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Speedy’s Cafe is a beloved icon for fans of BBC’s Sherlock, not only because it’s the filming location for 221B Baker Street, but because it is a place where people know they’ll find good food, good people, and a fantastic atmosphere. 

BSB Sora is doing a project on Speedy’s , studying what it is about this humble cafe that makes it so beloved. As part of her project she is creating a fan tribute video to Speedy’s, to show them how much their fans adore them.To do this, she needs to talk to you all, the fans! When all is finished, the video will be presented to the wonderful owners and staff of Speedy’s

Want to be part of this fan video?

Come to Speedy’s Cafe on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th. Be ready to talk about why you love Speedy’s, talk about your favourite experiences (this includes Setlock!), enjoy the delicious food Speedy’s has to offer and join fellow Sherlockians for a fun afternoon.


Friday: 2pm-Closing

Saturday: 12pm - Closing