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thanks for helping me decide on a shirt design! i printed it yesterday and it turned out AWESOME. the shirts i picked are really nice, i’m really sick of plain crew neck tshirts so i picked this boxy, flowy semi-crop top that i know will look good on every body! i also finally got these vinyl bat stickers!! so i’m having another weekend sale, 10% off until monday with coupon code “HANDS”. enjoy!!


that’s right, you can get $5 off the original price for a single, and $10 for a couple piece! i need to make a little money while i’m between jobs because…i’m GETTING READY TO MOVE :DDD!!!

idk if anyone will even take these, so i’ll start with five slots, which i will update as they get filled. if you wanna look at my commissions in general, that info can be found here, but otherwise just shoot me a pm with a reference and i’ll put you down. first come first serve!

slot 1- @hareofhrair /Shafan–IN PROGRESS
slot 2-  @aethusrises /Veeda–INCOMPLETE
slot 3-OPEN!
slot 4-OPEN!
slot 5-OPEN!

and if you can’t buy one yourself please please PLEASE consider reblogging to spread the word! an alt+click per day keeps the bills away  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Free Tarot Readings!!!! Pt.2!

Okay so I had so much fun with the readings last time that I really wanna do it again, but theyll be for much longer!!!
Readings will be done from May 25th, 6pm Pacific time, to May 27th, 12am Pacific time!
I will be taking breaks every now and then since readings do drain me of energy pretty quick, but I promise Ill get through everyones!!
Feel free to send them beforw 6pm May 25th, just know I wont start doing them until the specified time! Also, please understanf that I do tend to get quite a few messages when doing free readings so please be patient!!

▪ only 3 questions per person, if you have more then I ask that you kindly pay for them.
▪ although not necessary, being polite would be very appreciated!!
▪ if your question is more of a private matter, please message me or specify it in the ask!
▪ I will NOT do readings for serious medical conditions or legal matters. Please contact a professional if needed.

I would absolutely appreciate if you could tip a minimum of 50 cents if you liked your reading!! You can tip through paypal or through the donation link in my profile description!
Also reviews on the readings would ve absolutely wonderful!!
This is meant to help people get a better insight of situations and just general fun!
Thank you guys so much, I honestly cant wait to get everything started!!


Mother’s day sale! All weekend long my entire site is marked down 15% off and an additional 20% off when your order 2 or more caps when you use the code “MUVA”. 100% hand painted by me! While supplies last, go get yours. Available in the U.S & Canada💅🏽💁🏽😋🎨