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I really want a blip forward in time at the very end of Camp Camp when it goes a number of years down the road and reveals the Camp and it’s being run by Max and Nikki. 

Like Max running around after her being the responsible counselor with a medkit (but still laughing and having fun) while Nikki is the fun/crazy one and their in their twenties just having a ball with it and Neil drops by taking a week to run science camp before going back to his labs because he’s a full fledged scientist now. 

Every year during the annual joint camp games thing David shows up (sometimes with Gwen) because he actually won Camp Campbell in a bet one year and is now the owner. He isn’t around as much as he’d like to be because he’s got a career as a Park Ranger now and has responsibilities - with a somewhat reluctant Gwen working along side him (girl you got to pay off those student loans somehow). But no matter how busy he is David always comes for this event. 

And sometimes David and Max will hang out late into the night by the campfire and reminisce. And sometimes Max will go running off after an obstinate camper who is determined as fuck to get the hell out of there and David will just laugh and laugh and laugh.  

GIFS to respond to homophobes or people against Gay Marriage

So there still people whining about the recent legalization on Gay Marriage through the 50 states of the US  by the Supreme Court. I thought it would be fun to respond to them like this. Enjoy. 

If you’re offended Im sorry, but if youre a homophobe and against gay marriage. I have nothing to say to you. 

The One with the Gender Reveal

oh look! I’m finally back with the next part of baby fever! it’s a miracle!! y’all i’m so sorry this took so long, life is so ugh sometimes. Anyway, here’s the next part of baby fever! there should be 2 more parts after this one!

Summary: With Y/N’s delivery date approaching, Brie and Nikki come over for a little nursing decorating, and throw her a gender reveal party. 

Part one here

Part two here

Part three here

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Please Come Home


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: MacGyver x Reader - “please come home. I miss you”

It wasn’t suppose to turn out like this, but then again what did you expect when an argument turned into a battle of who could say things that hurt the most. Fights were rare in your relationship with Mac, usually whenever there was a problem a simple sit down and a clear line of communication solved it. But this blow out just couldn’t be fixed by that method, after all it started because you found out that Mac had been secretly searching for his ex-girlfriend….Nikki Carpenter.

“Why can’t you just let it go Mac”, it baffled you that this was still an ongoing topic. She betrayed the team and broke Mac’s heart and you’ll never be able to forgive her for that. “Because Y/N, Nikki is my responsibility I need to be the one who brings her in”, he defended.

Staring at him blankly, he couldn’t be serious?. “Nothing you say right now is going to make you searching for your ex-girlfriend okay, Mac”. Taking the keys from the counter and walking to the coat rack. “Are you seriously thinking about walking out?”, he asked. Adjusting the jacket as you put it on, you turned to him. “Maybe you should of told yourself that when you first started to secretly track Nikki. I mean what the hell made you think that was a good idea anyway?”.

He didn’t say anything, all he did was walk right back into the living room. Curious, you followed. He handed his laptop to you, “Here take it. That’s what you want isn’t it? For me to stop looking, so take the laptop”. Setting it down on the coffee table, he looked confused as to why that didn’t fix this argument. “Mac, you work for the freaking Phoenix Foundation. You have all the resources in the world at your fingertips, do you honestly think giving me one stupid laptop is going to stop you from finding Nikki?”.

Proceeding to leave, Mac rushed over and grabbed your wrist. “She needs to be in jail, Y/N. That’s why I’m doing all of this, not because of any other reason”. His eyes seemed sincere, but the tiny voice in your head doubted that. “You lied to me Mac….do you still love her?”. The air grew tighter and Mac just stood there, and then blurted out. “No! How could you even think that”.

Pointing to the laptop, “Can you blame me?”. Mac’s face dropped and there was nothing more to say at this point. Walking to the door, your hand gripped the handle. Out of nowhere Mac’s hand rested on yours. “I love you Y/N, only you”. Sliding your hand from his, you opened the door and walked out with a very heavy heart.

The only place you could think of going too was Riley’s. Showing up to her apartment with puffy eyes and red cheeks, she automatically let you in and made some tea before you told her everything that happened with Mac. “I’m sorry Y/N, if I had know that he was looking for her I would have-”.

“It’s not your fault Riley, Mac’s responsible for his own actions”.

Sipping the tea, you looked out the window wondering if he had called Jack to come over for advice, or if he was just sitting on the couch staring blankly at a wall like you were. “I’m going to go set up the guest room, you can stay here as long as you need”. Thanking Riley for being a good friend, she left and your phone buzzed.

Please come home. I miss you - Mac

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“What’s with people and their damn rumors?” Brie questions, rolling her eyes while leaning against the counter in Nicole’s kitchen, sipping her wine with a small smile on her face and scrolling through her phone’s texts and tweets. “How’re things between you and John since the wedding planning?”