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could you possible write a fic where jimin's girlfriend (she's 18) blurts out she's pregnant while they are having sex and he freaks out? angst with a happy ending please :)

[ shit i suck at *angst* smut’s but ill do my best, sorry if I kept you waiting I usually do one smut posts a day bc it takes me hours to write oh yeah i might be slacking a bit so please forgive me; love you<3]

WARNING: THERE IS SWEARING AHEAD, you have been warned lol k bye

[Your pov:]

There I was sitting on the toilet seat, looking at what was in front of me. I had no words, or didn’t know how to re-act. So many thoughts wandered through my head. I sunk my head onto the palm of my hand and thought to myself: “If I don’t know how to act, how will Jimin. It’s best if I tell hi- W-Wha? What if he breaks up with me?”  Thoughts kept running & running, not knowing how to stop them I got up and wrapped tissue paper around the pregnancy test and threw it in the garbage. I unlocked the bathroom door and walked outside to find Jimin doing his usual multi-tasking ‘chores’, Watching t.v and being on the laptop. Jimin’s gaze shifted over from his t.v screen to me, “Hello babe.” he said, I took a big gulp, “Jimin we need to talk!” I said shutting my eyes, as my breath got heavier - “What’s up?” he asked sitting up on the couch he placed his laptop on the table turning his full attention towards me. Getting nervous I walked towards him, as he grabbed my arm gently making me sit down. “Ji-Jimin I-” interuppted by the door bell, he shot up; “Shoot! I am sorry babe, I think it’s the boys” he said getting up and unlocking the door. Indeed it was the boys they all ran in and crashed down onto the sofa, while the other few ran to the kitchen fridge. As always this was a normal routine, they’d all chill at our place or we’d go to theirs. Jimin walked over back towards me, tapping on Suga’s lap signalling him to move so Jimin could sit next to me. “Anyway, continue.” He said, giving that usual dorky grin
I got up, putting my hair behind my ear “I was just wondering what to make for dinner”; I said lying, Jimin chuckled “Man! You could’ve said that, you were acting so serious.” He said relieved, I giggled awkwardly. Feeling my stomach was acting up, I put my hand out on my mouth as I felt I was about to barf. Running towards the bathroom I opened the door, vomiting all over the toilet seat.  I heard a knock on the door, “You’re okay right, Y/N?” I replied back with a yes, wiping the vomit off my face I cleaned the toilet seat with an tissue and wiped off my face propely with water. Grabbing an air freshner from the toilet cabinets I sprayed around the toilet before heading out.
“HEY JIMIN? WHERES THE JAM!?” shouted Jin, with rapmonster replying “HES GOT NO JAMS!”
[^ i just wanted to put that in. omg]

-Time skip-

I was cutting up some apples just for knick-knacks(snacks LOL) when Jimin ran up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. “Earlier you were asking me what I wanted for dinner” he said putting his chin on my shoulder, “Yes?” I replied back
- “Well..” he said nuzzling his cheeks against mine turning me around he whispered in my ear “I want you..” He leaned in kissing my lips not being able to reject him I kissed him back passionately. This kiss led to the bedroom and before we knew it we were undressed. We were already lying on bed with Jimin on-top of me he clasped onto my breasts pushing them together before he slided his dick in between them sliding until it touched your chin then pushing you back on the bed he smashed his lips on your neck creating love bites. With his hand he rubbed my thigh before making his way to my ‘sweet spot’ making me moan; he massaged my clit in circular motions before bringing his lips towards it. He dug his face into my sweet spot before giving long licks not missing a spot.


While Jimin was eating you out,  Y/N ran her finger through his hair and without thinking she blurted out “I’m pregnant” Jimin choked in mid air as he fell back on his butt. Y/N sat up up grabbing the blanket to cover herself. Jimin’s eyes widened and without thinking he got up - “Y-You’re pregnant?” he kept looking around, “What will fans think?!” You gave a confused and surprised look, “I’m ruined, I am ruined because.. because of you. THERE WAS ENOUGH DRAMA GOING ON WHEN..- WHEN THEY FOUND OUT I WAS DATING YOU NOW WHAT WILL THEY THINK?!” He shouted, causing you to jump. You were at loss for words, your breath got heavier.  Jimin grabbed his clothes; and without knowing you shouted back at him “Is that all? YOUR FANS? FANS THIS FANS THAT? OH NO I LOST MY FUCKING ABS, WHAT WILL THEY THINK? OR SHIT IM DATING A LOW LIFE LIKE Y/N, AND SHES PREGNANT WHAT WILL MY FANS THINK? OHHH NO I FUCKED Y/N WHAT WILL MY FANS THINK!? FANS,. FANS THEY ALWAYS FUCKING COME FIRST, HAVE YOU..HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT ME?! AND RIGHT NOW IN THIS SITUATION YOU THINK ABOUT THEM.” Starting to tear up, you lowered your voice, “I understand, I completely do that I may not be perfect for you - and I understand you’re loyal to your fans but.. right now? Is that all? Do you really care about how they view you? Did you even stop for a minute and realized what situation we are in? I can’t believe you, Jimin. I really can’t.” You got up, as you grabbed your clothes getting dressed you left out side slamming the door shut. Jimin stood there dumbfounded.


I felt like I had been torn apart and I felt so down, I ran out the apartment as fast as I could. I don’t even know what I was thinking? It was surprising enough when Jimin asked someone like me out,  I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose his fans over me. I had no place to go so I decided to crash at the sauna. I grabbed the clothes they gave me and went in dressed, I had my phone in my hand as I sat curled up in a corner, trying to relax myself I took out my headphones and plugged them in my phone I was going through my recordings when I ran across a clip it said “Dear, my sweet Y/N” a sweet simple smile plastered across your face. Jimin always left a recording for you when he was away for tour or far away from you. You played the recording –

J: “Oh! HELLO. It’s me Jimin, your Park Jimin.”
V&JKOOK: *Laughing in the background*
J: “Shut up! I have to record this for Y/N.”
J: “Anyway, Y/N! I know I suck at these, and usually V or Jungkook are always behind me and always interrupting but that won’t stop me from telling you how much I lo-”

[Listen to this song while you 'read’ the REST of the recording: ]

J: *Jimin ignoring the boys, he walks into the bathroom locking the door he continued with the recording*: “Y/N, I have never loved someone this deeply, or cared about anyone like the way I care about you. You see? There is just something about you that could even make a wilted daisy blossom into a rose in a full bloom. You’re the reason for the air in my lungs but when I talk about you I find it hard to breathe. If you ever left me, I would literally be dead inside.
If you knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me. Every memory with you is the best, and one day I’ll make sure you live like a queen. Till you have everything, I want to one day wake up next to you, as we get up from hours of snuggling and make pancakes, while we get our little daughter or son ready for school. I’ll be the best for you, and I’ll prove it!

JKOOK: "Noona, He talks about you like you put the stars in the sky.”

Without knowing tears streamed down your face you took off your headphones not wanting to hear more. You laid down on the mattress, resting your head you cried and cried, You didn’t want to live like a Queen you just needed Jimin by your side. You just wanted him with you, he truly did show in his own ways how much he loved you. He fixed you up when you were broken. But is this how things were truly ending?

I fell to the floor, after I realized what I had done, why didn’t I just fucking support her? Why didn’t I tell her, it’d be okay. That we’d figure something out, It has already been 2 hours since she left and I am already going crazy.

4 days later

“Jimin! Pull yourself together, what the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you do a simple dance move properly!?” Namjoon shouted, “Jimin? WHATS WITH THE UNDER EYE BAGS WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?!” V added, I brushed them off and walked away. I scrunched up my hair, Entering my room I looked into the mirror “What’s going over me?” I screamed at my reflection, placing the palm of my hand on the mirror; “YOU SUCK! YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING, YOU CAN’T EVEN KEEP YOUR GIRLFRIEND..” I screamed once more, falling onto my knees, Y/N was truly my spark without her I am ruined. I need her, knowing this isn’t how I wanted to end things I grabbed Jin bringing him out to the corner, “Listen to me” I explained to him what I wanted to happen and he nodded giving me a pat on the back we wrapped up our session.


Y/N, Was staying with at her mother’s house for a few days until she gets herself a place. Hearing a knock on the door she was confused shrugging it off she opened the door to find 6 boys in front of her. She looked up at them they stood there grinning, Jin handed me a ticket and spoke “Y/N, Jimin would want you to come. If I was you I would, please think about it.” He bowed and walked back out of your view and V entered, “Y/N, don’t cry if you have been. Everything will be fine. Just listen to Jin hyung and come to the show.” V replied giving a dorky smile and they all walked off. Y/N Gave a long sigh before she looked down at the ticket it was taking place on 13/08/15 which was in 2 days. Thinking to yourself you decided to woman up and go.


You stood at the side as you watched them perform their songs. You sighed wondering why you came, you placed your hand on your stomach rubbing it. The performance was near an end and you were about to leave when you heard Jimin on the microphone

“Y/N, Don’t leave.” He said fixing his gaze over to you, your heart skipped a beat hearing your name you turned around - “Y/N, I am truly stupid. I love you so much, and I made a big mistake. I know that what I did truly hurted you and I never thought in a million years I would make you cry. I was living a nightmare without you, I had never for a moment ever stopped loving you and no matter what happens I will always love you. I can’t even live a second without you, you’re truly magical and I don’t know what you did to me Maybe it was your laugh, or your eyes, or your smile. It could’ve been your hair, or your voice, or your personality. Whatever it was, it made me fall, pretty damn hard. Please forgive me.” His voice became weak, making the crowd scream ’ awww ’ “I don’t know how I’ll live myself knowing I hurt you.” He closed his eyes and smiled at you with teary eyes he kneeled down onto his knees, “Y/N, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to grow old with you. I want to look after ’ our child ’. He placed his microphone on the ground and took out a small box. Opening the box there was a beautiful ring inside it. "Will you marry me?” Your eyes widened, as you placed your hand to cover your mouth tears streamed down your face. The crowd screamed “SAY YES!” Rap monster grabbed his microphone and spoke “WELL, DON’T LEAVE HIM HANGING?” He shouted you nodded your head and ran towards Jimin, “Yes.” You whispered, “YES” you then shouted and the crowd went wild, Jimin’s eyes sparkled and a big smile came upon his face. He grabbed your hand placing the ring into your ring finger as soon as he placed it he got up hugging you so tightly, and you hugged back clenching on his back you digged your head in his shoulder crying.


[STARCAST] Great job B.A.P! The behind story at the waiting room for the last broadcast and the puzzle event

Hello everyone! I’m back with the behind story at the waiting room for ‘Be Happy’ that makes you feel happy as you listen to it. If you are the B.A.B.Y who feel sad about ending the follow up song activity only in a week!

On December 18, at the KBS Music Bank waiting room.  This is the leader who is busy at preparing for the stage. Please note that today’s key point of waiting room behind story is ‘fashion’! He matched unique accessories and clothes to suit bright and delightful song.

Bang Yongguk is wearing basic colored suit along with casual suspenders and let’s praise the one who suits side parting well! Applause!!

If Bang Yongguk is bright, Himchan covered with all blacks. All black up to top head. He showed perfect color match.

The face looked same but changed his pose to ‘V’.

Daehyun and Jongup were together. By the way, what is this pose?


The bling-bling necklaces, bracelets and rings are outstanding. Also didn’t just put on the hat. He has put the hat with bandanna so he looks great.

Then what about Jongup who were with Daehyun? ※ Never misunderstand. It’s not for sauna.※ The orange color clothes matching orange colored hair. The key point will be the shiny white shoes.

“I’m the King fashion in this area”

It’s Youngjae with red turtleneck shirt stands out among the colorfully dressed up members. 100% thermal double coat and turtle neck♨♨

The photo making your heart flutter.

Can’t miss out selfie as well.

The youngest member Zelo who is concentrating on monitoring along with bustling others.

Zelo is also wearing necklace with SWAG on his neck.  The youngest with overflowing hip hop FEEL.  Zelo looks good with every cloth because he’s 187cm tall! Zelo’s height is still working hard today as well!

It was up to here for today’s waiting room! But it is not the end of it. The reason why the members gathered in the waiting room after havign fun stage with B.A.B.Y? It’s because they have to prepare the gift for the winners who got selected through ‘Talking about youth’ event for ‘Young, Wild & Free’ MV.

‘Talking about youth’ is the event capturing the best image goes with the ‘youth’ that members talked about, after watching B.A.P’s ‘Young, Wild & Free’ MV.

It was difficult to select winner because many of the fans in the world participated… Maybe that is why the screen captured images they are holding look even better.

Jongup tries to show same face with the photo puzzle and Zelo feels embarrassed because of the abs revealed.

B.A.P received feverish popularity of course in Korea and also in overseas after long break! For the fans who feel unsatisfied with 5 weeks long activity, the concert series  ’B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH’ and the new album release are scheduled in February next year.  Therefore, don’t be too sad and wait while revising the 4th mini album ‘MATRIX’ about fresh ‘youth’.

For the last, here are the B.A.P’s selfies for B.A.B.Y who worked hard and supported together! ♡_♡ Then let’s see you again soon!  Bye!


☆ (Early) Merry Christmas ☆


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So I've gone to a few different gyms (in America) and a lot of them will have a sauna, but invariably there will be a sign that says you have to wear clothes or a towel for courtesy's sake. And people do it. They wear full outfits IN a sauna. And not just clothes, but shoes and socks, too! I'm sorry, America, but we need to talk, this is not how you enjoy a sauna. This is a serious matter and it is tearing us apart.

This is a thing that confuses many Finns abroad, when people don’t go to sauna naked.