in santa fe

where does it say you gotta live and die heeere?
where does it say a guy can’t cAtch a brEAK?


why shouldya spend yoUR WHOOLE LIFE LIVIN trapped where there ainno fuTah

even at seventEEN. bREAKin yer back for someone else’s saKE.

if the life don’t seem to suit ya howbout a change of sceeeene?

reasons I need a newsies live album
  • ben tyler cook
  • that’s rich with aisha holy shit
  • the electric guitars added to the world will know
  • jeremy’s super emotional santa fe
  • ben tyler cook in king of new york
  • the bigger louder chord at the beginning of once and for all
  • ben tyler cook’s “hereee theyyyyy comeeeeeeeeeee”
  • ben tyler cook’s “once and for all we won’t carry no banners that don’t spell freedom”
  • the other extras like joey barreiro’s santa fe on accoustic (and even the soulful seize the day if disney really loves us)
  • did I mention ben tyler cook

Santa Fe Comic Con was a lot of fun! I got to hang out with @benjabeebee (not in any of these pictures), and @loverofpiggies (again, not in any of these pics) Ben has pictures of both of us, along with a picture of CQ! I had a lot of fun cosplaying as Betty and getting pics with other cosplayers! Ben went as Professor Layton!
Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: Jack is “one a’ the best” of the newsies and makes up bullshit headlines daily bc “it’s nothing that the guys who write it don’t do” and he knows all about blown up advertising. but One Day! he found some pamphlet in the street advertising a utopia where everything’s perfect and “boy, the minute that you get there, folks will walk right up and say, welcome home son, welcome home to santa fe.” and he believed it. he believed the same propaganda bullshit he sold every day. and it became his only source of hope and his identity and his nickname and the way he dressed. jack kelly was That scared and lost and desperate for something to believe in.

i don’t need no limp to sell papes
i got pOiSonAlitY

it takes a smile that spReads like BUTTAH

the kind that tuurns a lady’s head

ir takes an orphan with a stuuuudder whO’S also BLIND and MUTE and dEAD

Newsies Songs Renamed:

Buckle your seat belts motherfuckers because we’re going for a ride (Overture)

Crutchie is so precious and needs love (Santa Fe Prologue)

Newsies of New York are gonna kick your ass and there’s nothing you can do about it (Carrying the Banner)

Joseph Pulitzer has no chill (The Bottom Line)

Medda is our Queen (That’s Rich)

The one girl on the planet who could resist Jack Kelly (I Never Planned on you/Don’t come a-knocking on my door)

Newsies of New York get increasingly angry in the form of a song (The World Will Know)

Writers block: The Song (Watch What Happens)

A brief chapter in which everything seems to be going right (Seize the Day)

Everything goes wrong again, rapidly+Boy belting like an angel (Santa Fe)

Crutchie has been captured, Jack’s probably dead, lets tap dance cuz we’re famous! (King of New York)

Go and look it up the poor GUYS HEad is spinning: The Song (Watch What Happens: Reprise)

Holding teenagers against their will isn’t illegal if you’re rich (The Bottom Line: Reprise)

Brooklyn Newsies will kick your ass, and you’ll like it (Brooklyn’s Here)

Jack and Kathrine are Goals™ (Something to Believe In)

The Greatest Mother Fucking Key Change You’ll Ever Hear In Your Life (Once and For All)