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Don't lie to yourself you're not a Latina. Any tiny fraction of being Latinx you lost when you thought sticking up for white people was the right thing to do. And you're into that weirdo shit. Pendeja

1. as The definition for “Latina” is the following:
La·ti·na ləˈtēnə/ nounNORTH AMERICAN
1. (in North America) a woman or girl of Latin American origin or descent.(Google)

A woman of latin descent.
Very sexy and beautiful, These women are women of Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Women of Latin American countries are also latina’s. It is important to realize that the only latin people are NOT ONLY people who are spanish. It includes Italians and Portuguese just as much. Italians the most if anything because the whole latin culture was founded and developed in Rome. Regardless, Italian, Portuguese and Latin American women are “Latinas” (urban dictionary)

Definition of Latina
* 1 a woman or girl who is a native or inhabitant of Latin America
* 2 a woman or girl of Latin American origin living in the U.S.
Latina adjective (Merriam-Webster)

So by the definitions I am of Latino descent, and thus I am in fact a Latina.

2. I feel I should mention that even a coconut know how to spell/pronouns Latinos. But it’s ok if you miss spell it since not everyone is great with spelling though I’m not to sure where you got the ‘X’ from but it’s ok. For surely you did not do it on propose and are actively trying to insult a whole group of people by trying to destroy them by forcing your belief onto them.
3. I also find it odd that you would tell me that I somehow lost the right to my family background because of a choice I have made, for I am pretty sure that’s not how that works, for a a, rather sure you Dna is a part of who you are and what makes you, you.
4. I feel I should also mention have this rather high moral code, so I rather do distaste when people who have done nothing wrong gets attacked, and though I may come off blunt and perhaps a bit mean spirited at times, but I truly believe that people should be blamed for the actions of others who they themselves have little to no connection to, and even if they did the actions of others should not be placed on someone else who did not do any real wrong.
5. Also If you are referring to my love of anime, I have to say mocking a persons hobbies is what one calls bullying, which would make you a bit of a hypocrite for attacking someone who checks a lot of boxes in the minority category in life.
6. And ah yes, name calling, very original. Though I do have to say that is rather childish and when I was in middle school I sadly was dealing with much worst someone simply calling me “stupid” in a different language. Though as a coconut with limit Spanish skill I had assumed you try calling me a “bitch” but Google says you said “stupid” so no mater which one it means it’s not very effective.

(Oh and for those of you have no idea what this is talking about its about this post )

Ship Fights

I usually don’t get into ship fights, because everyone  is allowed to like what/who they want and no one has anything to do with it, but the minimum required is respect. Respect especially when we talk about real people.

Whenever I go to twitter or facebook and search for Jikook, I always see fights between Vkook and Jikook shippers. But what shocked me the most was when I read certain comments that offended, humiliated and denigrated Jimin, so much that I felt the need to write this.

1st: We are talking about real people. This is not a book in which some like the main character to end with x or y, this is not fantasy. Jimin, Jungkook, and V are real people;

2nd: Everyone ships whoever they want with who they want. I like Jikook for several reasons, but that is not a reason to go on social media and write hateful comments towards V, or speak ill of the relationship that exists between him and Jungkook. I love V, I love Jungkook, and above all I love BTS. To have respect and manners is the least some people should have.

3rd: It’s horrible to see people calling themselves fans, and trying to create little groups to boo the part where Jimin and Jungkook sing together in the 21st century girl, in example:

This is in Portuguese and it came on my Jikook search in twitter… This comment was written by someone who ships Vkook. Nothing against it.
However what this person wrote was basically that in the concert that BTS will have in Brazil, when Jungkook and Jimin sing their part together in the 21st century girl they will boo them, yes you read well, boo them, and you ask why? 

Because they just don’t like them together. This, aside from being sad that it came from a “fan” is horrible to BTS as a group. Can’t these people imagine how BTS would feel to being booed over by something they probably don’t even have a clue about?! In addition, this person also says that if Jikook fans take boards with sayings about JiKook to the concert, they will destroy them … surreal ….

4th: But what shocked me the most was the hatred that runs through the human being. When we talk about BTS, we are talking about 7 young people fighting for recognition, fighting for their music, fighting to be heard. Friends, brothers, united family … one for all and all for one. 

So what I read, that I’m going to leave the screens snaps for you to see, shocked me so much.
All of us, within a group, have our Bias, we all have more preference for one or another member, but to expel free hate just because people have opinions different from ours, it has to end. In what society do we live? A society that does not respect itself, that does not respect the opinions of others? This society, every day shocks me more ….

The person is saying that BTS is only Taehyung, the others don’t matter. Don’t really understand how someone can call herself “fan” and say this…

And now, the real hate starts…

Basically, someone said that Jimin was the most handsome of the group … this person says that, that is insane and that would never be possible and that there is a reason for the members to always put Jimin at last in the ranks of beauty, in other words, she is saying that Jimin is ugly.

I don’t know if people reading this post, know how to read Portuguese, but even for me (that I speak Portuguese) it hurts to translate this …. because it is just disgusting.

This person, because I do not consider her a fan, asks if anyone would mind if she made a poster with the body of a pig and Jimin’s face …
Then she asks if the fans think it makes any difference to stand up for Jimin …

This is wrong in so many ways. Who really knows BTS, knows how much Jimin fights daily, how much he strives to improve the few, that in his eyes are many, imperfections he makes. Who knows BTS knows the complicated path he walked to this day, and who doesn’t know at least listen to his solo, and will probably understand him a bit more.

But we’re not over yet… no, there’s more ….

Basically, she says no one can force her to love Jimin, and that to her, he is ugly and irrelevant …. that to her, Jimin is as if he desn’t even exist in BTS.

I write this today, to show how hate exists. How people are mean.
No one is obliged to like the same things, but at least respect people.
BTS is a group that we all love, and if we really are fans, we like all members independently of the ships.
They are real people, they have their own lives. And we as fans, should support them, and be on their side. The hate needs to stop!

ARMY, that’s who we are. An army that protects. ARMY is a family, a family that does not let anyone hurt what we protect.
I am an ARMY and I will never get tired of writing how BTS is wonderful, and I will never stop defending my group when I see one of the members being insulted without being able to defend himself.

Share love. Share peace. Fight against hatred. Because of wars, the world is full.

BTS is union. BTS is friendship. Don’t ruin that with hate.

For me, and for a lot of us, I believe, this was more of a victory against our own country, more than against the other countries. Portugal is a place full of self hating people who will shit on anything that’s ours, until it’s approved by people from outside. Portugal is a place with a huge lack of recognition for artists. Please, before you judge Salvador’s words about music, try and see the shit that gets views here.

The Floriana Lima Tag

I say all this as a white gay Latina woman .I just want to go on this tag and not try to tell people One of the following things again : A )You could be both white and Latino because not all that Latina/Latinos are people of color . Most people who are Latina and have a tan are still white. For Example : Jennifer Lopez (JLO) B) Latino/Latina or Hispanic Are Ethnicites . Ethnicity is A person’s culture and/ or nationality . It is different from a person’s race . Race would be defined as white black , Asian etc. So somebody can be both Asian and Latina . also Latino means you or your family are from a place in Latin America so Mexico down to Brazil and also Cuba , Puerto Rico , the Dominican republic and Costa Rica . Hispanic means you’re from a country where the primary language spoken in Spanish. So every country I just mentioned except Brazil for because they speak Portuguese. So Flo has said that she is of Spanish descent which would make her Hispanic . Which should give her a little bit of credibility. Even though she’s not actually a Latina . At least she not a totally gringa . I don’t think the people who run the show know the difference between the two either C) how the Hollywood casting process works . It was probably just a general open call and they weren’t looking for a Latina because let me remind you that the original comic/ cartoon versions of Maggie Sawyer has blonde hair and blue eyes . This is also the same show that cast Jimmy Olsen as a black man . And then they probably only said she was gonna be Latina After they cast Flo . Because they went tan equals Latina / person of color . And that is how the damn “non-white line” in Episode 3 got into the script. So the decision to make Maggie a Latina will probably didn’t happen until after she was cast and into pre-production. Not everything is pre-plan when they go into casting a movie or show .sometimes they are looking for something very specific but sometimes you’re just looking for the right person to play that part no matter what they look like . So makes me laugh when people say oh she should’ve turned the role on principle because she’s not Latina or POC . This is a role on a popular television show . And she got to the top of the audition process and got the part that is a real hard thing to do. And the character probably wasn’t completely flushed out till well after she was cast into preproduction . It happens all the time on TV shows and movies . Some of biggest decisions in history of film and television were last-minute decisions . C) how to separate fictional characters from the person that plays them . It actually ok to like the character without supporting the person playing them . Or you could like something one thing about a person and not the other like for example Flo seems to be a good LGBT ally and that is something you support while at the same time not liking who she’s dating . Which brings me to my next point . D) A celebrities personal life is none of your goddamn business . Again they don’t need to be mother Theresa for you to like them. Celebrities are people too . Nobody is perfect . E) Representation doesn’t need to be perfect to be good . It’s also called acting : the whole profession is playing people that are sometime different from you . Like for example Meryl Streep is not actually a Polish holocaust survivor like she played in Sophie’s choice.? So you have Maggie who supposed A Gay Latina/ POC Women. Been played by a Hispanic white straight woman Who is a great supporter of this LGBT storyline . She and Chyler who is also a straight woman are probably the main reason we still have the Sanvers storyline next season. Remember they had been real champion of the storyline since the beginning . I know you don’t want to believe me but representation has come along way Don’t believe me go watch Mickey Rooney play an Asian men in breakfast at Tiffany’s , John Wayne play Genghis Khan or Natile Wood play a Puerto Rican in Westside story . Actually Anita was the only Latina character in that movie play by actual Latina. The actor that played Bernardo was Greek . Even the kerfuffle over Scarlet Johansen and Ghost in Shell. Where even the creator of Character went OK maybe the character was Asian to begin with but she’s like a cyborg and has none of her original identity so can you not . Just to prove my point a little more this year marks the 20th anniversary of Ellen coming out of the closet and also her character on her sitcom . Who is the main character . That wasn’t met applause and support it kind of ended her career for a while . It wasn’t until finding Nemo and the first few years of her talk show that she was back to being popular . Because by then we had seen shows like will and grace, Buffy , sex and the city , then shows like the L word , modern family , glee, Orange is the new black etc . And now we have Sanver A happy and healthy lesbian couple on a show about a superhero that hasn’t buried it’s gays ( so far but I really don’t think they are ). I am only 32 years old and the progressive I’ve seen in my lifetime is sometimes unbelievable . You think 12-year-old me watching Ellen DeGeneres Come out Would Think there be a world There was gay marriage/ adoption and where we have so many LGBT characters over so many different shows. And Shows like Jane the Virgin on network tv . 12 year old  me couldn’t think of that but 32-year-old Me gets to live it . All I’m asking you to do is acknowledge the progress that has been made even as you’re fighting for even better .

well i just watched @ace-pidge’s and @ayrabelle’s videos of lance’s siren noise in different languages and i was just curious about what does it sound like in portuguese (i’ve watched like 5 minutes of voltron in portuguese because it’s just too annoying and they make every sentence look weirder and i just laugh a lot) and i don’t know how to feel

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Hey, could you search for some iberian wolves pic? They're very underrated, I volunteer in the Portuguese Iberian Wolf Rescue and people always think they're not wolves just because they aren't grey :(

Hi. Iberian Wolves are beautiful :) I posted it before, I’m sure ( I mean - archive ).

Photo:  Iberian Wolf 20 by Canisography

tfw in english “homosexual” is an offensive term that should be replaced with “gay” but then the opposite happens in your native language, where “gay” is the derogatory word that should be replaced with “homosexual” and your brain just stops working


Loki es el hermano de Thor. Loki tiene un corazón partido pero es celoso, es arrogante, es orgulloso pero es bravo! Fuerte!


[Translation under the cut]

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About the racist hc, I wish you had used different MCs for the scenarios. You didn't specifically mention their race, but the implications that they are all white and from USA really stood out. I'm not hating on it, I just wished you used other examples. Among us asians (yes I'm one), there are a lot of xenophobic people. There are many Chinese people who hate South Asians, South East Asians who hate Chinese people, Koreans who hate Japanese, etc. This is not directed at you but.. (1/4)

I’m South East Asian, and when I am acting bad, I want people to point that out, instead of treating me like an automatic victim that is not capable of being racist. I’m not a forever-victim and I don’t want to hate Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, England and Dutch people just because they have colonized my country in the past ; and they don’t have the obligation to put me on a pedestal/not to criticize me just because of what their country/race did in the past.

Hey! Thanks for everything you pointed out.Let me explain a little how I came up with these hcs, I was going for a story that would fit in 13 topics, with a beginning, development and end, showing a prejudice situation and the characters’ reaction, I would need a lot more time if I tried to offer a whole backstory for each MC, explaining her origins and her family’s motivations and… unfortunately,I don’t have this time, and this would fit better in long fics more than simple scenarios. I thought of doing not-white MCs (Jumin one initially was supposed to be from North Korea) but,as a white person, I really think I shouldn’t butt in when it comes to racism between different races rather than caucasian. 

These hcs were based in what I know from the world, and what a very good friend of mine whose parents came from Japan told me about the things he and his family dealt with, generally coming from white people. I know being not-white does not authomatically turn someone into a saint, or a martir, victm of all the prejudice in the world, and I know asian people can be racist to black people, black people can be racist to latinos and etc,but to me, being white, I really think I should go just from what I know, let’s say I won’t bite more than I can chew, you know what I mean?

And now I’m realizing maybe I shouldn’t have specified her skin tone with the last character, because now you are all assuming she was white in all of them, and since I didn’t specify in another ones, you can still imagine her as you wish. The same goes with her nationality, the only one specified was with Jumin, the rest is up to reader’s imagination. Anyway, I admit this isn’t very complete, it’s all I could come up with in the usual hours I spend in my hcs, and I wish it could be something much more complex and detailled, and I apologize if this bothers anyone, I was coming from what I know and from what someone close to me experienced, the last thing I want is this to backfire. As I said before, say the word and I’ll shut down that post. I’m sorry.


“Working hard is important, but feeling good is important too!" 

This week, I’m still training my limbs off as I pack up and get ready to visit some family in Mexico! (I’d make a Kyoryuger reference, but that’s Portuguese!) But just because I’m gonna be kicking it and eating some good food doesn’t mean I’ll be slacking on my training! I’ll do my best to keep updating throughout the next week, so stay tuned!


  1. nehayat replied to your post: I’m just saying it because I’m 100% sure none of…      
  2. nehayat replied to your post: I’m just saying it because I’m 100% sure none of…      
  3. nehayat replied to your post: I’m just saying it because I’m 100% sure none of…

Eles não estão no todo errados, mas ou você se entrega à profissão de educador, ou você pensa em si mesmo sendo advogado, por ex. Sem ofensas aos. Arrumar um emprego qualquer, eu nem ligo. Importante é ter o $ na conta. Claro que deve compensar. Mas é legal conhecer até o que nos parece chato e sem graça. Todo conhecimento nos abre novos horizontes. Bla bla bla, falei demais. Bjs e boa sorte.

(…) ESTUDANDO ISSO VÉI, NA MORAL. Mas algumas coisas terminaram me servindo, e despertando interesses diversos. Mas que é um saco, é. Mas passa. Quanto à bolsa, não existe nenhum outro recurso para que isso aconteça? A situação dos professores no nosso país é vergonhosa, em qualquer área. Eu acho que entendi que seus prof estão interessados apenas nos próprios benefícios; é isso? Todos pensamos no nosso benefício antes de mais nada. (…)

Garotínea. É mesmo MUITO chato, e bem revoltante não podermos ter apenas as disciplinas do nosso interesse. Mas tenha paciência. Não é seu interessa, mas será que pode vir a ter alguma utilidade no futuro? Eu não sei nada de agronomia, nem de biologia. Mas compreender as plantinhas poderia auxiliar a compreender a alimentação e demais hábitos de certas espécies de pássaros? Eu não sei nada… HAHAHA, mas só tentando ver o lado positivo. Eu tbm fico tipo PQ TO (…)

Amiga preciso falar mais com vc.. acho que vc me mandou msgs no chat mas não consigo abrir mais (tenho que baixar outro browser).. enfim feliz em te ver..

Sim, foi só um desabafo. Eu gosto de desabafar aqui pq sempre tem alguém que me entende e dão boas dicas.. vcs me entendem melhor do que o povo à minha volta xD

Sobre o curso. 

Eu entrei nessa por que quiz então não posso culpar ninguém.. mas minha vida meio que virou de cabeça pra baixo e perdi o foco totalmente. No ano que entrei eu fui como uma locomotiva (lol) passei por cima de tudo e tentei apagar da minha mente um pouco minha obsessão por zoologia… foquei na bolsa somente.

Vc não tem noção como eu fui nerd. Me matei pra aprender essas coisas, parei de fazer tudo que eu gostava.. foi um ano em cima disso. Eu ficava extremamente ansiosa e preocupada com as coisas.. foi muito estressante. Esse povo de mestrado quer tudo mais que perfeito, mesmo assim ainda estará ruim.. vc é sempre criticado e posto em cheque, etc.. eu sei que é pra fazer a gente crescer e eu cresci muito com isso.. mas não aguento mais.

Foi um ano muito estranho, eu literalmente me dediquei somente a esse curso, mas aquelas paradas que tive que dar por causa do meu irmão e meu problema me ferraram muito. Eu nunca mais fui a mesma… sinceramente. Isso mudou minha visão, minhas prioridades… nunca mais consegui levar na mesma seriedade as coisas de estudo e pra acabar.. Agora que as coisas mudaram tanto eu não vejo como posso consegui sair do país com auxilio… além do mais minha saúde não anda lá essas coisas então precisaria de uma boa quantia pra me cuidar.. sei lá. Tudo ficou difícil.

Sobre os professores, não é bem assim.. eu quiz dizer que tenho dó dos que não se aposentaram… estão cortando todos os benefícios. Pobre da minha prof. que fez de tudo por mim e me aturou nos piores momentos… eu não tenho mais condição de continuar e mal vou acabar esse mestrado pra nunca mais encostar num livro de estatística (blergh). Esse negócio de agronomia além de chato é cheio de tabelas, matemática, etc… acho que isso é o pior.

O negócio é que eu sou muito nerd.. adoro ler e sou muito curiosa, mas tem que ser a matéria certa. Quando leio um livro de zoologia… é até difícil explicar.. uma experiência quase espiritual haha. Cada elemento da anatomia dos animais, a evolução, etc… me encanta de forma que nada, jamais faria… vou ser eternamente triste enquanto não puder levar isso adiante e está cada vez mais difícil.. 

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Are you portuguese?because I saw the word "saudade" and how its just unique and theres no proper translation for it in english and I'm just curious tbh I LOVE UR FANFICS

no i’m not Portuguese :/ i am filipino/german/American but yea i found it through some really poetic aesthetic pinterest posts and i liked it a lot and when i came up with the idea for this fic series i thought it worked perfectly as the title AND THANKS I LOVE YOU TOO XOXO

6 Other Shacks On The Cusp of Closing

RadioShack has filed for class 11 bankruptcy, spelling the end for America’s favorite electronics store. As fans of the chain grieve its departure, let’s not forget these other beloved shacks that, like RadioShack, are facing uncertain times.

Jeff’s Shack
Jeff Ozark has been maintaining a wooden shack on his Westchester property since he moved there in 1993. Jeff has everything you’d expect from a world class shack: power tools, pool noodles, and partially deflated basketballs. But ever since Ricky Shin moved in across the street and built a three car garage replete with a workbench and basketball hoop, neighbors have stopped coming by. And it doesn’t help that the local kids think, nay, know it’s haunted.

My Uncle Leo’s Man Shack
The future is grim for my uncle Leo’s shack, located just behind their above ground pool in Bergen County, New Jersey. My aunt Barb is on a tear after she found mice in the shack, and according to sources she “wants it gone, and I’m talking now.” Leo is adamant about keeping the shack, claiming it’s his last vestige of single life and “where else will [he] keep [his] Dead posters.” Leo plans to stand his ground, but that’s ground he seems to be losing quickly on account of the fact that he just got laid off, and he still hasn’t installed the new dishwasher.

The Shack
Not to be confused with RadioShack’s failed 2009 rebranding effort, this unnamed shack located deep inside Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest needs a miracle to make it through the winter. For years, The Shack was a favorite of woodland creatures and vagabonds alike, but in recent years, business has plummeted. Some experts blame the decline on its desolate location, far from from any potential foot traffic. Others argue it’s because of all the murders.

Bruno’s Cabana
Now, you may be thinking that this cabana isn’t a shack. But don’t worry, cabana is just Portuguese for shack. But do worry because it’s probably closing. This Brazilian haunt tucked away in Rio’s famous Ciudad de Dios favela was once frequented by gangs for their delicious Capirñas and Mojitos. But this tin treasure fell on hard times as Brazilian forces tried to clean up the slums in preparation for the World Cup. Bruno’s struggles exemplify the unseen toll that massive global events like the World Cup and the Olympics take on developing nations. But woo-wee, me likey those Mojitos!

Radios Shack
Radios Shack has been the source for antique radios in the Albany area for decades, but if you’re just tuning in you might want to dial it back because this is one shack of radios that has made its last broadcast. In an age of iPhones and podcasts, Radios Shack is a symbol of a bygone era. And who better to serve as the poster child for that era than Radios Shack’s 97 year old owner, Mildred Cartwright. On her store’s closing, Mildred said, “In my day, radios were currency, and all you had to do to raise your children was tune in to Grand Ole Opry on AM 650 and let Roy Acuff sing them to sleep. I once turned on my Fisher AM/FM receiver and left the house for 2 months and the kids were just fine. I went on a cruise to Buenos Aires and paid for it entirely in radios.”

Some know him as Shaq Diesel, others as Shaq Fu, and others still, as Kazaam. But to most of us, he was just our friend, Shaq. Basketball star Shaquille O’Neil was a giant both on and off the court (and literally because he’s huge), but since retiring in 2011 this king amongst shacks has not played in a single NBA game. Will he ever play basketball again? Experts say unequivocally no. I say, only time will tell.

[Zach Goldbaum is a comedian and filmmaker living in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter (@zachgoldbaum) and check out his videos on the prestigious]

I didn’t spend that much time on this. I just couldn’t. But I needed to get something out from the challenge. So here’s a cat and a dog that that have vague hints they are Gamzee and Karkat.

These are their reincarnations after the game is won.

Bam. Homestuck prediction.

For the 30 day Challenge of Infinite Earths

Day 1- Hogwarts
Day 2- Zombies 
Day 3- Medieval
Day 4- Spies
Day 5- School
Day 6- Mythical Creature
Day 7- Fairy Tale 
Day 8- Futuristic
Day 9- Aliens 
Day 10- Parody of Another Fandom
Day 11- Slice-of-life 
Day 12- Deserted Island 
Day 13- Buddy Cop/Detective 
Day 14- Allegiance-swap
Day 15- Sex-swapped 
Day 16- Superheroes 
Day 17- Gang 
Day 18- Military/War 
Day 19- Idols 

Day 20- Species-swap

P.S. Gamzee is a Portuguese Water Dog (because of the curls) and Karkat is just your regular cat.