It doesn’t need to be an attack. It can be as subtle as you want to make it.
I can decide where, when and how, I just need to pick the right moment.

Standing behind you in a crowd, placing my hands on your hips, I whisper in your ear ‘you’re ticklish aren’t you?’.

That’s all it takes. You body instantly goes into alert mode, your shoulders rise and goose bumps run up the back of your arms. You’ve never been more aware of where my hands are than this moment right now.

I’ve said four words and you’ve started to blush, you’re shaking inside, waiting, wondering how you’re going to cope with what you think is coming. All these people here. Your cheeks fully flush.

You flinch as I lean in to your ear again. 'I’m going to tickle you…’.

I move my fingers an inch on your hips and your shoulder blades move inwards, you stand taller. It’s like I have a puppet, your skin is the strings, I have control.

I can feel you shaking, I know you’re biting your lip without even seeing your face. You playfully push back against me, your body says 'stop it’ but I know your mind is just waiting, craving that jolt. You start to breath deeper.

I slide my hands around your smooth tummy and feel it contract. I know by now your legs are starting to shake. I lean in again and whisper 'you’re Tickle Trash aren’t you?’.

Your legs lock firm and your shoulders rise again. The anticipation is wrecking you, your body is buzzing all over. I slide my fingers back to your hips as I lean in one last time 'Just wait until I get you home…’

It’s as easy as that. Nobody noticed. I don’t have to attack you to ruin you.