in rainb

A Birthday
My heart is like a singing bird
whose nest is a watered shoot;
My heart is like an apple tree
whose boughs are bent with thickest fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
that paddles in a halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
because my love is come to me.

— Christina Rossetti

Il mio cuore è come un uccello che canta
il cui cuore è in un germoglio annaffiato.
Il mio cuore è come un albero di mele
con i ramoscelli piegati da ricchi frutti.
Il mio cuore è come una conchiglia arcobaleno
che naviga in un mare sereno.
Il mio cuore è più felice di tutti questi,
perchè il mio amore sta venendo da me.

Proposal: LWA fighting game

Akko Kagari: Slowly flys in on the broom with a sail that Constanze made her for her entrance. Moves are mostly her transforming into animals. Ultimate move is Shiny Rod’s bow form to blast opponent away. Winning pose is her jumping up and down with the Shiny Rod doing her “YEAYY!!”

Lotte Yanson: Intensely reading a Nightfall book before realizing she’s supposed to be fighting and fumbles it away and pushes up her glasses. Moves are spirit/fairy based and ultimate is OP dragon spirit. Alternatively, turns opponent to moss LOL. Winning pose is her just going “wait, I won?” and then her little spirit she keeps in her skull appears on her shoulder and nuzzles her cheek.

Sucy Manbaravan: Mixes up a potion and chuckles as it bubbles before putting it away. Probably uses poison magic, potions, or mushrooms as moves. Ultimate would be all her Sucy personalities trampling opponent. Winning pose is her chuckling to herself and then feeding the opponent some potion.

Amanda O'Neill: Dramatically flies in on a broom. Moves are flying/broom based. Also fights with a sword. Ultimate: Calls in Shooting Star and barrages opponent while barely holding onto it. Winning pose is her leaning on her broom twirling her wand all cocky.

Constanze: Tinkers with some bots. Moves are bot based, but would probably throw a wrench at you. Ultimate is her GUNDAM BOT and it punches you in the face. Winning animation is all her bots throwing her up and down in the air going “Constanze! Constanze!”

Jasminka: Eating something probably. Will use food to fight you too. Maybe a baguette. Ultimate move is a giant donut rolling you over. Eats more stuff when she wins. Honestly I wish I could come up with other stuff for her other than food but she never really had her own episode.

Diana Cavendish: Rides in on a freaking unicorn because she’s just extra like that. Her moves are *actually* magic based. She summons her Unicorn for her ultimate and BLASTS A RAINB- I mean a HUGE SPIRAL OF MAGIC from Unicorn horn and wand. She pulls out her Shiny Chariot card and plays with her hair while she stares at the card wistfully as her winning pose.

Hannah & Barbara: I have no clue what they’d really do but I do know they both would be together as a playable character.

Chariot/Ursula: Appears with her back turned mysteriously as she fiddles with her glasses, then rips off her professor robe to reveal The Jumpsuit™ and her hair fwooshes to red. Alternatively, She busts in skating on a door because she’s a Cool Mom™. Moves are melee based. WILL PUNCH YOU OUT COLD. Uses her light saber as ultimate. Puts her glasses back on and judges you for her winning pose.

Croix Meridies: Messes with a tablet before putting it away and flings her cape off. Alternatively, nyooms in on a Broomba™. Might throw cubes or Broombas at you for her moves. Ultimate is probably an army of Broombas, but could also probably be her weird Noir Rod creature thing. Pulls out some cup ramen out of thin air and eats it for her winning pose.

Play your role

you do not have

the capacity nor the capability

to be other than you

the lion cannot be a gazelle

the ocean cannot be the land

the moon cannot be the sun

and vice versa

seek transformation

like how a seed grows into a plant

like how rocks break down into soil

like how clouds pour down rain

be YOU