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SciShow is seeking freelance writers!

If you’re reading this, then you’re a member of the SciShow community. And now’s your chance to make the community even better!

We’re seeking experienced freelance science writers to contribute to SciShow, one of YouTube’s most viewed and trusted sources of science information.

We’re looking for writers to contribute to the main SciShow channel, which covers a broad range of topics, as well as writers with more specific expertise to contribute to our other channels:

  • space writers, for SciShow Space
  • psychology writers, for SciShow Psych
  • people with experience writing for a younger audience (5-10 year olds), for SciShow Kids

Since you watch SciShow, you know how we talk to people: with intelligence, clarity, hopefully a little wit, and an abiding sense of wonder about the universe.

Applicants should have an academic background in a scientific discipline, and demonstrated experience writing about science for a popular, non-academic audience.

  • Your writing must be:
  • 100% bullet-proof and fact-checked accurate;
  • completely freaking fascinating;
  • entertaining, by which we mean “witty” more than just “funny”; and
  • passionate about imparting hard science to humanity in a way that is both educational and engaging.

If your experience hits these marks, then prove it!

Fill out and submit this application by December 15, 2016.

Apollo: What the hell, dad?!!?

Zeus: What?

Apollo: [points to the corpse of his son, the healer Asclepius]

Zeus: Oh, him, well, I couldn’t have him saving people’s lives left, right and centre! People are SUPPOSED to die of infected scratches and easily curable diseases! Next he’ll be founding modern medicine and proving to people that trusting science gets better results than trusting gods and we CANNOT HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE