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Could I have some mermaid AUs please (if it hasn't already been done)

I really love mermaids and kinda got carried away with this, hope you enjoy!

Merperson = gender neutral term for mermaid/merman

Mermaid AU

  • Person A is merperson that wants to live on land and makes a deal with Person B, the sea witch, to become a human. The only catch? Person A has to become Person B’s bride.
  • Person A is a modern merperson who works as a marine biologist. Person B is the only one to think that something weird is up with Person A (talking to the sea creatures, animals obeying them, avoiding direct contact with water despite their line of work, etc.)
  • Person A used to be a merperson, but is now an elderly human who pleads Person B, a young merperson, that being human isn’t all it cracked up to be and to please beg to become a merperson again before it’s too late.
  • Person A is a merperson who saves Person B, a human, from drowning. Person A isn’t romantically interested in Person B, but still wants to become a human just to make sure Person B is okay.
  • Person A is a merperson who got washed up injured on shore. Person B is owns a house on the beach and finds them only to take them back to their house so they can recover from their illness/injury (bonus: Person B doesn’t have a pool so Person A is stuck inside a small bathtub)
  • Person A is a merperson who befriended Person B, a human, and wants to see what human life is like. Person B happens to be a nurse/doctor/assistant and comes back with a wheelchair, a blanket, and an empty oxygen tank/mask to fill up with sea water.
  • Person A is a merperson/siren who uses their siren song on Person B, a sailor, and half way through it Person A realizes just how attracted Person B is and stops, apologizing profoundly.
  • Person A is a merperson who gets caught in Person B/sailor’s net and Person B feels bad about it so to make up for it, Person B comes out on the sea every day with human trinkets and treats to show/fed Person A.
  • Person A is marooned pirate, Person B is the merperson who takes pity on them and brings them fresh fish every day.
  • Person A is stranded on an island and finds Person B, a merperson, by accident inside of a deep cave that connects to the ocean. Or at least it did until a huge rock fell and blocked the exit, making Person B just as trapped and stranded as Person A.
Fish Out of Water

Part of the merman AU from earlier, where Cloud triest to get the hang of this…human thing. 

Zack already had his arms out when Cloud lost his balance. Again. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Zack said. Cloud was pretty wobbly, even for only having legs for a full 48 hours. 

“Mmm-hmm,” Cloud nodded, still chipper as ever. He care set his feet down below him and stood up again. Zack tentatively turned back to the wheel. Cloud plopped into the seat next to him. 

Cloud had explored every inch of the ship. He had every right to be curious since he had been confined to their large on board aquarium for quite some time. But now he insisted on company where ever he went. 

So when Zack started to drive them to their next location…Cloud called the navigation seat. Not that any navigating was going on. Cloud spent most of the time leaning over the starboard side staring at the water. 

“We gotta get you to shore soon,” Zack sighed as Cloud crossed back and forth across the ship peering into the water. 

“Shore?” Cloud asked, “where…landpeople go?” 

“Uhh…yeah you could call it that,” Zack agreed. 

“When can we go?” Cloud asked, now nearly leaning himself out of the boat. 

“Cloud please sit back down, I don’t want to wait for you to dry off and grow legs again,” Zack said. 

“I won’t fall,” Cloud said, “I’m thinking about jumping…” 

Angeal stopped when he saw Cloud picking at his serving of broccoli. Cloud had spent most of the last meal feeling out his newer, duller set of teeth. Now…he was flat out avoiding using them. 

“You know you’re not a carnivore anymore,” Angeal said. 

“It’s not meat,” Cloud said. 

“It’s good for you,” Angeal said. 

“It’s…wrong color,” Cloud said, now glaring at the offending vegetable. 

“Just because it’s green doesn’t mean you can’t eat it,” Angeal said. Cloud leaned down and Angeal could faintly hear a growl burbling in Cloud’s chest. 

“It’s broccoli,” Angeal said. 

“Broccoli,” Cloud hissed. Angeal sighed. 

“How about I cover it with cheese then?” Cloud sat up. Cloud knew he liked cheese. Angeal found a winner. 

“I won’t cover all of your vegetables with cheese though,” Angeal warned him, “start eating them right.” 

Genesis glanced up when he heard clumsy footsteps behind him. Cloud was getting better at walking. Genesis felt when Cloud paused right behind him. 

“Whassat?” Cloud asked. 

“What is that.” Genesis corrected, “And it’s just some light reading.” 

“Reading,” Cloud said, latching onto one of the words he knew. Genesis hadn’t read aloud to him while he was in the tank for nothing it seemed. 

“It’s not as entertaining as the play I read to you,” Genesis said, “it’s an old biology book.” 

“I want to read,” Cloud said squinting at the letters. Genesis closed his book. He made a snap decision, but damnit it needed to be done. The next time they went to shore, Cloud was getting some picture books. 

“How about we start a new book together,” Genesis said, “then we’ll get you some books you can start reading on your own.” 

Cloud was thrilled with that idea. 

Sephiroth didn’t know what to make of it when Cloud wrapped his arms around his waist. He held himself away from Cloud in case it was some weird mermaid ritual thing. 

After a few minutes of solid…hugging though he had to ask what this was about. 

“Cloud?” he asked, “Is…something the matter.” 

“Thank you for letting me into your clan,” Cloud said. He’d obviously practiced this phrase a few times before coming out and saying it. Sephiroth was more than a little touched. 

He lowered his arms around Cloud’s shoulders, gently hugging him back. 

“We have a different word for clan up here on land,” Sephiroth said. 

“What?” Cloud asked, looking up at him. 

“Family. You’re part of our family now.” 

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I adore your art and style so freakin much and have a request if you still take them. Married Rickyl. Sweet domestic married Rickyl or walker-slayin badasses married Rickyl, teenagers or old married couple, any flavour you feel like drawing. Please and thank you!

u asked me this ages lmao im so sorry, uni has been rough. its stressin me real bad and i kno ive got some other requests that ill maybe get around to someday but rn i just have the capacity to focus on this. im gonna rant about married rickyl bc me sad and tired, lol.

this married au is set in either the late 60′s or 70′s, where they were together as teens, and had a massive fallout when they left highschool (daryl had dropped out and didnt have any ambitions or career goals bc hes always felt like he was stupid and useless and felt his future looked Pretty Bleak, and that he was holding rick back, who had planned to be a police officer for a long time know. He pushes rick away out of shame and they break up, and rick leaves town to join the academy, and daryl hangs with merle and sort of goes off the rails. Rick becomes an officer and atlanta, but leaves not long after once he realises the force hes on is full of corrupt and bigoted cops. he hasnt spoken to daryl in 3 years and hasnt been able to move on, and is now cynical about the law and the government and humanity in general, for now. they end up meeting up again and restart their life together tho)

They go from apartment to apartment around different places in the us, daryl became an artist, he makes big paintings (the painting above the couch in the pic is one of daryls) and illustrates for books (he did the illustrations for an edition of lotr that hes secretly super super proud of bc hes a big fantasy nerd), he does some photography (a lot of it is about poverty in the us and queer culture, the latter being mostly secret until hes way older and feels more stronger about lgbtqi rights), he does some poetry as well. 

Rick didnt know what 2 do after he left the force in atlanta, and goes from different jobs, doing what he can to support daryl and him financially (he understands now why daryl pushed him away the first time and encourages daryls art even if it doesnt bring in any money, rick is honestly daryls biggest fan its embarrassing). Eventually ricks becomes a journalist, being notable for criticising police brutality and corruption, then he writes some reasonably popular southern gothic novels.  

both he and daryl miss the country terribly tho, and daryl cant be away from the wilderness for long, and eventually they buy a house and some land back in georgia not too far from where they grew up, but also just far away enough to still be comfortable. Daryl still suffers from depression and is insecure with his art (thats probably whats happening in the pic and rick is trying to comfort him) and Rick still has a anxiety disorder. theyre both working on their mental health, but theyre pretty happy despite that.

they have a cat they found as a stray. idk whats it name its probably something weird like ‘furry boy’ bc daryl weird, tbh. 


It started just simply by Timothy feeling concerned over the birds on campus - crows and ravens, not birds many people are too kind to with their negative connotations. A bag of bird seed bought with what little money he could afford to spare, a few feeding sessions later, and Timothy started to notice something was off. Not in a bad way, really. But. Well.

Timothy was being followed. By some of the birds. 

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