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Charm Me (Hogwarts!AU)

Part 2/?

Paring: Nalu 

Summary: hogwarts!au where every so often Hogwarts calls for a “house swap” where basically one student from each House is randomly selected to spend a month amongst new housemates. Lucy Heartfilia, star pupil of Ravenclaw, has been selected to spend her time with Gryffindor, which would have been okay (bearable, at least) had it not been for one boy in particular… and what is it about the way he sneaks around like he does? 

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“For the love of God! I mean it, Lucy, I am so over this dumbass House swap!”

Gajeel slammed a heavy fist down on the wooden table, his eruption startling one of the first year students so badly that the spell they’d been practicing on an open library book suddenly backfired and shot soot in their face.

Lucy winced, wanting to suggest that they use their tie to wipe some of the dust from their nose that they’d left, but the first year had already scampered away before she had the chance. 

Gajeel wasn’t fazed, however, and continued, “I so much as sneeze due to all the damn houseplants in their common room and I’m surrounded by a chorus of ‘bless you’s’ all at the same time! Like they practice that shit in their spare time! And if one more person offers to hug me or, God forbid, ask me if I need help finding anything, I’m gonna hex the-“

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Just a reminder to new JETs: some of the Facebook groups are really toxic, and you do not have to take part of them just because they have “JET” or “Japan” in the title. No obligation to stay in a situation where people are making you feel excluded, minimized, misquoted, or bullied. It’s just Facebook.

Support comes in many forms, and it’s best to find one that works for you.

Road Head Part 1 (Muke)

Because why the hell not
Warning Smut (read the title)
Word count: I have no idea

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Ok so I could imagine you and Michael would have been out at a family meal or just out with people and on the drive home he’d be really horny but would kinda wanna wait until you were home so you do the “real good stuff” and you would notice just how desperate he was and so you would lean over as he was driving and start fiddling with his jeans…..

Y/N pov

“Y/N what are you doing?” Michael asked as I started fiddling with the buckle of his jeans.
“Eyes on the road Mickey” I muttered as I undid his jeans, palming his hard on through his boxers as moans escaped his mouth, I briskly took him out of his boxers, pumping him slowing as pre cum leaked from the tip before licking up from the base to his tip before sucking on the tip causing moans and Michaels hand to grip firmly on the steering wheel.

“Fuck Y/N, take me all in baby girl” Michael gasped as I fully went down on his dick, bobbing my head and going down as far as I could before my gag flex contracted around him making him moan my name.
“Shit I’m close” Michael moaned as I palmed and sucked along his dick, twisting and picking up the pace.

“Oh fuck! Y/N” Michael moaned as he came in my mouth, I swallowed before sitting back up in my seat, tucking him back away into his boxers and jeans.

“I will return the favour as soon as you walk through that fucking door” Michael growled.


Ok so I feel like to start off with Luke would be nervous about it to start but then he’d really get into it and just dominate your mouth as he just casually drive along…

Y/N pov I pulled Lukes dick out from his boxers, palming him gently until he became hard, I kitten licked his tip while gazing up at him making my Y/C/E eyes wide and my body language give off a submissive vibe.

“Babe, what are yo- holy jesus christ” Luke moaned as I moved my wrist up and down his length, swiping my tongue across his slit. Lukes hand gripped the steering wheel, trying to focus on the road as I took him into my mouth, slightly gagging as he hit the back of throat, pre cum dripping out onto my chin.

“Fuck, so good babe” Luke breathed as he pushed his hips up a little, making me take more of him, gagging around his dick turning him on more.

“Couldn’t even wait until we were home” he mumbled as he took one hand of the steering wheel, pushing my head up and down with my hair, I sucked and bobbed my head quickly as his moans filled the car.

“Such a good girl, taking my cock like this” he chuckled as I felt him twitch in my mouth, he came with a loud moan. I pulled off him, gasping for air slightly as I swallowed the salty substance.

“Thanks babe, just wait till we get home” Luke winked.


weirdly titled monkees photos part 2 (because I don’t know when to quit) 

See Part 1 

“Davy gone wild”

“mike telling of julie newmar” 

“is his first name really robert” 

“well yeah”

“Davy looks sadful”


I honestly don’t remember naming most of these so this has been a fun time.

(for the record if one of these photos is your scan or something, lemme know and I’ll credit you. When I was 14 I had no concept of that sort of thing so they’re all just on a memory stick I moved them onto when my old computer died with nothing but these ridiculous captions to go by.)


July 8, 2016: there ya go sophomore Maya

Zero Time Dilemma Analysis – The Good, The Bad, and The Mixed

For many of us, Zero Time Dilemma has come and gone. After reflecting for over a week on the game, I decided to share my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

The Bad

The Transporter is not properly developed - In previous titles, the main ability that allowed characters to traverse time (Morphogenetic Resonance, SHIFTing) was built into the heart of the game as a gameplay mechanic. These powers felt more believable because they were a part of what made the title’s identity. The Transporter, however, is simply a plot device. It feels cheap because it lacks the exposition that Morphogenetic Resonance or SHIFTing were given. I was unable to suspend my disbelief enough to accept the Transporter because I felt it was put into the story for the sake of convenience.

The twist of Delta’s presence in Team Q is not relevant – The ending twist for both previous titles was impactful and formative to the overarching story of the series. Had Junpei not connected with 9-year-old Akane, she would not be alive in VLR or ZTD. Had Sigma not spent his life building the AB Project, he would not have the mind of a 67-year-old in ZTD. However, had Delta not been present in Q team, very little of the story would need to be changed. It adds nothing to the game’s ending and even less to the overarching story of the series. It seemed to exist simply because the game needed a twist.

The moral dilemma of SHIFTing is not consistent – Akane suggests that SHIFTing out of a life-threatening situation is essentially the same as murdering someone else. Moments later Team C destroys the entire facility in a reactor explosion, killing the other players in that history and the versions of themselves that were transported there. When all nine players confront Delta during the ending, they acknowledge that avoiding the self-destruction sequence by SHIFTing to the timeline where Carlos won the opening coin toss is the same as killing their innocent selves. Once they decide to SHIFT, the story immediately drops the subject and the issue isn’t brought up again. What’s worse is that choosing to stay in the underground facility is treated in-game as a Game Over, whereas SHIFTing rewards you with the true ending. This implies that the seemingly open-ended question had a right and wrong choice.

Delta’s motives are a rehash of what we’ve seen before – There’s a saying that a hero can only be as good as their villain. Delta has two motives with the Decision Game. First, the game was created to ensure that Phi and he can be born. Second, he wanted to train the cast’s SHIFTing abilities so that they are in the right frame of mind to save the world. In 999, the Nonary Game must be played to ensure that Akane can exist in the present. In VLR, the AB Project was built to train Sigma and Phi to become powerful SHIFTers. It’s true that Delta’s motives are slightly different, but it’s not nearly enough to make him compelling in my opinion. Unfortunately we weren’t given a very original villain and as a result our heroes’ struggle is all the less intriguing.

Horrible animation quality – I’ve read impressions from reviewers and fans online that you get used to the animations over time, but this was not the case for me. It was consistently bad throughout the whole game. It’s not surprising that a niche visual novel title wouldn’t receive a large enough budget to implement high-quality animation. While I can respect their ambition to make ZTD look more “impressive”, I do not believe they succeeded and will criticize their choice. It’s easily some of the worst animation I’ve ever seen and I think it only reduced the emotional impact of some scenes.

These are the biggest problems I had with ZTD’s story. I could think of a few more (the absence of Kyle/”?”, Mind Hacking, and the now awkward flirts between Sigma and Phi in VLR), but I think it’s best to stop here.

The Mixed

Fragment System – I really enjoy non-linear narratives and gameplay structures. I think they take best advantage of what games do best: letting the player interact with the world. In games you are not allowed to take a passive role like if you were watching a movie or reading a book. Instead you must actively take part in the worldbuilding and piece the puzzle together yourself. For that reason I initially thought the Fragment system was amazing. By choosing a random fragment, I too was thrown into the mystery along with the characters. Where are we? What time is it? What happened before this? I was forced to put the pieces together myself with what information I had. However, where the system falls short is in its ability to represent impactful decisions. Ironic because it’s named the Decision Game, your first decision in a fragment is irrelevant because of the option to immediately replay the scenario. This problem is compounded by the fact that each fragment is isolated, so decisions made in one scenario have no impact on the story of the next fragment. Whether there was a real bullet in the chamber or not, Sigma could still be alive and well in whatever fragment I choose next. Another issue is that ZTD is built to encourage you to view all other decisions in order to advance the overall plot, thus reducing each fragment to a mere checklist. It’s all very counter-intuitive and self-defeating. To top it off, some decisions that should have been open-ended moral choices (like the SHIFTing dilemma described earlier) have plain wrong answers that lead to meaningless game overs. There was definitely potential in the Fragment system, but I believe it fell short in its implementation.

I did like one aspect of ZTD that I don’t believe gets enough appreciation or discussion.

The Good

I appreciate the open ending – After many missteps by the story, I felt relieved that I was allowed to write the ending myself. Did Carlos kill Delta? Will the cast be able to stop the new terrorist threat? How will they do so? I was surprised that people were disappointed by the open ending when you consider how Kotaro Uchikoshi has written previous games. In the online Q&A session for 999, Uchikoshi often encourages the player to imagine what crisis Akane and Santa sped off to face next, as well as theorize the identity of Egyptian-dressed hitchhiker. While being open-ended, 999 was considered to be self-contained and complete. It didn’t surprise me that Uchikoshi would choose to end the third volume in a similar fashion. It’s also fun for us to discuss what we think will happen next. Here’s my ending: Carlos is unable to kill Delta because he feels that he is guilty of similar crimes. In another history an innocent Carlos was thrust into an underground facility moments before it exploded. There are also many other Carlos’s who died do SHIFTing in other histories. Though he committed no current crime, he is responsible for many deaths, thus he has no right to judge Delta. The entire cast reach a similar resolve and together they leave Delta believing that he will no longer be a threat now that his goal was reached. They continue to fight for a better future in honor of the lives they stole. This ending is mine and I appreciate having the opportunity to contribute to this story myself.

Hope I was clear and insightful. Still enjoy the series and want to thank everyone who continues the discussion!