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RPDR contestant Louis flirting with guest judge Harry a la April Carrion and Adam Lambert.

That’s literally the drag race AU @the-cheshire-pussy-cat and I came up with.

Fashion Designer Harry Styles is the new judge on Drag Race next to Ru, Michelle and Ross. Every runway critique, Harry is constantly showering Louis in compliments and Louis always flirts back, to the point where Ru says “get a room” and everyone laughs bc seriously.

Maybe Louis has to lip synch at one point and he puts on a sexy performance a la Carmen/Raja S3, and Harry is literally 😍. Otherwise Louis is killing the competition, sewing everyone out and being his saucy self but without being a bitch, very Willam.

He definitely wins the crown and he and Harry become a thing, and Louis becomes Harry’s muse and even walks in his shows, very Marco Marco type of shows, and Louis is one of the more successful queens and he and Harry are never apart jsisiid IDK I love this idea so much

Hit The Diamond
  • Hit The Diamond
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Steven Universe

i can’t believe they leaked the new musical number for hit the diamond???


:> RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race  S2E9 :  : Reunion 

They come armed with stilettos, feathers, and sequins, prepared for a battle where one false move-or eyelash-could spell doom. They are the best of the best, the top queens from Drag Race seasons 1-4, and they’re ready to lip-synch for their lives to determine which of these all-stars will claim the ultimate title and be declared Queen amongst queens


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And if Thor repaid that adoration with little slights and humiliations, it was a price Loki was only too willing to pay for his company. excerpt from the Blood Brothers synopsis


Clary remembered the first time she’d seen the three of them, years of practice melding them into a unit that thought together, moved together, breathed together, fought together. She couldn’t help but wonder if, no matter what happened, no matter how dedicated a Shadowhunter she became, she would always be on the fringes-