in some parts of the world two days late

Some things about Kravitz, who hasn’t lived in the world (or in general) for a little while:

Kravitz has a really strange perception of time, because he’s gotten used to ignoring the overall passage of time as much as possible. If it’s an appointment, with a scheduled time and place that he can write down on a calendar (say, a date), Kravitz is always prompt. If it’s a more general timeframe (say, meeting his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s favorite child at the zoo in two hours), he might be several hours or days either late or early. It’s impossible to predict in what specific way he will misunderstand the timing next.

Kravitz has fallen out of the habit of eating by the time he meets Taako. It’s not necessary, and he has better things to do with his time than indulge in sentimental habits from life, he thinks. He has no idea what to order on that first dinner date; he doesn’t even remember what foods he used to like. When Taako finds out, he pushes himself to cook more because he wants to see the look on Kravitz’ face when he tastes Taako’s cooking (Taako doesn’t always manage it, but he tries more than he used to). Kravitz can’t handle spicy food but he eats it anyway (it’s familiar and like home and if he could eat it in his first life he wants to have it again in his second) and discovers that he has a deep and obsessive love of sweets. Taako experiments with a recipe for a spiced cake, and Kravitz eats almost the whole thing while simultaneously smiling and crying. (It tastes so much like something he can’t name.)

Kravitz isn’t very good at small talk. He doesn’t know what to talk about besides work, and when he talks about work people start to look at him strangely. He falls into the habit of just following Taako around at whatever party they attend and letting his boyfriend do most of the talking. He prefers the smaller family gatherings; Taako’s family is a busy, loud, chaotic group, and they draw Kravitz into their conversations and activities like he’s meant to be there. (Of course you’re meant to be there, people keep telling him. You’re part of the family, wouldn’t be the same without you.) Kravitz doesn’t know when he starts depending on all of them, just that one day he realizes that he trusts them in a way he never expected to. His trust isn’t misplaced - he’s at a party and people are asking uncomfortable questions, and Lup interrupts with a loud and gleeful recounting of the way she decapitated a necromancer to the suddenly-horrified onlookers. Barry helps Kravitz make his escape during the distraction. 

Kravitz likes to be warm. He realizes how much he enjoys the feeling when he’s cuddling with Taako one night; it feels like home, like something he hasn’t felt in a long time. Once he’s mostly living in the Prime Material Plane, he gravitates towards warmth whenever possible. The house he and Taako eventually share has a big fireplace with an armchair right next to it, and Kravitz acquires an enormous collection of sweaters. He likes to sit out in the sun. He frequently invades Taako’s personal space to leech warmth from him; Taako gets used to the sudden and freezing (and loving) embrace of death.

Kravitz sometimes forgets to put on his face in the morning before he answers the door for people. It’s fine when it’s friends or family, but they’ve been through a few mail couriers and scouts selling cookies. Taako cackles with delight every time; Kravitz is always embarrassed. 

Kravitz gets unreasonably excited when he discovers “new things.” His family patiently indulges his enthusiasm about such up-and-coming trends as fantasy slap bracelets, fantasy glow sticks, and fantasy snuggies. 

Kravitz never gets tired of finding new music, and there is so much new music to find, with so much time now to listen. He’s obsessed with another song every week, and it’s not unusual to hear music trickling from the window day or night. Sometimes, when Kravitz unexpectedly finds a familiar piece of music that he didn’t know he’d forgotten, he’ll dance with Taako around the kitchen or living room like he hasn’t since that first life that he can barely remember.

Of Tea Parties and Princess Duties

for @cakeandpi as part of the @yjficexchange

Prompt: “Kaldur having Very Serious Princess Tea Parties with his goddaughter Lian, absolutely straight-faced, teaching her important lessons about ruling and politics. While Roy is a bit concerned that Kaldur seems to be teaching his four year old how to conquer the world.”

Basically ignores season two bc fuck season two am I right?

So so sorry this is a day late! I was having some issues with word on my computer and the fic’s file kept getting corrupted but I hope this is what you wanted!! (pls enjoy my attempts at pre-k playground problems lol)

Kaldur shifted on his feet as he waited in the cramped entry way to the small fourth-floor walkup. Early morning light attempted to seep through the shoddy blinds that covered the window across the room. He wanted to appear casual, but his tense shoulders and rigid posture betrayed him. Roy had not noticed, fortunately, as he maneuvered around the tight space, collecting his scattered things.

“Roy,” Kaldur tried, searching for words, “I… am not sure that this is the best course of action.” Roy moved in and out of Kaldur’s view as he quietly stepped, “Surely there must be someone else-“

Roy tossed his pack onto the coffee table in the center of the living room and began to shove his gear into it, he looked up at Kaldur and shook his head, “Afraid not.”

“What of Cheshire- Jade, I mean,” Kaldur pressed, “Or Artemis? Or Mrs. Crock? Ollie and Dinah? Even M’gann would jump at the opportunity to- uh, babysit.”

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“‘Hello, my dear Listeners,’

“the Host begins. ‘It is late, once again, but I have returned as I said I would to speak with you all. I did also mention that I would not be around much, and that has been true as well, though unfortuantely so. I have had an interesting day, as Dark allowed the two of us to wander into the Human world and witness the community (at least in some parts of the world) that is Halloween. I must admit… I did sort of want to go trick-or-treating myself, but Dark said I was a thousand years or so too old, and I suppose He is correct. It was still nice to witness the event in itself, without taking part in it.’

“‘The only unfortunate news I bare is that Dark may be beconung more aware of ( ´ ▽ ` ). They are not around this place often, as it is very dangerous for a human to be this deep inside the void, and in order for them to write my transcripts I have sent recordings to them through telepathic dream. Not the most conventianal, and understandably interpreted as a fever dream the first time (despite the fact that ( ´ ▽ ` ) did not indeed have a fever), but it’s the safest in their regard. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed an edge to Dark lately that just tells me He knows about them. Or thinks He knows about them. Or He Himself simply knows something is off but is not yet sure what. I’m not sure myself. I want to protect ( ´ ▽ ` ) since I was the one who /hired/ them, technically, so I’m going to have to be more careful with how much I’m around them in the future.’

“‘Nevermind that, now,’ the Host continues, sighing softly. The room he is in is slightly less dark, as there is a single, nearly unused candle beside the Host and his microphone now. He seems less rushed, and perhaps calmer than before. ‘( ´ ▽ ` ) is safe, I’m sure of it. On the other hand, I don’t have much time to talk for a few more days, but I promise I will talk a bit more after then. I had started to forget what it felt like to talk to you all, and now I’m statting to remember why I enjoyed it so much.’

“‘Now I’m afraid I must get going again. Dark is, objectively, not a patient man. I shall return tomorrow, likely at night like this once again. Until then, goodnight, my dear Listeners, and best wishes to all those who listen.’”


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