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Some recent photos of Naoki!  He hung out with Zen’itsu recently, and they went to an exhibit of poisonous creatures (apparently it reeked of skunk).  

28th May 2017

a page from my doodling notebook!✨my semester ended 2 days ago and i have a month of holidays! sadly, i have to utilise it to study for my mid-years in july T^T

from my studygram: @charlenestudies☁️

10/100 Days of Productivity

Gloomy sunday! (so shadowy pics today folks!) I’ve just spent the day in bed keeping warm and working through my media and painting paperwork checklists. Thinking about school and my work has been making me feel really down as of late because i hate looking back and seeing all the work i didn’t put 100% into, but it’s hard to be a student when you’re mental health is bad! Tonight i’m going to have lots of chai tea and watch love, actually while i paint my toenails and journal! I wanna try something VERY different for this weeks bujo (who knows if i’ll actually go through with my idea though…)

(my tshirt dress says ‘sort of romantic’! it’s what i’m wearing to school tomorrow)

Listening to - Lust for Life (Lana Del Rey feat. The Weekend)

• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 35/100 •

// turning the page on may //

May is coming to a close, and June is going to be insanely busy for me. So, here’s like the worst picture I’ve ever taken/ a sneak peak at my June calendar spread that I worked on today (peep my messy, inky hand).

Blog of the Day: @erinstudyblr 💗

My top 5 musical theatre (just to narrow it down from ALL theatre ever) time machine ranking from 1st priority down:

  1. The OBC of Hello, Dolly!
  2. The 1992 revival of Guys and Dolls
  3. The OBC of Kiss of the Spiderwoman
  4. The OBC of Sweeney Todd
  5. The OBC of Grey Gardens

{ 23-5-17 } 80/100 days of productivity

Guess who’s in love ? Me . This is my new study home!!!!!

** also, regarding the sudden terrorist attack in Manchester, I hope all of you and your family and friends stay safe 😔the world can be a scary place and we need more love!! Take care of yourselves