in search of kennedy

Sitting in your old dressing gown, isn’t going to make your future any brighter, but it will give you peace for a moment. Watching your favourite crappy TV show may just be the rest you need after the hard days work, find the balance between working and simply enjoying life for what it is. You and I both know dreams don’t come easy, but that does not mean you should not be happy whilst you are searching.

dreams and dressing gowns by Amy Kennedy


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The irony of this entire election can be summed up like this:

For months the media has told the Republican Party - and the right as a whole - that after we lose so badly to Hillary Clinton we would have to do a ton of soul searching. They did not mince words. They said that there would be a civil war, chaos, Trumpism vs Ryanism vs Bushism vs any other kind of isms they could think of. 

They told us we may never have another Republican president because of changing demographics. They told us Hillary Rodham Clinton may win Arizona, Texas, and Georgia. They told us we might lose the Senate and - Heaven forbid - the House as well. It would be the darkest timeline for us. Trump would destroy our party forever and we would go the way of the Whigs. 

Now, after the dust is still clearing they are the ones in need of soul searching. They lost with the biggest name in Democratic politics since Kennedy. They lost by running the most left-wing campaign since George McGovern. They lost by ignoring the American people that Donald Trump gave a voice to. 

And what’s their plan to soul-search, figure things out, and then come back stronger?


Double down on race wars, throwing around terms that have come to mean nothing, and nominating Nancy f’ing Pelosi for their leader yet again. These people have no idea what being an average American is like. They claim we live in a bubble when they are the ones who think it’s a good idea to praise the cast of a Broadway show when they lecture the Vice President-elect of the United States.

They think it’s a good idea to consistently and constantly - without any ounce internal reflection - call every single gosh darn nominee by the Trump team a racist, antisemite, homophobe, wannabee dictator. 

The entire election cycle the media told us we were in trouble and we needed to get with the times. And now that the country has rejected them, they have learned nothing. Their ignorance and withdrawal from real American culture that caused their downfall in the first place will only continue and Donald Trump is well on his way to being a two-term president before he’s even taken office.

The modern American left is everything they claim to despise. And their blindness would be entertaining if it weren’t so sad and shameful. 


Questing to Rescue Calypso:

1. Alec Neff by @onyxeyedbeauty

Son of a god, searching for love.

2. Cedric Kennedy by @jaderj1209sims4

A mischievous flirt, looking to prove himself the best.

3. Antony Valleria by @nooboos-in-wonderland

A man bound by honor, looking for fulfillment. 

4. Abe Ball by @generalsimmingllama

A senator looking for adventure.

5. Terence Stringer by @pastel-hailey

A man with a troubled past, looking to change his ways.

6. Cassius Nerva by @wildlyminiaturesandwich

Pressured by his father to the quest.

7. Seneca Jibari by @deeetron

A man with confidence and secrets in equal measure.

8. Fenris de Froze by Sunshineninja94

A slave, hoping to rescue and protect.