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The YOI AU charms and past designs (3rd pic) will be in stock on my Tictail tonight at about 11pm (Saturday, Singapore time) (: 

The doggo charm will come free for those who buy 2 or more AU charms! Also used shiny gold keyrings for the AU series because……..Gold………….is AU     ………./leaves the room

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I read your dyslexic Lance post and do u think that maybe hunk said "good one Lance" when Lance had the bad come backs even tho it wasn't a good one because he knows and wants to make Lance fell better about himself ?👀

uhm absolutely?? Hunk is the bestest friend ever, he does his best to give Lance validation. he totally knows how Lance feels about people calling him stupid, so he is just. the most supportive friend ever. i love Hunk so much…

the reaction process of a terrible artist

“meh okay I’m going to just check my stats before I go on youtube- WAIT A SECOND is that!?!”





seriously though thank you, all of you for liking my terrible art >~< this really made me smile today!

@tehrogue thank you and I think your an amazing voice actor by the way! (omg its my senpai number one!)

@chadbeainiva thank you for being an awesome guy (totally not senpai number two >~<)

@renrink thank you ^^ if you hadn’t of shared this I wouldn’t of had a reason to smile today, thank you so much (ULTIMATE SENPAI)

(btw everyone is my senpai

tbh its kinda depressing that the cs and sq fandom are so divided that I just…. listened to what sqers are saying and respected their feelings and its turns into this Big Thing

like its just depressing that me doing the bare minimum is a rarity. its sad that the fandom is so divided. a cser respecting a sqer shouldn’t be the exception, it should be the standard and its really tragic that’s not the case.

Yuri On Ice

Came for the same-sex romance representation

Stayed for one of the most healthiest and supportive romances I have ever seen in media (like holy shit), the incredible character development, the attention to detail of the world of figure skating, the music, and all the characters who I have adopted because I love them all, they are my children now