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“The actress and American Cinematheque honoree pulls off the “toughest act” in show business.The toughest act in show business is how to maintain your core central living self while submitting yourself to not only the (sometimes) alien persona of a fictional character but to the relentless forensics that is modern showbiz promotional flogging.Amy has cannily managed this better than most, partly because of her unflagging, good-natured work ethic, but mostly because of a level-headed, uninflated sense of herself, her priorities and what is real and what is bullshit. She has a geiger counter of a bullshit meter, and for such a polite person is not afraid to hold it up to the bloated face of this business and let us all hear the ticking as loud as she does. She won’t perform what is not real, and she won’t say what is not true.I have seen her hold back so as not to hurt feelings, and I have seen her curtail her tongue when it could (should?) give a lashing, but she makes her point as much with what she doesn’t as what she does say.She is a sturdy girl, and a woman of many imaginative gifts: The combo should take her to as long, long, long a career as she can stand to give us.“ - Meryl Streep

“To act with her was to forget everything I was trying to do. I was lost. Lost in her eyes, lost in her talent.” - Tom Hanks on working with Amy Adams.

Jake Gyllenhaal calls Amy Adams’’s work, “a mind-bending study on versatility. She’s a vessel for truth. She’s a wonderful person- full of grace. Tonight, we honor a unicorn. A virtuoso talent with serious chops.”

“She’s so EFFING talented. Growing up with her movies filled me with so much. You see everything. I am so lucky to have been seen by you. You’re so far from regular.” - Kristen Stewart

“She broke our hearts with authenticity and humanity. ARRIVAL owes every bit of its success to Amy. She wrote soul to the movie. She’s an angel to me.” - Denis Villeneuve

“I thought the director had caught lightning in a bottle- the lightning was Amy Adams. She saw something no one else had seen. You’re one of the most spectacular actors of this generation.” - Chris Messina

“That woman looking sweet and innoncent over there…turns into a beast when she gets anywhere near a karaoke machine. This side of Amy still frightens me to this day.”  - Justin Timberlake

“She somehow maintains that incredible vulnerability. I thank you, Amy, for being such an incredible colleague. Like a lot of moviegoers, I love Amy Adams.” - Natalie Portman

“The fact that you’re still searching for meaning and for significance is a great inspiration to me.” - Michael Shannon

[Filming] Colditz was an amazing experience. We all bonded. We all became great friends. 

Tom’s gone on to be an international star now. Tom’s a fantastic actor, a great guy. 

Tom knocked on my door one day and said ‘Do you want to come fire some handguns?“. Tom had fired hand guns before so he was experienced in it. We jumped in a taxi and went to this place … in the middle of nowhere. 

Tom said "Have you got any id on you?” And I said no. Tom said, “OK, I’ve got a fake American driver’s licence”. So we went to this place and Tom showed them his fake id. And they got out all their guns for us.

- Actor Robert Whitelock tells about the time they filmed Colditz in the Czech Republic, around 2004. No explanation why Tom had a fake driver’s licence (except because he didn’t actually have a real one at that time…). 

Don’t Resist

warnings: smut !, language, public teasing, car sex, unprotected sex 

summary: one with Tom where you have a praise kink and he knows it and teases you in public with it and then it turns into smut?

A/N: look at that fucking boy, he’s so soft but also a fucking daddy lmao bye. fucking sorry if the intro was boring but i promise its sin.

There you stood in front of the mirror adjusting your black halter strap dress that had its string wrapped around your neck, matching Tom’s black suit. The dress had revealed your bare back as it’s length dropped down at your knees while the front had revealed a V shape on your chest. You looked at the mirror closely examining any flaws from head to toe.

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Tom is like an incredible factory, he’s like a hungry puppy, he sort of sucks the oxygen into his flame, and sometimes it doesn’t leave you much room to manoeuvre but we became such good friends on that shoot [for Stuart: A Life Backwards], because it suited the dynamic, because I was very much in thrall to the spectacle of this human being, that was the dynamic. I mean, I’ve never worked with Daniel [Day-Lewis], but I imagine you can’t talk to him about his process while he’s in the middle of it. And Tom, very much the opposite, he shoots the breeze, comes out of character, then snaps back into character. And people talk about him being a method actor - I don’t know what that means any more, he’s just really good!

- Benedict Cumberbatch, talking about how brilliant Tom Hardy is. And that means I have to bring out that hugging pic again. ♥ ♥  

Listen at the end of the day nothing Antis say abt rdj will ever hit hard for me ever bc we all know that there’s a good 97% chance that their own fave has met and been inspired/encouraged/complimented by him at some point and therefore loves him just as much as I do so like. Stay pressed u guys. Ur own fave would legit just shoot u a dirty look and call u an idiot if u tried to talk shit abt rdj 2 them. It’s official. Go home

His nomination is actually doubly significant for me. I got so used to seeing him in the cutting room as Mad Max. It just shows what a great actor he is. I didn’t feel any familiarity watching him in The Revenant. I felt like he was Fitzgerald. It just shows that he’s the guy who’s prepared to take on anything. He’s like a decathlete in the Olympics. He doesn’t just do the 800 meters but he does the broad jump, the high jump and the pole vaulting.

- Director George Miller on Tom Hardy being nominated for best supporting actor in The Revenant.