in rainb

Play your role

you do not have

the capacity nor the capability

to be other than you

the lion cannot be a gazelle

the ocean cannot be the land

the moon cannot be the sun

and vice versa

seek transformation

like how a seed grows into a plant

like how rocks break down into soil

like how clouds pour down rain

be YOU

for people that keep asking if they can follow:

im not using this blog anymore, im sick of the stim community in a whole

im sick of my boundaries being broken whenever i ask for no d/d.l/g, im sick of people ignoring my header and faq, im sick of seeing anon hate in my inbox for petty reasons, im sick of all the stupid drama, i could go on for hours

idk why people keep sending me asks asking if they can follow because.. i haven’t used this blog in 2 months, and don’t plan on using it again.

anyway, if you want my main you can ask for it off anon, i post rainb/owcore and k/idcore nowadays