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What are your thoughts on the possible relationship between Octavia and Illian?

Honestly, I don’t have so many thoughts on it. I think Ilian is acting as a kind of shadow for Octavia, a mirror of her own character that is being held up for her (and us) to witness, to look at herself. To examine her character.

The last time we saw a shadow like that was with Clarke and L. That did become romantic. Are they telling the same story? Not so much. But it’s one way it could go.

Are you asking me if I’m offended? No. I’m not offended. 

I want to see the story they are telling. Just because someone tells a dark, painful story about horror and injustice does not mean they are APPROVING of said dark, unjust, horror.

Art serves as a mirror of society and of ourselves. What do we see when we look at this show/story/song/artwork? What does it tell us about the world we live in. How is our life reflected in it? How does it echo our own behavior? How does it shine a light on our world today? 

This is the kind of show that wants us to question our belief in how the world works. To question what is right. To question our tribalism. To think about our own mistakes. To think about forgiveness. 

Honestly, it’s a bit mindblowing how the people who hate Octavia now are actually acting just like Octavia. 

Hello, mirror. 

Continuing the story through the merchandise

Here’s the latest set of acrylic brooches, in case you wanted to wear these lovelies over your heart (or wherever else you please!).

Half of this set depicts scenes we see from the ending credits. Victor’s and Yurio’s poses:

But you’ll notice that Yuuri’s scene doesn’t look that familiar. That’s because it doesn’t appear in the credits.


He’s seen towelling down Makkachin joyfully in those same trunks we see above.

I’m really enjoying seeing these little extensions and branches of the story through the artwork in the merchandise, whether it’s posters, cushions or smaller goods.


I juggle so many damn story ideas sometimes that some literally drop out the back of my brain, and I don’t notice until I see them on the floor later and pick them back up. 

One that I recently plucked back up is a story called “The Tower”. 

Based in a desolate post-disaster Earth setting, it focuses on a young trans man named Nyle Cho who lives in a town with a gigantic and ominous tower set in it’s middle. This tower houses an oppressive-authoritarian governing body and it’s leader: “the Master” that exploits the towns citizens. No one remembers how the tower got there or how long it’s been since it appeared.

Since memory began however, the town has culled groups of people to journey into the tower and attempt to fight their way to the Master at the top. Every 5 years this ritual takes place, but no one successfully makes it past all the floors to the top. With no returning survivors all manner of terrifying traps, environments, and monsters are dreamed up by the townsfolk to reside on each of it’s floors to kill hostile intruders. 

While outside the town’s walls scavenging with his blind childhood friend Rashida (art forthcoming) he digs up the strange and dormant humanoid creature who calls herself BOSCH (after the name printed on her stomach). Able to spawn/manifest weapons out her body’s material, she’s a 10ft tall, regenerating, walking armory.  

Together with Rashida and BOSCH, Nyle will journey with others into the tower to try like many before them. They’ll fight their way up the unimaginable terrors and foes of it’s many floors to overthrow the tyrannical Master at the top and free his town. 

Sometimes I just have to get images out of my head and onto paper so they’ll stop taking up space in there. Sometimes these images are of a story I’ve already drawn similar illustrations/images of in the past. 

Ooops? Hahaha…

More of the gang from my alien story “GRUX”: Where we find out our moon has it’s OWN moon and on that tiny planet is a race of 12 foot tall cyclops creatures called Gruxxor. We bring a bunch to earth and keep them in a military base in Alaska. People start to have a bad time when one Gruxxor’s wife dies and he declares a race war against humanity with the help of a giant cult of humans that worships them. 


Also, shout-out to this goofy rendition of the picture that @rottenchicken did: