in some ways i feel like they are so stiles and allison

I was craving some Scallisaac feels yesterday and @mighty-alphalpha was awesome and gave me domestic Scallisaac. Posting it here because I want to have it always.


- Allison announcing her pregnancy and it’s kind of unplanned so the three of them are some combination of excited and terrified

- Stiles placing bets on who the baby’s gonna come out looking like (Isaac and Scott are goobers and each hopes the kid will look like the other because they think the other is cuter)

- One night, Isaac and Scott find themselves staying up all night, profoundly scared of becoming like their fathers; it ends up being the final push they both need to go seek therapy. Allison wakes up the next morning to find them huddled together in the living room and only half wakes them up as she joins them on the couch

- Allison being a little insecure because her body is changing a lot with the pregnancy, in some ways that are fun (she loves, loves, loves showing off her round belly, and is pretty happy that her boobs are getting fuller) but also in some ways that re not so fun (her ankles and feet get swollen, there are some rather unwelcome stretch marks, and she’s always been meticulous about shaving /places/, but with the big belly, she kind of can’t anymore). She doesn’t say anything about it, but the boys notice - they notice how she doesn’t sleep in just a t-shirt anymore like she used to, how she likes to dim the lights when they’re getting rowdy in the bedroom. And so they don’t say anything directly about it, either. But there’s a little more of those lingering touches. A few more casual remarks of “holy fuck, you’re gorgeous, Ally”. She notices, and she loves it.

- Name debates. They all agree that paying homage to their relatives, dead or alive, is kind of weird, so they cross out Victoria and Christopher and Melissa and Camden. Several long discussions ensue. They discover just how many people they lowkey hold grudges against because every name just reminds them of someone.

- They’re shopping for some last-minute things - a baby seat for the car, a few more onesies with funny sayings Scott just couldn’t resist - when her contractions start. Cue the three of them HAULING ASS TO THE HOSPITAL (”wait, first we have to actually pay for this stuff”) and Isaac drives, Allison focuses on her breathing, Scott sends the pack a message (they have a very active Whatsapp group, okay). The words “this is it” and “holy fuck” get thrown around a lot



Psssst, personal addition 


you just know Derek is going to look like this 

when he gets to see the baby for the first time

because his crush on Stiles is bad, he knows that, but he is pretty sure the first time you see someone else’s baby you aren’t supposed to be immediately think, “huh, well, I wonder what colour Stiles would paint the nursery? I hope it’s not Batman themed. ” He hasn’t even found the courage to ask him out yet.

And then Stiles would start cooing over his godson- because let’s face it, Stiles and Lydia are totally the godparents- and Derek is gone. Done. He needs to do anything but go home and jerk off to the thought of Stiles and him being domestic. 

What even is his life.

But no. It gets worse. Because Stiles then brings out a tiny little Harry Potter blanket for the baby to hold and that just isn’t fair. Does Stiles know Harry Potter is Derek’s favourite book series? Is he dong this to be mean? 

All the while everyone has stopped looking at the baby because Derek’s heart rate is going super fast and Stiles gently leads him out of the room because he thinks Derek is having a panic attack and he sits him down outside and gets him to count, asks him if he’s okay.

And instead of replying that he’s fine, Derek just goes, “I want you- I mean…one.”

And Stiles frowns, confused, because wait. What. 


And because he’s not any better than Derek he just goes, “okay.”

Which is how they end up having their first date babysitting at Scott, Allison and Isaac’s.

Teen Wolf Halloween Headcanons

A/N: With Halloween coming up I thought I’d do some headcanons in relation to how they’d wanna spend Halloween with them. So yeah, hope you enjoy x

Allison Argent: She loved Halloween, and she loved when the two of you were able to carve pumpkins. She loved the fun that you had while doing it, looking up pictures of other people’s attempts to either try and make yourselves feel better about your own ones or get inspiration.

‘How do people do this?’ you asked, looking at another picture of an awesome carving, the flame flickering beautifully inside.

‘By actually carving the things,’ Allison chuckled, leaning on your shoulder though to look. ‘We could do a butterfly. Totally.’

Liam Dunbar: He really liked going into the pathetic haunted houses which came to town. He loved the way you got so amused by them, either when you were in them or after when you had time to calm down from all the scares. It was the way you kept him close though, as if a comfort for the both of you.

‘C’mon, please can we go in there, Li?’ you asked, tugging at his hand as the queue surged forward slightly.

‘I still remember last time – I’ve got the marks!’ he said, looking at his hand which you’d squeezed tightly, but he allowed you to guide him.

Derek Hale: He didn’t really like Halloween all that much, but he did like the zombie survival mazes that came with it occasionally. He liked the fact that you went together, and that the two of you worked well as a team, making sure that you always protected each other no matter how scared you were.

‘Derek, you – think next time – you’re gonna dart – down an alley – you could – warn me?’ you panted, clutching a stich in your side.

‘Sorry,’ he said softly, patting you on the back but keeping an eye out for guests. ‘Next time I’ll push you first,’ he joked, making you grin.

Isaac Lahey: He was kind of indifferent to Halloween, but he did love the movie nights you insisted upon having. He always put on the older ones first, the ones that you could take the mick out of fully, before putting on the scarier ones as you were falling asleep, resting your legs across him.

‘You sure you’re up for another one?’ he asked, flicking to another movie on Netflix.

You nodded sleepily. ‘Yeah, of course,’ you said, barely supressing a yawn through which caused him to chuckle, putting another on though.

Lydia Martin: She loved holding Halloween parties, making sure that everyone was dressed up and that the house looked really spooky. She loved the whole party feel, the way that people honestly got into the feel of the thing; and you were always by her side to make sure it was as spooky as possible.

‘Do you think I should keep the skeleton?’ she asked, frowning as she held the thing against the doorframe, chewing her lip lightly.

‘Lyd, it’s gonna be amazing either way… but yeah, I think you need it – some cobwebs too,’ you said, grinning at her.

Scott McCall: He really enjoyed Halloween, and he loved watching you telling the ghost stories that you’d read. He was always in awe of how you could remember them all, and he loved the way the firelight flickered in the middle of your little group so as to give the whole thing a new air.

‘And they were never seen again,’ you said, sitting back in your seat and allowing the eeriness of the story to wash over the others. ‘Happy Halloween.’

Scott grinned at you, patting you lightly on the back in congratulations. ‘That was brilliant,’ he said. ‘Can we do something cheerful now though?’

Stiles Stilinski: He loved it when you helped him with trick or treating when his cousin came to visit. He loved how well you got on with her, and the happiness which lit your eyes at the idea of going trick or treating again; you really enjoyed the dressing up part, all three of you working together.

‘Batman, Robin and Alfred,’ you said, grinning as Chloe darted around in her Robin outfit, getting way too excited about trick or treating.

‘Yeah, but why’ve I gotta be Alfred?!’ Stiles asked indignantly, making you chuckle and hug him lightly around the shoulders.

stydia development

The development is what makes Stydia so special.

She goes from ignoring him at school to mildly tolerating him to cheering him on at lacrosse,shouting no and pushing him out of the way of danger and caring when he went missing in the middle of the night.

She goes from not hearing when he speaks to her, to not caring what he has to say, to mildly tolerating what he has to say, to seeking his comfort and advice and saying he’s the one who always figures it out.

It’s more real than the typical “love at first sight” stuff you get on some shows.

Stydia are slowburn, but there is development.

Lydia has never known what it’s liked to be loved by someone properly in a relationship, Allison says don’t you remember what that’s like, and she says no.

When Allison was talking about how far to go with Scott, she says “you really like him don’t you”. I think to start with Lydia has had unhealthy relationships and she’s slowly learning what it is like to be loved by someone truly. The look on her face after she kissed stiles because of the anxiety attack shows it’s not like anything she’s experienced or was expecting to experience with him.

People aren’t someone to you..until they are.  Yes she would rude and she ignored Stiles, but Stiles saw through it and called her out on it, and through spending time with Stiles, she’s learnt to show it.