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So I started reading The Blazing World today.

It’s a book from 1666, by Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle. She was an aristocrat, philosopher, poet, scientist, fiction-writer, and playwright; the book is considered one of the earliest pieces of science fiction. I can’t say it’s the first because I’m pretty sure Johannes Kepler’s Somnium, which takes place on the Moon, takes precedence. Somnium was written in 1608 and published in 1634. But it’s up there.

The story starts with a merchant falling for a lady and kidnapping her to avoid the problem or her father’s objections. This does not go over well with God and Nature, and the boat full of kidnappers and the lady gets blown into the extreme northern ocean, where all the men on board die of the terrible bitter cold. The lady survives, and is rescued by creatures walking over the polar ice who are

in shape like Bears, only they went upright as men; those Creatures coming near the Boat, catched hold of it with their Paws, that served them instead of hands; 

And then they realize that she’s not going to handle the cold of their island very well, so they take her

into another Island of a warmer temper; in which were men like Foxes, only walking in an upright shape, who received their neighbours the Bear-men with great civility and Courtship, very much admiring this beauteous Lady;

And shortly thereafter

they came into an Island where there were Men which had heads, beaks and feathers, like wild-Geese, onely they went in an upright shape, like the Bear-men and Fox-men: their rumps they carried between their legs, their wings were of the same length with their Bodies, and their tails of an indifferent size, trailing after them like a Ladie’s Garment;

And that is the moment at which I realized THEY HAD FURRIES IN 1666.

Raven Cycle Fic Recs!

The Pynch section yo

Wonderterror Weekend by nimmieamee - E - 49k

Adam Parrish gets Saturday off and spends the day falling in love with Ronan Lynch.

He also spends it fighting monsters, visiting Europe, and traumatizing people. But falling in love with Ronan Lynch is the part he chooses.

With Quiet Words I’ll Lead You In by @jesper-fahey - T - 20k

In that moment, Ronan looks like some kind of ferocious monument to a new found god; young, but infinite in power and a furious kind of sharp-edged beauty. Adam’s lungs feel a little short of air, but it’s probably just due the cold.

“I was freezing my fucking balls off out there.” Ronan complains and, just like like that, the illusion is shattered. He is a boy once more.

Cabeswater is trying to get Adam to realise something, but he’s struggling to understand what. When he and Ronan break down in the middle of nowhere, Adam finally finds himself with enough time on his hands to figure out some things about himself and his feelings.

Keeps Me From Unravelling by @jesper-fahey - N/A - 11k

Whatever response Ronan gives, it’ll be the truth, not just spilled platitudes; it makes Adam desperately want to win his approval. Ronan, this enigma of a boy with the ability to create anything from nothing, who has dreamed some of the most amazing, ridiculous creations. Adam chews on his bottom lip briefly, before forcing himself to stop. To be casual.

Ronan stops, stares at the gift sitting on his lap and then barks out the loudest laugh in delight. “Fuck, Parrish that is hideous!” His eyes are alight with a wild kind of joy.

(Or the one where a prompt generator gave me “Adam Parrish knits Ronan Lynch a hideous sweater” and I ran with it.)

Heart of Stone, Heart of Flesh by @charmingpplincardigans - T - 28k

The elk appeared out of the shadow of the forest canopy as if materializing in mid-air. He was as tall as the moa, but also had massive antlers that reached up and tangled with the branches on the trees. His coat was a dusty chestnut color with a white starburst over his chest and smattering of white across his cheeks and nose. The elk leaned over the fence and bent his massive head, as if showing Adam deference. To Adam’s right, Destroyer knelt down on her front knees and dipped her nose into the grass.

To Adam’s left, Ronan bent his head too, like he was about to say grace. When he spoke his voice was soft and low. “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

(Or, the one where Adam is a veterinarian and Ronan has dreamt up a whole menagerie of extinct/magical creatures.)

Amor gignit amorem by @amethystinawrites - G - 3k

Considering everything that had happened and just how desperately Adam wanted to get away, he hadn’t expected to find anything like peace in Henrietta.

Trust Ronan to prove him wrong.

Roses on Parade by Jamesina - M - 8k

Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan’s dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it. Gansey is also briefly very Gansey about things.

Alternate summary: Adam has feelings and hyperventilates about it for 9,000 words.

Heavenly Wine and Roses by Jamesina - M - 4k

Gansey has everything under control.

Roses in Between My Thighs by Jamesina - E - 6k

Four things that could have ruined them but didn’t.

the hang of being alive again by @ronibravo - M - 12k

Falling for Ronan had felt like going to speak at the same time as someone else after a long silence, two people bumbling over their words to say, no, sorry, go ahead about three times before one of them says what they were going to say.

mapping territories by @cheselle T - 3k

“I’m not going to offer you a briefcase of money and demand you stay away from him,” Declan said. “This isn’t a fucking telenovela.”

“I can’t believe,” Adam said, “you just said the word telenovela out loud.”

or, Declan has a talk with Ronan’s boyfriend.

adam parrish is in love (or, you can take the boy out of the south) by heyfightme - M - 4k

“Alright Parrish, I yield. What is it, then? You miss the Daisy Dukes and shitkicker boots on those cowgirls back home?”
“I’m from Virginia, not Texas. Not a lot of cow-anybodies.”
“I refuse to believe you don’t know anyone who lives on a farm.”
Parrish rolls his eyes hard enough to shake the earth.
“Stewart, of course I know somebody who lives on a farm. Just no cow-people. There’s a difference.”

Adam is in college. He has a roommate. Adam’s Virginian accent has gotten him curious. Also, Ronan comes to visit.

-Somnium Meum Vestrum by shoulderbone - T - 8k

Ronan smells like smoke and spice, like the memory of a home he’s never had; like a feeling he dares not name.

Without Having To Say by @charmingpplincardigans - T - 24k

“Yeah? Which was the big guy downstairs? Because my good Catholic upbringing didn’t make the distinction.”

Out of nervous habit, Ronan brings his wrist up to his mouth and chews on the leather bands there. He’s been wearing them and chewing on them since he was sixteen. It’s a wonder there’s anything left to them at all. He feels the same way about his good Catholic upbringing.

“I think,” Adam says, quiet now. “That he wasn’t very nice, but that he wasn’t ever given a reason to be. I think it was self-defense.” It’s an explanation that sounds both close to home and far away. He looks up and out the window. His gaze gets caught there, distracted for the first time since they started.

Ronan looks as well, but it’s dark out now and all he can see is the shadow box reflection of the room against the black behind. Set against the rest of it, Adam’s hunched over reflection looks small and dark. Ronan is little more than a few swaths of stark negative space cut against the white glow. Neither of them has a halo.

(Or, that one where Adam is an art major and Ronan agrees to model for a sculpture of Satan.)

maybe i dreamt you by @memordes - T - 17k

Adam seldom dreamt of other people. His dreams were nebulous, winding, leaving him with abstract impressions. But there was Ronan, solid as flesh—and from there, the dream left Adam with the echo of a feeling.

It was one hell of a feeling, though.

The not really/necessarily pynch fics

Things That Go Bump In The Night by mochroimanam - T - 9k

Subtitle: The real ghosts are the friends we made along the way!
The gang goes to a Halloween haunted house attraction, only to find that things are a bit more….realistic…than expected.

Ronan reminded himself, viciously, that he interacted with a real ghost every day of his life. But Noah’s moments of otherworldly strangeness had nothing on this specter’s air of sheer sinister deadness.

Adam took a step forward next to him, and Ronan’s hand shot out, fingers gripping Adam’s sleeve. Being cornered like this made Ronan feel the same way he’d felt trying to get out of the dank cellar – claustrophobic and scared and angry. “Parrish,” he hissed, trying to pull Adam back. The girl was a good 20 feet away, but it still felt too close, and being any closer seemed like a decidedly bad idea.

Out for Re-henge by @charmingpplincardigans - G - 7k

Blue has a favor to ask of Ronan while Gansey and Adam are away. She ends up receiving much more than she expected. (Or, that one where Ronan teaches Blue to drive stick and they have adventures.) Post-BLLB.

we built this city by @fahye - T - 13k

“As you keep pointing out, I’ve died twice,” said Gansey. He was so bright that Henry almost wanted to look away from him, and so compelling that he couldn’t. “I don’t care what I’m supposed to be doing.”


Чай - один из самых популярных напитков мира. Практически у каждого народа есть свои традиции и обычаи, которые касаются чаепитий и чайных церемоний. Даже самые заядлые кофеманы и кофеголики периодически не могут отказать себе в чашечке свежезаваренного, ароматного и горячего чая.

1.Чёрный чай.

Пожалуй, один из самых известных сортов чая — это чёрный.  Однако в Китае, например, чай, который мы привыкли называть чёрным, именуется, как красный. Стаканчик такого чая бодрит ничуть не хуже, чем ароматный кофе. Это связано с высоким содержанием кофеина в черном чае. Однако он имеет несколько иную химическую формулу и не так сильно воздействует на организм, как это делают кофейные зерна. Этот напиток укрепляет иммунитет, тонизирует организм и стимулирует умственную активность. Высокое содержание фтора в черном чае позитивно влияет на состояние зубов и эмали.
Чёрный чай заваривают кипятком и дают настояться в течение 3–5 минут.

2. Зелёный чай.

Зелёный чай — это любимый напиток жителей Страны восходящего солнца. В зелёном чае содержится большое количество антиоксидантов. Эти ценные вещества укрепляют иммунитет, повышают защитные силы организма и оказывают омолаживающий эффект.
В отличие от чёрного чая зелёный снижает давление. Также зелёный чай это еще и эффективный натуральный антидепрессант.
Важно помнить, что зелёный чай не рекомендуется употреблять на голодный желудок.
Зелёный чай настаивают по вкусу, но заливать его лучше всего водой с температурой 80–90 градусов. Однако, если заваривать зелёный чай менее 2 минут, то он будет обладать ярко выраженным бодрящим эффектом; более 5 минут — успокаивающим.

3. Травяной чай.

Травяные чаи, как правило, содержат в своем составе большое количество полезных и целебных растений. Такие напитки издавна используются для профилактики и лечения многих недугов. Наиболее популярными травами считаются мелисса, мята, ромашка, боярышник, липа, шалфей.
Травяные чаи ускоряют метаболизм, очищают организм от шлаков и токсинов. Готовить их лучше всего на водяной бане. Однако это подходит только для тех растений, которые не требуют длительной тепловой обработки. В противном случае заваривать травяной чай лучше в течение 10-15 минут. А измельченные корневища или плоды (например, шиповника) и вовсе рекомендуется настаивать в течение нескольких часов.

  4. Молочный улун.

Другое название этого чая — молочный оолонг. Это  сорт чая, который находится примерно между зелёным и чёрным. Молочный улун обладает приятным сливочно-карамельным вкусом и незабываемым мягким ароматом.
Хороший улун положительно влияет на процессы кроветворения в организме и улучшает состояние кожи, способствуя регенерации клеток.
При заваривании улуна помните, что чай должен занимать 20–25% чайника.

5. Белый чай.

В состав белого чая входит большое количество минеральных веществ и эфирных масел. Они благотворно влияют на тело и разум, снимают умственное и физическое напряжение. Эффективен белый чай и для профилактики заболеваний дыхательной системы.
Этот сорт также обладает охлаждающим эффектом и содержит в своем составе большое количество бодрящих веществ. Именно поэтому он особенно популярен в летнее время года. 

Каждый из этих сортов интересен по-своему и наверняка найдёт своего ценителя среди Вас, осталось лишь сделать свой выбор. 



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(Sorry, I can’t do EVERYONE)


Сегодня я хочу рассказать об одном интереснейшем поэте XIX века, который мог бы написать свою “Исповедь хулигана”. Одно из его стихотворений стало широко известно благодаря фильму “Молода и прекрасна”. 

В оригинале его начало звучит так:
“On n'est pas sérieux, quand on a dix-sept ans. 
- Un beau soir, foin des bocks et de la limonade, 
Des cafés tapageurs aux lustres éclatants ! 
- On va sous les tilleuls verts de la promenade…”   

Одна из вариаций перевода:
“Серьёзность не к лицу, когда семнадцать лет…
Однажды вечером прочь кружки и бокалы,
И шумное кафе, и люстры яркий свет!
Бродить под липами пора для вас настала…”

Прошу любить и жаловать, Артюр Рембо.

Направление: символизм

Язык произведений: французский, латынь


Артюр Рембо родился 20 октября 1854 года. Первое стихотворение было опубликовано в возрасте 16 лет.  В возрасте 17 лет Рембо знакомится в Париже с поэтом Полем Верленом и на некоторое время становится его близким другом и любовником. Верлен приглашает Рембо в Париж и оплачивает ему дорогу. В Париже Рембо участвует в восстании Парижской коммуны.
В 1872 году  Поль Верлен бросает семью и уезжает с Рембо в Лондон. Некоторое время прожив там, они путешествуют по Европе и расстаются в Брюсселе, после того как Верлен в жарком споре под действием абсента простреливает Рембо запястье. Верлен был осуждён на два года тюрьмы. После расставания с Верленом Рембо возвращается домой, на ферму Роше. 
После этого Рембо перестаёт писать и путешествует по свету до 1880 года. Затем в Африке (в основном в Египте и Эфиопии), а также в Йемене он занимается торговлей кофе, пряностями, шкурами и оружием.
В феврале 1891 года Рембо вернулся во Францию, где ему ампутировали ногу из-за раковой опухоли. В госпитале за ним ухаживала сестра, приехавшая из Шарлевиля. Рембо умер в Марселе 10 ноября 1891 года в возрасте 37 лет.

Лично для меня поэзия Рембо стала большим открытием и отдушиной. Его стихотворения вдохновляют и помогают найти себя. Главное, чтобы попался грамотный перевод, который сможет передать истинные чувства и эмоции автора и не переврёт весь смысл написанного в оригинале.



ok so since i reached a relatively large milestone, i decided i wanted to take the time to make a bias list for all the amazing people i’ve had the chance to talk to / consider to be my friends / generally admire, etc.  thank you for making these past 8 months as scott amazing through all the blog moves and sporadic activity, you’re all amazing.  

the people i’m definitely closest to / talk to the most, etc. thank you for being there for me and brightening up my days and being amazing people. you’ve all had a play in making this experience so much better than i ever believed it could be. i was going to do descriptions for each and every one of you but this was getting long as heck.

@warcode & @couldkill / @taeted / @reprcssed / @turnedink & @shewailed & @icedlodge / @voidworn & @agonyworn / @brolinski / @vulpesvoid / @bittenrage & @archiekin & @juvieraised & @preppyjock & @cursedmemories / @ruininghappiness & @testicleright / @guiltbled & @awvkening & @corruptedgood & @leftoverfear ( am i forgetting any cj? ) / @nctafailure

okay so here’s pretty much everyone else. all of you are so AMAZING. if we don’t write together now, i hope we get to soon!! i also hope we get to talk more / start talking.

@cametowin & your 10 billion blogs, @brightkitsune & @lcbrat@lovedrage / @roadravaged  / @walcare / @crowneddarko / @defeatedsoldier / @spelmans / @blossomedgrief & @meddlingheels / @inusitus / @ordinaryswan / @tovghmom / @softestmind & @guiltcomplex & @tolorphan / @kellerkev / @makesmistakes / @girlperfected / @funeralpolished / @fatalles@serpenti / @seemsafe / @hypohearted / @piaememoriae / @freezerclawed / @sawvictim / @mysterysolved / @puddinpopped / @soulhcart / @wasabeliever / @deanmcn / @supernaturalguardian / @ardentstory / @choseself / @sweetddisaster / @parrun  / @rabiies & @postvoided / @lazaruscomplex / @luxenebris / @tortureshamsters / @seesdivine / @starhaze / @sacharines / @sometimesbatman / @arsnist / @hereisthelie / @henchgiirl / @fieldsmedcl / @cagedgood / @kncwnmisery / @dcvoid / @betrayedveins / @herclaws / @permanentanxiety / @snvwman / @hauntmind / @girlterrors / @ladylazarns / @impcled / @appointedfool / @ofreliquiae / @ceasedtime / @sociotendencies / @garmrr /  @broken-somnium / @coldpixie / @evolvving / @ofsollicitudo / @scartissueex / @iminsatiable / @fallenkiingdoms / @shroudedheart / @britishnation / @guiltcarried / @omenbrought / @wardiish / @arockypath / @deucalionsdarcy / @avoidstiles / @fcxfired / @heavenbuilt / @slayingkitsune / @objectivelyhot / @wailingxqueenx / @healertouch / @stuartwcmbly / @lastlockwood / @txkeyouout / @mercycries / @maternalsavior / @fifityshadesofplaid@dontdoboyfriends / @darkinherheart / @knowsdeath / @shatteraskull / @voidkept / @lagaudiiere / @heartguided / @demonsworn / @vampireguided / @wistcrias / @nathcnroyals / @lovesall 

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy a dream?

You’re not sure anymore. There is a large portion of you that says “Yes! This is 4 dre4m! Go to town on this 8itch!” but there is definitely a growing part that says “May8e you should get st488y now Vris, 8ec4use you 4re fuuuuuuuucked.”

You don’t like that second part. It’s a stupid part of you. Who needs doubts, am I right?

Dream or not it might actually be time to split the cane and unleash your blades. If this is a dream, then you get that sweet 84d4ss 8lind Du4l Wielding cred. If this isn’t a dream…


In that case, this would be a really bad time to be interrupted.

==> Interrupt Vriska