in stan's clothes

Clothing meme: Athletic Lob, Something Ricardo would never wear (his proper work uniform), Dressed up for a first date (with Rick of course) Daycare Stan, Prison Uniform Punkle Stan, Crop Top for The Clean Up Crew feat. JERTY, and Royalty Miami Rick (he’s king of the tennis courts). Thanks to everyone who sent in!

Bless Ben

Ben: hey Stan, I bet your clothes would look great on Bill’s floor.

Bill: d-did you just hit on Stanley for me?

Stan: *broken machine noises*

The rest of the losers: *broken machine noises*



#StopHyuk2k17 ? WTF went wrong with that kid?! (Not complaining tho👀)

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a concept: the losers all dress as each other for halloween and its the best group costume ever

BUT IMAGINE HOW ADORABLE–  they would also try to act just like the person they’re dressed of would act; (warning; grammar mistakes)

Bill: Bill would be dressed as RICHIE; a huge pair of old glasses he stole from his dad, some old fashioned open shirt with a white t-shirt underneath (he would also mess with his hair to have the same kind of haircut as richie).
He would spend the entire night trying to use different kind of voices (believe it or not, the boy makes amazing impressions, and loses his stutters when he changes his voice!!), making silly jokes to everyone and being all flirty with “Eddie-Beverly”

Beverly: Bev would be dressed as Eddie Spaghetti, carrying an inhaler in her hand, but also TWO fanny packs, and, of course, the eternal “hoe short” (the Real richie would wink at her, telling her he would totally date her with these clothes on, which would make real Eddie blush Super Hard). She would spend the night Freacking Out about every little things the other losers would do, lecturing everyone about “how dangerous alcool, cigarets, halloween pARTIES are”, speaking really fast 

Ben: Ben would be dressed as Mickey!! wearing white t-shirt and jeans, and carrying his polaroid everywhere he goes. (based on the hc where mike is vegan) he wouldn’t eat any animal products all night long and would spend his time talking about the History of Derry (he would act as the more mature and serious of the group, with some pleasent jokes times to times)

Mike: Mike would be dressed as Beverly! He would put a long red wig (something cheap that looks terrible) and a dress he took from his mother (10 times too big for him). The other losers would laugh until they cry when they’d saw him dressed like that for the first time, and would totally lose it when he would start talking; his “girly” voice would be a real nightmare, nothing similar to Bev’s real voice, but more like Eddie’s mother voice (Richie’s words, of course)

Stan: Stan would be dressed as Ben, wearing band’s t-shirt, and always making clever reflexions about plans, making small architectures with everyone’s plastic glass. He would also spend a lot of his time starring at “Beverly-Mike”, doing the Heart eyes face (which would terribly embarass the real Ben because ah!!! that’s not true, i don’t act like that!!!!!) 

Eddie: Eddie would be dressed as Tall Bill (he had to take his mother’s heels to be taller than he actually is….) He would try to act like the Mom Friend of the club, making clever citations to everything, but most important; he would try to stutter (he would want be sure it wouldn’t mind Bill at first, but Bill would find it really funny and super adorable to see Eddie stuttering) He would also find every occasion to tell “Richie-Bill” to shut up, and to take “Beverly-Mike” in his arms

Richie: Richie would be dressed as Stan The Man. Neat clothes, shirt ironed, clean hair (he tryed to curl them but it end up as a Horrible Mess). He would even put eyes contact!!
He would spends the night doing eyes rolling to everyone, sighing at everything and making “adult remarks” (as he likes to call them) everytime “Richie-Bill” would do something stupid (the other losers would literally Die of laugher at his
terrible impersonation of Stanley, using one of his noble voice to speak like him)

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Have you ever drawn Stan and Luffy in each other's signature outfits?

A perfect fit.

Stan thought he could impress Rick by picking up some hot extraterrestrial at the ‘alien grocers’ and he does a down right awful job at it.