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Shit. The thing with DeanCas.

Is that it makes you want to explain love a billion different ways.

They make you want to talk about love in the form of simple kisses underneath foliage of trees but also in sprawling metaphors of the universe’s energy and celestial bodies.

They make you want to define love through the the written word, the spoken word, the sung word, the drawn word. And you write a hundred thousand sentences, and you sing their ‘i need you’s, and you immortalize their faces on paper, and you speak in the tongue of the greatest love story that has ever been told.

They make you want to find love in a monstrous world; or in classroom halls, or in warm coffee shops, or in a little house with a garden, or by the ocean or maybe sea.

And the greatest thing, really, is this:

They make you want love to happen. Not even to yourself. But to somebody else. 

I don’t know about you.

But fuck.


A bunch of tattoo flash based on cartoons and animated films that I’ve done to-date. If you like my stuff please ‘follow, like, re-blog’.


What happens when your mother and father are out of the picture, and your new parents become the monster that lives in your closet, and a social services worker originally sent to pick you and your sister up?

A fresh start…a weird, but fresh start. 

Read the pages that started it all as a 24-hour comic and blossomed into a full fledged WEB-comic! It’s currently preparing to come off hiatus, so now would be a good time to play catch-up!

The first four chapters are here!

Also more crazy concepts, characters, and artwork here!


Some days you wake up and go to work like everyone else. And then some days you die horribly and have to win a game against Death in purgatory to get your soul back.

But Death is actually a giant woman who doesn’t play chess at all. She’s into mini-golf. Like….WAY into mini-golf dude. 

This will be my last short comic for a little while but more concepts, characters, and content can be found here!


So, imagine this. There’s a boy who, much like the child of rage, cannot feel emotions. He doesn’t feel guilt, fear, happiness. Nothing. And he becomes prey. Prey to the Slenderman. But the Slenderman works with fear and because he cannot feel fear the boy begins to “control” the Slenderman. The Slenderman stalks it’s prey and scares it before murdering, right? Well, this boy doesn’t feel the fear so the Slenderman is stuck in a loop, continually trying to scare him, continually stalking him. The boy won’t ever be scared of the Slenderman and he knows it. So, he takes advantage of it. The boy is the Slenderman’s prey and only the Slenderman’s prey. So I can imagine the Slenderman wouldn’t want anything else to hurt the boy, right? Because that’s its job. The boy webbed the Slenderman into his trap. As much as the Slenderman wants to kill the boy, he can’t. Not until he has the satisfaction of scaring him. So, in a way he guards the boy, making sure nothing else harms him. The Slenderman doesn’t share his food. And until he has his satisfaction the Slenderman will be tied to this boy, continually watching, making sure nothing else snags his food. The Slenderman sees the boy as food and nothing more, so it isn’t a loving relationship. But the boy’s smarter than he looks. He planned this, he knew just how to “trap” the monster. And now the boy has his own guardian angel, with slight demonic tendencies. 


What is Scary Cute?

Scary Cute is monster girl themed zine!! It’ll be released as a PDF. The working plan is to release a new volume every 2 months, and here is your chance to be a part of the our very first volume!!!

What’s types of submissions are acceptable?

Artwork of all kinds!!

Short Comics

Writing (short stories, poems, etc)

If you got something you’d like to submit, but are not sure it’d fit just shoot me question at

All Entries will be judged to keep the volume well rounded, but don’t think you can’t submit!!! We need works of all kinds and styles!!!

For more information go to or email me at

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