in preparation for iron man 3


1)has to watch as four soldiers get shot whilst escorting him
2) is blown up
3) has to undergo open heart surgery whilst conscious
4) wakes up to discover someone has inserted something so incredibly intrusive and life-changing into his chest without his permission.
5) is tortured
6) discovers the person responsible for this is one of the only people he has ever trusted


He was a CIVILIAN ,and he went though hell in the first movie alone. Then he takes it further- making going through all these traumas his goddamned job just so he can try and fix the mistakes that weren’t even his fault in the first place and I am aware there are a lot of italics but I am feeling very emotional about this!!!!!!!right!!!!!now!!!

Masterlist/Mobile Masterlist

Gif Reactions

1. You got a tattoo of one of their songs

2. Them walking in on you dancing to a girl group song

3. When they walk in on you changing clothes

4. When they take a bubble bath with their gf

5. When they meet their younger sister’s boyfriend

6. You hold a surprise birthday party for them

7. Jungkook goes traveling the world with a girl without telling his hyungs

8. Jungkook’s crush doesn’t like Iron Man

9. They realize that they like a guy

10. What they would be like Christmas morning [Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Jungkook]

11. When you wake them up on Christmas morning because you’re really excited

12. You come out in sexy lingerie as a Christmas “present”

13. They prepared a Valentine’s Day surprise for you, but you found out about it

14. Seeing their girlfriend in a very sexy outfit on their Valentine’s Day date

15. You have a cool dragon tattoo on your hip

16. They come home and see you in their clothes asking for a kiss

Written Reactions

1. What your song would be with them

2. Who is a boobs or an ass man?

3. How would they feel dating a gender fluid person [Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V]

4. If their girlfriend was white

5. Would V and Jimin date someone a lot younger than them

6. Would Jungkook date someone younger than him

7. Would Namjoon date a 98 liner

8. How young would Taehyung date?

9. How they would go public with you

10. Who would date an edgy girl

11. What smell BTS would like on their girl

12. Their s/o debuting with her girl group [Taehyung, Jimin, Yoongi]

13. All of the boys. names, nicknames and Korean terms that are frequently used in reactions

14. They see that you have to use a nasal spray every day

15. Who would date a guy

16. How they would cheer you up when you were feeling insecure about yourself

17. You’re dating and they smell men’s cologne on you, When they ask you about it you admit to just trying to find a birthday present for them [Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Rap Monster]

18. How Jin would feel about his s/o watching them perform

19. Who would want a taller girlfriend?

20. Who would date a short, chubby girl?

21. What they would do if you got sick

22. They’re sleeping next to you and notice that you’re shivering because it’s cold [Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook]

23. How they would kiss you [Jin, Suga, Rap Monster, Jimin]

24. How they would kiss you [Jungkook, V, J-Hope]

25. How they would hug you

26. You’re his favorite student but you hate him Hyung Line | Maknae Line

27. Werewolf!au with Jin as the werewolf (Drabble)

28. Taehyung teases you by wearing leather pants for a live show (Drabble)

29. How they would feel if you didn’t like to celebrate cute days like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day


1. Late night texts

2. Jealous BTS

3. Confessing their love

4. They want you to sleep over because they’re lonely and scared

5. Texting them when you’re having a panic attack Jimin | Rap Monster | Jungkook

6. JHope reassuring his s/o when they feel insecure about their monolids

7. They want more sexy time with their girlfriend

8. Texting them because you miss them so badly Maknae Line | Hyung Line

9. Cute nicknames Maknae Line

MTL Reactions

1. MTL likely to date another artist or idol


1. Suga’s girlfriend gets paired up with another idol to do a sexy concept like Trouble Maker

2. You are secretly flirting with Jimin and your older brother Jin doesn’t know.

Snapchat Reactions

1. Jimin is jealous that you’re dating Jungkook and thinks that you should date him instead

2. You get really busy with school and work and don’t have a lot of time to be with them anymore

What would dating BTS be like?

JHope | Jungkook | Jimin | Rap Monster

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Imagine Cas realising hes in love with you when you’re hurt on a hunt

word count: 679 words

request by: anon: I’m new to your blog can you do a story we’re cas falls in love with the reader and the reader gets hurt on a hunting trip?

A/N: Sorry its short and really bad. I haven’t gotten much sleep and I wasn’t really in the mood for writing but I haven’t posted in a while. Anyway, requests are still open <3.

Kicking the door with all your strength, you managed to burst it open. Breathing heavily as you ran through the narrow corridors of the mansion until you found yourself in the main ballroom. A shiver shot through your body and a foggy cloud escaped your mouth as you exhaled.

You stood in a ready position, two hands clutched onto the iron fire poker, prepared for wherever the ghost may appear. Your eyes slightly widened in fear as the ghostly man appeared right in front of you, his knife stabbing you in the side of your stomach. You screamed out in agony, doubling over, clutching your side to stop the blood from flowing out of your body at an alarming rate.

You scurried away from the ghost until your back hit against the wall.

“Come on Sam and Dean,” you murmured to yourself. “They should have salt and burned the body by now.”

At this rate, you were going to die. You were in excruciating pain as you looked up and watched the ghost slowly take steps towards your limp body.

Relief flooded your body as the ghost lit on fire and you silently thanked God that Sam and Dean had managed to burn the body in time.

Tiredness over took you as you forced your eyes to stay open. That’s when you heard the familiar flutter of wings.

“Y/N?!” you heard three familiar voices say, concern lacing their words.

You looked up to see Sam, Dean and Cas with shocked and worried expressions on their faces. All three of them ran towards you once they saw the tiredness in your eyes and your body/hands covered in your own blood.

“CAS DO SOMETHING!” Dean screamed as Castiel stood frozen in shock.

Immediately, Castiel snapped out of his frozen state when he saw a tear fall down your face and heard a whimper of pain escape your lips. He ran over to your pale shaking body and grabbed your hand, removing it from your wound and replacing it with his.

“This is going to hurt Y/N,” he looked down into your eyes as you felt his grace push into your wound causing you to scream out in agonizing pain. What was only a few seconds felt like hours of torture until eventually it was over and the pain was gone.

You looked up and your cheeks flushed red as cas’s face was merely centimetres away from yours.

“Thank you,” your whisper filled the silent room.

Cas, helped you up from the ground before announcing to Sam and Dean that he is taking you back to the bunker so you can clean up.

A wave of dizziness hit your body and when you opened your eyes, you were back at the bunker with Castiel. You clutched onto his body in fear you may fall from light-headedness.

“Y/N,” Castiels smooth voice barely whispered your name as you noticed once again how close your faces were.

Castiel could never return the feelings you felt for him, could he? He’s an angel, I’m a human, he could never care fo-.

You were pulled out of your thoughts as you felt his lips lock onto yours. Your eyes widened with shock before you immediately responded, moving your lips along with his. Your hands tangled into his hair as his arms wrapped around your waist pulling you impossibly closer to him.

After what felt like years, you both pulled away. Cas looked down into your eyes as you looked up into his crystal blue ones.

“Don’t you dare think that I could never return the feelings you feel for me. Whenever I’m around you Y/N I feel dizzy, I’ve only now realised how much you mean to me. Seeing you like that… In pain… I can’t bear to think of that happening to you again. Y/N, I believe that I may be in love with you.”

“Cas…” you whispered, “I… I love you too.”

A large smile appeared over Cas’s face as he pulled you in once again for another kiss, one of many more to come.

anonymous asked:

14 - Steve/Tony, post-CW or CW-compliant would be preferable, but an AU is fine.

(For clarity’s sake, Tony and Pepper were never together in this. Actually, just assume Iron Man 3 doesn’t happen for my peace of mind, or move it down the timeline after TWS. OK, and a little bit of a warning, even though it might be overzealous. This fic deals a bit with my personal headcanon that both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have issues with obsession/fixation, and this isn’t exactly a positive spin on that. SO. Some of the ways they think might be a little eh?!?! if you weren’t prepared, but now you are!)

I Was A Fool

1. (Do you remember I searched you out? How I climbed your city walls.)

Tony watches him at the railing for a long time, one hand wrapped around the tumbler of whiskey and one hand half reaching for the panel that would open the sliding doors leading outside. “How long has he been out there, J?” he asks softly.

There’s something about the angle of Steve’s body as he leans over the railing. Something about the curve of his neck as he stares down at the street. Something about the arch of his feet, neither planted on the ground. Unsteady, the engineer in him thinks. Ready to fall-

“Two hours, sir,” JARVIS answers, and Tony thinks of the two hours he’s just spent in his bed, waking up from nightmare after nightmare, waking up and drifting off until they all became one big long terror.

He had given up and headed for the nearest source of alcohol when he saw Steve standing at the ledge of the balcony, leaning. The light of the moon and the city have washed him out, the gold of his hair gone silver and his pale skin gone white. He looks like a statue. Screw it, he thinks, and heads outside.

Steve must hear the door hiss, throwing a cursory glance over his shoulder and tensing when he sees Tony. They still haven’t quite managed to get along, even after the epic bonding experience that was an alien invasion. “Late night or early morning for you?” he asks gruffly.

“I like that you think I went to bed at all,” Tony quips, wondering at the strangely coaxing tone to his voice. “What about you, Cap? This isn’t cramping into your five AM wake up call?”

Steve shrugs. “Thought I might skip it.”

There’s another joke on the edge of his tongue, but instead Tony just wanders over until he’s right beside Cap. He sees blue eyes flicker down to his glass and then back up, but Steve says nothing, which leaves him oddly disappointed. Not like he had wanted someone to be here in the communal floor when there was a bottle of Jack in the workshop, not like he wanted someone to look at him and say oh, Tony, you don’t need that. It might have been nice though, just to hear. 

Leaving the talking to Tony, then. That’s okay. Tony can do talking.

“Lot has changed, I bet,” he says, gesturing out to the city. 

“Well,” Steve says, clearing his throat when the one word comes out choked. “I never much had the chance to see it from this view.”

“Still, doesn’t mean you don’t-” Tony says, because he is good at talking, but he is not good at knowing where and what not to talk about. “What are you doing out here, anyway?”

“Like you said. A lot has changed.” It doesn’t sound agreeable, or even kind. It’s miserable, Steve’s voice, and angry. 

“I figure building’s are the least of your worries there, Cap,” Tony says.

Steve is quiet for a long moment. “You’re probably right. I just - remember things a lot differently. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it isn’t…like that anymore.”

“How well do you remember it?”

“Perfectly,” Steve whispers. Then, to Tony: “I always had a good memory, but after the serum-”

“Photographic,” Tony finishes. He takes a swallow of his drink and lets it burn all the way down, finds his lips curling up against his will. “Sucks, doesn’t it?”

“What?” Steve says, looking at him for the first time. 

Tony tries to smooth out his sneer into something normal, something not so bitter. Tries not to show Yinsen’s body going slack or the dark of space or the ripples of water as he drowned over and over in his face. “I mean. Useful, right? It’s useful. Plans, schematics, there at the back of your mind forever, but sometimes. Not so good.”

He thinks Steve sees it all in his face anyway, because his eyes go a little soft and more than a little pained. “Yeah,” he says. “Sometimes.” And Steve’s seen friends slip between his fingers, too. Steve’s seen death, too.

“Sometimes I have nightmares,” Tony says out to the sky. “But. They’re just memories.”

Steve shifts a little closer. “Yeah,” the soldier agrees again. Then, seemingly apropos of nothing: “I hate the cold.”

“I wish you had a glass so I could toast to that. Deserts are fucking freezing at night.” Not as cold as, oh, being frozen alive, but still. “Water. On my face.”

“The window broke first thing on the plane,” Steve agrees, and this conversation of half-filled fears is less gruesome than it has any right to be. Tony almost finds himself smiling in the brief seconds he isn’t wondering what the hell Fury was thinking, putting this team together. The Island of Misfit Toys was a part of fiction for a reason.

“You know,” he says. “It’s not all gone.” When Steve raises an eyebrow, he gestures out at the city. “New Yorkers are nostalgia-ridden fools, near as I can tell. Never tear anything down. They just built around it. Or on top, more likely, I guess, there’s not just excessive amounts of space here. But they make something new of out it. The old, I mean.”

Steve looks at him for a long time, then back out at the city. “You figure?”

“Yeah, sure,” Tony says. “I mean, c’mon, you know better than me. The Chrysler Building. And that one over there-”

“It was there, back then-”

“Yeah, so, and it’s still there, but look at that line there, they added on, brand spanking new. Hey, come here, sit down with me, I’m getting creaky in my old age-”

“So dramatic,” Steve huffs, but he releases his death grip on the railing and they sit, legs through the slots as they look out at the city, still looking at building. “It was an insurance company in my day.”

“Cell phones now,” Tony corrects, and Steve looks at him dubiously, and they’re off, cataloging the differences, the similarities, and he never thought of using buildings as metaphors - left that up to architects who waxed philosophic about arches and singers who sang uncomfortably intimate songs about their hometowns - but it seems to be working now so he sticks with it.

Tony puts his drink down. When he and Steve are finally through talking, barely getting words through their yawns, he stands, leaving it out there, completely forgotten.

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Anti-Native Racism in Captain America: Civil War

In the boat scene (you’ll know it), Tony Stark says that Cap has “gone off the reservation.”

It was racist and ignorant when Hillary Clinton said it.

It was racist and ignorant when Iron Man said it.

I was not prepared to hear it from my hero, and no one warned me about it, so I’m warning all of you.

Chapter 8 (Part 3): The Battle of New York {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: The battle has officially commenced, and (Y/N), along with her team, are prepared for a war. Sorry Loki, you lose. Game over.

Warnings: cursing

 "Send the rest,“ Loki announced to his army. The Avengers collectively raised their eyes to the sky, knowing what to expect, but not wanting to believe it’s there. A swarm of Chitauri and the Leviathans descended from their hole in the clouds, resembling Locusts, metaphorically and literally, as they crawled toward the city below.

 "Guys,” Natasha warned, face shrouded in dirt and ash.

 "Call it, Cap,“ Tony said to Steve.

 "Alright, listen up,” Steve commanded, stepping forward, taking the lead as any good captain would, “Until we close the portal up there, we’re gonna use containment. Barton, I want you on that roof, eyes on everything. Call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back or turn it to ash.”

 "Wanna give me a lift?“ Clint asked Tony.

 "Right. Better clench up, Legolas,” Tony answered.

 "Clench up what?“

 "Just ask (Y/N).”

 "Yeah, you might wanna. You feel like every extremity on your body will be torn off if you don’t,“ (Y/N) answered nonchalantly. Everyone just stared, ”…but it’s great! Just don’t shit yourself, Barton.“ (Y/N) winked.

 "I’ll try not to,” Clint responded, laughing as Tony approached. “You better not. Loki would have a field day with that one,” then, they both lifted off into oblivion.

 "Thor, (Y/N), you’ve gotta try and bottleneck that portal. Slow them down. You’ve got the power. Light the bastards up.“ They both nodded to Steve as Thor cradled (Y/N) in his left arm, hammer spinning like a helicopter propeller on his right, then lifted off towards the roof of a lightning rod of a building. They landed, and Thor released (Y/N) next to him as they heard The Hulk roar beneath them in awesome power. The battle has officially commenced. (Y/N) swung around the pole a few times, her long, wild hair swinging behind her as she surveyed the destruction beneath her.

 "This would be a great view if those assholes would just die already,” (Y/N) stated to Thor. He laughed heartily.

 "Do not worry, (Y/N). They will gone soon due to our hands. Let us show them what real power is,“ He finished with a wide smile on his face.

 "Let’s.” Together, Thor and (Y/N) collected their powers, pulling in dark grey clouds from seemingly nowhere. Thunder, lighting, and a furious snow storm collided into a natural disaster of organized chaos. (Y/N) almost felt bad for the Chitauri. Almost.

 Thor’s lightning crashed into the tower in a crackle of brilliant, white light traveling down the building, shattering the windows, breaking down its doors, amazingly leaving (Y/N) untouched. At the same time, (Y/N) brewed a blizzard, extra special for the bastards who threatened her world. ‘Not today, bitches.’ (Y/N) thought. The tension reached its boiling point, (Y/N)’s and Thor’s power at their max. The Locusts had only seconds before they realized what was about to happen.

 "Aaghhh!“ Thor and (Y/N) bellowed into the skies, their power collectively creating the perfect storm. The shockwave shot into the hole, destroying hundreds of the aliens in a firework display (Y/N) would never forget. They dropped to the Earth like dead flies, probably wishing they had never attacked Earth in the first place. In pure excitement, (Y/N) jumped up in celebration, almost falling off the edge of the tower.

 "Holy shit! That was fucking awesome! We are the Avengers, hear us roar!” She turned to Thor and put her hand up for a high-five. He just stared at her and cocked his head.

 "Oh!“ (Y/N) exclaimed, laughing, “That’s right! Aw, you foreigner, you! This is a high five, you just…” She pulled his baseball glove of a hand up to her delicate, little hand and made them meet, “…like that. High. Five. Because you put your hand high, plus you have five fingers.”

 "Oh, okay, I understand now. I saw Jane do this once with Eric, but I had thought she was attempting to clap him across his face, and he had simply blocked her attempt. Now, I know I was wrong.“

 "Yeah, well, you learn something new every day, Pikachu. Now we’ve got some more ass to kick. Wanna give me a lift?” She asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

 "Better clench up, Legolas,“ Thor responded with a wide grin on his face.

 "Aw, so close. I’ll explain Legolas to you later,” (Y/N) responded, laughing as Thor picked her up and carried her onto the back of one of the Leviathons. As they fought, (Y/N) could’ve sworn she saw Natasha riding on top of one of the Chitauri, her knives digging into the alien’s ugly, scaly, reptilian back as she literally drove him on the hovercraft in the direction she desired.


 (Y/N) was thrilled she had finally found a group of people who were up to her speed. People who wouldn’t hurt her due to what she was and what she could do. People she could trust. Running was not an option anymore. Fighting, was.

 In the middle of shattering a frozen alien to dust, (Y/N) heard a roar from behind her and smirked, knowing these aliens were officially all about to be sent to their Galaxian graves. The Hulk catapulted over (Y/N)’s head with enormous power, a piece of metal in his green, meaty fist. He stabbed the beast on the head. Thor followed his lead, hammering the piece deep into the creature’s skull causing it to shudder and nosedive through the glass window of a large library. The Hulk shielded (Y/N)’s tiny body beneath his, green muscles taut, as they prepared for a hard landing. When they had landed, The Hulk up righted himself and smiled at (Y/N). Definitely not the most attractive thing on the planet, but hey, he tried.

 As Thor and the Hulk stood on the nose of the beast, (Y/N) slid off the creature, looking around for anyone who might have been injured or crushed underneath…it. Not finding anyone, she sighed in relief. Suddenly she heard a blunt thump, then found Thor lying in front of her.

 "Think Bruce took fist-bump to a whole new level,“ (Y/N) commented.

 "What is this ‘fist-bump’ you speak of?” Thor asked innocently from the floor.

 "God, I have so much shit to teach you.“ (Y/N) laughed, rolling her eyes, as she attempted to help Thor up to absolutely no avail. She just shrugged as she got an incoming call on her earpiece from Steve.

 ”(Y/N), I’m just outside your location. Heading into the building across from you, and I could really use your help.“

 "On it! Coming out now,” (Y/N) responded, “Hey, guess what? Bruce just totally bitch-slapped Thor in the face. Man, you should’ve seen it!”

 "I bet that won’t be the last time that happens, (Y/N). I’m sure I’ll see it eventually,“ Steve replied, laughing.

 "Wow, just take away this special moment from me why don’t you? Rude.” (Y/N) retorted as she met Steve outside the building.

 "Sorry to take away your moment. Now, I’ll come in through the front and distract them, while you take them out from the back.“

 "You’re damn right about you being a distraction. You could cause a highway pile up by just sitting on the side of the road,“ Steve just rolled his eyes and chuckled softly.

“Meet you on the other side, (Y/N).” The two parted ways. Steve launched himself through a window and began taking down the stray Chitauri at hand. (Y/N) entered through the back, only to find her path blocked by a sea of people.

 "Sorry! Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry. Oh, I love your scarf. So hipster. Excuse me, sorry,“ (Y/N) pushed her way through the crowd, reminding her of her many concerts she had attended in the past. Every time she went to one, she, and whoever she was with, shamelessly pushed themselves to the front of the crowd and rocked from just behind the barriers. Yeah, she got bruises from being shoved into those barriers, but after Matt Healy leapt off his stage and made out with her during his performance of “Robbers,” she had no regrets.

 "Sorry! Excuse me! Ice Queen coming through to…you know…save the day and shit. Excuse me!“ When she reached below the balcony a few seconds later, a bomb dropped at her feet.

 "Everyone clear out!” Steve called out, but nobody would move. Shock, (Y/N) guessed. The beeping of the bomb got faster and faster, (Y/N) froze the bomb, which gave everyone an extra four seconds.

 "Steve! Catch!“ (Y/N) threw the bomb up to Steve (knowing he would throw it out the window) which he catapulted through the open window behind him. The bomb exploded mid-air and (Y/N) cast a force field of ice around the civilians, protecting them from the shrapnel as Steve covered himself with his shield. He was thrown back off the balcony and into the crowd below just as her force-field dissolved. The people dispersed, staring in awe, ridiculously grateful for Steve and (Y/N), which gave (Y/N) such happiness and pride in herself. She had actually helped people. Why had she hidden herself all those years? Selfish. She was pissed at herself, but also at that moment, concerned for Steve.

 "Steve!” She uttered as she ran to his side. He looked…broken. Ash covered his whole body, not unlike (Y/N), though she didn’t even realize it, “Are you okay?” She tenderly touched his shoulder, wide eyes reflecting her concern.

 "Yeah, I’ll just walk it off,“ Steve said groggily.

 "Dude, you don’t have to act tough for me. That’s dumb,” (Y/N) claimed.

 "No, really, (Y/N). If I can’t take a hit like that, then I shouldn’t be out here in the first place. If Thor can be punched by the Hulk, then I can take a bomb to the shield,“ Steve answered with a half-grin, exposing a dimple on his cheek. 

 "Then…I digress,” (Y/N) helped Steve to his feet, this time, at least partially helping him up. She felt accomplished. 

 'I’m like Ms. Strongwoman. I should join the circus.’

 The mood was upbeat due to (Y/N)’s colorful commentary, until her and Steve stepped out onto the city block. The island of Manhattan was in ruins. Smoke billowed in sickening spirals from every corner of the street. People ran, screaming toward shelter that no longer existed. Fire and police man attempted to help the victims, but there was no consoling the pure panic of the waves of innocent people caught in a war with beings they had never knew existed, yet still attempted to not accept as reality. 

 (Y/N) felt sick, but she could not, would not ever, let it show. She put on a brave face, and strode out into the middle of the chaos, searching for aliens to destroy, as they had destroyed one of her cities that she loved. Steve stood beside her, gazing at the beautiful girl next to him. A partner against crime. Despite her hair laced in ash, face smeared in dirt and blood from a wound on her cheek, she had her jaw set, her eyes narrowed, an air of confidence radiated from her. Steve, at that moment, began to fall for her.


 Steve, (Y/N), and Thor continued fighting on the streets, until Steve got hit in the side. (Y/N) shielded him as Thor knocked a full-blown car into the oncoming army like a bowling ball to bowling pins. Like (Y/N) admitted to herself, she could really hang with these people for a while. Thor helped Steve up as Steve grimaced, holding his stomach. 

 "Damn, they just won’t let up on you will they?“ (Y/N) said, as she finished the last alien in front of her. “It’s like you’re a target, or something…” (Y/N) slowly turned her silver eyes to focus on Steve’s shield.

 "Ha. Ha. Very funny, (Y/N),“ Steve retorted.

 "Well, I thought it was,” (Y/N) responded with a shrug.

 "I second that,“ Thor agreed.

 "It’s a symbol,” Steve defended himself. “Phil said we needed old-fashioned.”

 "Is ‘old fashioned’ considered making you target practice? Because, so far, it’s working,“ (Y/N) responded. Steve just laughed and shook his head, still holding his stomach. Thor looked slightly concerned.

 "You ready for another bout?” Thor asked.

 "What?“ Steve answered, just like a fucking hero would. "You gettin’ sleepy?" 

  Thor just smiled and retracted Mjölnir back to his hand. Then, Natasha spoke into the earpieces.

 "I can close it! Can anybody hear me? I can shut the portal down!”

 "Do it!“ Steve insisted immediately, looking up at the Stark tower, coinciding with Thor and (Y/N).

 "No wait!” Tony interjected. “I got a nuke coming in. It’s gonna blow in less than a minute…And I know just where to put it.” (Y/N) searched the sky for Tony, then saw him approaching at Buzz Lightyear speed, directing the nuke to…

 "Tony! What the fuck are you doing? I know it may be a shitstorm down here, but suicide is not the answer!“

 "Glad to hear you, (Y/N), but someone’s gotta deal with this thing. Looks like, it’s gonna be me.”

 "Stark, you know that’s a one-way trip?“ Steve said sharply into his earpiece. Tony just ignored him and began talking strictly to Jarvis. (Y/N) couldn’t believe it. Another friend! Another person in her life! Dead!? No. This couldn’t be happening. Tony was a good person. Rude, and direct about basically everything, but so was (Y/N). Why waste time beating around the bush when there’s better things to do in life. She understood him. She liked him. Why was this happening?

 The world held its breath as Tony curved the nuke upwards, jets flaring, not stopping. Then, he was gone. Into the unknown. (Y/N)’s heart stopped (luckily, only metaphorically, despite it feeling real). She crossed every bone in her body and prayed for him back. His sacrifice deserved reward. The universe had to have some respect. Right?

 Two minutes passed, the world still silent. The aliens, waited, hoping for Tony to fail, giving them free-range to roam and kill every being on Earth. Suddenly, there was a boom. The nuke had hit something. An angry shade of red expanded within the hole in space as the Chitauri collapsed on the pavement. Tony had succeeded. But (Y/N) still didn’t feel like they had won anything. Where was Tony?

 The supernova continued approaching the entrance into Earth at rapid speed. Steve realized it was too late.

 "Close it.” Steve commanded Natasha.

 "No! Tony’s still in there! Stop!“ (Y/N) screamed. But Natasha had her mind set. Without hesitation, she forced the scepter into the blue stream, disconnecting space from Earth. The hole began to swallow itself up, closing Tony’s only escape to the world of the living. (Y/N) felt tears well up in her eyes. Crying? Was she fucking crying?!

 But, then…there! A speck of red and gold fell through the hole at the last possible moment. It was almost unrealistic…

 (Y/N) was beyond relieved. What a champ. This dude was badass, and (Y/N) applauded him in her mind.

 "Son of a gun,” Steve said, impressed and relieved with Tony’s return. But Tony continued to fall. Lifeless, like a rag doll, his body rained from the sky, without a sign of his consciousness. (Y/N)’s body went cold.

 "He’s not slowing down,“ Thor announced, swinging his hammer, preparing to catch Tony.

 But the Hulk beat him to it.

 Appearing from absolutely nowhere, he caught Tony like a professional outfielder catching an impossible home run hitter. Launching himself off the side of a building, the Hulk landed on a car, and skidded to a stop. He released Tony from his grasp to his side.

 Thor, Steve, and (Y/N) sprinted into the city block where Tony and The Hulk had landed. Thor flipped Tony to his front as Steve and (Y/N) kneeled beside him. Steve tore Tony’s mask from his face and leaned down to check if Tony was breathing. (Y/N) noticed that the thing on his chest the normally glowed, was burnt out. Steve leaned back on his knees and shook his head in defeat. Tony’s eyelashes graced his cheeks, with no sign of ever opening again. The PTSD got to (Y/N).

 "No!” (Y/N) cried out, “Not again! Tony you gotta come back! You have to!” No response. She helplessly laid down on his chest and almost started to cry, but…

 "Arghhh!“ The Hulk thundered, causing Tony to wake up in a sweat. The Hulk proudly roared once again, and pounded his chest in triumph.

 "What the hell?” Tony breathed heavily, “What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me!” He looked around in a panic, then he turned to find (Y/N), eyes glistening in would-be tears, smiling, dimples full out, “Okay, except maybe (Y/N).”

 "Yeah, Pepper would love that,“ (Y/N) answered sarcastically.

 "This was a life or death situation. She would’ve understood…I think.” They all laughed. Steve surveyed the scene, dead Chitauri lay fallen around the block, not a single threat left standing.

 "We won.“ Steve announced proudly. Tony signed lying his head back down.

 "Alright. Yay!” He lifted an Iron Man suited fist, “Alright! Good job, guys. Let’s just not come in tomorrow. Let’s just take a day. Have you ever tried Schwarma? There’s a Schwarma joint about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is, but I want to try it.” (Y/N) was about to cheers to that, but Thor had other plans.

 "We’re not finished yet,“ Thor proposed. Steve looked back at Thor like, ‘bitch, please.’ (Y/N) agreed.

 "Uh…do you not see the alien-things around us, you know, dead. Think we’re all good here. So..Schwarma!” Tony fist-bumped (Y/N).

 "There’s Loki to deal with.“ Thor concluded. (Y/N) just rolled her eyes.

 ”…And then Schwarma after,“ Tony finished.

 'Yeah,’ (Y/N) thought, ‘I’m gonna like it here.’


 "So,” (Y/N) started as she walked beside a chain-bound Loki to where Thor would take him back to Asgard, “Did the cape come in handy? I mean, besides making you look like a walking fashion faux-pas?”

 "It did get caught a few times in my hovercraft, so I suppose it helped out your cause a fraction more,“ he grunted, just as annoyed as (Y/N) hoped he would be.

 "Hm, like a great woman once said, and I quote, 'No capes!’” (Y/N) finished as a muzzle was put on Loki, luckily not covering his glaring eyes. (Y/N) laughed.

 "So you’ll come back for me, right?“ (Y/N) turned to Thor, "Asgard sounds like one hell of a place!” (Y/N) exclaimed. Although Earth doesn’t exactly bore her, she needed to go to Asgard. Cross that off her bucket list, despite her never knowing it existed until a few days previous.

 "It would be my honor to escort Lady (Y/L/N) to my home of Asgard. Just call for me, and Heimdall will give me notice,“ Thor promised.

 "I’m holding you to that, Pikachu,” (Y/N) winked at the Demi-Gods, then rejoined the rest of the team, standing between Steve, and a downsized Bruce. Thor nodded to the group, then disappeared in a mesmerizing electric blue light that shot into the sky, then took the brothers off into oblivion. Seriously, that Tesseract thing was still bothering her. She was glad it was gone. (Y/N) hated to feel controlled.

 Silence followed they’re disappearance.

 "Well,“ (Y/N) announced, "that was dramatic.” Steve and Tony collapsed in laughter, remembering (Y/N)’s blunt remark back at the beginning of the whole experience.

 ”(Y/N), you kill me,“ Tony complimented, “So I’ll be seeing you soon, right? I need sarcasm like yours to match mine. Keep people on their toes.”

 "Duh. What else do I have to do with my life besides annoy people with you? Nothing important, that’s for damn sure,“ (Y/N) responded…sarcastically.

 "Damn, I’m gonna miss you, kid,” Tony confessed, hugging (Y/N) uncharacteristically, not that (Y/N) minded, “I’ll send a jet for you in a few days, I swear.”

 "I’ll be looking forward to it,“ (Y/N) laughed as she turned to Steve, "Let’s blow this pop stand.”

 "I got that reference,“ Steve responded sarcastically. Oh, memories.

 "Alright, Grandpa. We get it. You’re old,” Clint interjected with his bitch shades.

 "I wouldn’t be talking so much Terminator. Tone you’re sunglasses down a bit would'ya?“ (Y/N) wiggled her eyebrow at Clint, defending Steve as she mounted the back of his vintage motorcycle ('honestly, Steve. I defended you, but could you have at least picked an updated ride?’).

 "I’ll be watching you, (Y/N). 'I’ll be back,’” Clint quoted, echoing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression as Steve revved up his motorcycle and pulled out onto the street. (Y/N) turned and waved at the remaining Avengers. She just smiled. She was so happy. Happy. What a weird feeling.

 'Hope this doesn’t go away anytime soon.’


 "Schwarma…nice fucking call,“ Clint appraised Tony as he dug into his sandwich wrap.

 "I am in agreement. Earth has very…interesting pallets,” Thor agreed.

 "These remind me of the gas station versions of Greek Gyros. Not that I’m opposed to that, 'cuz believe me, I’m not,“ (Y/N) stated.

 "You’ve been to Greece?” Steve asked (Y/N).

 "Spangles, I’ve been everywhere…besides Asgard…“

 (Y/N) turned a glaring eye to Thor.

 "Soon, young maiden. I must pursue a few things back home before I bring you. It has to be safe for you, so I must apologize,” Thor answered (Y/N)’s comical glare.

 "But, what if I-“

 "No. You cannot call Heimdall yourself.”

 "Dammit,“ (Y/N) whispered.

 The table got quiet all of a sudden. Everyone just sort-of slipped into their own minds and thought about what they’d just done. Thor wasn’t as bothered, but the rest were just baffled into absolute silence. It wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, just a collective reverie of: "What the fuck?” “Was that even real?” “Did all that really just happen?” About ten minutes of this went by until (Y/N) jumped up, startling everyone.

 "Oh shit! My apartment! I’m getting evicted today!“ (Y/N) ran towards the door, then peered back in. "If you don’t see me in the next 4 hours, I’ll probably be in Guam.”

 ”(Y/N), what are you-“ Steve started.

 "Okay, bye!” Then out the door she bolted. Everyone just stared at the spot where (Y/N) had stood in the doorway a moment previous. All that was left of her was a small, silver, glimmering hand print on the door frame. They didn’t know it yet, but they’d get used to (Y/N)’s crazy mind and ideas soon enough.

 Adorable, little, deadly (Y/N). Sweet as hell if you’re not an asshole, but could kill you in five seconds with the flick of her risk if you pissed her off. And the team loved the hell out of her for it. All of it.

 *just follow and like for more content. From here I’ll go into more of the life of an Avenger. This was all backstory of (Y/N) to lead up to actually being an Avenger. Now you can send in your requests, and I would love to write them all out. Hope you guys have enjoyed so far. Love you all ;)* 

 chapter 1  |  chapter 1 ((Y/N)’s POV  |  chapter 2  |  chapter 3  | chapter 4  |  chapter 5  |  chapter 6 (part 1)  |  chapter 6 (part 2)  |  chapter 7  | chapter 8 (part 1)  |  chapter 8 (part 2) 

I'll Make an Avenger Out of You

I decided to parody Mulan’s ‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ in preparation of Spider-Man’s eventual debut into the Marvel Cinematic universe. So… Here it is.

Agent Coulson: Let’s get down to business, to defeat Doc Oc
Why’d they send me a Spider, when I asked for Stark?
You’re the lamest hero I’ve ever met, and I have met Clint Barton too.
Somehow I’ll make an Avenger out of you!

Superhuman powers, but a child within.
Once you lose your uncle, you are sure to win.
You’re an angsty little child at heart, and you don’t know what to do.
But Peter I’ll make an Avenger out of you!

Black Widow: He’s never gonna make the cut.
Iron Man: 20 bucks says he’ll adore me.
Deadpool: Really don’t know but I think that I love him. (Everyone: he must pull through!)
Captain America: Civil War’s gonna scare him to death.
Deadpool: I don’t wanna lose such a cutie!
Deadpool (again): I just wanna be in the MCU with him!

Everyone: Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: I must be as swift as Pietro (Deadpool: he’s fast!)
With all the sass of Clint Barton, too. (Deadpool: Not me?)
I’ll need the angst of Bucky and Banner. (Deadpool: I have angst!)
I really just hope that Cap will help me too! (Deadpool: Wait you don’t need him, you’ve got-)

Coulson: Time is racing towards us till Thanos arrives.
Listen to Nick Fury and you might survive.
You’re unsuited for Infinity War, so pack up, go home, you’re through.
How could I make an Avenger out of you!?

Everyone: Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: I must as swift as Pietro (everyone: he’s fast)
With all the sass of Clint Barton, too.
I’ll have more angst than Bucky and Banner.
I just hope my hero Cap will help me too! (Deadpool: I’ll help you, Spidey!!!)

Everyone: He must be as swift as Pietro (he’s fast)
With all the sass of Clint Barton too. (Deadpool: Oh please, I have WAY more sass!)
He’ll have more angst than Bucky and Banner.
Let’s hope than he can be an Avenger too.

Deadpool (spoken): Don’t listen to them, Spidey, you can be anything you want as long as you let me come with you!
*everyone stares at Deadpool. Spidey face palms*
Deadpool: Yikes, tough crowd!

We’ve been preparing for the movie since the last one debuted last year. So, we’ve been working on it for a long time now. We’re very happy how it’s coming along. Captain America 3 is gonna be called Captain America: Civil War and it’s going to star Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson will be back, Winter Soldier will be back, and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man will also be joining us in the next film.
—  Anthony Russo confirming Black Widow will appear in Captain America 3.
Barry and Caitlin: A Summary
  • Barry: I told Iris I love her
  • Caitlin: Ronnie told me not to look for him
  • Barry: She didn't say it back
  • Caitlin: But Imma keep trying to find a way to help him
  • Barry: What do we do now, the people we love are unavailable to us
  • Caitlin: Let's to a bar, get drunk (well, I'll get drunk) and try to pick up dates
  • Barry: I'm down, I've got nothing to lose
  • Caitlin: Ronnie :'(
  • Barry: Iris <3
  • The Show: *A few weeks later*
  • Caitlin: *is preparing to live her life with her man Ronnie*
  • Barry: *Is making out with Iris in the park, which may or may not be a little ironic*
  • Me: *happy*
Marvel Maniac Movie Marathon (for Avengers 2)

Hello fellow Marvel-maniacs!

Preparing for a new marvel movie can be tough so here you have the ultimate Marvel-Maniac-Prep-Week for Avengers 2 :D

You need to start 10 days before the release of Avengers 2 in your country! :D ( A condensed version is further down)

Day 1:

Let’s begin this fest with the one and only 


Day 2: 

The movie with the wrong actor which still ties in to this universe:


Day 3: 

The comeback of the wittiest billionaire:


Day 4: 

The one and only GOD (and his brother)


Day 5: 

What kind of countdown would it be without the very sexy


Day 6:

One villain to unite them, one villain to ASSEMBLE 


Day 7:

Whats a superhero with a little side of PTSD? Right! He’s the one and only


Day 8:

Cant’t get enough of your favourite gods? No problem here they come again! 


Day 9:

Oh yes, more booty action and the super though Black Widow combined equal to:


Day 10:

The final day! Tomorrow you’ll go and see the second avengers movie but first you have to prepare by getting to know this awesome crew:


DAY 11:

The earth is in danger what should we do? That’s right! ASSEMBLE AGAIN!


Have fun !!


  • Day 1: Iron man
  • Day 2: The Incredible Hulk
  • Day 3: Iron man 2
  • Day 4: Thor
  • Day 5: Captain America: The first Avenger
  • Day 6: The Avengers
  • Day 7: Iron man 3
  • Day 8: Thor: The Dark World
  • Day 9: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Day 10: The Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Day 11: Avengers: Age of Ultron


So this isn’t tough for you you say? Well no problem! Below you can find the Super-Marvel-Maniac-Uber-Fanversion. 

Day 1:

Yes we can do it! Being a fan means having dedication. So go and watch




All on this very day! 

Day 2:

This is your lazy in terms of watching.


Day 3:

Oh yes, the very first avenger is best indulged in high doses



Day 4: 

Love handsome gods with hammers? This is the day for you!



Day 5:

Now it’s time for the to finally ASSEMBLE


Day 6:

The final day before the new movie. So let’s get to know 


Day 7: 

The day has finally come. Go out and watch


Have fun!!!


  • Day 1: Iron man 1, 2, 3
  • Day 2: The Incredible Hulk
  • Day 3: Captain America: The First Avenger AND The Winter Soldier
  • Day 4: Thor, Thor: The Dark World
  • Day 5: The Avengers
  • Day 6: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Day 7: Avengers: Age of Ultron