in our store

this was a couple of months back. and it still pisses me off. its a fuck managers, fuck entitled coworkers and also a yay for store managers.

our old supervisor was a proper asshole, i couldnt stand her. shed get into bad moods and take it out on staff. shed winge and bitch and people not doing their jobs properly without training them. she had clear favourites and she was constantly not doing her job, shed come in hungover. hide in the stockroom to watch sports on her phone and was in general just a real horrible person. wowzers.

the way my work operates is that full time staff (who work mon-fri) deal with delivery processing. part time staff who work weekends and evenings just need to put it away. either out on the shop or in the stockroom. so, its safe to say most part timers dont know how to do delivery.

on this particular shift, delivery had not been fully processed - before the shift started, one of the full timers was filling in the staff member assigned to delivery on what to do. we were quite overstaffed for an evening shift (5-10pm) - there was four of us part timers (there’s usually two or three) and the said asshole supervisor.

our asm was just finishing when we started and assigned two people to the stockroom, leaving myself, my supervisor and another staff member to the floor. 

the person who was assigned delivery (let’s call her A) had never ever done delivery before - never checked it in, never processed it, never even put it away. the other person assigned to fill stock/tidy in the stockroom and then to help A had been there for a while (let’s call him B) and knew the old process but knew there was a new process - so, he made a plan with A about what they would do. 

on the floor, there was a lot to do. myself and the other staff member, who was an entitled ‘i’ve worked here for 5 years and i know everything’ prick (let’s call her C) kept sneering at everything i was doing. i just came back from being sick over the weekend. i had a sickness bug that was going around, i also have anxiety disorder and had a double whammy of illness and a bad mental health week. i had not full recovered but needed to come in. i was meant to check in with a manager on my next shift (this shift) but nobody said anything to me. i was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with C sneering at me and my supervisor kinda ignoring it. it was something so simple that my store manager had praised me for doing a lot - but, C didn’t like my effort. my supervisor, about 15 mins into the shift told B to get out of the stockroom, to come down and serve, leaving him not even halfway through his task and also leaving A alone and confused. 

i was feeling increasingly nervous and sick and had to run to barf. B could hear me puking from the toilet at back of the store and told supervisor who made me continue work. i was feeling very sore and queasy and couldn’t do the task because i was feeling very lightheaded and also because C kept leering at me. 

eventually, supervisor sent me to the stockroom to do what B was doing and ended it with “apparently i need to because you keep whining about being sick” - i went away to barf about 19 times. 

whilst in the stockroom, supervisor kept checking up on A asking her why she wasn’t finished (she had the job of two people that normally takes them a whole shift to do in less than 5 hours). i was no way in hell ready to help her as i was being slow as due to a lack of energy and kept running away to barf. eventually, she sent C up to “put away stock” - aka to check up on us - C yelled at me because there was stock outside the stockroom and i didn’t “think to fucking check what it was, this is why this place is so shit”. C eventually left and both me and A were stressed, as A was basically getting told off for doing a task she had no way in hell the skill to complete as she had never done it before, and supervisor took away B who could have helped, essentially to be a dick…

the whole shift was messy and afterwards A messaged the staff member who quickly talked her through the delivery to let her know, who then let the asm know who was super pissed at out supervisors attitude. 

i confronted my manager about this too, as the whole shift was awful and C is an entitled asshole, too, who gets let away with a lot on account that shes been here for so long.

my manager got our supervisor in huge trouble and she ended up leaving to do a new job!

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humble beginnings in Avenue 🌱 

Avenue is going to be themed around the downtown area I live in, featuring brick roads, a farmer’s market, an antique store, + a cozy loft apartment. I’ll mostly be working on Avenue on my own in my free time, but I’ll play in this town in live streams on my YouTube showing you progress I’m making + having people from the chat over to play!  (●´ω`●)

Heathers the Musical links

Full show:


Candy Store:

Fight For Me:

Candy Store (Reprise) and Freeze Your Brain:

Big Fun:

Dead Girl Walking:

Me Inside of Me:

Blue and Blue (Reprise):

Our Love Is God:

Prom or Hell? and My Dead Gay Son:


Shine A Light:

Lifeboat and Shine A Light (Reprise):

Kindergarten Boyfriend:

Yo Girl:

Meant To Be Yours:

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise):

I Am Damaged:

Seventeen (Reprise):


I’ve been doing a really poor job of telling my audience what I’ve been up to lately, so here are some pictures! Are you a fan of the musical?

Favorite Bits from the Heathers soundtrack
  • Beautiful: Dear diary, WHYYYYYYYYYY
  • Candy Store: you can join the team or you can bitch and moan, you can live the dream OR YOU CAN DIE ALONE
  • Fight for Me: Hey, could you hold my hand and could you carry me through no mans land
  • Freeze Your Brain: when that voice in your head says your better off dead DONT OPEN A VEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIN
  • Big Fun: YOU NEED A JELLO SHOT also dang dang diggity dang a dang
  • Dead Girl Walking: yeAH! I NEED IT HARD
  • Me Inside of Me: JESUS you're making me sound like Air Supply
  • Blue: and purr like kittens!! :D
  • Blue reprise: FREAK SLUT PUNKASS SLUT PUNKASS whoreeeeeeeee
  • Our Love is God: I worship you I'd trade my life for yours
  • Dead Gay Son: that was one hell of a fishing trip
  • Seventeen: yeah we're damaged, badly damaged, but your love's too good to lose. Hold me tighter.
  • Shine a Light: and STEVE I'm ending our affair
  • Lifeboat: still the weakest must go... the tiniest lifeboat...
  • Shine a Light Reprise: whine whine whi-ine like there's no Santa Clause
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: certain girls are meant to be alone
  • Yo Girl: guess who's right down the block, guess who climbing the stairs, guess who's picking your lock, TIMES UP GO SAY YOUR PRAYERS also TOO LATE he got in
  • Meant to be Yours: you carved open my heART caNT JUSt leAVE me tO BLEED also the whole VERONICA open the open the door please bit
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: I let his anger fester and infect me along with I wish your mom had been a little stronger, I wish she'd stayed around a little longer, I wish your dad were good, I wish grown ups understood! I wish we'd met before they convinced you life is war! I wish you'd come with me.
  • I am Damaged: please stand back now... little further and hope you miss me, wish you'd kiss me.
  • Seventeen Reprise: if no one loves me now, someday somebody will
The Zodiac Signs as Songs from Heathers the Musical

Aries: Candy Store
Taurus: Seventeen (Reprise)
Gemini: Beautiful or My Dead Gay Son
Cancer: Fight For Me
Leo: The Me Inside of Me or Blue
Virgo: Freeze Your Brain or Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)
Libra: Shine a Light or Lifeboat
Scorpio: Meant To Be Your’s or Our Love is God
Sagittarius: Big Fun
Capricorn: Seventeen
Aquarius: Dead Girl Walking
Pisces: Kindergarten Boyfriend

Phrasing is Key

During an impromptu heist on a local store, our wizard (A) decided to disguise himself as our rogue so no one would suspect us, but I’d never read the spell description before (I believe it was Alter Self), which led to the following exchange:

A: I leave the store and transform into [our rogue], then re-enter the store.

Me (OOC): Wait, does your voice change too? Or are you going to have to impersonate him?

A (OOC): No, the spell also gives me the ability to change my voice!

Me: Whoa, are you sure?

A: Yes! I’m fucking [our rogue]!

Me: You’re fucking [our rogue] during the HEIST?!