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Solastalgia: Queer Eco-Feminist Poetry Zine $12

In case you missed this on the tour this past spring, SOLASTALGIA poetry zines are now available on ETSY. <3 <3

Featuring the poetry and artwork of Justseeds migrant artist, Jess X. Chen and Indigenous Diné artist & poet, Demian DinéYazhi’. SOLASTALGIA Zine came out of an extensive, engaged poetry tour between Demian & Jess during the Spring 2016, and included stops in Los Angeles, CA, Tucson, AZ, Gallup, NM, Santa Fe, NM, Albuquerque NM, Norman, OK, St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, Peekskill, NY, and New York City, NY.

SOLASTALGIA: (n.) The pain experienced when the place where one resides or one loves is under immediate assault.

SOLASTALGIA: a queer eco-feminist poetry tour featuring the transdisciplinary works and performances of Chinese-American migrant artist JESS X SNOW and Indigenous Diné artist Demian DinéYazhi founder of RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment. Through poetry and public art, their work embodies the form of time travel and recalls narratives of queerness, love, trauma, fantasy, and survivance. Their work is a reclamation of inherited lands, ancestors, and cultures lost to post-apocalyptic colonial violence. Through poetry they create indigenous and immigrant futures in the time of our current ecological collapse.Measures: 5.5" x 4.25"

Discovering #PlantsOnPink with Painter Stella Maria Baer

To see more colorful botanical posts on Instagram, browse the #PlantsOnPink hashtag.

Every week, we’re showcasing some of the most creative community hashtags on Instagram. Today we’re highlighting #PlantsOnPink. “I like the hashtag because it is a meditation on color,” explains painter Stella Maria Baer (@stellamariabaer). “I spend a lot of time thinking about the colors of the desert in the Southwest where I grew up. Adobe walls often show up in the #PlantsOnPink photographs, some from my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.” The cactus gardens of Arizona and California are the perfect place to snap a photo and contribute to the hashtag, but for those who can’t travel so far, Stella assures us: any pink wall will do.


Charles Greely

Vibrant and richly patterned collages based on real locations by Santa Fe-based artist Charles Greely. The collages are first composed in pencil and cut into miniscule shapes which are used as stencils for tracing and cutting the silkscreened Japanese Mullberry papers. The papers are mainly floral and geometric patterns which sort of assumes the colors, atmosphere and light of the Southwest landscape. Greely stumbled across the material after a trial and error run with other types of paper, including magazine pages. He describes the paper as very durable and almost like fabric resembling woodblock prints. (by  Jason Jose )

Charles Greely’s works are available at Form & Concept.


Tom Ford’s Santa Fe Ranch

If you’re looking to invest $75 million, why not buy a stunning ranch in New Mexico? You’ve heard it, Tom Ford recently put his almost 21,000 acres property on the market. The property includes a modern minimalistic home, an eight-stall horse barn, riding areas both for indoors and outdoors, two guest houses, staff quarters and an entire western movie town.

Detalle de la fachada principal, Centro Social, Unidad de Servicios Sociales y de Habitación N º 1 Santa Fe, Camino Real a Toluca S/N, Álvaro Obregón, Ciudad de México 1957

Arqs. Mario Pani y Luis Ramos Cunningham

Detail of the main facade, Social Center, Unidad Habitacional Santa Fe, Camino Real a Toluca, Alvaro Obregon, Mexico City 1957


Here’s some low quality pics from my little swimming/paddling outing yesterday.

Santa Fe River, spring hopping through Rum Island and Ginnie springs. I think I visited 7 springs yesterday and swam til my heart was content.

It was a quiet party, floating down the river, with lots of cool people along the way.

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