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“This Way or No Way”

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The dapper, metal gentleman is known as “Theodore.”  A seemingly calm and reserved individual, Theodore keeps watch over the dark corridor, passing time by reading books.  As cozy as such a scene may appear, Mirrogui is still mindful of the evil that lurks about in the shadows.

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Los signos como personajes de Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Aries: Zhin, Ash, Bomb King

Tauro: Grover, Lian & Bolt

Géminis: Androxus, Torvald, Mal’damba

Cáncer: Makoa, Meave, Cassie

Leo: Fernando, Lex, Willo

Virgo: Inara, Ruckus, Tyra

Libra: Jenos, Barik, Moji

Escorpio: Seris, Drogoz, Wekono

Sagitario: Grohk, Sha Lin, Skye

Capricornio: Strix, Viktor, Vivian

Acuario: Evie, Kinessa, Pip

Piscis: Ying, Talus, Buck

Hecho basándome en los comandos de voz y en el (escaso) lore.

(Terminus no está porque no tiene personalidad: si algún día nos dan el lore de su vida antes de ser un zombi, lo agrego)   (sí, Wekono son las habilidades de Mal’damba, no encontré una imagen mejor)

Nakaba let. Merlin. Wear. Dress !!

Anyway, this is a pretty rough sketch, I was try to put into drawing how I imagined Merlin in a Realm of Elderlings AU. And Elderling!Merlin is definively a very good (but dangerous) idead !! @derieri

I imagine that she would enjoy scaring people with her look. Like wearing big cloack and all just to make an epic revealation.

For her dragon, I’m not sure. Did she even have one ? Is it dead ? Aldan is the dragon ?? Or did she just blackmail/trick a dragon into making her an Elderling ? Did she experiment on dragons ? How old is she ?

(and the purpule things on her skin are scales, if you were wondering)

talk it out - kinessie

i say i’m going to spend time on school, but honestly i couldnt keep away from kinessie for too long. this is little conversation i’ve been meaning to write ever since the lore came out, so i’ve finally gotten around to it. i think it’s important that we adress the dynamics of ships that have people on different sides of the war, even if kinessa is on the fence. so yeah, here’s a tiny fic.

ao3 link

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Okay, I got a bit carried away …

Merlin, King, Diane and Elizabeth in the elderling AU. The idea comes from @derieri

Arthur would have become king after his father death. He’s young and many are those who want to manipulate him. What they don’t know is that the boy have a scaly friend who will not let anyone near him.

I imagine Merlin to be Arthur’s advisor and strange friend who lurk in the shadows, not revealing herself unless necessary. Contolling everything from afar.

King would be a small duc linked to a dog (Oslo), who is in love with Diane, one of the king’s soldier. He would probably have an hard time fiding his place, torn between his people and being witted.

Diane is from a small familly of soldiers and followed her parents’ foot step. She’s good with an hammer but only dream of dancing, free from her duties.

I’m not sure for Ban. Either a vulgar thief, the king’s assassin or a pirate ?

Gowther being part of a cotterie and making everyone uneasy because of his constant intruding in their mind. His skill would be among the most powerfull, but he would have an hard time bonding with his comrades.

I don’t know for Escanor.

Elizabeth as the white prophet is a super good idea ! It fit with the reincarnation cycle too !

so I had a dream that @glumshoe was in my room, and they were just standing at the foot of my bed watching my degus, holding a Bag of Holding, which they would reach into occasionally and pull out a cherry tomato and then eat it. Neither of us said anything, until suddenly they looked at me and asked “do you want to see my husband” and of course I couldn’t be rude so I said yes, assuming that they meant a photo. But then they just reached into the Bag of Holding? and pulled out?? three frogs and a toad? ??? I know it was three frogs and a toad because they told me explicitly “these three are frogs, and that one’s a toad” and I just had to compliment their husband like he (it? they?) wasn’t a collection of four amphibians, and I don’t know what it means but if any of you do let me know