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What’s this? Proof that I will find Jyushi cute no matter what he wears? Well, yes, but it’s also a new event!!

This year’s Akatsukademy Awards favorite to win?!
We aren’t going to change, screw the School Caste!!
Defeat the Prom Queen!

That’s Academy Musical!!

So, yep, it seems to be a parody of the abundance of cheesy school musicals, and I’m excited to see if there are any references aimed at the Western audience. Coming March 24th at 18:00 JST along with a F6 One Chance Gacha!


people really seemed 2 enjoy the compilation of stingy and the mayor’s segments from lazytown extra (part 1, part 2) so i went and made one of robbie’s segment! in his, he tries to set world records and sometimes things go awry. i’m a little frustrated w how the cutting for this video went but the ending music to each segment like… merged into ziggys intro which i didn’t want to include, so i’m sorry if the endings seem abrupt sometimes! part 2 is only gonna have 3 more but i didnt want the video to get too long

if anyone wants me to compile any of the other segments (besides ziggys bc those are way too long) let me know!

Mc with bad seasonal allergies and turns into a sneezy, sniffly, eye watering mess around anything thats pollenating.

I can somewhat relate to this. I found this on @foreverendevor ! It’s too cute~Madre Mod

•He’s pretty confused whyy you come home with a bag full of medicine, red faced and tears on ya face
•"Are you sick?????“
•"No, I just h-ACHOO!-ave bad allergies.”
•You sneeze like the damned
•Yoosung was shook
•but he took the medice from your hands and sat you on the couch, with a blanket, and tissues, and the remote to the tv
•"im not sick!“
•He worries
•Good news you have a nurse yoosung for a while

Zen (man this is long)
•"Zeeeeennnnn. Go to th-achoo!-e store and get this please~“
•He stares at you
•You sneeze so softly, its adorable
•"What ever you need princess!”
•He litteraly runs to the corner store to get some
•meanwhile you are at home
•Sneezing up a storm and tearing up at every sneeze
•It was hell
•cue zen coming back after a good 2 minutes
•You tried to comment on how fast he was but you sneezed
•then again
•and again
•Zen is caught in a cute trance from your sneezing fit
•though your nose is running
•you have dried tear stains on your face
•and your eyes are slightly red and puffy
•he sees a cute lil puppy who needs tissues

•honestly he wouldn’t notice until he got home from work
•he finds you surrounded by tissues and a few empty medicine packets
•did I mention that you have a blanket around you???
•"Mc are you well?”
•"…guh??? Oh! Hey jumin, yeah i’m ok. Just allergies.“
•He demands to know what in the house is causing your allergies to act up so he may remove it asap
•you have to tell him that its just seasonal allergies and he can’t get rid of seasons
•or can he???? nah he can’t
•He does however try to get a doctor to help get rid of your allergies
•oh you sneeze like a kitten
•Jumin nearly dropped his phone when you sneeze
•he quickly finished his call and nearly flew over to you
•"Was thay sneeze from you? Or fro-“
•you reach over to grab another tissue to add to your circle while jumin stares in awe
•that night you were treated like Elizabeth 3rd
•Plenty of head scratches, belly rubs and the occasional kiss on the nose
•Elizabeth 3rd was very jealous

•I like to think that she is allergic to pollen, so she always has medicine on hand
•"Jaehee where is the allergy medicine???”
•"On your right, next to my toothbrush.“
•"Thanks babe!”
•this wasn’t uncommon
•since both of you have similar allergies you both knew how it felt to have a sneeze attack and runny noses
•you both have a lil cabnet only for tissues just for this
•She has a normal sounding sneeze
•You have a louder sneeze
•So as soom as you sneeze she knows yall need to stalk up on things

•He knew
•and he was a beleiver on that “the face you make when you sneeze is the face you make when you cum” bs
•Lets say you make one of the cutist faces when you sneeze
•he thinks you put zen’s face to shame
•"Hey mc did you know that before you sneeze you make a really cute face??“
•"Luciel how can my snot covered, red puffy eyes be cute?”
•"it just is mc. It just is. Now open up it’s time to take your meds.“
•you sneeze like a kitten too
•he makes fun of that sometimes
•he puts cute cat ear headbands on your head and scratches behind it
•He has plenty of pictures of your allergy ridden state


I decided to buy the tankōbon for Neon Sign Amber and it has such a pretty cover!! The extra was super cute (from what I could understand with my limited Japanese), and there were some nice extra scenes added throughout!
ALSO DUDE IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN IT LOOKS LIKE THERE’S GONNA BE A DRAMA CD???? The tiny little text on the back cover saying NEWS!! Omg I would die for a drama cd of this!!

Dating Tim Drake Would Include:
  • He falls asleep on his desk on top of whatever papers he’s been going through, and he’ll sleep there all night if you let him. Fortunately, you make sure he actually gets into bed and gets some real sleep.
  • He’s got one of those big detective-show-style bulletin boards with red thread connecting important news articles/pictures/bits of evidence. You tease him about it sometimes, but mostly you think he looks cute when he’s focusing on adding something new.
  • Tim celebrates the most ridiculous anniversaries, and he always remembers them. Like, “it’s been one year since the first time you held my hand” or “it’s been a month since we went to that fair and rode the ferris wheel
  • He isn’t great with PDA and probably won’t initiate anything, like, ever, but if you start it he’ll get pretty snuggly.
  • You’ll be getting an “I love you” every few minutes when you’re at home, and even when he’s away he sends you texts or leaves little notes around the house, sometimes with flowers or other little things like that.
  • Tim’s a terrible cook. You’d think he’d be better than the other Robins, since he was raised in a pretty normal family, but he burns everything- mostly because he got distracted with something else, or he forgot an in-between step like adding eggs or something. The two of you usually just get takeout. 


Disney has a new show starring an Asian girl lead! Andi is an artistic, but sheltered 13-year-old whose life completely changes when her older sister, Bex, comes back into town (with some pretty big news!). I won’t spoil anything, you’ll have to watch the first episode (above) to find out what happens! The series is going to premiere on April 7, 2017!!

Immediate 6x02 thoughts:

-fml no one does “dissent with a smile” better than Sister Julienne *fans self*

-I’m ready for Sister Ursula to be chased out of Poplar by an angry mob wielding pinnards and wearing habits

-Phyllis Crane ships pupcake, ya’ll

-I wholly disagree with Timothy and would like more details pls

-regardless of how you feel about the miracle bb, you cannot deny that turnadette is getting some excellent screen time this series


-ok, I’m disappointed that pupcake didn’t get their kiss, but in the absence of Patsy, I have hope that Delia will get a quality storyline and some real development in s6

-still love Barbara, still can’t be bothered to care about Barbara/Tom

-pretty sure I cried from start to finish, but idk if that’s news worth sharing

-so thrilled that Shelagh is finally getting a cute wardrobe

-Sister MJ’s comedic timing remains unchallenged, but Barbara’s is inching up the ranks


I’ve been looking and looking, and I’m pretty sure brown tabbies with white chests, paws, and blue eyes don’t exist; that, or they’re rare! Here are the tabbies I came up with…I Photoshopped a couple of their eyes blue because I’m a sore loser. 

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Levi being cute ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Gosh I should really stop procrastinating and finish the work I should’ve completed last week…

In other news…I feel like I’m the only person who isn’t using Reshade in their game. It’s pretty crappy because Reshade effects look amazing and my Levi deserves nothing but the best! So unfair ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

i love it when people say it doesn’t make sense for caryl to become canon after “all this time” passed and nothing happened. nothing as in understanding each other from start? nothing as in sharing very intimate moments with just each other? nothing as in team family members wondering how one of them will react to bad news concerning the other?

while at the same time calling fight scenes and wanting to leave someone behind cute and otp material or a person seeing through your bullshit, calling you out on it and offering help to get back on your feet immediate soulmates. i don’t tell you you can’t ship other things. it’s awesome when you genuinely support a ship. just don’t say these two aren’t incredibly important in each others life and personal development or that they don’t make sense together. because you look pretty damn silly if you do.