in our mothers' house


Autumn: I may need more white paint. I seem to have under estimated the size of my canvas.

Lia: Your wall isn’t a canvas.

Autumn: Anything can be a canvas. Your body, your mind, the wall, even the floor can be a canvas if one wishes.

Lia: Just don’t get any paint on my stuff. I can’t believe our mothers couldn’t afford to expand this stupid house. I need my own space.

Rosalie: We were born together so we should stay together.

Lia: Jasper and Edward get their own rooms!

Rosalie: Mom offered for you to take Edwards room and they said they would share but you turned them down remember?

Lia: I know! Don’t you have some freaky vampire stuff to be looking at instead of intruding in on my conversation with Autumn.

Autumn ignored the two of her sisters as she focused on painting her wall pure white for her latest art piece.

Tsk. Just how are you planning to represent our liege if you can’t even dress yourself properly?”

mom is making the yard at our new house a fairy/gnome garden and we all get to design and make our respective fairy and gnome houses. both my mother and i are absolutely losing it with all the possibilities and tiny little projects. god i love miniature stuff

i’ve always seen the IC/MC as a root that gestates into greatness. like we are nurtured, filled with the memories and dreams of ancestors, given comfort and encouraged to blossom into the midheaven flower…we integrate what we need so we can shine. we need to be psychologically nourished, prepared, and loved to achieve to our potential. the 10th house is also a parent, the dominant parent. for some this is the father, for others the mother, and for some one parent plays both roles. it’s the saturn figure that pushes us to put ourselves out there in the world and make something of ourselves. the 4th house is the moon mother that pulls up our blankets and softens our days. i think we ascend upward, from the IC to the MC, midheaven dreams are that we dream from the very beginning, our purest aspiration. even when we achieve the success of 10th house flashing lights we still long to return to the safety of the 4th house. i think something like uranus contacting the 4th can signify a need to rebel against the parents or upbringing, or even pluto where there may be a need to refresh anew, away from it all

A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 1

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North. 

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name 

Warning: Mean Robb (>3<)

The snow falling always made your heart warm, the way the fallen snow melted against your skin made you smile. You are now of age, a lady in waiting. You are in the snow garden at Castle Elderfrost, a large gray castle with tall skinny trees and frost on all of the blue winter roses. 

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Cry Wolf

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1120
Warnings: Angst? Maybe?
AN: Ugh, I have NO restraint whatsoever. I could be adding to one of my current series. I could be writing a challenge fic. Pfft, hell, I could be writing my Dissertation! But this idea wouldn’t leave me alone… so I had to write at least this first part. 
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



There are some things in my life that I remember clear as day, no matter how long ago it was.

I remember the bright smile on my mother’s face as Dad led me into a hospital room, the harsh artificial light reflecting in her eyes as she introduced me to my new baby brother: the day Sam was born.

I remember the fear in my father’s voice as he unceremoniously shoved the swaddled bundle of blankets that was Sam into my arms and told me to run, and the heat that followed us as the fire consumed our house: the day my mother died.

I remember the eerie silence that seemed to press in on my ears as I lay curled up in bed, Sam’s occasional stirring the only thing that broke the oppressive monotony and staved off the waves of fear that threatened to overwhelm me: the first time Dad left me on my own overnight while away on a hunt.

One night, however, remains vivid in my mind, not because of the trauma it caused, or the happiness, but because of the sheer amount of confusion it caused me.

It was about two months after Sam’s first Birthday, and the whole travelling around thing was still relatively new. Dad must have only been hunting properly for a few months, the world of monsters still strange and daunting to him, and, I won’t lie, terrifying for me. We were in Dunsmuir, northern California, and Dad had told me that he might not make it back that night, along with what had become the usual spiel about basically going into lockdown until he returned.

Everything went how it usually went. I played with Sammy, gave him his dinner, put him to bed… basically took care of him before I could do anything I wanted to do. Then, around 4 in the morning, a loud bang startled me awake.

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Helpless- Philip Hamilton X Reader

I walked down the street, clutching the Reynolds Pamphlet in my hands. I looked around, seeing that the street was littered with them and that almost everyone had one.

Alexander Hamilton had chosen to ruin his family and my mother just to save his name.

He had chosen to save his legacy rather than his wife and his children and I don’t know what that says about him as a person but it’s nothing good. I approached the house that I knew to be the Hamilton’s and I knocked, preparing myself for the door to not answer. They must’ve gotten a lot of visitors so it was obvious why they wouldn’t open the door.

Especially not to the daughter of the woman he was having an affair with.

The door swung open and I saw Philip, his eyes red but he smiled.

“Y/N. It’s good to see you.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I whispered and he nodded. He exited the house, shutting the door quietly and he grabbed my hand and we walked to my home.

Nobody was home and that was probably for the best because I knew Philip would go off on my mother given the chance.

“How are you?” I asked him, knowing that it was a stupid question and he shook his head.

“I’m alright. My mom… she is devestated.”

“It’s okay if you aren’t alright… I know you are probably trying to be okay so you can be there for your mom.”

“I know I just…”

“Talk to me about it. Please.”

“He ruined my life!” Philip yelled angrily at me and I hugged him, knowing that it wasn’t me that he was angry at. It was his dad. He hugged me back as angry sobs racked his body.

“It is by no means okay what he did to you and your family… I mean he destroyed your lives.”

“He told the entire world how he cheated on my mom. He told the entire world how he had sex with this chick- your mother- in our house!”

“I know.”

“I hate him.” He sobbed and he continued crying on my shoulder, holding me tightly. “I mean he claims that he’ll be around for me and then nobody ever sees him because he’s always working.
When he isn’t he’s too busy having an affair to actually sleep in the same bed as my mom and he ends up missing practically all of my childhood over a stupid plan!” He screamed.

“How is your little sister taking it?”

“Angelica doesn’t understand how badly he screwed up but she understands that he did something bad. Speaking of which, Angelica- my mom’s sister is here as well.”

“All the way from London?”


“And he was selfish enough to think that she came here for him.”

“Guessing she didn’t take that so well.”

“Not at all. I should be getting back. My mom might need me.” He said and he pulled away from the hug and wiped his face.

“I understand. Please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I never do anything stupid.” He laughed although it sound empty. I stood up and walked him to the door, watching him depart down the street, watching his head turn at every single pamphlet that was littered.

Every single pamphlet that was published by Alexander Hamilton but for some reason still had my last name smeared across it.

3 years later.

“Philip what are you doing?” I cried, tears running down my face. He looked at me and sighed.

“Eacker talks about my father like that- I cannot let that slide.” He said stone faced.

“Don’t you dare do a thing. History will prove him wrong.” I begged him.

“They rake his name- my name through the mud. Strong words from George and someone should hold him to it.”

“He is not a maiden in need of defending! He is a grown man and if he has a problem with Eacker he can duel him himself.”

“You don’t even get it!”

“Get it? Your father destroyed my families name when he published that stupid pamphlet so I think that qualifies me to know what your name being dragged through the mud feels like.” I yelled back at him, hurt.

“Your mother is a seductress-”

“My dad called my mom a whore- your dad was the
one who decided to stay. He could’ve stopped at any time but he didn’t.”

“But he’s my family! And I can’t just let people talk shit about him!”

“If you try to fight everyone who has ever said something about your dad then you never stop fighting, where do you draw the line?”

“I should be going. The duel starts soon.” He said coldly.

“Don’t do this.”

“Do what? If I die you’re not gonna care.”

“Don’t you dare assume how I feel about you. I thought it was quite obvious my entire life how I felt but I suppose if you even thought for a second that I wasn’t gonna care than I was wrong.”

“How do you feel about me then?” He asked.

“You make me feel…”

Helpless. He was bleeding out and the wound was infected. I felt like I was intruding on his family and that I didn’t have any right to be here. And maybe I didn’t. I started sobbing and he grabbed my hand weakly.

“Y/N… I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre a land, a troop to command or a dollop of fame… all I have is my honor… a tolerance for pain, a couple of college credits and my top notch brain… And I swear… the rest of my life I’ll never make you feel so…”

“Helpless. You make me feel helpless.” I told him, finding that the word fit.

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Momster a childhood friend convinced my mother to build faerie doors at our house (specifically, in the garden) to let the fae folk in. Should I be worried?

Nah. I mean just so long as you carry iron with you at all times and hammer iron horseshoes over all the doors and just never fucking go outside ever again…you should be fine…


ARIES STEREOTYPE: very aggressive, angry, competitive, stubborn.

ARIES STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Aries is ruled by the 1st house and the planet Mars, and the 1st house is ruled by first impressions and energy, whilst Mars is the planet of aggression and energy, thus giving Aries the angry ram title.

TAURUS STEREOTYPE: lazy, eats a lot, stubborn, earthy.

TAURUS STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Taurus is ruled by the 2nd house, which rules money, love (in a way), and pleasure (low-key). Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus, which rules love and pleasure. food seems to be the pleasure of Taurus, giving them that stereotype, and since Taurus is the bull, that explains the stubborn stereotype.

GEMINI STEREOTYPE: talkative, two-faced, annoying, fake.

GEMINI STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Gemini is ruled by the 3rd house and the planet mercury, which explains the talkative and annoying bit. The 3rd house rules communications and youth while mercury rules communications also and your other face (to a small extent).

CANCER STEREOTYPE: crybaby, too caring, fake, vulnerable.

CANCER STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Cancer is ruled by the moon and the 4th house, and those two can be known as the “Mom House”. The moon represents our emotions, mother, and inner being whilst the 4th house represents our home. Using these two and the water house combined, strong-willed Cancer can be seen as the ugly stereotype.

LEO STEREOTYPE: egocentric, over-confident, selfish.

LEO STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Leo is ruled by the Sun and the 5th house, two of the most “authouritive” figures in the zodiac. The sun represents your ego and outer self, though they’re not really your ascendant/rising. They represent your father figure too, and that can give Leo the egocentric attitude and the over-confident being. The 5th house represents fun and childhood, along with focusing on yourself. The sun does represent your ego, so of course, the sun would feel comfortable in Leo.

VIRGO STEREOTYPE: analytical, perfectionist, low-key workaholic, nurse type, know-it-all.

VIRGO STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the 6th house, and both of them rule health (mercury to a lower extent). Mercury also rules intelligence and communication which could explain the know it all effect on Virgo, and the 6th house is literally anxiety’s house.

LIBRA STEREOTYPE: Cunning, charismatic, too romantic, hot and cold, ~bAlaNcEd~

LIBRA STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: The 7th house and Venus rule Libra, giving Libra the hopeless romantic vibe. The 7th house literally rules romance and love and of course, Venus rules relationships and such. Libra’s symbol is the scale, representing Libra as the “justice-obsessed social warrior” status, and the love-dove stuff making Libra the Aphrodite of the zodiac.

SCORPIO STEREOTYPE: oh lord, poor Scorpio. Scorpio is seen as “a nymphomaniac obsessed gothic backstabber”, a secretive person, Stare TM, a “mysterious edgy” person, obsession with obsession

SCORPIO STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Pluto and the 8th house rule over Scorpio, and Pluto is the planet of obsession and sorts. The 8th house represents death, being reborn, and the ;) part, along with inner self, as all water houses own too. Pluto also rules mystery and water houses (mostly 12th house) gives mystery as a strong part of Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS STEREOTYPE: hippie, annoying lawyer, false factarian, loud adventurer, #no commitment

SAGITTARIUS STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Sagittarius is ruled by the 9th house and Jupiter, the planet of luck and wealth, along with gambling. The 9th house represents opinions and adventure, giving Sagittarius the status of a person without a destination. The no commitment part happens because of the 9th house, because every relationship is an adventure to them, making them want to explore more.  

CAPRICORN STEREOTYPE: workaholic, TRADITIONS, stickler for rules, “boring”, know it all.

CAPRICORN STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Capricorn is ruled by the Midheaven, 10th house, and Saturn. Saturn is the planet of authourity and the 10th house and the Midheaven rule your careers along with your authouritive self. This gives Capricorn the elder wisdomated grandfather persona.

AQUARIUS STEREOTYPE: robotic, unemotional, too logic, alien, social.

AQUARIUS STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Aquarius is a social sign that is ruled by Uranus and the 11th house. Uranus represents change and rebellion giving Aquarius the Rebel cliché whilst the 11th house is the community house and the social house. With these two combined, it makes Aquarius. Aquarius is also an air sign, and think logically; not with their heart, but with their mind, which explains their “robotic” moods.

PISCES STEREOTYPE: dreamy, high 24/7, escapist, innocent, whiny, victim complex

PISCES STEREOTYPE EXPLAINED: Pisces is ruled by the 12th house and neptune. Neptune is the planet of dreams and escapism while the 12th house represents detachedness and spirituality. Neptune gives Pisces the dream type and the 12th house their escapist habits. As for Pisces victim complex, the 12th house has spirituality. This could make Pisces turn and make themselves the victim due to their giving and not getting, and leaving them to feel a bit isolated.

“hey tucker,” washs says, turning around to look at his fiance. “should we do a warm neutral or a cool neutral in the living room?”
“I don’t know dude you pick, it’s our house.” tucker replies, intensely debating with his mother over which shade of white would look best in the kitchen.
wash looks back down at the swatch book in his hands before closing it, and shuffles through the swatches until he finds the one he had picked out earlier. it’s still his favorite.

         🌟…endless summer, lift the curse…🌟
• ••a belated gift for our beloved Neil Finn’s birthday - say hi to this Aotearoa water deity, he’ll send you his loving spirits to bring you summery vibes…•• • 

s p a r k l e m o t i o n 1987 🌟 2o17
pencil • glitter watercolour • tiger spirit marker • lightblue stabilo highlighter 
on classic Disco 3 photocopy paper
🌟: stellaria pendant • elban blue agathe • mother of pearl woven necklace • volcanic stone
🌟 song: crowded houseprivate universe



“She was wrapped in blue. The kind of blue, at that place, where you can’t tell the sea from the sky. She was the sea. She was the sky. The blue was her tribal skin. But she didn’t know it yet.”

I’ve always been a city girl; born and brought up here. I’ve spent my childhood evenings playing lagori, lukka-chuppi, badminton, antakshari, pakda-pakdi, sakli below my building, where we had a small, namesake ground. And if and when we craved for a different space to play in, we took over the building terrace(if we were lucky, the watchman would’ve forgotten to lock it that evening). Sometimes we got lucky, but most times we didn’t. If the grounds got too boring, and the terrace locked, we would diligently go over to every one of our friends’ homes, till at least one of our mothers allowed us to play inside the house. But of course we couldn’t run and jump inside the house, so we would quietly(or not) sit in a corner assigned to us and invent games to keep ourselves entertained. We would play till around 8, and if we hadn’t been summoned home as yet, we would all sit and watch an episode each of Popeye and Scooby dooby doo. 
This was pretty much our playtime routine back then.

The summer vacations were a lot more stifling. I spent hours immersed in Enid Blyton books while growing up. I craved for the kind of adventures the characters in Secret Seven and Famous Five had. I craved to live in the kind of countryside they lived in. I craved to aimlessly ride my cycle, pluck fresh fruits from trees, get lost in fields, have lakeside picnics with my best friends. I craved for spaces I could call my own, nooks and corners of the woods only I knew about, go hiking in the woods with my friends, find pretty spots where we could break for some delicious snacks. I craved to climb trees, eat freshly plucked fruits, make a bouquet of fresh flowers and get them home to mom, play in a stream, come back home tired and thirsty and hungry after a long day of doing all of these.

But there I was, in a place I can confidently say was the opposite of what I craved for. There was no countryside, no woods, no deserted cabins, hardly any trees at all, no empty roads to cycle on, no picnic spots, no pretty lakes.
So we made do with what little we had- the ground, the occasional terrace, and corners of our tiny homes.
I lived after all in the heart of Bombay.


This year, I spent around two months in the forest areas of Wayanad in Kerala. Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in India, and is known for its rich, wild forests. Wayanad has almost 10 different types of tribes that live in different parts of the district.
I spent most of my time there with the tribal people, and even lived with them for several days, in their settlements.
It took me several days to meet locals, become friends with them, get accustomed to my new surroundings, and for them to be comfortable and open up around a non-local. It was slightly challenging, but I had help from my relatives who lived in the same area, and some friends as well. Fortunately for me, it all worked out smoothly.

The first thing I registered when I went there the first time was that there was nothing around me but lush green foliage and acres and acres of untouched forest land. I had in front of me everything I had craved for since a long long time. But these new surroundings felt so alien to me. Suddenly I was at a loss for what to do or how to be. It felt odd walking around without footwear, with my bare feet touching the soft soil and delicate grass. It seemed odd but luxurious to sit under any tree I wanted to or to sit on the rock by the stream with my feet dipped in the cold water.

It took me a couple of weeks to get accustomed to my new surroundings. I made several tribal friends..gradually, but very very happily eased into my new surroundings, sat outside tribal huts chatting with them for hours(it helped that I’m Malayali, so communicating with them was not a problem), played with the children, chased chickens, sang with them, learnt not to be around river banks in the evenings because that’s when the wild elephants come down to the river to quench their thirst, learnt so many little tricks and secrets of the forests from them..

It was possibly the most beautiful months I’ve had in a very long time. It was the first time in my life I lived away from a city that long. And I couldn’t be happier that I did, even though it was only for those two months.
That’s the thing about having lived in a city your entire life; you are so deeply cut off from nature, you don’t know what to do or how to be when you’re put in the heart of it. You feel uneasy, because for so long you have lived only in an urban jungle.

This post is an ode to my newfound tribal skin. Blue

Photographs by the awesome Ajay Koli :*

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You've said that you were ready to leave when your hubby decided to do rehab. What made you stick around? And how did he win your love back?

What made you stick around?

Circumstances of practicality. The day I dropped him off for what turned out to be a 12 week inpatient stint, I had a 4 month old and a 4 year old. Those 12 weeks nearly killed me. I went from being a stay at home mom who taught childbirth classes to a single full time working mom trying to manage the transition of living life on a physician’s income to living life on a nurse’s income overnight. Working, mothering, closing his practice, putting our house up for sale, moving, starting a new job, and at least a thousand other hurdles along the way, left me a ragged shell of a human being by the time he got out. Initially, I stayed out of sheer exhaustion. That, and by then we were flat broke and owed the IRS $90,000.

He was very remorseful and desperate to rebuild a life together. I had no better options. I stayed. Numb, broken, humiliated, and very angry. I stayed. Had two small children not been in the picture I doubt I would have stayed. But, it is so much harder to single parent than you can ever imagine. I traded my pride and happiness for a sense of sanity and comfort.

I existed this way for almost a decade. Notice I said existed. Living was a pipe dream in my mind reserved for the fool hearted. I was a miserable, bitter, and angry person, but safe and secure. Everyone else was happy. The hubby and kids were thriving. Finally, one day I got tired of being mad all the time and decided it was time to get busy living or get busy dying. I took the bull by the horns and confronted my demons. I asked questions I was afraid to know the answers to. I worked diligently at finding compassion and forgiveness. Letting go of anger when anger is the only thing getting you out of bed in the morning is terrifying, but it turns out not actually fatal.

And how did he win your love back?

It’s not that he won my love back. I made the decision to love him again. It did help, of course, that he had tolerated me through those years of anger. I think he considered it to be his earned penance. I was not very nice to him in that time, and yet he stayed. To quote Shawshank, we both had “crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.” We both had a choice to make. Stay or leave. We decided to stay and start over as two very different people. I’ve learned quite a lot about love and the most important lesson is, quite simply, this: To love is to accommodate. It doesn’t just happen, you must make a space for it if you want it to linger.

I Trust You

[ Trigger Warning: Abuse ]

You smiled as the cool night breeze swept your hair back. “Faster Young Woo.”

“Hold on tight” he warned before speeding up to fulfill your request. You tightened your hold around his torso. Your chest was pressed against his back allowing him to feel the speed of your heartbeat. The adrenaline rush you got from riding fast at night was incredible. When arriving at your house you jumped off the bike first. A bright smile still on your face. “That was fun!” 

Thanks to Young Woo you had finally begun to feel like you were living life.

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The Lesson (”The Visit” Pt. 2)

“The Visit” (Pt. 1)  / “The Quest” (Pt. 3) / “The Confrontation” (Pt. 4)

Ao3 Link 

Author’s Note: Here is the second installment to my previous fanfic, “The Visit”. I hope you like it. I’ll be posting the third one soon. 

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius was out in a beautiful meadow, the wind in her hair, and her father and Rowan arguing behind her.

“You can NOT threaten to bite her because she does not have the ability to shift on command. She is only a child,” her father yelled.

“I can damn well do as I please,” Rowan yelled back.

“Have you ever trained a child? Has that ever occurred in your long existence?” Rhoe asked.

Aelin huffed from the rock she was perched on. She looked at the two men, the father that she loved dearly and the fae warrior she didn’t know anything about. The confession that she overheard Gavriel say last night made a lot of sense in the light of the day, but she still didn’t know how to get through to him. She was only seven and a little girl, he was centuries old and quite a bit intimidating for her to handle.

“Aelin,” Rhoe called. Her head snapped up from her daydreaming state. She looked at the both of them. From their expressions, they had been trying to get her attention for a while.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly and unfurled from the rock and strode toward them.

Her father looked concerned, but Rowan was again stone faced.

“Let’s get back to it,” he said and stalked to the middle of the field.

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