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me: i do love comics, even though i admit im burnt out

marvel: loki dropkicked stephen strange off a building, maybe, and is the new sorcerer supreme

me: I Don’t Care About Literally Anything Else As Much As This and I Never Will

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We now know about the best and worst singers, how about dancers?

Amazing dancers, can think of choreography right on the dot: Cassie, Kinessa, Fernando, Lian, Willo, Skye, Evie, Pip

Good dancers, but only with a guide in front of them: Ying, Sha Lin, Tyra

Can’t dance at all: Ruckus, Bomb King, Grover, Grohk

Dad dancing: Lex, Torvald, Viktor, Buck, Barik

Doesn’t usually dance, but will after enough persuasion: Mal'Damba, Ash, Maeve, Inara

Does not and will not dance: Androxus, Zhin, Seris, Makoa, Drogoz

Battle Quotes Meme!

Battle Theme: Kawaiistep - Alex Skrindo & Geoxor (this music is so fun omg)

Battle Intro: “I trust you shan’t hold back…”

Victory: “It appears the heavens smile upon me this day.”

Defeat: “Ugh, the cards…they were not dealt in my favour…”

Taunt: “Oh, the stars have foretold your demise! You believe you can change your fate?”

Reacting to Taunt: “Mind your tongue! Be warned, my cards are sharper!”

Tie: “I see the heavens do not reveal a path forward for either of us…”

Perfect Victory: “Fortune favours the brave, eh?”

Log Quotes

Assist: “You require my assistance? Then you shall have it!”

Your muse down during assist: “I-I must retire, I am sorry. Believe in the stars, they will show you the way!”

Using item: “Here, it appears you need this more than I do!”

Healing/Buffing: “Let the stars heal your wounds…/A blessing from the cosmos…”

Tag Team Special: “Come, let us finish this together, my friend!”

This was so fun!! I taaaaaaaaaag @the-tech-dave, @zeyzio, @cookiedemons, @vapathefishman, @au-ramaleisillegal and anyone else who wants to do this! :D

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Following that anon hc about Champs who can't swim: Fernando and Ash might know how to swim. However, if they fell into water, their chance of survival would be dictated mainly by how fast they could get rid of all that armour (and weapons) before sinking miserably. In addition, I now lowkey headcanon Fernando to carry a short, sharp knife with himself, so to be able to immediately cut loose all those leather straps holding his armour plates in place, in case of emergency.

Good headcanon! I like to think Ash is confident enough in her ability to not need a knife to cut herself out from armour given her long history of going face to face with people who want her dead and having a lot of… first hand experience with such issues.


So my sister, Raven, was playing Paladins. (I let her on my computer to play sometimes.) She played a couple matches, I didn’t pay any attention to it really. I hear her ask “Who’s Jenos?” Assuming someone mentioned Jenos in the lobby chat, I said “Oh, Jenos is a character coming out soon.”

My sister replies, “Yeah I have him locked.” I bolted out of my seat and ran over to the computer, she showed me that she had Jenos. I started freaking out and told her to go into the shooting range. We clicked Jenos but crashed as soon as we did.

After booting the game back up, Jenos was gone.


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what's your favorite story/plot trope?

I actually have a proper answer for this!! My favourite story trope is an old one that’s sometimes called a ‘Nekyia’ (tho that’s not technically accurate lol). The characters are transported to another world during a drastic event or near-death experience, usually without remembering how they got there. The world is identified as a limbo/afterlife or a kind of dream. Here strange things are possible, and they have to go on a symbolic journey to transform themselves or discover important information before they can return to life.

The boundary between dream and reality is blurred until by the end you can no longer tell what’s REALLY real …and you usually don’t really care. Over The Garden Wall is one of my favourite modern examples, but the oldest example is in Homer’s Odyssey when Odysseus visits the realm of the dead.

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Hc that pip drogoz bk and maeve dont know how to swim and despise any map that brings them close to water in the off chance the system fails. Pips fur gets too heavy and waterlogged, drogoz is a dragon focused more on flying, bk is a literal living bomb with a flaming core, nd maeve is a streetrat who hasnt needed to learn the skill nor anyone to teach her before now

I quite like this! Pretty good reasoning too so yes, accepted! They probably need people to fish them out and they actively avoid water when they can.

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I love ot when you do underswap sans so imature and stupid! Its making me laugh XD

Aw come on he is not that immature at all! He is still a cool dude with his strong will and great confidence, and is able to handle many stuffs as he is really an adult, since considering he is a version of Sans-