in soviet russia film makes you

i wanted to make a post about why  i love the soviet film series  about sherlock holmes and why you should watch it since the new year, but i’m lazy and bad at writing (but here it is anyway)

i have too many feelings for it, i literally want to scream every time i hear the opening theme
i’m not sure of how popular this adaptation already is? i don’t see it mentioned very often but maybe i just haven’t been looking for it
this series is so popular in russia that when people hear “sherlock holmes” they think not “conan doyle, 19th century england” but “livanov, solomin, lenfilm” (and possibly start humming the opening tune)
i find the whole thing quite amusing
for most russians livanov is, like, the one and only true sherlock holmes, and i don’t think they’re even aware that he was portrayed by tons of other actors before and since (although cumberbatch is also very popular, of course, he’s everywhere)
i’ve rarely been a really devoted fan of someone or something, but i absolutely adored this series as a child and at the time i was nine or ten i was most obsessed with sherlock holmes. why, i swallowed all the books about him although i positively hated reading. so yeah, there’s a huge nostalgic factor contrubuting to my excitement
guess i’ll just list some things about it (???)

- the atmosphere is very warm and cosy, very easy to fall in love with
there is adventure, there is thrill, but in the end everything goes back to its essential homeliness

i think the cordiality of this series is precisely the reason why most russians tend to perceive other adaptations as cold and bleak, and almost always dislike them strongly
- it’s full of light good-hearted humour; some scenes and characters are made humorous even if they aren’t supposed to cause much laugh

conan doyle wrote somewhere that lestrade looked like a weasel and i think they found a perfect match
he’s just ludicrous

as it was made in the soviet union, everyone is very decent and no controversial subjects are mentioned, no drugs, not much talk about holmes’ personal life, no watson dancing merrily with the ballerinas, but it goes pretty well anyway
some lines from “the hound of the Baskervilles” have actually become popular catchphrases, like “porridge, sir” (when sir henry asks barrymore what this weird thing on his plate is)
- the soundtrack is beautiful and expressive even by itself, and it really enhances the mood and the atmosphere of the series. the opening theme is very catchy and will probably get stuck playing in your head for a couple of days

- the best dr watson, in my opinion

just look at his face when he hears sherlock’s voice outside the cave

- men displaying affection and tenderness towards each other
it’s just nice.

i believe you can find some sweet gifsets here on tumblr

- i have no idea if the settings are accurate (it seems like in soviet union all the scenes that were supposed to take place somewhere in europe were shot in latvia or someplace similar so i guess it looks quite different from england), but they are definitely beautiful, i especially love the landscapes in “the hound of the baskervilles”

i haven’t found “the bloody inscription” but here are the links to the rest of the episodes (god i hope they work )

“acquaintance” pt1

“acquaintance” pt2

“the king of blackmailers” pt1

“the king of blackmailers” pt2

 “the mortal fight” pt1

“the mortal fight” pt2

“the hunt for the tiger” pt1

“the hunt for the tiger” pt2

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep1 pt1

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep1 pt2 

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep2 pt1

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep2 pt2

“the treasures of agra” pt1

“the treasures of agra” pt2

“the twentieth century approaches” pt1

“the twentieth century approaches” pt2

“the twentieth century approaches” pt3 

please watch it (qq)

i’ll be really glad if someone likes it as much as i do