mother….but you say you feel like a proud mother watching her win things… You say you love her like a long lost sister…. but she’s your mother… She finds it funny when you all say you’re dying…. yet she’s your mother….”