in search of the sleep

I woke up this morning around 7 or 8–way earlier than normal for me–with potential dialogue for W2H2 ringing in my head. I lie in bed for a half hour or so fine-tuning it and trying to figure out where it came from. I don’t really remember what woke me, I just knew that suddenly I was awake and there were these lines in my head, and it felt like I’d been going over them for hours. I tried to remember what I was thinking about right before I fell asleep. It was pretty late, wasn’t it? Hoping for a clue, I reach for my phone. I always look at stuff on my phone before I sleep. I open my google search history:

“IKEA Kallax shelves”

I think one of the things I really like about chickens is how accessible they are.

Like, I was telling my cousin about how I had finally gotten a mille de fleur hen I’d been searching for for two years and she sort of gasped and asked how much I had to spend for it and I told her $5.

I just had to find one, not save up for it.

Teen Wolf Preference – He walks in on you naked

Once again, thank you @pissheadofficial, my source of SHARED filthy ideas.

Warnings: Some of them have SLIGHT sexual content (heh what ya think..)

Scott McCall

Scott had a habit to climb through your window at night. You knew roughly what time he used to come by and you decided to change into something more comfortable to sleep in before he arrived, instead of always having to go into the bathroom to change every time.

You started to undress and search for the shorts you use to sleep in when you heard a gust of wind behind you. “Man, now I REALLY don’t regret arriving earlier.” the familiar voice behind you made you turn around in terror.

The smirking face of Scott met yours and you quickly took your dirty shirt and tried to cover your bare body. “Scott!” you squealed with widened eyes and he just nodded in appreciation.

You cursed under your breath as you bend down to gather the rest of your clothes but kept on drop your clothes and Scott still stood in front of your window, smiling proudly as he eyed you up and down. “Stop staring and get out!”

He shook his head and you roared at him, still panicking over your naked body, deciding to run towards the bathroom with or without clothes. You yanked backwards by an overly strong and warm hand gripping around your forearm.

Your naked back flushed against Scott’s chest as he was able to lean in to whisper in your ear. “No, I’m not going anywhere.” panting as he spoke. “You’re coming over here.”

Stiles Stilinski

“Holy-moly!” you got surprised by the slight numb voice of Stiles behind you. You turned around and flinched, realizing you didn’t wore a shirt, neither pants, or a bra, or panties..

“Stiles!” you gasped as you saw him standing in the door opening. His mouth was slightly open and his mesmerized gaze were focused on your body. “I wasn’t prepared for this-” he began and raised his eyebrows.

“But I like it.” he continued with what you thought was him being seductive and approached you. You furrowed your brows as he took a few step forward, his brown eyes almost piercing you were you stood, face slightly red due to his affection.

“I mean, WOW!” Stiles exclaimed with the most flustered face you’ve seen as he gesture towards your body. You followed the motions of his hands just to freeze when your eyes met his crotch.

You let out a muffled giggle, making Stiles look at you in confusion. “Stiles? Is that a boner?” you asked boldly with a smirk, quirking your eyebrows as you met his eyes again.

His gaze moved towards himself and immediately tried to cover it. His face turned even more red as he stumbled backwards towards the door. “Shit, I-” he began and hit his back in the door frame, letting the door guide him out from your room. “B-bye Y/N.”

Liam Dunbar

It was 10 minutes left until Liam’s arrival. You had invited him over to help him study for his test on Friday. You wrinkled your nose after sniffing your armpit, unbuttoned your shirt with one hand, letting the other one trying to open the buckle of your bra.

“I can’t invite him over and smell like crap.” you mumbled to yourself and decided to undress completely just to find a whole new outfit, all from underwear to your favorite over-sized cardigan.

“So I thought about what you’ve said about the combinations of the amino acids and-” Liam were looking intently down in his folders of papers, not realizing what he walked in on. You froze and your eyes widened as you held your clean underwear in your hand, smiling at him always being so unaware of his surroundings.

He closed the door behind you, still not looking at you as you answered him. “-yes Liam?” you replied him, with the most exaggerated seductive voice you could disguise.

Liam turns around slowly, meeting your eyes. You flash him a smirk as you place your hand on your hip as you pop it, twirling your underwear between your fingers.

In what seem to be in slow motion, he drops all his books, papers flying around him as his eyes Liam’s eyes widen, mouth drops and the mortification immediately covers his face as he tries to talk. 

“I-I, I’m-” he stutter before he quickly turns around, opens the door, hits his nose on the frame, leaving a trail of blood before running out from your room. When he close the door behind him you can’t help but let out a giggle.

Brett Talbot

You didn’t hear anything due to the harsh sound of your nearly broken hairdryer. The sound might resemble a nuclear power plant and you didn’t hear that someone had opened your door and stepped in.

Brett caught you in action just in that time when you had blow dried your hair upside down and were flipping your hair back over your shoulders, making it look quite sensual as Brett had seen it in slow motion. “Save that for tonight Y/N.” he purred and you dropped the hair dryer on the floor, almost hitting your foot but flinched in the right second.

“What the hell! What are you doing here? Get out!” you roared in panic and grabbed the wet towel you had hung on the back of the chair beside you, trying to cover your body as Brett pursed his lips into a smirk before stepping backwards out from the room.

“Woah.” Brett sighed for himself, he felt his heart rate increase in his chest when he realized what he had walked in to. He leaned back against the door and thought about how beautiful your naked body were in the daylight. He’d only seen the dark silhouette of it when you had sex during late nights, when your parents were asleep.

Theo Raeken

You’ve told Theo a thousand times not to come to your place until 8 p.m. since you wanted to get home from practice and shower before his arrival.

The clothes you had decided to wear laid properly on the end of your bed, waiting for you to put them on as you stood in front of your bookshelf, taking your brush out from one of the shelves to start to even out the wet tangles in your hair.

“Nice.” the hiss of Theo’s voice made you freeze, then turning around just to see the door to your room were wide open, having him leaning against the door frame. “THEO!” you quickly dive down the floor to look after something to cover your naked body with.

You felt your heart start to pound in your chest as you saw him lick his bottom lip before taking it between his teeth. “What are you doing?” you tried to sound threatening but your voice betrayed you when you spoke.

With a quirk of his eyebrow, he tugged the hem of his shirt, lifting the fabric over his head to let it fall to the floor. He started to striding towards you, having his dark gaze eyeing you up and down as he approached you and with just that look, he was devouring you.

i really hate how much my standards rose bc of fictional characters tbh like where will i find a nice attractive guy who happens to be a millionaire w a deadly wasp allergy and searches the entire globe for sleeping welsh kings bc of a voice he heard when he was literally on the verge of death and drives to weird magical forests w his friends in his orange 1973 camaro also known as The Pig???


The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

On June 13, 1977, a thunderstorm ripped through Mayes County, Oklahoma, forcing the fifty or so attendees of a Girl Scout camp to abandon their activities and go back to their tents. Amongst the girls attending the week long camp were Lori Lee Farmer (8), Michelle Heather Guse (9), and Doris Denise Milner (10). All three girls were good friends who shared a tent on the very edge of the camp, virtually out of sight of the camp counsellors tent, and obscured by trees.

After a long night, the storm passed and normal activities resumed at the camp. Around six a.m a counsellor on her way to the showers noticed a huddled form partially hidden in the undergrowth; when she investigated further, the shape revealed itself to be the corpse of a young girl wrapped in a sleeping bag. Only a few feet away, two more bodies were found, also hidden in sleeping bags. The camp was quickly searched and it was discovered the occupants pf Tent #8 were missing. The bodies were identified as those of Milner, Guse, and Farmer. Their tent had been broken into during the night, and the killer had raped all three girls before strangling them.

Autopsies on the girls bodies revealed a short but vicious attack: they had been beaten around the head, thrown on the wooden floor of the tent (which was covered in blood someone had tried to clean up), and choked repeatedly. All three victims had been subjected to a violent sexual assault before being dragged from the tent to the forest 150 yards away and killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Camp Scott closed down after the murders, and has never been reopened.

While the crime scene was chaotic, it yielded very few clues. What evidence was present didnt make sense. However, a camp counsellor came forth to the police with a very bizarre story; several months before the murders, her tent had been ransacked and a box of donuts stolen. The box was later mysteriously returned empty, with a note (apparently from the donut thief) that declared three campers would be chosen and murdered. The counsellor handed the note to police, but unfortunately no solid leads resulted from it.

Only one person was ever arrested in relation to the brutal crime, a Cherokee man named Gene Hart. Four years prior to the murders he had been in prison for kidnapping and raping two pregnant women, but had escaped custody and was known to live in the woods around Camp Scott. Hart was arrested and charged with the brutal triple murder, but a jury acquitted him. He died in 1985.

Blood and semen samples were collected at the crime scene and tested for DNA over the years, but this has produced no conclusive results. No suspicious activity was reported in the camp on the day of the murders and no new leads have surfaced. After over forty years, the Girl Scout Murders are likely to remain unsolved.

Drunk Dialed

Request: Can you do a Lin imagine where he is kinda drunk and calls the reader (because he likes her but she doesn’t know) and starts rambling and starts saying things he shouldn’t.

Prompts: 25- I just had a couple drinks                                                                               55- You love me and you know it

Words: 1412

Pairing: Lin x Reader

It was just one of those nights. You were tired after the show and wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed with a cup of warm tea and watch Netflix until you fell asleep, so you turned down your friends constant pleas to go to the bar.

You were sleeping like the dead when your phone began to ring, much to your annoyance. Because of our busy schedule you haven’t been able to sleep much.

“God dammit.” You groaned, searching for you phone in the mountains of blankets on your bed. The clock next to your bed read 2:43 and you couldn’t fathom who could possibly be calling you at this hour.

The name Linnamon Roll was plastered on your phone screen and your heart skipped a beat, but you were confused. Why in the world was Lin calling you at this time? 

“Hello?” You sad uncertainly as you pressed the phone to your ear.

“(Y/N)!” The man exclaimed happily. “My favorite dancer!”

Drunk. Lin was definitely drunk, you could tell immediately.

“Lin it’s almost three in the morning.” You said, laying back down and pulling your covers up to your neck. You heard him sigh deeply and your confusion only grew. “Is everything okay?”

“You’re just sooo beautiful (Y/N).” A blush overtook your face at Lin’s drunken compliment.

“Lin, you’re drunk. You drunk dialed me and you should hang up before this gets out of hand.”

“But (Y/N)!” He whined. “I just love the sound of your voice.” Oh god. Your heart felt ready to burst and you were sure your pillow would combust due to how hot your cheeks were.

“What do you want Lin?” You asked with a sigh.

I just had a couple of drinks.” Lin said, his voice taking on a serious tone despite the way he was slurring his words. “And I wanted to say the I love you.”

Your heart stopped at the drunk man’s words. He sounded mighty proud of himself for his confession. You didn’t know what to say, how to react. You were stunned. 

“You’re so nice, and intelligent, and pretty, and your hair is so soft, and your laugh makes me feel all tingly.” He continued to ramble. “And you love me and you know it! So we should just stop beating around the bush and get married! You’d be a great mom and we could do cheesy christmas cards and it would be great!“

The thought made your heart happy. Of course it did, you’ve had a crush on him for months now, but he was drunk at the moment. He probably had no idea what he was saying and probably wouldn’t even remember it in the morning. You didn’t let yourself get your hopes up. "You need to go to bed Lin, we have two shows tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.”

“Say you love me.” He slurred, sounding like a pouty child. You sighed, but though ‘what the heck?’, it’s not like he’d remember it in the morning anyway.

“Fine, alright. I love you, Lin. Now go home and go to bed.” Saying the words made your chest tighten. You’ve wanted to say them for so long, but not like this.

“I love you too, (Y/N). Goodnight.” He giggled and you hung up before he could say anything else. You put your phone back on its charger and buried your face in your pillow. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

You didn’t so much as look at him from the moment you rushed to your dressing room, to the rare occasions both of you were waiting in the wings, to the break before the second show. He was trying to talk to you, constantly trying to catch your eye, but you refused.

It was obvious what he wanted to talk about and you didn’t want you. You already knew what he was going to say. ‘Sorry about drunk dialing you last night, I didn’t mean any of it, let’s put it behind us’. 

“What up with you and Lin?” Sasha asked as you were getting ready for the opening number of the second show and you sighed.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” You replied, touching up your makeup.

“He’s been staring at you with big sad eyes all day and you’re obviously avoiding him. Something happened, did he finally confess his love and you reject him?” Ariana said from the other side of you and your body stiffened. Your friends immediately noticed the change in your posture and shared a look.

“Okay, spill.” Sasha demanded, pulling you to sit next to Ariana.

You took a deep breath, knowing it would be simpler to just tell them. “Lin drunk dialed me last night and started talking about how cute our family Christmas cards would look.”

The two women squealed in excitement, but reigned it in when they say your downtrodden expression.

“(Y/N), what’s the problem here? You’ve been in love with Lin forever and he obviously feels the same.” Ariana said and you shook your head.

“He was drunk, he probably just wants to tell me to forget anything happened.”

“You are an idiot.” Sasha said bluntly. “Lin has liked you probably longer than you’ve liked him. No one was going to say anything because the two of you need to figure that shit out on your own but it’s obvious to everyone but you.”

You sat there in silence, playing with your thumbs, not knowing what to say.

“All cast and crew into positions for the opening number!” A voice called and the three of you stood up.

“Seriously (Y/N), talk to Lin after the show. And don’t forget to send a Christmas card my way.” Ariana joked with a wink 

The second show was over long before you wanted it to be. Once you were out of costume, you took a deep breath and walked to Lin’s dressing room. The door was open. Lin was in the process of throwing his backpack over his shoulder when he turned and saw you standing there, causing him to jump and drop said backpack. 

“Sorry.” You apologized quickly. “I was about to knock.”

“No! No, it’s okay.” He said flustered and picked up the bag. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.”

“I know, I’ve been avoiding you all day.” You replied truthfully, staring at your shoes. The air was so awkward you wanted to turn and bolt immediately. This was a mistake.

“Do you wanna sit?” Lin offered and the two of you sat opposite of each other, you still avoiding his eyes.

“So.” You said, eager to get this over with.

“I’m sorry.” He started and you felt your heart drop to your stomach. “I was drunk last night and that call was completely out of line.”

“It’s fine.” You said softly, staring at your hands, feeling your heart break into pieces. This is exactly what you had been dreading.

“But I won’t apologize for what I said.” You head shot up at his words. What? “I’ve wanted to express my emotions for a long time, and though I wish I could have been more eloquent about it, I’m glad it’s out there.”

You didn’t know what to say, for the second time in less than 24 hours the man had left you speechless.

“I love you (Y/N), I have for months now. You’re so intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, and understanding. Your smile brightens my day and just hearing your voice soothes me when I’m stressed. I love everything about you.” His cheeks were flushed and your mouth was hanging open the slightest bit. You had to be dreaming.

“Anyways,” He said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “I just wanted to express my sentiment form last night a bit more eloquently. I’ll go now.”

He got up and began to walk out the door and you jumped to your feet. 

“Lin.” You said, your voice shaking the tiniest bit. You strutted towards him and the minute he turned around, you threw your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against his. You didn’t need to see his face to know he was shocked.

When you finally broke apart, you had a tentative grin on your face and your heart felt full.

“I love you too.” A grin overtook his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing your lips together again. Thank god for drunk dialing.

A/N: Did not plan on making this request this long but I guess I have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to Lin. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!

‘quiet now, my child
for all will be alright.
I promise to protect you
from the creatures of the night.

settle down, my darling
just breathe the quiet air.
I promise I will keep you safe
from everything out there.

silence now, my child
let all your fears subside.
I’ve checked your room for monsters
you don’t need to run and hide.

close your eyes now, darling
and get a good night’s rest.
lay your gentle head
upon your mothers tender breast’

Mama, I’ve grown older now,
I’m putting up a fight.
I’m trying not to listen,
been searching for the light.

it’s getting hard to sleep at night
I try to close my eyes,
but I’ve been trapped inside my mind
oh Mama, how it cries.

I’m trying hard to run from them
I’m giving it my best,
but Mama, they are hurting me
they’re pounding in my chest.

They used to only come to me
while I was fast asleep.
But Mama, now they’re chasing me
I think I’m in too deep.

Mama, I am tired
I tried the counting sheep,
but if I close my eyes
then they will get me in my sleep

I’ve looked inside my closet,
I’ve checked under my bed.
but the monsters are not in there, Mama
they’re inside my head.


N. Nicole Gunderman


"I'll Have What She's Having" - Berena Minific (Fluff)

Prompt help provided by @mylittleredgirl

When the morning light gets too bright to ignore, Bernie squints an eye open and groans in protest. Why she keeps forgetting to close the bloody drapes before going to sleep, she’ll never know. Perhaps it’s something about the moon’s reassuring glow that fills her with serenity. Perhaps it’s the way moonlight glimmers ever so sweetly on her lover’s naked body, allowing her eyes to trace it appreciatively long after the light has been switched off and the candles extinguished.

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I am a cow, a bovine through and through:
At night, I tread the streets of human friends
For what’s a lonely animal to do
When licking normal food must have its ends?
The moon shines bright above the rustic roofs
As I look ‘round for some new midnight snack
I travel far just on my own four hoofs—
No food is near; I can’t believe this lack.
The men are sleeping soundly in their bed
As I come searching for a tasty treat
How did I ever get it through my head
That I so needed something new to eat?
     But then I spy a loaf, so crisp and thick:
     A piece of bread that I must gladly lick.

xladyamicitia  asked:

I was hoping others would want to do this, too! Thanks for reblogging 🙂 71, please! character choice is all yours!

71. “Rise and fucking shine, motherfucker.”

He got up before Ignis, surprisingly enough. It had been a clear night, and the guys decided to sleep under the stars instead of crowded together in the tent. That made Noctis’ prank easier to go through with.

Bucket of water from the nearby lake in hand, he walked back to camp and searched for the biggest body of the three sleeping around the dying fire, and waited until the sun began to peek over the horizon before upturning the bucket of freezing cold water on Gladio’s sleeping form. The larger man woke with a start, sputtering and wiping water away from his eyes once he snapped them open.

Prompto had his camera out in an instant when he woke to the noise – Noctis warned him beforehand.

Ignis, being a light sleeper, sat up from the noise of Gladio swearing and chasing a hysterically laughing Noctis around the campsite. He put one of the pillows over his head and tried to fall back asleep again.

“RISE AND FUCKING SHINE, MOTHERFUCKER!” the prince yelled, before Gladio managed to tackle him.

Revenge never felt so sweet.