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I'm transferring stores in less than I week and never told a majority of my coworkers because the ones I tried to talk to about it before it was even finalized gave me so much shit. Now that I'm leaving, I feel bad for not saying goodbye to some of them...

Tell the ones you feel bad about the day before and why you hadn’t told them sooner(other coworkers pouting about it). Other than that you owe them nothing really. There is a reason you’re transferring, I assume. -Abby

At heart, I have always been a coper, I’ve mostly been able to walk around with my wounds safely hidden, and I’ve always stored up my deep depressive episodes for the weeks off when there was time to have an abbreviated version of a complete breakdown. But in the end, I’d be able to get up and on with it, could always do what little must be done to scratch by.
—  Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation

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I've been working in a candy store for less than a week now. The amount of times older men have commented on my weight & told me I was 'too skinny' to be working around so much chocolate is already ridiculous. I'm 17 & uncomfortable as all hell.

Yo tell someone about that

TalesFromRetail: Not the Best Supervisor.

These are a couple times people tried to steal and one of my supervisor not doing the best job at controlling it at my old work Blue W.

  1. Had an old lady steal steaks by putting them down her shirt into her cleavage. A stocker caught her and she was kicked out of store, but the Supervisor tried to put the steaks back with the other steaks and the store manager had a few words with her.

  2. Two teenagers came in with backpacks and stuffed them with Pokémon cards. When they left through the doors the greeters caught them. One took off, while the other was left alone in the store. Parents and police were called and the teenagers were banned from the store. We did get Pokémon cards back

The two teenagers did come back later into the store 2 weeks later and pulled the same thing except with yu-gi-oh cards. They were banned again and the store manager asked “Why they were let back in the store?” A supervisor said “that they told her that they had change, so let them come in.”

She’s the same supervisor who tried to put the steaks back. The manager had a chat with her again. She didn’t get fired, but got demoted.

By: StrongBlood65

Guys, after getting three submissions for E, guys….E was adopted last week. I know our way of the store is a little wonky and unusable, but J and I are trying to fix it!
The only ones for adoption are
K ther merman
K the werecat
S the werecat
Lorelei the kangaroo
Lady and S the griffins
Rosegold the Nightmare
Ash the pixie
A the naga
A thr hellhound

No more spirits will be avalible for adoption until some of these cuties find homes

TalesFromRetail: You can't void a sale!?!?!

Reading a couple of these stories reminds me of another experience I had with my great management at my retail job at that cheap shoe store (ahem).

It was within my first couple weeks of working there, and being 18 and never really working in a retail setting before, I had no prior experience of working at point of sale (ie, I didn’t know how to work the damn cash register computer). No one really let me use it, just kind of showed me things here and there while they used it.

One of these early days, I was in the store alone with my assistant manager. At one point she tells me, “I’m taking my lunch in the back, if something happens and you need me, come get me.”

And then I was alone. Which wasn’t a big deal, I thought, this is a dead-ass store and probably no one will even come in.

After a few minutes a customer come in– the obnoxious kind, that have no manners. She picks up multiple boxes of shoes, talks loudly on her phone, etc. She comes to the counter, and I think here it is, my chance to shine!

I begin ringing her out- I enter my employee ID, ring up the shoes, and as my finger is reaching for the “Total” button, customer holds a coupon out in my face: “I want to use this.”

I read the coupon, which looks like it’s been xeroxed from somewhere else, and see that the coupon has expired. I let her know and she tells me “then I don’t want this pair.”

Ooooook, I look around the cash register, trying to figure out what to do. I don’t see a “cancel item” button, and this customer is impatient (“It’s just one pair of shoes, I still want the rest of them…”). The only thing I could find in the moment was “Void Transaction.” Okay, great, I’ll just cancel it and start again. I check this woman out (correctly), hand her her receipt and she’s on her way.

Once the store was empty again, I walked to the back of the store (where my assistant manager was still sitting, reading a magazine at this point), and I decide to tell her: “Oh, by the way, a customer came in and changed her mind about a pair of shoes so I voided the transaction and started over. Is that okay?”

Instead of teaching me where the “cancel item” button was, which is what I thought was going to happen, she raged out: “NO YOU NEVER VOID A TRANSACTION THAT COULD GET US AUDITED WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!”

I felt so stupid and so small for the rest of my shift.

But audited? What?

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TalesFromRetail: "What do you mean, I need ID?!"

On mobile, sorry for any wonky formatting or overzealous autocorrect.

So this one happened a while ago at my video game store. We buy games people are done with, but such a transaction actually falls under my government’s pawn shop laws. To complete the transaction, we need a piece of photo ID - preferably a driver’s license - from someone over the age of eighteen. Now, I’ve seen some people try and get around this in creative ways, from using their government health cards (which we can’t accept, because they’re tied to confidential health information) to student ID cards. When we tell them no, the customer usually is pretty cool about it, and will come back later with proper ID, or mooch some off a friend.

Except for this guy. This happened probably in my second week of working at this store. We’ll call him “TG” for “Trade Guy”. MG is my manager.

TG: “Yeah, I wanna sell these games.”

Me: “Sure. I’ll need some photo ID to complete the transaction.”

TG: “I don’t have any. Can you take the games anyway?”

Because “need” clearly defines something as optional, right?

Me: “No, sir, it’s Canadian law. I need a piece of government-issued photo ID to complete the transaction.”

TG did not like this at all.


All in one breath. It would have been impressive, had it not been my second week on the job and I wasn’t scared out of my mind. Manager had my back though.

MG: “First of all, don’t talk to my associate that way, or I’ll have you escorted out. Second, it’s the law and she’s doing her job just fine. Third, I’ve never seen you before, and I am the manager. And lastly… if you drove forty-five minutes to get here, how can you not have ID on you? Don’t you need some kind of… I don’t know, a license to operate a motor vehicle?”

TG sputtered for a second, went very quiet, and left the store.

People are weird, man.

Edit: a word.

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TalesFromRetail: Lottery calls

I’ve recently started lurking Reddit again and this is more of a nice thing I wanted to share rather than something bad to happen.

So I work at a pharmacy store and started about a month ago, three weeks ago while cashiering I got a call from a nice old lady asking for the winning numbers of the lottery and it would repeat each shift I would work. After a few calls before the call ended she said thank you, asked for my name and said to have a lovely day. Nicest thing to happen that day then yesterday she called again for the numbers and I put her on hold since I was processing a customers items then a manager picked up the call and it ended. Then 5 minutes later she called again and asked for me and I told her I was the same guy from earlier and that she called just to tell me I’m always so nice whenever she calls and she loved talking to me and to have a great day then hung up. Honestly the best thing about work

By: MexicanCumbaker

Most other groups: *basically live on music shows with their five costume coordinators but get either amazing outfits or everything from the second hand store five minutes before the show no in between*

Day6: *gets one week of music shows per year*
“what we wearing?“
“shit I don’t know I thought you knew”
“what about jeans?”
“should we all match?”

haikyuu!! mundane superpowers: Karasuno edition

Hinata: Hinata glows. It makes him impossible to ignore on the court, adding to his effectiveness as a decoy. The brightness and intensity depends on his level of focus. If he’s asleep, it’s practically nonexistent, and when he’s playing, he’s like a beacon. 

Kageyama: Kageyama has prophetic dreams, which can show him things from a day to two weeks in advance. The gift of prophecy honestly isn’t very useful to high schooler. He can’t choose what he sees, so it’s mostly just, “Hinata will forget his lunch today and I need to bring extra” or “There will be a surprise sale at the store next week, gotta tell mom,” stuff like that. He hasn’t had a vision about volleyball since middle school.

Tsukishima: Tsukishima is an empath. It’s a useful skill when sizing up opponents during matches, but dealing with people whose emotions always run high (i.e. “hotblooded”) gives him frequent migraines. He can also get feelings from things like clothing.

Yamaguchi: At first, Yamaguchi thought he could turn invisible. It’s really an ability to lightly manipulate the perception of those around him and simply trick their brains into thinking he’s not there. He often slips into it accidentally when he’s feeling self conscious. Tsukishima, because he only trusts what his eyes tell him and has never seen Yamaguchi as someone to overlook, is the one person Yamaguchi’s power won’t work on.

Tanaka: Has a hyper-developed sense of smell. If he needed to, he could track you across town based on your shampoo and what you had for breakfast this morning.

Nishinoya: Is supernaturally lucky. Not enough to make things unfair in a match, but he always wins rock-paper-scissors, always finds money on the ground, his shoelaces never break, and he’s always on time no matter how late he leaves. 

Ennoshita:  Any food he makes stays perfectly fresh until it has been eaten. His tea never gets cold, the ice in his drinks never melt, the fruits and vegetables he cooks with never spoil.

Daichi: Dogs are inexplicably attracted to him. There is a large but friendly pack of stray dogs that regularly walk him to and from school, and whenever he travels to a new place, all the local dogs will usually come out to meet him.

Suga: Suga gives people the little things they need. Before he leaves his house, he will pick up three paperclips,a napkin, a pen, and a pair of socks. He gives the paper clips to a woman he passed on the street, who, unbeknownst to both of them, will have her dress rip and will use the paperclips to repair it. The socks go to a man who will step in a puddle during his lunch break and ruin the socks he’s wearing. The pen and the napkin go to a man who will end up using both to repair his coffee maker when it breaks in about an hour. Suga knows none of this; he knows only that the items are needed and that these are the people who need them.

Asahi: Asahi can talk to spiders. Which is both incredibly useful, as there are an awful lot of spiders and they know a great deal, as well as incredibly stressful, because Asahi doesn’t like spiders. At all.

Before the Ride Home

Well let me start by saying I’m working in Teddy store now 1-2 nights a week.  So its been great esp after we close and before he drives me home.  Last night something happened that I was so nervous but so hot.  When I work Teddy makes me wear just a short tight dress and heels, he says the customers like it and he has easy access to me.  After we closed i gave him a blowjob in the back room and then went to the car so he could drive me home.  After we were in the car, one if his friends came  up to the car to talk to Teddy.  I pushed down my window and he was talking to teddy.  As they were talking he kept looking at my cleavage and my legs, the dress was hiked  up a little from sitting in the car.  After a few minutes Teddy said to his friend they are great looking tits right?  His friend just looked at me and said yea they are very nice.  Teddy then told him they feel even better then they look, then he told his friend to go ahead feel and see what i mean.  His friend reach in the car and grabbed my breast. Teddy told him no you have to really feel them and he pulled my dress down exposing my bare breasts right in the back of the parking lot.  He then told him now feel them.  His friend then reached in with both hand and started feeling and squeezing my breasts. As he was feeling my breasts  he kept telling how great they felt, then teddy looked at me and told his friend to give them a  kiss, his friend leaned in the car and kissed and sucked on my breast.  As his friends kissed my breast teddy reached over and put his fingers under my dress and right into my pussy.  After his friend stopped sucking on my breast Teddy said to him, see she likes it too her pussy is wet, then he told his friend to find out for himself.  Teddy lifted me up and pulled up my dress to my waist and his friend hand went right into my pussy.  As he was fingering my pussy Teddy asked me to see if he was hard.  OF course he was.  Teddy said you cant leave him like that told me to take his cock out. I tried to reach out of the car but i couldn’t suck him so Teddy said told him friend to get in the backseat.  After he got in the car Teddy reclined my seat al the way back so i could lay across the back of the seat and suck his friends cock.  As I laid across the back of the seat and started sucking his friends cock i felt Teddy reach under and started fingering my pussy.  The more he fingered me the hard and faster i sucked his friends cock until he shot his load in my mouth.  After his friend came he got out of the back of the car and thanked Teddy and left. After he left and Teddy started to drive me home he told me how hot and slutty i can be.  He then told me to masterbate in the car has he drove me home.  I came twice on the way home that got him so horny when he got off the exit of the parkway he pulled over and told me to get over and suck his cock.  His cock get so hard for me and it really didn’t take too long before he was cumming in my mouth.  After he came I sat up and he drove me home.  As i got out of the car he told me to make sure i give hubby a nice long kiss when I get in the house.  which of course i did  …hehe