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Day One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

-After a lengthy medical leave, I have once more donned my red and khaki and returned to my rightful place at the register. I find the store much the same as it always was. An unsettlingly muggy climate. The aisles, bustling with guests from every demographic, all united in the common pursuit of the best deals. An inescapable air of mystery and ripe infant following wherever you go. It is good to be back.

-A man in his fifties returned twenty-five unopened Hot Wheels cars. I wish that I know what could have gone so, so very wrong.

-An elderly pair of women purchase Minions toothpaste, a Minions toothbrush, and a Minions board game. Their passion leaves me certain that they are not gifts. Their choice of passion leaves me wondering one thing: Why?

-I listened on as a trio of grade school girls gathered to discuss having watched the notoriously family-friendly smash hit, Deadpool. At first, I believed them to be bluffing, however they went into such detail that I came to realize that the nine year-olds were actual consumers of this movie. The three have proven themselves to possess only the hardest of cores and are not to be trifled with.

-A young man came through sporting a shirt which showed him to be a member of the local hammer wrestling team. I have never heard of any such sport, but if it is at all like how it sounds, I am very interested.

-The Hot Wheels man approached my lane to purchase more of the same cars he had just returned. He only picked up half as many cars this time around, however. This man has been hurt before, so I am glad to see him being careful moving forward.

-Rather than the normal affirmative of “Okey-dokey,” a woman crafted her own, replying to her total with a confident, “Obi-Kobe.” Once I establish my Hammer Wrestling team, I have now been inspired to start up a Jedi Basketball club.

-A toddler screamed and cried and kicked and fought when the ball he had been clutching, a blue orb much larger than he himself, was taken away. The tyke refused to calm down until it was once again safely in his keeping. I am glad to see such a wise child, so proficient at prioritizing. After all, it is never too early to learn that ball is life.

Harry’s Birth Chart

Hi! In talking with some friends about Harry and Louis’ respective lunar signs this week, I mentioned my desire to read through and interpret different aspects of each of the boys natal (or birth) astrology charts, and these friends encouraged me to post my interpretations here on tumblr, so I thought it could be fun!

A couple of things I’d like to mention before I get into it:

Firstly, these are my interpretations of each guys birth chart. Astrology is highly interpretive and no two people with any interest in astrology are going to interpret planetary correlations and positions the same way. As such, these are my subjective interpretations of what I’m calculating for their birth charts.

Secondly, these charts will be based on stated facts of birth date, time, and location. If Harry says he was born at 12:06 AM on 1 February 1994 in Redditch, UK, then that’s what I’m using to calculate. Astrology (especially natal charts) is/are highly dependent on specifics in these areas, so some of these calculations may be off if for example Harry was actually born at 12:36 AM or what have you. Please bear that in mind.

Lastly, while there are several interpretations of their planetary aspects and positions that raise some eyebrows (you’ll see), it’s important to remember that natal charts do not equate to synastry, which is romantic/relational astrology and interprets things somewhat differently based on a two person pairing than on an individual’s singular deconstructed personality. This is not necessarily an attempted reading for Harry AND Louis or what have you, this is my interpretation of Harry’s personality based on his astrology. Same goes for the other four. (And yes, I plan on doing a chart reading for Zayn.)

Okay! Harry below the cut!

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Some (Of The Many) Things I Love About Daisy Johnson

She’s Agents of SHIELD’s Steve Rogers (But Better)

It’s simply inspiring to see a female character (and a woman of color on top) that gets the same treatment as male heroes get: Agents of SHIELD is her origin story, the mythology of the show revolves around her, she is the moral and emotional center of the narrative, and she is conceived as a Captain America type, a character to look up to, a character who inspires, a character who trusts her instincts about knowing right from wrong, and doesn’t hesitate to do anything in pursuit of that goal. She un unmovable in her drive for truth, justice and protection for the oppressed. She’s a badass, but not just because of her world-destroying powers or her amazing fighting skills, but for what she represents. That’s unusual in a female character, but AoS treats Daisy like the Marvel movies treat Steve Rogers (except she is way better).

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Hey, y’all.

So, it’s been months since I’ve made a post like this, and with the between-expansions lull, I’ve found it difficult to really keep me playing. Thus, I want to RP more.

First, some things about me: I’ve got over 10 years experience in RP. I’m a writer by hobby and profession; every day, I take time out to write and create, be it creative pursuits, journalism, and more. I’ve got a strict separation of IC and OOC, and am quite workable with schedules and real life and such- as any of my RP partners can attest.

I like to chat a lot OOC- however, I do have severe social anxiety, and trouble reaching out and connecting. Small talk is not common (but I’m a huge fucking memer at times). Respect is always at the forefront of my mind, and I want to make sure all of us have a good time.
I prefer in-game RP, by far. That said, I am open to RP over chat- Discord would be the preferred method. I’m also open to RP over tumblr asks, so always feel free to jump in my inbox.

I also am more than fine with pre-established relationships, some more mature themes, and the like. While sexual-oriented RP is not out of the question, understand that I only do it with people that I have spoken with for an extended period, and establish understanding with out of character.

Beneath the cut, you’ll find information on my characters A’rihnn Tia, Charlotte Corwell, Ransetsu Tachikake, and Anhe (IGN: Anhe Donia). All of these characters are on the Balmung server.

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A political aside

To the representatives, congressmen, senators, and elected or appointed officials…

If, when your constituents demonstrate their anger and reproach, your first defense is to contradict their assertions that they pay you to perform a task and say “I’ve made enough money to be fine. I don’t need the salary. I don’t see this as a career. I do this as a service”…

You need to step down. Immediately. And everyone listening to that needs to demand that this person step down. Public service is for the common good, and your responsibility and accountability is to the masses whether or not you’ve “made money” at it. The purpose of a philosophical deed is to gain understanding and progress in pursuit of an ideal. If you ever thought that the purpose of politics was to make money or accrue power and you never should’ve run in the first place. To see you stand there now and bitingly resign yourself to the notion that you’ll never make money at it and so are obligated to arbitrarily dispense your own opinion as an edict, fills me with rage. Your purpose is not to see your mind as an EXEMPLAR of your constituency. Your purpose is to make YOUR ACTIONS an averaging, tempered by your experiences and feelings, of the needs and opinions of your constituency. You are not given carte blanche to use your own opinions in stead of theirs. Nor are you allowed to pursue your own interests as theirs.

What the hell do you think this is? You haven’t the faintest idea of “service”.

To the idiots at FOX who play country western songs glorifying wholesale slaughter and chirp on and on about how much fun they’re having watching bombs explode in enemy territory…

Shame on you.

War is never glorious. It’s never triumphant. Those who have been through it know this to be true. There is no “success” or “progress” in being forced to kill a person to eliminate their ideas. There is nothing but sorrow and disappointment in that. If your archetype, your idea, your Philosophy is so perfect then it will be impossible to distill or alter any further. If it is that perfect, then it should be easily communicated and will easily convert those around you. If there is dissent…then there is reason for it. The challenge of the higher mind is to attempt to both create ideas that bridge all divides, and that can be communicated without the need of force. There’s no happiness or celebration in watching your enemies incinerate, and mark my words, it does nothing to their ideas.

How dare you praise the bombs. It’s revolting watching you roll around in your own filth like the pack of pigs that you are. It doesn’t matter what life is lost…if you truly view life as a sacred thing, then give its passing the respect it deserves, no matter who was just unwittingly incinerated.

It’s been a long time since I was this disgusted. A long long time.

To the President,

You are the sum of your parts.and nothing more. And that is your least charming quality.

Some Dorian headcanons:
  • Modded his battlemage leathers. Not just the shoulder cut-off, either; started with basic alti leathers and kept adjusting for the styles of magic he was using most and added some enchantments and insulation (because he’d forgotten how bloody cold it was in Ferelden)
  • Used to being called out on jaunts at short notice, hence the leathers. That and they’re comfortable.
  • Tinkers with his magic, too. Constantly. It’s a habit he’s had since he was old enough to cast, pretty much, and it served him well during research. Always working on improving his spells - speed, area of effect, whatever today’s problem is - or creating new spells entirely. Runs controlled experiments and such on his off-time, and has extensive notes and formulae on that desk in the library. Anything to make himself a better mage. That and because it’s fun.
  • A damn good pyromancer. It’s his second-best school, and the one he learned first.
  • A good melee fighter, and stronger than he pretends. A properly-used staff is more than just a focusing tool.
  • Gets roped into research by some of the other library denizens because “You have benefited from Tevinter scholarship, Lord Pavus.” Sighs and pretends to be reluctant. Loves the chance to show off.
  • Wonders why no-one down South has ever heard of flavour
  • Has some interesting scars from magical fights and minor catastrophes
  • Likes a challenge and enjoys intellectual pursuits, when he’s in a good mood. When his mood is less good, likes things that can slow his brain down and make him stop thinking - drinking and sex, mostly.
  • Gets sweary when fights are going badly. (This is basically canon, according to some of the banters.) Vacillates wildly between Tevene and Common depending on what mood he’s in, what’s currently happening and what would make most grammatical sense.
  • Has recognised a few of the Venatori they’ve fought. Doesn’t tend to mention this, because it’s a whole new level of depressing.
  • An absentminded reader. When he’s bored, his eyes tend to drift to signs and whatever parchment’s lying around. It’s not really something he can switch off. Do not leave one of Varric’s new ones open at a spoilery page around him. They will never find your body.
Enneagram 3


Healthy: Self-assured and energetic, with high self-esteem: they believe in themselves and their own value. Adaptable, well-adjusted, and charming, often attractive and popular. Realistic and purposeful with a good sense of their potential. / Ambitious to improve themselves, to “be all that they can be"—often become outstanding, a kind of human ideal, embodying widely admired qualities. Others are motivated to be like them in some positive way. High-spirited, goal-oriented, and persistent. They are effective, industrious people. At Their Best: Inner-directed and authentic, everything they seem to be. Accept their limitations and live within them. Self-deprecatory sense of humor and a childlike innocence emerge. Charitable, genuinely modest, and benevolent.

Average: Highly concerned with performance, doing the job well, being superior, and rising above others. Compare themselves with others in search for status and success. Become driven careerists and social climbers, invested in achievement, exclusivity, and being a “winner.” / Become image-conscious, highly concerned with how they are perceived. Begin to present themselves according to the expectations of others and what they need to do in order to be successful. Pragmatic and efficient, but also studied, losing touch with their own feelings beneath a smooth façade. Problems with intimacy, credibility, and expediency emerge. / Want to impress others with their superiority: constantly promoting themselves, making themselves sound better than they really are. Narcissistic, with grandiose, inflated notions about themselves and their talents. Exhibitionistic and seductive, as if saying, “Look at me!” Arrogance and contempt is a defense against feeling jealous of others and their success.

Unhealthy: Fearing failure and humiliation, they misrepresent themselves, distorting the truth of their accomplishments. They can be extremely unprincipled, covetous of the success of others, and willing to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the illusion of their superiority. / Exploitative and opportunistic, but also deceptive so that their mistakes and wrongdoings will not be exposed. Pathological lying, extreme hostility, and delusional jealousy: betraying and sabotaging people in order to triumph over them. / May become vindictive, attempting to ruin what they cannot have. Relentless, obsessive about destroying whatever reminds them of their own shortcomings and failures. Psychopathic tendencies: murder.

Key Motivations: Want to feel valuable and worthwhile, to be affirmed, to distinguish themselves, to have attention, to be admired, and to impress others.

Examples: Bill Clinton, Christopher Reeve, Michael Landon, Richard Gere, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Pauley, Paul McCartney, Sting, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Tony Robbins, Bryant Gumbel, Dick Clark, Vanna White, Brooke Shields, Kathie Lee Gifford, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Truman Capote, O.J. Simpson.

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Juliette et Justine Vanitas Premium Onepiece is based on Memento Mori and Vanitas. Paintings used are Vanitas, by Dutch painter Aelbert Jansz van der Schoor and the religious painting, Agnus Dei, by Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbaran.

Memento Mori, Latin for ‘remember that you will die’, was an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death.

Vanitas is a type of symbolic work of art especially associated with still life paintings in Flanders and the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries, though also common in other places and periods. The Latin word means “vanity” and loosely translated corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.

Thanks to jefumejeboisjebaise for help in identifying the artists and paintings!

Ash Ketchum: Master or Loser?

Okay, so here’s a topic that’s been raging on for years now. It’s hard not to notice that there’s a lot of disappointed feelings in the fandom regarding the anime, Ash as a character in particular. All over the fandom on various websites, it’s hard not to pick up on the general consensus on him. By many, he’s seen as a terrible trainer. Some even say the “worst.” That he should already be a Champion or “caught ‘em all,” that he slips up sometimes and makes juvenile mistakes. That he’s still ten years old, or that he’s supposedly nothing compared to his counterpart, Red.

In a lot of places, it’s actually rare to see a positive opinion of him.

But the question needs to be asked.

Is he really that bad?

The tone of this post so far should my own opinion somewhat obvious, but I’m going a good deal further than a simple yes or no.

I guess I’ll start with the Championship issue. The fact that is criticized , I believe, more than anything else. Ash hasn’t won a regional league.

The game protagonists have, right? Why can’t he?

Well I could argue that he simply isn’t ready yet. But that said, I feel credit should be given when credit is due.

It is true, Ash hasn’t. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not a good trainer, either. At this point, he’s obtained over forty badges. He’s received criticism for receiving “pity badges,” which is something that’s a bit overblown from a few occurrences in season one. It’s seen as a trend for him, when in fact, four badges out of the many he’s earned were given for some good doing. Boulder badge, Cascade badge, Rainbow badge, Marsh badge. This did happen, but Ash was a newbie back then, and they did BS a few battles. I’ll also point out that in two (vs Misty and Erika) that Ash was winning the battle at the time of the interruption. Since that halfway point in the first season, that has not happened once, to my knowledge. He has won all of his badges since then. That’s a lot of badges for a 'terrible trainer,’ isn’t it?

Now back to the leagues.

It seems pretty obvious at this point that the people who write the anime have a problem with Ash winning a main regional league, with the assumption that if he won one, the show would supposedly have to end. A faulty one, in my opinion, as I feel he’d continue traveling as he always does. That’s not to say that he’s deserved to win every league he’s competed in. He’s lost fairly. But it’s not so easy to win when the writing’s against you, is it?

Regardless, let’s look at the fact that Ash has placed high at every single main league he did compete in. Kanto, top 16, which he lost due to Charizard’s disobedience. Johto, top 8. Hoenn, top 8 again. Sure, it’s not a championship win, but he’s competing among a few hundred trainers that all have eight badges. Winning that as a preteen sounds like no walk in the park. It’s not as simple as walking in and challenging the Elite Four, like in the games. You have to beat many others who’ve come just as far as you have.

Then Sinnoh, where Ash made his way into the top 4. This league will receive praise from me in particular, and I’ll focus on his merits there, since in my opinion, it’s been his best league so far. He made it as far as the semi-finals before going down. Against each of his opponents he showed considerable skill and tact in advancing to the next round. Two of his three opponents beat their previous challengers in a clean 3-0 sweep; Conway and Paul. Against Nando, he’d had Heracross learn Sleep Talk to counter his Sing strategy.

Against Conway, he used Gible’s strong jaws and Draco Meteor to counter his tank Pokemon and take care of Trick Room. I’ll add that Conway was very much the equivalent of a competitive player. Using bulky Pokemon such as Shuckle and Dusknoir in conjunction with Trick Room. That move in particular being popular upon competitive players. Ash’s quick thinking and creative counters combated Conway’s calculated strategy.

Then there’s Ash vs Paul. Paul has received attention, rightfully so in my opinion, as Ash’s most fierce rival. Thinking ahead was the name of the game when battling him, as he’d predict his opponent’s moves and use them against them brutally. Ash lost his first full battle against him 4-0. Their final battle however, was another story. While it was true he held an edge a good portion of the time, he didn’t go unchallenged by Ash’s sluggers. Ash beat someone who had gotten to the quarter finals without losing a single Pokemon and was acknowledged as his equal.

Now, Tobias. /Tobias./ The trainer who acted as Ash’s roadblock to the Championship in his closest bid yet. I’m just going to point out that Ash had become so formidable during this league that they sent a man with not one, but two legendary Pokemon to stop him. A man using Darkrai who hadn’t had to use anything but his Darkrai in the entire Sinnoh League. Ash was put up against it, and while he did lose three Pokemon in the process of taking it down, he did defeat it. Sceptile in particular took it out in a single Leaf Blade attack. I’ll also add that Tobias claimed Gible’s Draco Meteor would have defeated anything else he had but Darkrai.

And when that’s out of the way, Latios is sent in. Another legendary Pokemon. Ash unfortunately expends his last three Pokemon in defeating it, but he does take it down. Tying it with Pikachu.

I’ll also add that Tobias used Giga Impact like three times in a row without recharging. And they say Ash cheats.

In the end, Ash got as far as Tobias before going down. It’s also worth noting that Tobias was seen defeating his final opponent with only Darkrai, who didn’t seem to be worse for wear. I think it’s safe to say, with that in mind, that were it not for Tobias, Ash would have won the Sinnoh League.

Sadly in Unova, Ash went down a notch, going to the top 8. I’m just going to say flat-out, as far as Ash’s skill goes, Black/White was an embarrassment. There were multiple instances of him forgetting skills he’d learned long ago, even as far back as season one. There’s not much I can say about this one except that the writers goofed, badly. I’m pretty sure the Ash that switched out Infernape for Buizel against Gastrodon would say “types don’t matter in a battle!” or what have you. This season, as far as he was concerned, seemed to be a flop and I can’t say much in its defense.

So maybe he hasn’t won a main league just yet.

But he has won the Orange League. While many fans say it “doesn’t count,” Ash has still technically won a Championship, and defeated the previously undefeated leader, Drake. He’d also made a remark or two about how Ash’s Pokemon were considerably higher leveled than he’d expected.

Still not convinced?

Ash also conquered the Battle Frontier of Kanto. Earning all seven gold symbols, an achievement that, in the games, comes after the Elite Four and is considered to be of similar difficulty. In a realm where winning didn’t supposedly put an end to his journey, Ash triumphed. It’s also worth noting that he defeated two more legendary Pokemon.

“Releasing his good Pokemon.”

Another common criticism, one that I hardly understand, is that he releases his powerful Pokemon, which supposedly makes Ash a worse trainer. Butterfree, Pidgeot, Lapras, Primeape, and temporarily, Charizard, Ash has let all of them go in pursuit of a life they desired or had a duty to. I’m just going to say that I feel that makes him the opposite. Sure, he’s hard to start over with inexperienced Pokemon. But did he really do the wrong thing? Butterfree found a mate to have a family with. Pidgeot had a flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto to defend. Primeape wanted to be a boxer. Lapras had a family to return to. Charizard would benefit from training at the Charicific Valley.

He even nearly released Pikachu.

All to make them happy.

Skill/Power reset.

I’d brought this up earlier, when mentioning Unova. There are times when Pikachu is brought down to lower levels, or where Ash forgets things he’d already learned. All I can say is plot device.

It simply makes no sense how Ash has shown to master concepts any Pokemon trainer should know, time and time again, and then to simply forget. It’s bad writing, plain and simple. But to be fair, many of his losses can be explained with the fact that he’s raising new Pokemon whom he doesn’t fully understand yet, or just simply aren’t as powerful as ones he’s previously raised. Losing gym battles and the like is fine. He’s obviously proven he can win them before.

On the subject of Pikachu, it is rather frustrating how he’s brought down to lower levels, but being the mascot of the show, it seems to be inevitable. Were he kept at the same strength, the way they manage the show, he would sweep through every battle and the anime wouldn’t be interesting at all. Some instances and seasons are more embarrassing than others, admittedly. The loss to Snivy in Unova was particularly bad. Something fans complained adamantly about, which has been corrected to an extent in XY. Pikachu’s entering battle was an interrupted draw with Clemont’s Bunnelby. While yes, he should have been strong enough to wipe the floor with it, Ash and Pikachu showed considerable mastery of battle and planned a well-placed Electro Ball ahead of time. Ash and Pikachu knew what they were doing and Ash didn’t have another case of amnesia this time around.

When Pikachu was devastated, it was by his own reflected Electro Ball after being powered up by Mirror Coat. Not all that embarrassing.

His battles with Viola, in my opinion, are worth a mention. Viola’s ice field trumped Pikachu in the first battle, and Fletchling was a newcomer. I’ll also add that she was a 'first’ Gym leader using Sticky Web, Ice Beam, Psychic, and Solarbeam. Not very typical to run into in your first regional gym battle.

Ash went back and trained specifically for the challenges he’d been put up against, and overcame them in the second battle. Once Pikachu could stand his ground, it was very clear that he had the strength to overpower both Surskit and Vivillion. Using Electro Ball to disperse Sleep Powder was a nice touch as well.

But he’s still ten.

How it should have been.

One of the main issues people have with Ash, one I honestly can’t blame them for, is the fact that he hasn’t grown up. It’s been sixteen seasons and they haven’t made any comments about him aging. In fact, in Black/White, he was stated to still be ten. Which is nothing short of absurd. In movie 3, it was stated it’d been a year since he met Pikachu, which would mean he’d be 11 all the way back in early Johto. In “Gathering the Gang of Four,” he makes a remark about them having been through a lot “over the years.” I’m also pretty sure there was a Japan-only recap episode in Diamond/Pearl celebrating his first year in Sinnoh. I’ll also add that it took place before Ash gained his third badge.

So how does this make sense?

It simply doesn’t. It’s bad and inconsistent writing on the part of those who make the show, likely trying to keep Ash to the target demographic. Which I’ll argue is silly, considering there are plenty of shows with teens/adults that kids love. Superhero cartoons, Avatar, etc. and that doesn’t give any problems. They could also age him slowly; ex: half a year for every region and still have plenty of time before he hits the big 18. He would only be about 13 now, in fact.

In the end though, it’s not his fault.

I’m pretty sure Ash doesn’t wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and decide “I’m going to stay the same age for the next ten years!”

It’s disappointing and irritating, but hardly a criticism of Ash himself.

His counterpart is better than him.

If you pay any attention to the fandom, these two are constantly compared. Why can’t Ash be like him? Why hasn’t he become a Pokemon Master like Red yet?

Well simply put, Red’s story is finished. Finished in the games, finished in the manga, and finished in Origins, which is based on his gameverse history. He had a finite time in the sun and completed what he set out to do. Ash however is in an ongoing series that’s a cashcow and as I’ve said before, has the issue of succeeding in a series that doesn’t yet want him to succeed.

I will say however, that I don’t think the contrast is as terrible as most people think. Imagine them facing off without plot in the way. Give Ash his strongest Pokemon. Pikachu, Charizard, Sceptile, Snorlax and the like. Do you really think it would be that much of a disaster?

I don’t.

He may not be the best yet.

But it’d be good not to forget everything he represents.

A child’s hopes and dreams. Friendship. Courage. Compassion. The will to never give up. All of that mushy stuff. He was an inspiration to us. The inspiration to be the very best.

While his results have disappointed some, keep in mind what he meant to us as children and try to have an open mind.

[The fanart in this post is not mine and I don’t claim to have made any of it. Unfortunately I don’t have sources, but if anyone else knows, then I’d be happy to credit the artists. As of now, I don’t take any credit.]

Written Ship

Written Ship for @sorry-ionlydrinkmilk

Thanks for requesting and I hope you like it ♥

- Admin Sia🐯 xx

In got7 I ship you with:

Yugyeom, because you two have actually a lot in common. You both are friendly and a bit clumsy. You could be clumsy together (lol) and also dance together… I think it pretty obvious why thats a good match. He would take you to practice sometimes and show you how to dance their newest choreography.  

Even though he is very child like you would get along pretty well and obviously Yugyeom would motivate you to pursuit your dream as long you also encourage him with his’.

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In Ikon I ship you with:

B.I, because you are both persons who are down to earth. Also as a leader he has to take care of his members. You and him would make a dream team while you kept an eye on the others… kinda… you would often just join in laughing.

He would often write songs for you to motivate you and tell you that you matter to him. You are his inspiration for all of his songs. When he shows you his songs he wants to hear you honst opinion on them. 

And he likes to dance with you and he is always really happy when you choreograph some moves to his songs. 

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In BTS I ship you with:

V. He is really kind and cute. There are two sides of him. 

Sometimes he is the guy you can lie around with all day and talk. He would listen to you while thinking about how he could give you advice or encourage you. In the end he would hug you and tell you to keep your head up. 

On the other side he would be very energetic and jump around all the time. Taehyung would take you to various places and parks. Together you would workout and have fun outside. He’d always want you to be happy and have a great time and nice memories with him.

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anonymous asked:

There's plenty of people who are convinced that Chara manipulated not only Asriel, but the Dreemurr family as a whole. What are your opinions on this belief, and where do you think people came up with it?

Woah, how long has this been sitting in my inbox. I think for several weeks, at this point. Damn.

Well, the interpretation that Chara manipulated the Dreemurrs is a common one, so it’s a question that I suppose needs to be addressed. My personal view on the matter is … Probably of no surprise to anyone.

I do not think there is reason to suspect that Chara manipulated the Dreemurrs. I think that’s nonsensical, and totally out of character for a character who dies, like actually, willingly, DIES as part of a plan to try to free monsters from the Underground.

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE who wanted to harm anybody else in Undertale did so out of a place of inner trauma or in pursuit of a misguided ‘greater good,’ from Asriel to Undyne to Asgore. The idea that Chara would be different is a funny joke that stopped being funny to me when I realized how widespread that belief is.

That said, it’s not like the idea that they would be capable of fooling the Dreemurrs came out of nowhere. We get precious few direct incites into Chara’s character and relation with the Dreemurrs; the only time we get to directly see them interact with anyone is when they are deceiving their Mom and Dad and working with Asriel behind their back to advance their ill-advised plan to free all monsters. So the idea that Chara is capable of cunning is hardly coming out of nowhere.

But the idea that you can take that and try to suggest it’s evidence that Chara never cared for anyone, and was lying to the Dreemurs the whole time … Chara died for them.

They DIED for their family. It’s a death that, had Asgore and Toriel realized was going on, they would have done anything to stop, but Chara was willing to throw everything they were away. Their body, their life … Even if they knew their consciousness would survive death and pass onto Asriel, they would be giving up their independence, their life as an individual to exist as a gestalt entity with Asriel for an eternity afterward, forever compromising with and negotiating with Asriel on what to do, where to go, how to live.

Whether Chara expected to vanish forever or live on within Asriel, it’s an expression of great selflessnes and a perhaps idealistic love and sincere belief that they will happy existing as part of Asriel until they died together or even, as Boss Monsters are effectively immortal, the stars burn out and time dies. That is NOT something you do with someone you don’t care about.

And I feel like, when you think about it really critically, that’s obvious. It’s clear that Chara would never have manipulated their parents that way. But, UT frames Chara as a villain, just as it frames Flowey as a villain. Even as Chara tells us that they couldn’t have done anything without our/Frisk’s help, there’s horrible, ominous sound effects in the background and they call themselves a demon.

It’s super easy to look at this and say; Chara is evil. And, from that perspective, it’s easy to look back on what we’ve seen of Chara and try to find things that support that conclusion. And if you’re too lazy to actually think about it in critical detail, yeah, you could conclude that Chara must have manipulated their family. However, that’s what I think of that interpretation. It’s lazy, and built on a desire to try to build support for our knee-jerk reaction to this character rather than an impartial, in-depth analysis.

Paul Newman (known as ol’ PL to both friends and enemies): The “L” stands for “Leonard” or “Lunkhead.” He answers to both. He is probably best known for his spectacularly successful food conglomerate. In addition to giving the profits to charity, he also ran Frank Sinatra out of the spaghetti-sauce business. On the downside, the spaghetti sauce is outgrossing his films. He did graduate from Kenyon College magna cum lager and in the process begat a laundry business, which was the only student-run enterprise on Main Street. Yale University later awarded him an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for unknown reasons. He has won four Sports Car Club of America National Championships and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest driver (70) to win a professionally sanctioned race (24 Hours of Daytona, 1995). He is married to the best actress on the planet, was number 19 on Nixon’s enemies list, and purely by accident has fifty-one films and four Broadway plays to his credit. He is generally considered by professionals to be the worst fisherman on the East Coast.

-Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good by Paul Newman and A.E.Hotchner

theaceoflyz  asked:

geranium, lavender, moonflower for the flower asks? :)

Geranium (How has your day been?): My day has been on the good side of ok! I’ve been really exhausted from PE and XC, however I found energy through a sudden burst of inspiration to finish off my common app essay! 🎉

Lavender (What’s one of the greatest gifts you have ever received?): Can I mention two things? Because if so, the best gift I have received is your friendship, and the second best was my Spotify Premium subscription. 💕☺️

Moonflower (Who inspires you?): I am inspired by people who never gave up on their dreams. Throughout life, we are told that certain pursuits and careers are not reliable, would not be good due to the average income, so on and so forth. I think that people who stick with their, what society considers, “unconventional” life dreams, to be the strongest or of us all…they stuck by what they knew to be truth when the world told them otherwise.

Gracias for the question!

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it’s such a cliche,  but ben is amazed everyday that someone as good as may is his wife. no joke. while a lot of times, it’s decently common that ben is seen as a paragon of virtue in peter’s life, he wouldn’t be half the man he is without may. she makes him want to be better, and he’s endlessly proud of her. in the way she stepped up with peter after his brother’s death, in her academic pursuits, and in how she helps their community, he’s always been so amazed in how kind and how selfless his wife is. and while of course, he misses his brother, and he wishes peter could have had his parents, he loves their little family so much, and a lot of that is thanks to may, and how strong she’s always been. it’s not too far a stretch to say that even in a world with avengers, may is ben’s hero.

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Scrying 101


Leaning back in his chair, Mick took another sip of the whiskey Dean Winchester had pulled out sometime after his own bottle was gone, swallowing it down easily. He was well into what he was sure was close to his tenth glass or so and feeling fine when the older of the brothers announced it was time for him to hit the hay, a term he had heard used more since he had been in America than he ever had in his life, and disappeared staggering as he did from the communal kitchen. Reaching out he picked up the bottle spilling some more into his glass and looked to Sam.


He didn’t think the younger of the two had half as much as he had or even as much as his own brother had partaken in. It seemed Sam might have been the more level headed of the two even in this area of their lives. He liked Sam better than he did his brother and it wasn’t just because he showed more interest in the Men of Letters as a whole but rather he seemed more interested in the intellectual pursuits their jobs could offer them. In short, he felt he had more in common with the younger of the Winchesters than he did the older.

Dean was a hunter, a killer and he reminded him of Ketch. Maybe that was why he disliked him.

                   “How soon are we from you hitting the hay?”

Was it wrong that he wished for some time to spend with the man in hopes of showing him a few things or sharing a few spells with him? He had read in the man’s file that he was good with spells. He wouldn’t mind seeing how well off with them he actually was. Perhaps there was something Sam wished to learn, that he had been afraid of doing so.

It had amazed him when he had first come here how afraid of all things supernatural the American hunters were. The men of Letters were big fans of using magic and spells and warding to their own defense where the hunters shied away from such, even knowing it could help them. It was amazing to him how little they seemed to know about the world in which they frequented.

Transcending religion, spiritual paths, and dogma

“Some” people think ridiculing systems of magick, spirituality, and various schools of philosophy–on the basis of their absurdity or contradiction to logic–means they have transcended these silly things which people use to make themselves feel better about their existence and mortality.

This, to me, comes off as a rather “basic bitch of philosophy” response to the questions of life, spirituality, and “magic”. It seems as silly as dogmatically following one religion and chastising the rest.

I feel like transcending these systems, religions, spiritual paths, et al involves something much more sublime. First I would like to point out what merit such pursuits would even have when they come off absurd or contradictory to reason. We will discard the religions which seem to mostly desire control of populace and obedience, which they get through the use of threats and punishments (whether physical, social, or spiritual). A good number of the rest which remain have something in common. They claim the possibility of higher experience, realization, or transcendence for the human being.

If there exists a pattern, especially one with as sublime a meaning as this, then it holds merit to explore it. Contradicting quantum model theories, many exist, may completely disagree at times on why weird shit happens in the universe, but they all acknowledge weird shit happens in the universe. Good quantum physicists learn to view phenomenon from a model-agnostic perspective, considering multiple models, and knowing that every single one of them might become obsolete or false in the future.

So when I hear multiple famous, intelligent, clever, wise, and down right intriguing individuals from history claim “weird shit happens in the human consciousness”.. I might take a listen, I might sit down and study their theories and models–maybe I’ll get lucky and experience first hand some “weird stuff”. I would take after the better quantum physicist, and become model agnostic. Study every model, compare notes, place my bets on my choice of a handful while still respecting the possibility that my preferred models could any day become obsolete in the presence of a newer set of constructs, a newer model of the human experience.

Occult, magick, mysticism, spirituality all fall into the very first science–the study of the firsthand human experience, which includes all of the weird shit that our minds have experienced over the very long span of time which this wondrous and mysterious science has existed.

If you truly wish to transcend these all, then take each experience which each model presents. Use your mind, your consciousness, as your laboratory and partake in the prescribed formulae and experiments. Once you have studied the “weird shit” yourself, and can become good at predicting the nature of that weird shit, or learn to lead other people into experiencing that weird shit–then I will admit you have transcended these models, paradigms, and spiritual paths.

Talking shit takes nothing more than a clever tongue, but in the end your noise gets drowned out by everyone else who finds themselves convinced. Do you think you have it all figured out? Or will you admit yourself clueless and join the research team?

[fun fax: E-Prime from top to bottom, bitches!]

INTJ opinion on other types

As written by an INTJ.

INTJ: Fellow member of the master race, not much to say. Usually will have a strong affinity towards a newly met INTJ or hate them due to their rivaling intellect.

INTP: Level headed, usually very intelligent and rational. Will frequently rival INTJs in sarcasm and humor. Less direct, more abstract and theoretical in discourse and thought. Generally likeable from the Ni dominant standpoint.

INFJ: Somewhat scary; they somehow retained most traits of an INTJ but unlocked the comprehension of these things called ‘feelings.’ Fear them, respect them, they’re pretty conniving and sharp too.

INFP: You guys are pretty cool, usually. You have intriguing artistic pursuits, but can simultaneously somewhat keep pace with the INTx abstractness of life.

ISTJ: The only person known who had time and extra brain-space to memorize Roberts Rules of Order and Oxford’s Book of Verse. Plays by the book too much, doesnt usually have a humorous personality. Usually very book smart.

ISTP: Funny quirky kinda guys. Usually the ones at the party to make an awkward comment in my experience. Amicable, likes harmony and being part of a group, doesn’t want to stand out too much.

ISFJ: Silent Night was written by ISFJs, I’ve never heard one talks above 12 decibels. Usually they lurk in the background and interact with other IxFxs. IDK how to assess because they always hide???

ISFP: You guys can be pretty funny, usually too feelings motivated in your decisions, hard to debate when we only critique feels, but anyway keep on keeping on with your artsy pursuits. Eventually we’ll rule the world and need people to paint pictures and stuff.

ENTJ: LOVE YOU GUYS. The evil power duo is the INTJ and ENTJ, with the extroverted one being the face and charisma of the campaign while we work on the logistics and execution. Fear us for we will out-do you in anything if working together.

ENTP: Tend to be on the more argumentative side, good for when we want a debate, bad when they’re obstinate. Generally will get along with Ni Dom people, intelligent in debates, brings more people skills and broader perspective in expertise, gift of the common NT genes.

ENFJ: A little bit TOO genuine or authentic? Most have struck me as try-hard and people pleasing not to say they’re decisive and usually make good group player who offer substantive and good feedback

ENFP: You guys are actually pretty cool when you’re not too hyper, lots of good fun energy for the limited time that we feel like interacting. Good job pulling us out of our happy comfy zones.

ESTJ: Y'all are too stubborn. Being stubborn is alright if you’re logical about it but for its own sake, annoying. Can be cool if they have intellectual pursuits of mutual interest.

ESTP: I like how blunt you guys are, it’s refreshing. Love the can-do approach to life and getting things done. You guys can be the colonels in the INTJ army when we take over the world.

ESFJ: ESFJs are the mother hens of basically everything, they are good for HR and managing people when I feel incapable of being diplomatic. Generally more gushy feely than I feel comfortable with.

ESFP: Please. Seriously. Calm down. Life isnt a merry go round going at 5000rpm, and you shouldn’t drink coffee in quantities equivalent of filling an oil tanker. Usually the life of the party, very excited, too energetic for our tastes and not good with the abstract discussions that INTJs like.

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How would you sort the LiS characters into the four Hogwarts houses? I've seen other people's headcanons but I was curious how you would go about it. Somehow I think Max would be that weirdo that splits evenly between the four houses.

I thought about it and asked boclerk, we were thinking that Max fits Gryffindor the best. She has ambition, but lacks the drive and ruthlessness of Slytherin. She can be loyal, though not very hard-working like a Hufflepuff. And, if her grades and focus are anything to go by, she’s not much of an intellectual –leaving Ravenclaw out. Max is, however, very brave and willful. She sticks her neck out for others even before she knows the extent of her powers and is not afraid to stand up to authority figures.

Victoria fits Slytherin to a T. Ambitious, ruthless, driven. But a good example that Slytherin =/= Evil. Her taste in decor also fits the more modern and clean appearance of the Slytherin common room.

Other Slytherins:
-Juliet: Willing to piss off the Vortex Club for a good story, asks Max and Dana for details about Kate’s suicide/attempt directly after the incident. Seems to care more about building her journalism rep than being well-liked by her peers.
-Rachel: Ruthless in pursuit of own gain. Seemed to be a skilled manipulator willing to do anything to leave Arcadia Bay and become a model.

Chloe is also a Gryffindor. She has the potential to be a Ravenclaw, but prefers the pursuit of adventure (like a pirate). Lacks ambition in both universes. Was kicked out of private school for “rebellion of a non-mandatory institution”–showing a lack of value in education, hard work, and reputation.

Other Gryffindors:
-David: values bravery over all else.
-Evan: seems to be the only one willing to openly oppose the Vortex Club. 

Kate could be a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw. I think Ravenclaw is more fitting though. Of the main cast she’s the most academically rounded–having a great GPA and being skilled in both drawing and photography. Once in the hospital, she performs acts of charity– giving some of the gifts sent to her to other patients. She’s still doing her book report in the psych ward. IDK, she gives off kind of an air of academic elitism that I associate with ‘claws.

Other Ravenclaws:
-Warren: blinded by science
-Brooke: elitist drone user
-Alyssa: quotes Robert Frost as a ‘thank you’ gift.

Dana Ward is the Hufflepuffiest Hufflepuff. She is an exemplary example of the positive traits of Hufflepuff. She’s loyal to her friends and lovers, hard-working, and has an attitude of ‘kind, but will take no shit’. She gets an abortion alone, and alerts Logan, but ultimately takes responsibility for herself. Another kind of person would excommunicate Juliet and Max for their shitty behaviour towards her, but she’s willing to let it go.

Other Hufflepuffs:
-Stella: no one works harder than Stella, and cut audio has Kate admitting Stella thought the video was bullshit and stood up for her.
-Joyce: the hardest working mom in Arcadia Bay.

-Nathan: Now, I know this one is gonna get me a lot of raised eyebrows, however, let me explain. 

1. I think sorting villainous characters into Slytherin is the lazy route, especially when it doesn’t suit them. Nathan isn’t very ambitious, content to stagnate or ride out his life on his family’s wealth and reputation. Nor does he try to sabotage others for the edge in a competition, like Victoria.

Gryffindor: He puts on a tough front but cracks under pressure and crumples when confronted.

Ravenclaw: Maybe? He does have a high GPA, but how this relates to his actual academic achievements is questionable based on his father’s choke hold on the school. He is creative and passionate about his art.

2. Hufflepuff =/= nice person. See Zacharias Smith for details.

What we know of Nathan outside of/including whatever shitty thing he’s done:

 He dedicates himself to what he’s passionate about. Photography and getting high. He’s a hard working and in the opinion of both Max and Jefferson, a fantastic photographer. He’s constantly working on parties, doing errands for Jefferson/his dad, getting high, and still actually shows up for class.

He’s very loyal to Victoria, Max’s actions towards her affect the Max-Nathan relationship as well as the Max-Victoria relationship. Loyalty seems to be ingrained and taught in the Prescott family, however misplaced.


Instructions for a Body by Marty McConnell

[transcript below]

I am surprised that Marty McConnell’s “Instructions for a Body” hasn’t made it onto our tumblr before now! It was one of my first body anthem poems: pieces that made me feel more at home with myself. I’m happy to be the one to share it here.

The picture painted in this poem is of the magnificent body, the one that is a gift in every shape it arrives in or comes to. An absent gallbladder deserves the same reverence as fingertips. Muscles and aches are praised together. Although the title labels the poem “instructions,” there is nothing prescriptive here, except a directive to take joy and embrace your own body and its capacities. Marty instructs gratitude and celebration. She pays careful attention to the details of the body and its miracles, then leaves the living up to the listener. I think we can take it from here.


“Praise the miracle body:

The odd and undeniable mechanics of hand,

Hundred-boned foot,

Perfect stretch of tendon.

Praise the veins that river these wrists.

Praise the prolapsed valve in a heart.

Praise the scars marking a gallbladder absent.

Praise the rasp and rattle of functioning lungs.

Praise the pre-arthritic ache of elbows and ankles.

Praise the life line sectioning a palm.

Praise the photographic pads of fingertips.

Praise the vulnerable dip at the base of a throat.

Praise the muscles surfacing on an abdomen.

Praise these arms that carry babies and anthologies.

Praise the leg hairs that sprout and are shaved.

Praise the ass that refuses to shrink or be hidden.

Praise the cunt that bleeds and accepts,

Bleeds and accepts.

Praise the prominent ridge of nose.

Praise the strange convexity of rib cage.

Praise the single hair that insists on growing  from a right areola.

Praise the dent where the mole was clipped from the back of a neck.

Praise these inner thighs brushing.

Praise these eyelashes that sometimes turn inward.

Praise these hips preparing to spread into a grandmother’s skirt.

Praise the beauty of the freckle on the first knuckle of a left little finger.

We’re gone  

In a blizzard of seconds.

Love the body human while we’re here,

A gift of minutes on an evolving planet,

A country in flux.

Give thanks for bone and dirt

And the million things that will kill us someday,

Motion and the pursuit of happiness, no guarantees.

Give thanks

For chaos theory, ecology, common sense

That says we are web,

A planet in balance or out,

That butterfly in Tokyo setting off thunderstorms in Iowa.

Tell me you don’t matter to a universe that conspired

To give you such a tongue,

Such rhythm or rhythmless hips,

Such opposable thumbs.

Give thanks or go home a waste of spark.

Speak or let the maker take back your throat.

March or let the creator rescind your feet.

Dream or let your god destroy your good and fertile mind.

This is your warning.

This your birthright.

Do not let this universe regret you.]


Swan Queen Week - Day 5 - Magic Without a Price

Pairing: Swan Queen
Length: 2200 words  
Rating: T
Summary: WhenRegina cast her curse, she intended to land her subjects in a world without magic. Little did she know, there was no such thing, and the best her spell could do was to keep this world’s magic at bay until the savior arrived.
A/N: Slightly modified soulmate tattoo AU—since I had a feeling lots of other people would do it—where the first sentence you ever hear your soulmate say, whether to you or not, appears tattooed on your arm on your 18th birthday. I wanted to flesh out the middle more, but I’m disgustingly behind, so maybe I’ll revisit this some other day. Takes place over the course of the first season.

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