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Clara Cakes: Breakfast Served All Day with Slutever

A couple of Sundays ago, I was lucky enough to have the lovely ladiesof Slutever over for breakfast. Slutever is a “brat-punk” band consisting of bffs Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi. I cooked up the East Coast/Philly natives some Dulce De Leche pancakes topped with whipped cream, caramel and bananas, and then some tofu scramble. We spoke about food, Taylor Swift (Nicole had met her the previous night at a party!), LA, fulfillment, and more food.

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The "Moms" of the 12 Signs

Aries: Nicki Minaj (assertive, energetic, a leader)
Taurus: Jennifer Lawrence (humble, dedicated, a homebody)
Gemini: Katy Perry (stylish, enthusiastic, a trend-setter)
Leo: Beyonce (optimistic, sophisticated, a queen)
Cancer: Angelina Jolie (hospitable, sympathetic, a mother)
Virgo: Malala Yousafzai (observant, reliable, a humanitarian)
Libra: Laverne Cox (charming, diplomatic, a beauty)
Scorpio: Lady Gaga (focused, intuitive, a “good” villain)
Sagittarius: Taylor Swift (generous, honest, a game-changer)
Capricorn: Emma Stone (responsible, patient, a hard-worker)
Aquarius: Miley Cyrus (humorous, independent, a rebel)
Pisces: Lana Del Rey (dreamy, emotional, an artist)


Celebrities and advocates take to Twitter to call out Indiana for its hateful new law 

With the stroke of a pen, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence officially signed a “religious objections” bill into law Thursday, which, many have argued, effectively makes discrimination legal in the state of Indiana. As expected, LGBT people and their allies are not happy about it. Miley Cyrus’ response (among the many others) was quite biting.

Out of curiosity I checked the Miley Cyrus tag to see the response to her “genderqueer” quotes and of course I see a bunch of fake ass SJW’s criticizing her and accusing her of exploiting the gay community for attention. Do you idiots even know what you’re talking about? The girl launched her own charity and foundation to raise money for LGBT youth and homeless teenagers and has made it her main focus since she started drafting the concept LAST YEAR. She’s not doing this to push some shitty single or because she has anything to promote. Even her recent performances have been to raise awareness for her charity. What the fuck are any of YOU doing for LGBT with your sheep opinions and fear mongering blog posts? it’s hilarious to me that a group of “social justice warriors” who exist to better society (in their minds) are so close minded when it comes to people they personally dislike. Even if in the past Miley has been problematic with her appropriation and actions, that doesn’t mean she can’t grow and learn from her mistakes like everyone else. Self discovery is a lifelong process, and she’s allowed to change her mind. 

And for the record, she never called herself “genderqueer”, ‘Out’ magazine did. She said she just didn’t want to be labeled yet everyone rushes to label her. God forbid someone with so much influence over young people and the new generation uses her platform to bring awareness to LGBT issues. You’re all disgusting

and the Academy Award for Best Ensemble Cast in an Overly Dramatic Episode goes toooo....

Responses I’ve received so far to the news that Miley Cyrus has done a cover of Arctic Monkeys‘ Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

  • OH GOD
  • it’s the end of the world
  • ah jesus no. WHY
  • uh oh…
  • Oh god why
  • kill her now!
  • NO NO NO
  • This is definitely not okay
  • hahahahai’m gonna set myself on fire bye
  • :(
  • Lo dire mil y una vez.. Que vergas Miley?
  • that’s just wrong
  • Please no, please anything but this…

Just throwing this out there: HEY! you haven’t heard it yet! it might be good! 

Mkay I’m tired of seeing “Taylor Swift was just as bad as Miley Cyrus why is everyone only being mean to Miley” comments so I’m going to make it easy. Taylor Swift talked TO NICKI MINAJ about the problem then took responsibility for her actions and apologised after realizing she had misunderstood and misspoke. Miley Cyrus talked TO THE PRESS then blamed someone else for her actions and immediately aimed “subtle” insults at Nicki. Miley has a right to talk to the press about the situation and her oppinion, but if she had a problem she should have talked directly to Nicki, been open minded enough to listen to Nicki and taken responsibility for her words and actions regardless of whether or not she changed her oppinion. She can have any opinion she wants no matter how right, wrong, misinformed, or offensive that oppinion is, but she must take responsibility for it. She must be able to tell Nicki to her face everything she says about Nicki behind her back. The same goes for everyone. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.