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steam summer sale recommendations!!

steam summer sale is on and here’s some stuff I recommend. I’ve played all these personally and loved them. my favorite things are looting, building, collecting, and zombies so keep that in mind as I rec. ranked in order of “if you only have $20, get this”  


did you like harvest moon as a kid but thought it lacked something? because stardew fixes everything. beautiful pixel artwork, deep story, and truly addictive gameplay. you play a city dweller who says “fuck it” one day and goes to their late grandpa’s farm to run it in a happy town where everyone romanceable is bisexual and not boring. takes a little while to get going but once you’re in YOU’RE IN 

Tomb Raider for $4.99 

A game so feminist I still can’t believe it got made. Lara Croft’s origin story, featuring a weird island that worships a goddess populated almost entirely by dudes you get to beat up. but seriously - beautiful graphics, amazing story, female characterization that makes you cry in a good way. buy it. 

Death Road To Canada for $10.99

I literally don’t even know where to start. This is a traveling pixel game about the zombie apocalypse (like oregon trail, only better) only you can create your own characters and find them along the road from Florida to the only safe place in the world - Canada. Game mechanics take a while to get used to (z and x use your weapons) but the game is HILARIOUS, addictive, and has a boppin 8-bit soundtrack.

Fallout 4 for $14.99 

kind of an unfair review since I’m still playing it but I’ve logged 30 hours in a week and have lost control of my life, that’s how good this game is 

7 Days To Die for $9.99

if you ever wanted to know what solo surviving in the walking dead felt like, that’s this game. it’s a crafting game centered on looting towns, gathering materials, and building a protected space…while fighting zombies with a whole host of weapons. good if you like the basic idea/freedom of minecraft (i.e. open world, no storyline) and also zombies. it is sometimes a HARD game - every 7th day everything goes bananas as zombies are superpowered and your hideout is put to the test. well worth $10. 

Terraria for $4.99 

I bought Terraria for this price during a sale like 2 years ago and i have gotten 173 hours out of $5. Pixel building game with killer monsters, nearly endless looting potential and a really addictive soundtrack. 

idk go forth and go broke

This is not really a drawing, but I want to tell the story about all of this. I got so much people saying: “this is so simple (but cool)” and I am really appreciate it. But the in real life before I get to this really simple and cute drawing I have to go through the long way to the thing that I really like. The point is it might look simple, but don’t think this takes less time then bigger drawings😌

Calling all artists and writers! Do you like Lance? Do you like Zines?! 

Welcome to our Lance-Centric Voltron Zine: Starboy!

What is Starboy?

Starboy is a Lance-Centric Zine dedicated to showing our blue son he’s not the seventh wheel of our hearts. (He’s not the seventh wheel. He’s the whole damn automobile ;) )

What is a Zine?

A zine is a collection of artwork and stories that will be published in physical and pdf format.

So How does This Work?

  • Our zine will consist of 30 participants: 15 artists and 15 writers.
  • Artists and writers will be paired together to create an illustrated short story.
  • The zine is Lance-centric– there can be ship content, but the ship should not be the main focus of the art or the story. It’s all about the boy in blue.
  • Authors and artists will be paired together by our ever-vigilant mod team. The artist will create their piece first, and then the writer will do what they do best about it.

For more information check out our Information Page!

Applications Open on the 9th!

Applications now Open!
Applications now closed!

(art by @aetherlogic)

Continuing the story through the merchandise

Here’s the latest set of acrylic brooches, in case you wanted to wear these lovelies over your heart (or wherever else you please!).

Half of this set depicts scenes we see from the ending credits. Victor’s and Yurio’s poses:

But you’ll notice that Yuuri’s scene doesn’t look that familiar. That’s because it doesn’t appear in the credits.


He’s seen towelling down Makkachin joyfully in those same trunks we see above.

I’m really enjoying seeing these little extensions and branches of the story through the artwork in the merchandise, whether it’s posters, cushions or smaller goods.

A quick drawing warm-up and tribute to my favourite cartoon series, Avatar the Last Airbender. This series is one of the major reasons I decided to pursue animation, ( and it always inspires me when I’m at a low or have an art block)!

Keep making magical stories and artwork, Bryan & Mike ( plus the avatar team). You guys rock~