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Any call outs/schedule switches can only be approved by the store manager now. When we are already understaffed to the point that the manager on does not have time to play telephone tag and the store manager takes it upon herself to take her sweet time calling back. And she doesn't approve call outs, she says find coverage or come in. Who is gonna cover me? We literally have no one

year of our lord 4837
  • me waking up from my cryo sleep: wow i cant wait to explore this new world!
  • a holographic head floating casually towards me: download Game of War on the app store for free NOW!

Ah, yes. Jane’s first love. I did say we’d get back to him.


alright i made a richard spencer getting punched shirt, the first pic is the front and the second is the back. you can buy it here on the store that i just put up. sorry its so expensive thats just the price zazzle gave me im making like $1 in profit off this 

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What happens when you leave the house for a few hours?? What is it like when you come back? :0

Jin: Remind me to never leave them alone for more than an hour or two..

alternate quotes proposed were “I want YOU to FORM VOLTRON” and “Keith, if I don’t make it out of this alive, I want YOU to lead voltron.”

I was going to go to AFO and get Josh Keaton to sign this, but alas I am just starting work and probably wont be able to go sob sob

I also posted this to Redbubble just in case anyone is interested


good morning, it’s me: Bad Cat

A customer was trying to buy cigarettes (he looked pretty young): 

Me: “Can I see your ID?" 

Customer: "I don’t have my wallet." 

Me: "Sorry, I can’t sell these to you then." 

Customer: "Wait, are you kidding me? You’re serious? Do I look 17 to you?" 

Me: ”….I have to ask if you for your ID if you look under 40.“ 

Customer: "This is ridiculous! The cool people let me all the time! You know what, fuck it!” *storms off*

Oh no, that doesn’t sound like anything a person who’s underage would say….