in search of ray palmer


Nine Faces: 27/∞

  • Red Hood – Mask Version (New Earth)
Resurrected from a reality warping event, Jason Todd awakens to find himself inside his own coffin. After clawing out of his grave, he is eventually found by Talia al Ghul and trained by the League of Assassins to be a foil to Batman and his philosophy. Eventually, he takes the mantle of Red Hood and quickly takes revenge on those that wronged him in life. Todd prefers murder over rehabilitation to cleanse crime, which puts him at odds with Batman, his disciples and allies. Image Source:
  • Batman #638 by Doug Mahnke (Upper Left)
  • Batman #638 Cover by Matt Wagner (Center)
  • Batman #649 by Eric Battle (Middle Left)
  • Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman Cover by Ryan Sook (Upper Middle)
  • Green Arrow #72 by Scott McDaniel (Lower Right)
  • Outsiders #45 by Carlo Barberi (Lower Left)
  • Robin #177 by Freddie E. Williams II (Middle Right)
  • Teen Titans #29 by Tony S. Daniel (Lower Middle)
  • Teen Titans #47 by Chris Batista (Upper Right)

Normal people check under their beds and in their closets for The Boogie Man.

The Boogie Man checks under his bed and in his closet for Batman.

Batman checks under his bed and in his closet for Midnighter.

Midnighter checks under his bed and in his closet for more things to kill and make Batman look like a pussy.

The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm