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They lay together. They were not quite touching, but they didn’t need to. They shared their space and their air and their words, and that was all any poor boy in New York City had to his name.

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Lost Ships of the Mojave

A ship in the middle of the desert? 

Yeah I know what you’re thinking but the Mojave does contain some bodies of water in it. Two of the most well known are the Salton Sea and the Colorado River. There are tons of stories from the late 1600′s to the modern era about ships that have appeared and disappeared in the dust and sand of the Mojave. Wrecks that have run aground or are now sitting in places where water once flowed yet no longer does. 

The stories come from the California side of the Mojave and usually deal with Spanish gold and silver ships that sailed from here. Back when the Spanish were enslaving natives from Montana to South America to mine gold there were two routes the gold would take. It would go south to Galveston Texas and from there board ships to go to Spain or it would go west to the Pacific and board ships there. Between Santa Fe and Los Angeles was the Old Spanish Trail which was a well used path that much of the gold went on also. Parts of the trail still exist by me in the North Eastern Mojave and there are some areas where you can see where the Spanish cut steps into the rocks or carved their names and a cross and the date they were there in the stones. The ships however are much further south and are part of that link in the Spanish Trail. 

The best known ships are the ones called the Lost Galleon, the Pearl ship or the ship of Juan de Iturbe, the river ferry and the Viking ship. While none of these ships have ever been confirmed there are many rumors that pop up from time to time about them being uncovered or other vessels being uncovered in areas of the Mojave then having the sand bury them again. 

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What is known for sure is that the Spanish did send boats and ships up the Colorado River back in the days where the Colorado did connect to the ocean. There was a massive gold mining operation all over the western US and they transported their gold for hundreds of years until the Spanish Empire fell apart and the Mormons and Americans started settling all of the western US. Every few years someone finds a small cache of Spanish gold, silver or armor and weapons from that time period or a new marker is discovered. It is extremely unlikely that Vikings ever sailed as far as the Mojave or even the rumors of Saxons or Irish in this area either but rumors of it all still persist to this day. 


naponacott: Jack Kellys singing the movie lyrics. @jeremymjordan@ddeluca15

But why are so many musicals centered around the idea of getting out of the big city and moving to a small town??? Like,,, my guy,,, have you ever been to a small town??? it’s not cute and peaceful everyone’s racist and there’s nothing to do and you feel more stuck there than you ever could in a city,,,


Abandoned Bowling Alley Turns Into An Immersive Public Art Experience 

What a time to be alive. The former Silva Lanes Bowling Alley in Santa Fe is now the “House of Eternal Return” - a trippy Victorian house built to scale inside the bowling alley by pioneering art collective, Meow Wolf.

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