in sharp clothing

slytherin, a story.

we know.

we know there’s so much deeper to a slytherin than just snarky remarks and a jab of an insult. we know there’s a million more walls to fight through before we reach the core, the shielded fire of a slytherin; their heart, burning in ferocity as they take pride in everything they do.

we know that slytherins hold their head up high, never letting their guard down because they don’t know what they’ll do if someone taunts them, letting them make a fool of themselves.

because slytherins are just as heartless as we are; doing anything for the ones they love. they play within the rules, never bending or breaking them because they promised themselves that they will do what’s right for themselves after being ridiculed, shamed and left hanging.

because being a slytherin means working your ass off to achieve what you want, the swell of pride in your stomach after seeing your plan move with perfection.

being a slytherin means to be sharp and fast on your feet, quick and speedy and ready to run, run, run. because all you ever do is hide from the monsters and pray that someone else will slay them for you. because you are still a normal human being.

but being a slytherin means shattering one of your precious rules to help out a friend, to make them happy because you are loyal and you pick your companions wisely.

because being a slytherin means being a bitch and dropping the people who are toxic in your lives, because you know you deserve better.

being a slytherin means that you are the person people go to when they’re in need of a fighter, a person who doesn’t back down from danger because you will protect them because you are fierce and you will not step away from a challenge if it’s for someone you care for.

being a slytherin means ending the relationship first or never starting it at all because you don’t want to feel weak, you don’t want to cry when everything finishes. because you’d rather feel nothing than lose everything.

because a slytherin is sharp clothing, tight jeans and a wicked smirk, but it is also a fierce longing for everyone you care for to be safe. an ambition to keep your rules straight and to abide them so your life isn’t messy and it’s organized and neat.

because being a slytherin means sacrificing your own feelings to watch your beloved be happy, careful to overstep because you don’t want to lose something you never had in the first place.


“In ghost, Thomas smiled at Edith, really smiled; she remembered the glow of flame in his eyes when they had danced the Chopin waltz; the radiance of the firelight on his face in their humble honeymoon sanctuary at the depot. Need had driven him into the darkness, but love had brought him into the light. It had redeemed him.” — Crimson Peak, book.


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#95-Matt the Radar Technician

“I know it’s you.”

Words: 1.5 K +

Warnings: None


You were sitting at the cafeteria table when it happened. You had heard about it from a few rumors a couple of days ago, that you were getting a new assignment. But not any assignment. A new guy.

He walked in, looking around with a confused, lost look on his face. Something about him was familiar. He had large glasses pushed up the bridge of his nose, an angular face, large, pouty lips, thick black eyebrows and curly blonde hair. Some strands of black hair were visible through the blonde locks. He glanced around, surveying the area before saying,

“Hello… I’m Matt. A Radar Technician.”

Oh dear… You thought. That was your cue. ‘Matt’ spotted you, and you walked over to him. Holding out your hand, you puffed your chest, brushing a strand of hair from your forehead as he took your hand.

“Name’s Y/N.”


“I know that.”

“I’m a Radar Technician.”

“Mhm. Me too. Wonderful.” Scrunching your face, you inspected him. He smiled awkwardly. “Okay, Matt… Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I guess they want me to show you around first. Get the gist of what we do.” Matt nodded, and you breathed out. “Alright then…” Turning around, you lead him out of the cafeteria, walking fast. Quickly pointing out random things, you lead him through a tour of your sector. Explaining what the 'Radar Technicians’ do and such. He seemed pretty interested in it. Almost too interested… But you brushed it off as new worker excitement. He wouldn’t be like this in a week. If he lasted that long…

On the way, you turned to Matt. Noticing that he was staring at you with wide eyes and a dorky smile on his lips. When you looked back, he abruptly looked away as if that would cover his actions. Pressing your lips together, you shook your head slightly and pushed your hands into your pocket.

Matt suddenly caught up to you, and blurted out, “so… what do you think of Kylo Ren?”

“You mean our boss?” You shrugged. “He’s alright. He’s not around a lot, which I guess is a good thing. But when he does come around, remember to… Well… I guess you just have to learn the hard way.”


“Uh… Well, he has… Anger management issues. Let’s just say that. Yep. And if you piss him off, sometimes either he’ll force choke you or start wrecking shit with his lightsaber. Shit, you and I have to clean up.” Smiling sarcastically, you pulled your hand from your pocket and patted Matt on the back. You saw a sudden flash of anger in his dark eyes, and you retracted your hand. “Okay then…”

Throughout the day, you lead Matt around, listening to him splurge on information of Kylo Ren, and how he 'admires’ him, and that he deserves more respect for what he’s doing.

Nodding, going along with it, you began to wonder what this guy’s deal was with Kylo… In all retrospects, you hardly knew the guy. But you had been working on the Starkiller Base for a good 3 years by the time this Matt showed up. He wasn’t even done with his first day and he already knew more about Kylo Ren then anyone. Even you, who served directly under the guy.


When your afternoon break came, you had pretty much had enough of this 'Matt’ guy. He was obnoxious. Nervously, obnoxious. It was like he couldn’t be quiet for 5 seconds let alone the 7 hours of the day you had left.

Of course, they choose my longest day to introduce the new guy…. You think, rubbing your temples.

Walking over to the vending machine, you tied your hair up in a ponytail, punching in the number, and grabbing a bag of chips. When you sat down at the table, Matt was staring intently at you. Something he hadn’t stopped doing since you two met. But he seemed familiar with you…. Too familiar. As if he already knew you somehow….

You began to think about Kylo Ren, and how he never showed his face. You only knew he had black hair from the time that he had taken off his mask when he was walking to his chambers at the end of the day. You didn’t see his face, but you saw enough to know it was him.

Mulling this over, you bit the inside of your cheek. Looking over Matt’s loose blonde hair and the dark black roots, alongside stray black strands that were pulled at the bottom, as well as through the blonde curls.

“So… Matt… Where did you say you came from?”

“I didn’t.”


“What did you do before this?”

“You tell me…”


“What?” You leaned forward, about to grab his glasses and pull them off, as if that would confirm your suspicion, when your friend, y/f/n came over. Sliding next to you. Ecstatic, she held out her hand to Matt, who shook it hesitantly.

“Y/N. Have you heard?”


“Apparently, the Resistance has a lead on where Luke Skywalker’s map is located.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“What about Luke Skywalker?” Matt leaned forward.

“You’re the new guy?”


“Well, Luke Skywalker-”

“I know who Luke Skywalker is.”

“Jesus-Yeah… Y/N… Can I talk to you alone?”

Pulling you aside, your friend leaned forward, about to say something, when you cut her off. “I think Matt is Kylo Ren.”

At your words, y/f/n stared at you with wide eyes. Glancing behind you at Matt, and then back at you. “Seriously? No way.”

“He knows more about him than I do, or quite frankly, anyone that I’ve ever known. He can’t stop talking about him! Kylo Ren has black hair, and Matt’s hair looks pretty inconsistent regarding it’s supposed to be blonde.”

“There’s no way! That guy’s way too cute to be Kylo Ren.”

“Oh my god…” You groaned, throwing your head back. “You couldn’t be more inappropriate. That’s our boss!”

“You don’t know that…” She winked. Stuttering, you attempted to respond, but just walked away, flustered. You slid back into the seat and crossed your arms. Staring Matt dead in the eyes. You shivered, a coldness washing over you like a blanket. Y/f/n then sat beside you, and you bit your lip.

“I know it’s you.” You pressed forward, looking for a reaction. And boy, did you get one. Matt’s eyes widened, and he laughed nervously.

“Who? My-My name is Matt-”

“You’re Kylo Ren!”

Matt then sat up abruptly, pushing his chair out, and rushing out of the room. You didn’t see him for the rest of the day. Or, at least, you didn’t see Matt.

Walking back to your room, your tired feet dragging on the ground, you noticed Kylo Ren waiting by your door. Instead of a blonde dork, he had his natural black hair flowing around his sharp face, and black clothes wrapped around his muscular shape. Swallowing, you slowed your steps until you stopped right in front of him.

“Hello.” He said, his voice filtered with a certain darkness. Still holding the same nervousness as before, however.

“Hello, Matt the Radar Technician.”

“Look-I’m sorry.” He pressed forward, closing the gap between you. Realizing what he had done, he quickly took a step back and cleared his throat. “I… I wanted to get to know you. I was afraid if you just knew me for Kylo Ren, you’d be too afraid.”

“I’ve never been afraid of you.”


“I’ve never really been afraid of you. You didn’t have to go undercover to talk to me.” Clenching your jaw, the tense air between the two made you nearly cringe away. God, you hated awkward silences. But there Kylo was, with his soft, gentle complexion and understanding eyes. Standing in front of you with only the sound of his breaths penetrating the air around you.

When you began to reach out for your door. Kylo suddenly then grabbed your arm, moving you back so that you were pressed underneath him, your back to the cold metal and your breath ragged from the surprise.

What happened was unexpected. From knowing the man with a mask to your encounter with Matt the Radar Technician, you didn’t expect to find yourself leaning into the touch of Kylo Ren, your lips moving against his. But there you were, biting his bottom lip, and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. Standing on your tippy toes to kiss him harder. Running his hands up your back, you breathed out, pulling away and staring into his eyes. Kylo cleared his throat, and then rubbed his hands on his sides.
“I guess… I’ll see you later.”



“Keep the glasses. They were cute.”

This made him smile, and for the first time, you felt butterflies fill your stomach.


(your hands tremor with all you are afraid of grasping)

My darling, most beloved Sue. Look what I finally finished!!! I wrote you this thing because a) I wanted to, b) it was your birthday and you deserve nice things, and c) I found screenshots of a convo we had that I kept on my phone as a reminder to write The Thing and laughed and laughed and laughed, so.


This is a remix/sequel to @bluefurcape‘s fic Regret.

Warnings: unreliable narrators, angst, swearing, smut, length (7,000+ words).

Crossposted to AO3.

When he finds her in the bar, it’s like all his failures come home to roost.

If he could go back, if he could do it all again, would he turn around the moment that chalkboard eraser hit his head and never look back? Would he tell the Sandaime “No, I will not. Give them to someone else, to anyone else”?

Maybe if he had, maybe if Kakashi had done something selfless for once in his fucking life, he could have spared her this.

Someone else, anyone else, could have taught them, guided them, ensured that Sakura never ended up here in this dive of a bar, so drunk she can’t sit up straight let alone muster the ability to stare at the pale band of flesh where her wedding ring used to sit.

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anonymous asked:

An evil prompt for my favourite writers: what if Diana wasn’t killed? It’s (demi)canon she was sleeping with Mulder at the time (they kissed and she took off her shirt in his apartment in The 6th exstinction), so how would he cope with that at the end of Amor fati knowing she had helped Scully saving him? Of course MSR: I’m human. ;) By the way, thank you to all of you: if there's something that needs to be great again is The x-files and all of you are working at it beautifully.

What a great idea! Here you go, anon.

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Summary: Sam is jealous of you watching WWE.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Other Characters: Dean. Finn Bálor (Not a character, but he’s mentioned)
A/N: Apparently, now I have a crush on Finn Bálor - thanks to @flightofthefantasies - and you all have to suffer the consequences. 

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“Do it, do it.” You yelled at the TV. “Come on, Finn, just do it.”

Sam turned to you with a scared look on his face.

For the first time ever – after insisting for days –, he was watching WWE with you, and was apparently surprised by your reactions to the TV.

“You know they can’t hear you, right?” He asked.

“Shut up.” You slapped his arm.

Dean laughed, and your boyfriend stared at your with his jaw dropped. You’ve never hit him or tell him to shut up. At least, not that harshly.

“Did you… Did you just slap me?”

Ignoring him completely, you stood up when Finn – the Finn Bálor – held the man down.

“That’s it, baby, you can do it.” You yelled. “Go, go, go.”

Okay, maybe you were far too interested in WWE, but how couldn’t you? It was addicting. Of course you knew it was all scripted, but it was much more amusing than any Doctor Sexy Dean watched.

You ignored your boyfriend by your side once again and, when Bálor was declared winner, you celebrated loudly, jumping up and down.

“Did you call him baby?”  Sam stared at you, completely shocked.

You finally looked at him, and your boyfriend was frowning deeply and angrily when you did. Between the two brothers, Dean was the one with the whole Alpha male appearance, but Sam was the territorial one.

“Oh, come on.” You rolled your eyes, sitting on his lap. “He’s just a wrestler.”

He gave you a bitch face that made Dean laugh out loud.

“This is all scripted.” He argued.

“I know.” You rolled your eyes. “It doesn’t change the fact that it is funny to watch.”

Your boyfriend frowned even more.

“That guy is almost naked.” He pointed, and you laughed. “I could see him have a boner right there, and he wasn’t even trying to hide it.”

“And he’s no AJ Styles, babe, he doesn’t get horny there.” You hid your face on the crock of his neck, laughing at his overreacting. “ And if he ever does… Well, that makes it even more fun.”

“Excuse me?!” He tugged on your hair, pulling your face so he could look at you.

You shook your head in a laugh, not even noticing how Dean had left the place, and gasped when you felt his sharp slap on your clothed ass cheek.

“Sam.” You whined, and stood up when you pushed you away.

“Go to the bedroom.” He said, his eyes dark and his tone rough. “I’m gonna show you what is fun.”

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Love Train

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Male reader x Shownu 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Shownu felt his heart leap in his chest as the train pulled to a stop at the station. Smoke swooshed over the platform as the doors slid open. He stepped on and maneuvered his way throughout the train. He didn’t need to look at the numbers on the seats anymore, because he knew his place, sat on the left hand side table at seat forty seven, the seat across from the man he did not know the name of, but spoke to through silence each working day.

He lugged his bag until the familiar smile of his train partner appeared. Shownu felt his heart leap again; the strings in his chest pulling tightly. He slid into his seat, preparing his greatest smile, but the other occupant was already with the facial expressions, his tongue poking out of his lips cheekily. Shownu bit his lip harshly, his tooth piercing his lip until the metalic taste of his blood flooded into his mouth.

It was like a switch, and the man opposite was the only one that could flick it. Shownu felt like a mess; flustered and blushing, all because of something as simple as eye contact and a facial expression.

Countryside flew past the windows, a blur of every shade of green and the blue of the sky complimenting each other. Shownu wanted to concentrate on it, but his eyes always drew back to the male opposite him.

The man opposite was looking down at his phone. He wore a suit, clearly in a good position at his establishment. The clothes looked sharp, but his face was soft and the two mixed in a good combination. Shownu wondered what the covered skin looked like, then he blushed, realising his dirty his mind was getting by the second.

He distracted himself with the nametag looped around his neck on a lanyard. {y/n}. Shownu felt the name engrave in his brain, something he would never forget. He wondered how many times the man had worn his lanyard, and more importantly, how many times he had somehow overlooked it. He shifted his own tie, straightening it as {y/n} looked up. But it wasn’t to look at Shownu.

A girl was stood, then slid next to {y/n}. She looked seductive in her red lipstick and her pointed black liner. She too was wearing formal wear, but the buttons on her shirt were left unclipped to far down her clevage, and her shirt rode dangerously up her thighs. At first, Shownu didn’t think anything of her, then, she was touching {y/n} and Shownu’s head filled with accusations.

As his heart sunk, he realised what this must mean; {y/n} already had someone to love. But then, he felt astonishment and {y/n} looked up, his eyes crying for help.

Shownu had spent days and weeks and months sitting across from this man, and only now was he looking into the depths of panic and worry. Shownu cleared his throat, leaning forward and taking {y/n}’s had bravely. His face was fierce with determination, but his insides were quivering.

“So, you were talking about that date again, huh? I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting much longer. It’s been ages since we’ve been out. Where do you want to go?” Shownu asked. His act was effective, because the girl’s eyes shot up like bullets.

“Too right you shouldn’t keep me waiting, it’s rude.” {y/n} responded, seemingly reassured by Shownu’s touch. He brushed the girl off confidently, the worry in his eyes fading. Shownu found himself wondering if he had been the one to give {y/n} such strength.

Shownu smiled, a playful expression crossing his face. “I guess you’ll need to punish me.”

{y/n} laughed, and the girl rose abruptly.

“You’re together?” She spat, her eyes narrowing to thin slits like daggers.

“Yes.” Shownu responded, “Problem?”

The girl huffed, her heal emitting a sharp clap as it stomped against the ground. She looked like a child, the way her lips pouted and her arms crossed over her chest. She then skulked off down the corridor, her hair flipping over her shoulder as though she had been seriously hard done by.

“Thanks for that. I didn’t know what to say to get her off me.” {y/n} spoke, he looked genuinely thankful. He didn’t move his hands away. Shownu was blushing again.

“It’s fine, anything for a friend.” Shownu said, then he started to wonder if ‘friend’ was the right term. He was worrying again, but {y/n} simply laughed.

“Friend? Really? Wow, I was put in that zone very quickly. And there I thought for a moment you might actually be interested in me too?”

“Sorry?” Shownu blurted like an idiot.

{y/n}’s eyes shone with glee. “I’m trying to say I like you.”

He then stood up as the train’s monotone female voice announced the stop. Shownu watched him as he slung his bag over his shoulder, so effortlessly perfect and Shownu’s heart was fluttering.

“I like you too.” Shownu confirmed.

“Then take me on that date, dammit. I’ve been waiting.” {y/n} winked, then, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to Shownu’s cheek. Laughing at his own referral back to their scenario before. Shownu grinned.

“7 o’clock, and you better not be late.”

{y/n} nodded, poking his tongue out like he had done time and time before, still sending Shownu’s head into a blur. He winked, then turned and exited the train.

Shownu was up so high, he didn’t think anything could bring him back down.