in suit and ties

sometimes u casually mention to ur cis dude flatmates that u sort of run a tumblr w/ 20,000 followers that basically just posts pictures of women in suits and there’s a pause and then one of them just goes “does it have that picture of Sigourney Weaver in a suit because that’s a great picture” & then u google it and ur like……….yep, fair


Suits on boards

@shesagent x @alimedina53 x @thestreetsensei

This was our first shoot of 2016 and man they don’t disappoint you! Just look at them!! This was initiated by @alimedina53 who found a skating space in BK but then @shesagent came up with the whole “Suits on Boards” theme. Lately, I’ve been really into only doing shoots that has some type of concepts so this was actually perfect! Seriously, it really matters who you surround yourself with and I can’t be happier than these 2 cool cats are around me.