in pjs no less!

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I'm cuddling with both of my cats this is the greatest time I've ever had in my life. Do you like cuddling with your cats?Or do you loathe the hair on your clothes.


I work in the area of a gym where parents drop their kids off so they can work out in peace. Quite a few parents work as class teachers, so they drop their kids off before class.

One particular mom is a lifeguard and teaches water aerobics. She’s got 2 young boys and I love the entire family because they’re so sweet and always happy to see all the workers.

One morning she dropped off her boys before her class and they were both in their pajamas. Our only rule is we don’t allow nut products so they’re allowed to come in their pjs, plus the other workers and I couldn’t give less of a shit as long as they were happy.

This older man walks in with his grandson, sees the two boys, and makes some dumbass comment about the mom not wanting to dress her kids. I just looked straight at him, stone faced until he left.

He was expecting a reaction but he didn’t get one

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*Hip bumps Omni in to say hi to PJ and make him less of a grump. The bean has brought him some gifts to snack on. Water color disks!* "Good afternoon, Paper!~ I brought you a little something, something!~"

PJ: “Oh.. hi Omni… what is the ‘something something’?” 

*He could kinda tell what it is but want Omni to confirm it*

April Book Photo Challenge: Day 5
Favorite Cover: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

John Rocco’s artwork is amazing!!!!!!! I have no idea how he does it.

Cara just threw a massive tantrum on the floor so I changed her into a nighttime diaper (seeing if that will mean she wakes up less during the night) and PJs and she’s in her crib and I just realized I forgot to brush her teeth. Oh well.

Daylight savings here we come.

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Ayy to me what melissa was wearing looks less like pjs and more like the more modern (as in, compared to a more traditional qipao, but i know very little about chinese fashion, eek help @chinese followers!) chinese wear- e.g. The buttons, the floral motif,, but i'm not really sure!

yeah i suppose it looked chinese, but idk much about names of their clothes.

idk why people are trashing the outfit, i actually like it. it looks nice n soft.

n like, as much as i love caity, what even are the colors of her outfit? aksdjfhasdf much worse than melissa’s but no one’s trashin it. not that they should bc why trash anyone lbh it’s the matter of taste i suppose. all of our girls looked fly af.

but ye i love meli’s outfit. i’m not a big fan of wide pants tho but eh *shrug* the colors n patterns were alright and that’s all that matters to me n it looked comfy


The amber eyed duelist slowly walked to the bedroom of her best friend; knocking on the door gently as she knew it was late and he was most likley passed out. He did do a lot of practicing today after all. Still, she had to visit him even if she was less than presentable in her pjs.

“Psst…Yugo? I-It’s me…Rin. C-can I come in?” She asked; her tone nervous and shaky. 

can you not

summary: “a mutual friend invited us to their laser tag party and we’re the last two alive on opposite teams and goddammit if I’m going down you’re going down with me” au

an: ok so i did this really quick and it could be very shit but hopefully at least one person finds it slightly funny ok bye

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“How is this even a game? I’m dying from lack of oxygen and it feels like my lungs have been torn out,” Dan complains - quietly, of course, because he may hate this but he’s not going to let them be found just because of his incompetence and pettiness. “Is this what they’re calling fun these days?”

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Never has a truer word been spoken than “Thranduil is more of an ass than other characters in the Hobbit but people love him more because he’s pretty”

I’d have added “and played by Lee Pace” but look at all the other characters played by wonderful, funny, talented, beautiful people who are vilified anyway

I love Thranduil, I do, but more people will inevitably fawn over him for his looks because… well that’s how fandom works, generally. Characters who are rather more sympathetic than Thranduil, more kindly, more justified in their actions, and generally better people than Thranduil, get less love and more criticism because they’re not traditionally beautiful. 

In fact, PJ seemed to have done his very best to make Thranduil less sympathetic than he was in the book (which isn’t hard, considering Thranduil was less of an ass, but still an exceptionally greedy ass, in the book) but people love him anyway???

I remember seeing a photo post about Thorin that had about 20,000 notes (I think it was a poster, I’m not sure) and a similar/almost exactly the same photo post of Thranduil with 50,000+ notes

In the film, Thranduil is a greedy and/or self-serving character with absolutely no sympathy for an entire race except when he has something to gain from them (”I don’t care about one dead dwarf”) and Dain hit the nail in the head when he said Thranduil “wishes nothing but ill upon his people”. Still sympathetic, but when do we ever have a Tolkien film where an elf ISN’T?

Anyway the point is no matter how much of an asshole Thranduil is and or could ever be in the films, people will inevitably love him because he’s pretty and has a sliver of sympathetic backstory, but mostly because he’s pretty, the same way people love Legolas despite him having absolutely no personality or character whatsoever in LOTR 

I think people have a thing for platinum blond long haired white characters idk 

how did I go from the person who wears all the makeup she owns all at once to the kind of person that wears none and goes to the store wearing pjs in less than 2 years

  • me: *feels shitty*
  • me: *has a shower*
  • me: *washes hair*
  • me: *exfoliates aggressively*
  • me: *shaves*
  • me: *furiously rubs in lotion*
  • me: *puts on matching underwear*
  • me: *puts on cute pjs*
  • me: *sprays some nice perfume*
  • ok i feel a little less shitty