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Evanescence - Imperfection


TGIF! Our staff pick today comes from Tom on the main floor. ✨"For Colored Girls is a synthesis of poetry and drama, music and dance, in much the same way that Sophocles or Shakespeare is, yet in a modern, deeply female and intensely personal way that offers a compelling portrait of the Black female experience. And it’s just beautifully written and executed, which in itself makes it worth reading. Shange transforms raw life into a gorgeously enunciated high art.“ •• #staffpickfriday #staffpick #bookstagram #readstagram #bookrecommendation #recommendedbook #book #forcoloredgirls (at Strand Book Store)

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Planets in the natal chart show /what/ energies are at work, /what/ you seek.

The sign is /how/ you seek and /how/ you express planetary energies.

The house is /where/ you seek, /where/ planetary and sign expressions function, the areas of life that energy is put into.

Aspects further color and flavor planetary expressions and tie together details in the natal chart. 

It’s different in a way that it’s still coming from the roots of what Evanescence was conceived to be. It’s really a beautiful project. A lot of our old songs are getting a whole new life in a way where we’re getting to experience the focus being this beautiful, full orchestra. It’s also a lot of electronic, cool elements — parts that have always been part of our music.

Evanescence ‘Synthesis’ album cover and tracklist revealed

1. Overture
2. Never Go Back
3. Hi-Lo (feat. Lindsey Stirling)
4. My Heart Is Broken
5. Lacrymosa
6. The End of the Dream
7. Bring Me To Life
8. Unraveling (Interlude)
9. Imaginary
10. Secret Door
11. Lithium
12. Lost in Paradise
13. Your Star
14. My Immortal
15. The In-Between (Piano Solo)
16. Imperfection

Luminaries & Personal Planets

Examples of synthesis.

  • The luminaries are the “lights” of the chart. Known as the two most important planets, the conscious identity (sun) and the subconscious spirit (moon)

Sun: design and desires of the conscious being, vitality and stamina of the spirit (life force), declaration of the identity through self-expression, one’s character, sense of individualism (how/where one ‘shines’ and seeks validation of the ego) Example Used: Sun in Cancer

Basic Cancer Keywords: The home, mother/family past, soul, emotions, empathy, sleepy, moodiness, Moon-ruled, indulgent, privacy, sensitive, creative/imaginative, safety, comfort, protective, retreating, nurturing, needy

Example - The desire and design of Cancer’s conscious being is to seek emotional belonging, tranquility and safety of the soul through their home, family and past. Cancer declares her identity, self-expression and individualism through lunar notions such as empathy, nurtured protection, imagination & creativity but also moodiness, sensitivity, neediness of an abandoned inner child & clinginess. Her vitality and stamina are softened and generally low due to her search for comfort through sleepiness and indulgence. Cancer seeks validation only from those she lets into her private life; she is especially affected by the treatment, validation or lack of thereof from the mother. In other instances, she validates herself through the comfort of private retreat and introspection. 

Moon: the emotive needs, instincts & reactions, subconscious trends of the past, dual “home” concept (external home = one’s dwelling, inner home = one’s soul), essence of the personality, privacy demands. Example Used: Moon in Leo

Basic Leo Keywords: father/masculine principle, proud, vibrant, loyal, creative, determined, arrogant, selfish, warm-hearted, dignified/has self-respect, attention & praise-seeking, sun-ruled (ego, importance of identity, rules the heart) youthful or childish/immature, self-expressive

Example - The emotional needs of a Lunar Leo require praise, appreciation and warm-hearted, loving support, especially so from the father figure. Instinctual reactions are set off theatrically when the ego is punctured and the feelings are dismissed, bringing feelings of insecurity & invalidation. A Lunar Leo requires a home that offers validation of the ego and creative outlets. At the core of his being his soul is vibrant with solar rays, youthful, determined, emanates an aura of self-respect and creative expression, but his personality can be consumed with arrogance, faulty pride, selfishness and immature behavior. He demands privacy when his heart or ego are wounded by those he thought loyal to him.

  • The personal planets are Mercury (Messenger), Venus (Lover) and Mars (Warrior), known as the building blocks of the personality. 

Mercury: perception of & ability to reason with reality, the conscious mind, the mental facilities and communicative abilities, the ability to receive, translate and convey messages. Example Used: Mercury in Pisces

Basic Pisces Keywords: [hyper]sensitive, dreamy, emotional, vague, distracted, imaginative, sorrowful, empathetic, self-pitying, vulnerable, escapist, adaptable

Example - The perception of reality for mercurial Pisces resembles lens blinded by dew drops; the world appears blurry, making her distracted and vulnerable. Her ability to reason with reality may get lost through wakeful dreams of escape and clouded by a mind occupied by unexplained emotional pains caused by her empathy tuning into the vibrations of others. The mental facilities are driven by hypersensitive receptors rather than calculated logic and she is sensitive to the opinion and criticism of others. The communicative abilities reveal sorrowful, vague, dreamy, adaptable and imaginative thoughts&messages. 

Venus: The loving spirit & personal affection, social urges & behavior, physical comforts that bring pleasure in life, harmonious attraction, aesthetic perception, self-perception, values; what the heart appreciates. Example Used: Venus in Virgo

Basic Virgo Keywords: helpful, mercury-ruled, subtle, service-orientated, caring, anxious, worrisome, refined/sophisticated, intelligent/mind-orientated, humble, critical, reliable/self-reliant, mercurial, judgmental

Example - Venus under Virgo has a loving spirit that is shown through physical affection and subtle and helpful acts of service as seen through her earthy temperament, as well as affection from the mind as shown through her mercurial origins. She finds comfort in the simple pleasures of life that bring ease to her anxious qualms, and her aesthetic principles surround mental stimulation such as through journaling inside a serene cafe or burying herself in books during solitude. The perception of herself is distorted through her worrisome, judgmental and critical nature, where she feels undeserving of affection and yet other times she stands modestly dignified and satisfied with her sophisticated mind and self-reliance. Harmonious attraction occurs when another access her mind and sensual needs. She values humbleness, sincerity, and intelligence in others as she presents these qualities in herself. 

Mars: The fighting spirit, aggressive urges and if so inclined, sexual urges. Inner strife “war with the self,” instinctual reactions set off by adrenaline and anger, passionate desires and ambitions, personal energy and stamina. Example Used: Libra Mars

Basic Libra Keywords: tactful, diplomatic, love/relationship, fair yet bias (scales), mind-orientated, equal/balance, static, argumentative, polite, lazy/passive, peaceful, gossipy, superficial, aesthetic-sense, interpersonally/socially/publicly inclined

Example - The fighting spirit of a martial Libra shows a warrior advocating for equilibrium and fairness. He is passionate about connection and the well-being of the public, desires fairness in his interpersonal and social relations, and finds peacefulness in his aesthetic interests. His ambitions reflect what he is passionate about. If sexually interested, he favors romance and mental stimulation and he is accommodating to his partner’s pleasures. He is inclined to favor healthy debates as to ease anger and tensions, yet his airy-intellect may become argumentative, gossipy and he could linger on superficial details as well as his own bias concerning his passions and opinions. Libra mars is attracted to those who are peaceful, diplomatic, polite, stimulate the mind through charm, posses social grace, and prove to share awareness of societal matters like himself. His stamina and energy is lacking as he is inclined to laziness and static, yet during other times the fluctuation of scales can show exercises and habits to “balance” themselves.

Notice the use of keywords integrated together. Try doing so with your placements; take the meaning of planets and the keywords of signs, then bring them together. Note: Be creative with the way you synthesis your writing. It’s robotic and bland for instance, to take one key phrase of mars (e.g fighting spirit) and one from Libra (e.g fair) and to simply say “Libra’s fighting spirit is fair.” 


Check it. New song.


Disclaimer & Notes: This pictorial is for educational purposes only. Chloroform is a suspected carcinogen. It is toxic to the liver and is metabolized into small amounts of phosgene (also toxic). Oral ingestion can result in unconsciousness or death. Inhalation is not recommended due to the potential health hazards of long-term use/chronic exposure.

If you carry out this procedure, add 5-10% ethanol to the final product as a stabilizer - chloroform degrades over time to produce phosgene gas, especially in the presence of UV light. That is also why it’s necessary to store the chloroform in a dark/amber glass bottle.

The reaction is exothermic and can easily run out of control if scaled up without proper measures for cooling the solution.

Bandoms: A Brief Guide
  • My Chemical Romance: mcrying and also praying that the Smashing Pumpkins theory comes true.
  • Fall Out Boy: Desperately awaiting the release of MA N I A.
  • Panic! At The Disco: Crying because Brendon can make those high heels work better than them.
  • twenty one pilots: Grinning from ear to ear because Stressed Out hit 1 Billion views!
  • Asking Alexandria: In a civil war since 2015.
  • Denis Stoff: Flipping a coin to decide if his new stuff is going to be pop or metal.
  • Paramore: Either worshipping After Laughter or their older stuff.
  • Black Veil Brides: Screaming because The Outsider is so good.
  • Andy Black: Their ovaries/brovaries exploded a long ass time ago.
  • Bring Me The Horizon: Wondering wtf happened between Oli and Hannah.
  • Evanescence: Rises from the grave because Synthesis is happening.
  • Green Day: Vehemently dissing Donald Trump.

Chart Ruler The ascending sign is our experience of individual awareness….just knowing that “I” exists… … it is a key in human interaction and social activity. without other people there to witness, the ascending-descending axis vanishes. the ascending sign can express most purely through our presentation. some people’s rising signs are so evident in their features. this is where you can get a real visual of the signs at play through the ascendant. the ascendant sign indicates the chart’s ruler through the sign’s ruling planet. 

Aries rising:
Chart Ruler: Mars
Dynamism, proactive essence, challenger, intuitive. Pushes personal boundaries in search of experience

Taurus rising
Chart Ruler: Venus
Socialite, beauty, appreciation of art, tender, indulgent. Uses resources and beauty as an extension of personal identity

Gemini rising
Chart Ruler: Mercury
Clever, quicksilver, talkative, mysterious, youthful. Zig-zagging through multiplications of duality and resolution, and to reconcile these oppositions through communication

Cancer rising
Chart Ruler: Moon
Harmonic, hidden, receptive, habitual, indulgent. Identity expression drawing from waters of ancestors, emotions, and memories

Leo rising
Chart Ruler: Sun
Effervescent, commanding, entitled, vital, showy. Enveloping material, heart, spiritual, and emotional into a gallery

Virgo rising
Chart Ruler: Mercury
Reactive, intelligent, technical, youthful. Synthesising mind with material, the needs of the self with other

Libra rising
Chart Ruler: Venus
Sociable, amicable, reflective, transparent, grace. Playing with other personalities gives sparkle to the marble identity, a synthesis of social experiences, understanding ‘i’ to become ‘us’

Scorpio rising
Chart Ruler: Mars/Pluto (depends on strength of aspects, sign, and house position. If Mars is in dignity, or receives multiple aspects, or via elevated chart position, Mars is the chart ruler. The same application for Pluto)
Mars: Controlling, passionate, desiring, seductive
Pluto: Hypnotic, mysterious, compulsive, surveilling
Potent desires surface through the immediate expression, an erotic display of continual transformation, conflict, and obsession

Sagittarius rising
Chart Ruler: Jupiter
Bohemian, spirited, prosperous, contemplative, sunny. A cinema size projector is raised to create a life exhibition displaying experience

Capricorn rising
Chart Ruler: Saturn
Security conscious, guilty, reticent, wise, sad. Attempting to escape the parent’s moulding the individual summons talent, material, and applicable creative resource

Aquarius rising
Chart Ruler: Saturn/Uranus
(depends on strength of aspects, sign, and house position. If Uranus is in dignity, or receives multiple aspects, or via elevated chart position, Uranus is the chart ruler. The same application for Saturn)
Saturn: Guarded, intelligent, isolated, different, moody
Uranus: Utopian, reckless, obscure, ingenious, intuitive
Identification with higher forces and reflection of the self in everything

Pisces rising
Chart Ruler: Jupiter/Neptune
(depends on strength of aspects, sign, and house position. If Jupiter is in dignity, or receives multiple aspects, or via elevated chart position, Jupiter is the chart ruler. The same application for Neptune)
Jupiter: Charitable, spiritual, generous, devoted, searching
Neptune: Mystical, confused, tranquilized, sufferer
Sensitivity and vagueness diffuses like melting mist