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Gijinkas of FR Dragon Breeds
  • Bogsneak: slimy swamp king
  • Coatl: angry bird-man
  • Fae: scantily clad twink
  • Guardian: buff mom-friend
  • Imperial: edgy™ royalty w/ long hair
  • Mirror: strange dog in disguise????
  • Nocturne: magic-fairy lady
  • Pearlcatcher: snobby rich-person w/ too much jewelry
  • Ridgeback: nose
  • Skydancer: probably gay. Dances.
  • Snapper: bara tiddy
  • Spiral: Way Too Serious
  • Tundra: bara tiddy w/ long hair
  • Wildclaw: edgy™ royalty, but w/ short hair

Oh, hey, excuse me sir. You may not believe this, but I didn’t even see you standing there when I stopped here. I saw a Blue-grey Gnat catcher dart down into the weeds in that ditch right there between us. No, really, I’m serious. Did you see it? Know which way it went? No? Ok, thanks anyway. I’ll just move along now, thanks for the photo. It’ll be on tumblr, tell all your friends. 

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Do straight girls really make out with each other and not consider it romantic? Like is this a real thing????

Tbh, it’s nowhere near as common as people make it out to be, and a lot of gay girls will acknowledge that they used the way girls making out isn’t seen as serious, or seen as being for male consumption, as a way to explore their sexuality.

There’s definitely some cases of it happening,  but it’s so rare that it’s really not worth the amount of time people spend thinking about it, and when you look at how many girls were in the closet or in denial about their sexuality who DID used to make out with girls, supposedly for guys’ entertainment… well, let’s just say that the chance that these girls who are going out of their way to find an excuse to kiss other girls, likely aren’t all that straight lol. 

(We do allow submissions about it though, because it does -happen-, and also the impression of it happening, even if it’s between girls who aren’t actually straight, does have a huge impact on young gay girls.) 

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Do you think that svtfoe has improve its writing since when you said that its season 1 finale has rushed moments and needs improve the writing.

Yes, I said that many times.
But I actually like how they’re handling the plot right now.
The show got a lot better in its Season 2 (and it’s not like it was *bad* last year, but sure there was room for improvement).
It seems much more planned, focusing on the right stuff, without becoming serious (in a cringy way) and the jokes flow more naturally.

i havnt been posting a lot about current events b cs… im really exhausted and afraid haha. i dont want you guys to think im ignorant, or lazy, or don’t care  about these issues, bcs i do, so much of them affect me (gay, trans, black, nd, poor and ill) in a very personal and serious way, and i think moreso than ever now is a time for youth to be knowledgeable abt the political sphere and whats going on

bt my blog is not a political blog. i use tumblr + twitter to escape from those terrifying realities and laugh and smile and feel good, and i want to continue to use this blog to laugh and smile and feel good, and i hope it makes other people laugh and smile and etc etc etc. i just ask that y’all dont fault me for being unable to really post about it all too much, it’s not that its unimportant to me, its just that i am scared and i use tumblr for stress relief


And last, but not least, there’s Rose. Our heir has had a wild life, but she’s starting to settle down. She may not have reached all the goals her young self so ambitiously dreamed of, and her adult life might have been a rocky road, but Rose is happy with the things she accomplished. She’s not insanely famous, but she’s not a nobody in the music industry either, and she makes enough money to live comfortably. She’s still a flirt, but Rose hasn’t been in a serious relationship since Peter, and she thinks it’s better that way. Despite the fact that she initially didn’t want children, she loves her kids so much, and even though she hasn’t been the best mother in the world, she hopes they know just how much she cares for them.

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart


Different press conference, same boredom.


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  • mccree: I'm no ninja but I can wield my sword just fine (¬‿¬)
  • hanzo: Impossible one must train the ways of a true warrior to possess such skill.
  • mccree: Ok fine, let’s go back to my place and you can help me practice my aim (¬‿¬)
  • hanzo: Mccree please, your aim is just as good as mine.
  • mccree: Once you get a taste of my poison tip, you’ll be dying for more. (¬‿¬)
  • hanzo: Are you trying to blatantly kil me??
  • mccree: Gdi hanzo those were all pick up lines.
  • hanzo: I do not see any lines to be picked up??
  • mccree:

there’s something that bothers me about the general understanding of victor sitting around mooning over yuuri and being a lovesick fool about yuuri for months after the banquet until the viral youtube video and i’m having trouble articulating it but i think it both mischaracterizes victor a little bit and it overlooks how severely depressed he probably was at that time in his life and how that would have affected his frame of mind.

like i genuinely don’t think he was actually considering coaching as a serious way out until that video finally just hit him with “i remember that man, i remember the night i had, maybe i can do this. and maybe i really do want to do this.”

maybe it’s just bc i read victor as seriously depressed - and there’s like… a pretty heavy grey cloud in your head. you don’t see ideas and opportunities and change. yuuri’s offer is a nice thought, but he can’t actually do it, of course. it’s safe to continue doing what you’re used to doing, what you know. so victor just… keeps doing it. it’s what he should be doing, right? it’s what victor does, right? that’s what he does. of course he has to keep doing it. what else does victor nikiforov do if not figure skate

and i’m sure he looked back at the pictures and videos from the banquet but not in the “omggg japanese yuuri i looooove him i have to know everything about him” sort of way - and honestly not even often at all. but looking to remember what it was like to FEEL (which may have even been hard to take, remembering that but knowing you don’t have it any more! so he may not have even wanted to remember it over and over again, because it hurts).  and what the video of yuuri skating his routine does is that it reminds him that it was yuuri specifically who really made him feel, yuuri specifically who wanted him, yuuri specifically who’s this talented and who’s skating this routine in a way victor has never seen and who could NEED him, need him just as victor. victor’s opinions and victor’s advice and victor’s experience, not victor the skater and public figure who has to keep performing for an audience and surpassing expectations.

so it is impulsive, it is. he hasn’t been planning this or thinking of it as something he could really, actually do. because it takes months for him to hit that wall and finally get that push to say, i could get out. i could actually go be happy. i could do something for him, yes, but also for me. it’s more than just a big gay crush (not that i don’t think at all that victor wasn’t also genuinely flirting in the beginning, but that’s not the reason he went). and when you think about it it’s probably terrifying to drop everything like that especially when you’re that depressed for something you don’t know will work out and to fly to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language and to move your whole life there. if you’re depressed it’s not easy, it’s terrifying. but yuuri represents hope for him. it’s hope for his own life and, yes, hope for his own love, and it pays off. victor take his life back into his own hands and falls in love – and the latter more accidental than i think we generally have been believing.