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Hi Newt! What was your time at Hogwarts like? Did you get in trouble a lot (pre expulsion)? And if so, what for?

Trouble?  No, no trouble.  I was a model student.  Never got in trouble for wandering in forbidden areas, or for keeping too many puffskeins in my dormitory.  

Or for breeding nifflers in the greenhouse planter boxes.  Charming a bully’s robes orange.  Attempting to keep a pixie from a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.  Falling asleep in the owlery and missing classes.    Using a tickling charm on a friend during exams.  Pocketing a hedgehog from Charms class.

So you know, best behaviour only.

Dan writing about Jay, and Briana writing about Jay is the reality of people starting to deal with losing someone.

If the reality of what they say doesn’t fit with theories about a stunt and fake relationships then it’s time to take a step back and realise that making assumptions based on interpretations of limited information has led to people being wrong, often cruelly wrong.

And time to refrain from making further assumptions. Assumptions about where Harry was and why. If he doesn’t say it’s not our business. Assumptions about how Liam and Cheryl are handling this pregnancy.

The idea that we see what we’re meant to see as part of some ongoing quest to hide a different truth is wrong. We see what these people choose to share (sometimes with a PR spin) or what they are unable to prevent becoming public.

The intelligence, both intellectual and emotional lies in recognising that and reacting appropriately.

Hello people I was thinking that could change a little is to say that doing all the time redesign could make more variety and I thought to make Antoine and Bunnie together I hope you like it. Although the bunnie head and the bottom is a bit strange. But hey, that’s good. It does not matter


So since I have a bill that’s due and I’m short $90, I need to get some commissions.

$5+ will get you a loose sketch, like this:

$10 and up will get you a shaded icon, like this:

The shading might differ, but I’ll even draw a border and everything on it for you so you can use it for your profile.

Anything above that will get you more, and I’m even willing to draw a full body full color for $25.

More examples of my art can be seen here.

You can message me on tumblr, or you can email me at katnh@firebead dot net.

Please commission me. Please. This is SO important. I’m willing to even forgo sleep to get these done, because I’m just so stressed about this bill. If I don’t get this paid, our phones will get shut off and I actually won’t be able to pick up extra shifts at work.

If you can’t help with commissioning, please share. That also helps.

I also take donations here.

Thank you SO much in advance.


We are kicking off this blog again! My apologies for the few dark months - we are terrible mods, but also no one was submitting, so we were at a bit of a standstill. Regardless - we’re back, but we need lots of participation to keep the momentum going guys!

Due to us starting back up in the middle of the month, we are only going to have one theme/prompt for December. (And boy, are you going to be shocked by what it is…)

This month’s theme is …. DECEMBER!

So lets see some December Jaspidot ideas! - give us your ugly sweaters, first snow, New Years/Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday celebrations, making snowmen, snowball fights, mistletoe kisses, secret santa, fireplace cuddling, taking care of the other who is sick, awkward holiday dinners, or just whatever your little heart desires~ 

You have all of December to make fanart, comics, write fics, drabbles, make an effigy for all we care!! We want it al!!!

You can submit as many submissions as you want - and if you are new to this, please read our RULES first. All submissions must be tagged with “Jaspidot Sunday” so we can properly find it.

And, even if you don’t plan on participating, please reblog to help spread the word~ We would really appreciate it. Thanks <3


More tabletop beebs, this time angel PCs from two In Nomine campaigns I’ve been a part of~ Melahel, a Mercurian of Flowers & Leviel, an Elohite of Lightning, respectively. They’ve never met (even if there was a bit of overlap in the campaign stories!), but I imagine it’d go something like the bottom pic.

Mel: Here, friend, have one of my famous smoothies! They’re super healthy and tasty and groovy! BD
Lev: Excuse me while I take this to a lab and run it through all the science.

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Gif by @sail-not-drift if you like/reblog my song please also like/reblog her awesome gifset found HERE

I said I was going to post another of my bethyl songs and here it is. Instead of explaining the words, I’ll just let you determine what it means for you in regards to them. I had fun making the song :D Lyrics below:

place your eyes in mine. don’t let them stray.
tie your hands to mine. tighten the rope.
keep low, be still, and hope we’re too hard to find. 
hear them crush the leaves. so close behind.
but trust and follow me. 
cause i know a place where our kind could stay
protected by border gates
so let’s make a dash and hope we don’t crash our wings
let’s run ‘til we’re free
run toward open gates. quick, my love, don’t hesitate.
i’ll cover all our tracks. all evidence that we had passed.
we’ll run ‘til we are free. don’t look back. let’s run ‘til we’re free.