in plaids hehe


gosh! i am surprised you would request that! but very pleasantly surprised, an’ all. i sure love brainsvirge. and mini-brains clones. so here you go! brains is demonstrating a lil remote control UFO he’s about to give to lil’ fermat. virgil, as the strong father, is the one who provides all piggyback rides.

thank you for asking so nicely, lovely stranger! i hope this’ll do.

tokikurp  asked:

Kise, Izuki, Furihata & Tatsuya (◕‿◕) ♡

toki u are the best person in the world!!!~~~ <3 <3 <3

Kise Ryouta: Favourite school uniform/trikot?

what is a trikot? well for uniforms, i really like Yousen’s! i really like the plaid pants hehee~~

Izuki Shun: Favourite knb eyes?

*slams hands on desk* AKASHI! alright i know not a fun answer or anything, but i love his eye shape. i really like how sharp they are yet they’re still not super small or anything. so like rounded still? though not like Kuroko round. sorry if this sounds weird i just really like the style. plus how much emotion that can be portrayed through his eyes since he isn’t as expressive as some of the other characters. THIS TEIKOU EYES ARE SUPER CUTE!!!

Furihata Kouki: Favourite kouhai?

i’m guessing that just means first year in general? hehehe, well outside the gom bc it’d be pretty cheap, it would either be Sakurai or Furihata. what can i say, i love timid babies!

Tatsuya Himuro: Favourite knb friendship?

Aomine and Momoi’s!! they are such bros and i love them together as friends kinda thingy!!