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The Gap by Morgan Swant
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The always beautiful Little Doctor Lake with a Canadian Icon on it`s shores. Gus and Mary Kraus were relocated here when the Nahanni became a national park. Imagine waking up to this every morning. Their homestead has since been taken over by Ted Grant; owner of Simpson Air and Nahanni Mountain Lodge who has been keeping this gem in the natural way that Gus and Mary had wished when they handed over the property to Ted

Plot Arc: BSD

The more I think about it, the more I realize Hubbard and SeaOrg could fill in alot.

I’m not kidding. I spoke about this briefly with @rynnpochii and now all I want to do is make it a free for all for almost every single character I and my friends got.

Its a bit complicated but I like to think that Sun Tzu and Fyodor lured SeaOrg in after hearing of Operation Snow White(basically a real life hacking operation by SeaOrg that fucked up the US government).Hubbard easily going along with that as hes now a wanted man and needs to get away and lay low for a while.   With a soldier now turned general of China’s military secretly sending in more soldiers to help train SeaOrg even further in combat and ammunition given like hotdogs to the cult followers.

Hubbard and SeaOrg of course keep it low, and have kept themselves under wraps by claiming they were part of the U.S. Navy.

There is a lot going into this, as I want to include Aldous and give him his growth, plus include the ADA and Port Mafia in a big role than as side characters or footnotes. This is a threat that the two groups have to get rid of.

-Hans, Ayako @pourpri and Ryou actually teaming up to freeze the water near the ports, stopping some ships from sailing away yes. Can you hear that ice crackle and the ship shake as it splits in too?

-Remember those sailor outfits Atsushi and co wore for a poster?

Well bitch, now they will have purpose. I like to think that some of these characters dress up as SeaOrg members and act as operatives, though as Fyodor might have said something about the ADA-especially Dazai, its still put into question who would be an operative. Though, as the ships are big and as long as they dress up as low ranked members, they could do it as long as Hubbard or a high ranked member doesn’t spot them.

I do want to include them though, but for now only Solita because her ability makes her perfect to act as an agent. Probably Ralph too-though only as an invisible camera and not an agent.

-Explosions caused through pyromaniacs(Alexandre and Miyuki) and bombs in the boiler rooms.

-Stine makes Titanic jokes and people slide across the ship bow and stern as the boat either begins to capsize or break completely.

-Of course theres going to be groups that capture the SeaOrg members that fall off deck. Maybe Kunikkida and Quincie? Plus Mitsuyo teleports people away. @themostmagicalmoose

-Kenji helps keep some ships afloat by using his monster strength. P.S. I like to headcanon he and Stine are seasick ahahaha

-Ya know theres going to be a fight. Aldous saves Richie(long story) from skidding off deck and Hubbard makes a few lines saying all he wanted was Aldous and to make the world see the truth. Then he tries to kill Aldous and condemns him for turning soft. Atsushi, maybe Akutagawa finish the guy or something idk but in the end Hubbard dies and his tomb becomes the sea he claimed to love.

Its half assed right now. Whatcha guys think? You okay with this? Any ideas yourselves?

30, 32, & 37-Bucky Barnes

30. “Don’t make me say it again.”
32. “You’re mine.”
37. “If you even get close, I’ll tear your head off.”

Antagonistic, badass reader below:

To the public, you were nothing more than someone to ignore. Most did. However, to the ‘enhanced’ world, you were the only one able to give the Winter Soldier a run for his money, of which you enjoyed doing.

The two of you met in the field often. You weren’t exactly a ‘goody two shoes’, but you often found yourself attempting to protect those he was trying to assassinate. You weren’t sure if it was because you hated HYDRA to your core, or if you were more empathetic than you let on. Either way, you had prevented some while the opposite happened as well.

(To say the Winter Soldier wasn’t reasonably attractive would be a lie. But you’d never admit that out loud. Though it could explain some of your hesitations, given your knowledge of his employer.)

Just like many times before, you were speeding down a highway via motorcycle. You had caught wind of another assassination attempt. The target was none other than Captain America himself. Needless to say, you were intrigued. Besides, the man in colorful spandex was a symbol for America. You couldn’t just let your only competition win a big one like that.

You smirked as you saw some upturned cars and trucks. You focused your gaze on your increasingly closing distance. You lifted yourself up so that your feet were on your seat. Just before running into a trashed van, you leapt from the seat, crashing your bike, before landing on the side of the vehicle.

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((I am good with all of that my sweet meme, it sounds ex c e ll e n t

Megnéztük a Black Swant

én: *elindítom a filmet*
apám: mi ez, valami hattyúk tava?
apám: dehát ez nem is így van, mi ezt tanultuk oroszból
apám: *oroszul kiabál*
apám: nem hiszem, hogy muszáj ugyanannak játszania a két hattyút
apám: odette és odilia!
apám: a gonosz varázsló! *oroszul kiabál*
apám: de miért nem veszik el tőle a szerepet, ha ilyen ideggyenge?
apám: tudtátok, hogy csajkovszkij homoszexuális volt?
apám: ennek a nőnek inkább kezeltetnie kellene magát.
apám: tényleg az lenne a balett vége, hogy leugrik egy matracra meghalni?
én: *kikapcsolom a filmet*
apám: el kellett volna tőle venni a szerepet.
én: :((