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hello would any trans girl be interested in getting clothing from m'wife (a femme)? she’s got stuff she doesn’t want (all in good condition, size eu 36-38) that’s like, taking up too much space in my closet

so we thought of donating it to girls in need of them - just tell us your clothing preferences (style, colours, shorts/dresses/shirts etc?) and we’ll do our best to match them

gotta be comfy with giving us your address though

if there’s not a lot of responses we’ll open this to nb women-aligned people and cis girls

please rb and spread this! would like to give as much as possible (also so I’ve wardrobe space to get m'wife more cute clothes lmaooo)


These pictures were taken 1,107 days, 5 cars, 4 wedding rings (he’s lost a few 😂), 3 road trips, 2 apartments, 1 stellar marriage, and a puppy ago but yet somehow it still feels like just yesterday we were those dorky 18 year old kids with no other care in the world but our love for each other ❤️


honestly though, i can take people calling isak/even + happiness fan service when it’s not people in the fandom? you know, when it’s people who just hate the show or are still pressed out a poll. but it coming from the fandom? from people who actually watched S3 and seen everything they’ve gone through to get to this point…it’s just…wow. and i didn’t really want to post something about, but i still see posts with them being called fan service and it’s just…not sitting well with me.

yes. maybe them having yellow curtains as their wi-fi name is fan service. and yes them having fan art on their wall could be it it too. but their happiness? the happiness they’ve found in each other…how dare people call in fan service. because it’s the happiness between a boy used to run away from home and not wanting to go home, a boy who had to grow up at 16 and move out from his home because he realized that it wasn’t good for him. a boy who made his own family in the kollektiv, who used to live fake and struggle with internalized homophobia and used to be a bit ignorant, but he grew up and learned. And then there’s a boy who shines so brightly, and he loves so much and with his everything but the world just hasn’t been nice to him in return. Because he struggled with himself and his sexuality, because his friends turned on him and made him only feel worse when he needed them the most. A boy who has bipolar but is now taking life minute by minute. day by day. A boy who has decided to not let his bipolar define him. A boy who now has a job and he’s moved out from his parents house, and he’s the director of his own life. These boys found home in each other and they are now making memories together. And it’s not easy. It’s fighting over laundry and maybe even about who will do the grocery shopping. And it’s struggled with homework because I can’t do homework when you’re looking at me. 

And it’s a Isak who understands now that he can’t go around snooping for information about Even’s past, that Even will tell him when he’s ready. And it’s a Even who understands that he can’t tell Isak how he will react to certain things, because only you can feel what you feel. And it’s a Isak and Even who are better at communicating now because that’s the information you get after watching the scene in epi 6.

so to say that the happiness between this these two characters, who have come such a long way, is just fan service…it makes me angry.


kellymarietran: [1 of 4] I’m new to Instagram. I don’t know if there are rules, I don’t know the etiquette. I DO know that I feel weird about posting photos of myself in magazines, or made up at events. It’s not how I look in my daily life, and I feel weird about perpetuating an ideal that is unattainable. But lately, I’ve been reading the private messages I’ve been receiving. SO many of them address this issue of representation. There are so many of you who have reached out to say “It’s really nice to see someone who is different.” Or “It’s really nice to see someone who looks like me.” And then I realized how important it is to allow myself be seen — in all forms — because I want you to know that even if you don’t fit the standards of beauty that society has chained us to, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AND APPRECIATION. This is the first in a series of photos (with annoyingly long captions) that I will be posting today. 😂💁🏻🤓

kellymarietran: [2 of 4] We live in a world where we’re taught to pick each other apart, bring each other down. We’re constantly told by the media what we’re supposed to look like. Did you know that sometimes I go to fittings and people don’t know how to dress me because I’m a shorter, curvier person? Sometimes when I’m getting ready for events, people don’t know how to do my makeup because my eyes are different. People are so used to the norm, they’re confused by something different. Whenever I’m in these situations, whenever I feel weird or different or misunderstood, I ask myself one question: “Am I the crazy one, or is the rest of the world crazy?” (Okay, I didn’t make this question up, it’s an improv technique. 😂😂😂) Anyway, this is what I ask myself when I can’t fit into the size zero/size two clothes that are the standards at fittings. This is what I ask myself when someone says an off-handed remark about how I look, or when someone is just generally confused by my existence. Most of the time, I come to the conclusion that the world has taught us that beauty has a very narrow definition. And seeing that while you’re growing up is really horrible and really unfair.

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A Diabolical Nonsense

The Twins first Smackdown

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Request - 32) Superstar brings the child to work for the first time. 33) Superstar sees their child wearing their merchandise for the first time. 

Pairing - Dean Ambrose X Female Reader + Son and Daughter

WordCount - 1,184

Requested By - @guatebabyxo

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s Name, Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name. 

Taglist - @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum @lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon  @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @guatebabyxo @wweimagines-oneshots @xsimplynaex @macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333 @xuhwheredidkylogox @driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08  @harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom  @fucking-bandsx

A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Dean paced nervously, it was three in the morning and the three most important people in his life were about to arrive. He probably looked insane as he paced a small route in the airport but he didn’t care. He had waited for two weeks to see his beautiful fiance and his beautiful children, Y/S/N and Y/D/N. When you had brought up the twins had been missing Dean terribly, Dean had suggested that he take some off to come home. But when you had suggested that you and the twins fly out to spend some quality time together Dean wished he could have been in your actual presence because he wanted to kiss you. You coming to stay with him met that the twins would finally be able to come to their first Smackdown. Dean had wanted to bring the twins for a while yet things came up and you had been a little hesitant. 

Dean heard the announcement that your plane had landed, a couple of minutes later, he saw you approaching, bags thrown over your shoulders as you pushed the trolley with the suitcases on them with one arm as you carried Y/D/N who was sound asleep. Y/S/N walked beside you carrying his teddy bear and pulling his small carry on case behind him. You and Y/S/N looked absolutely exhausted. Crossing the airport to you, Dean was hasty to pick up his son who looked like he was going to fall asleep at any minute. You sent him a thankful glance. You, Dean and the twins began to head out and towards his car. As soon as the twins were buckled in and the car hummed quietly the twins had fallen asleep. You rested your head against the top of your seat. 

“Don’t worry darlin’, we’re nearly at the hotel once the twins are tucked up in bed. We can get some sleep ourselves. I finally get my favourite pillow back.” You smiled sleepily. The flight had been long and you hadn’t slept because Y/S/N managed to stay awake. You observed Dean’s concentration as you admired how handsome he looked especially with the deep concentration that he held in his eyes. 

Once you arrived at the hotel, Dean sprung into action like some sort of lunatic Superhero. He was quick to take all of the bags to his hotel room, asking you to remain in the car with the twins. Once he came back down, he took both of the twins in his arms before leading all of three of you towards the hotel room. 

You smiled when you noticed that there was an extra room for the children to get their sleep. You and Dean both silently agreed not to bother changing the twins into their pyjamas, neither of you wanted to face two grumpy four years old on your hands Once the twins were settled You and Dean settled down for the night, Dean laid his head on your chest as you sleepily ran your hands through Deans locks of hair. 

“I love you Darlin’,” Dean mumbled as he snuggled his face deeper into your chest. 

“I love you too handsome.” 

Waking up the next morning, you still felt groggy from the long flight yet you were met with excitement. The twins first Smackdown, the first time the twins were getting to see their Dad fight live. 

“Darling, guess what I got a little surprise for you. I managed to pull a few strings and guess what you and the twins get ringside seats. So you get to see me in action really close and personal. I’m gonna give you a private later regardless maybe you wanna sample the goods right now.” Dean wrapped his arms around your waist playfully nibbling your ear. 

“Dean you know we don’t have time for this, but if you win later I’ll be sure to give you a reward.” You turned around in Dean’s arms kissing him softly. 

“Darlin’ why you always gotta be a tease?” Cheekily winking at him the twins bedroom door opened and twins came running out. 

“We’re going to work with Daddy right Momma.” Y/S/N questioned, on the other hand, Y/D/N had run straight into her Father’s grasps. She had always been a Daddy’s girl. 

“We are and we get to watch Daddy ringside. Are you excited?” Y/S/N nodded. 

“Well, what are we waiting for, let’s get going so I can show you guys off. Soon everyone is going to be jealous of my stunning fiance and gorgeous kids.So let’s get going because I’ve got people to make jealous” You followed your fiance out of the hotel room giving a discrete roll of the eyes. He was so dramatic sometimes. 

The twins were in awe of the arena, they looked around with wide eyes as they walked past and greeted Superstars that they had only seen on TV before. As the twins interacted with different people you expected Dean to look smug yet there was no smugness in his eyes instead there was a distinctive look of pride.

Unfortunately, time soon passed and Dean had to get ready for the show and you had to take your seats but before the show started you decided to take the twins to roam around the merchandise stools as you browsed you noticed Dean’s merchandise and of course the twins stopped. 

“Momma, can we buy some of Daddy’s merchandise.” Y/D/N asked as you all looked down at Dean’s newest shirt. 

“Yeah and then we can go change into our new shirts and when Daddy comes out for his match he’ll be surprised.” You looked down at the twins, it was a pretty good idea and you did have a little bit of time to conduct the plan efficiently.

“I think that’s a great idea. Come on we don’t have much time.” You purchased the tree shirts before hurrying to the bathroom so you could surprise Dean…

You and the twins were loving Smackdown, the crowd absorbed you into the atmosphere while all three of you cheered and interacted with the night’s matches. Dean’s matchup was next, all three of you were pumped. 

The moment Dean’s music hit, the three of you began cheering for him. Dean was out there doing his thing while looking for you and the twins. At first, he had no idea where you were because no one had bothered to tell him where you were sitting. 

When Dean finally spotted you in the crowd, he was taken back. There you all were standing as you cheered for him, wearing his shirt. His shirt. No one else’s, while Dean wasn’t typically known for getting emotional. Seeing you and the twins supporting made him feel proud. All that time away from you and especially the kids was worth it because he could be their real life Superhero and Dean was going to do everything in his power to make sure that he was there to support the twins (and any more children that you decided to have) no matter what it took because you and the twins were his life….. 

Honey, I'm Home (SMUT)

@dopexomaha : “Derek Luh, Smut at home, cuddling with kilo. Have to kick kilo out because of the dirty. Cuddling with me looking at him and thinking back to everything he has been through and you can do the rest. Surprise me!”

Another studio night for Derek left me alone in our apartment. I sat in our California King with Kilo next to me on Derek’s side of the bed. The Parent Trap was on and I had just finished watching Clueless. I had just seen Derek this morning, but I already missed him so much. I look over at the clock and it’s only 9. On studio nights, Luh rarely got home before 2 and never before Mid-Night. I sighed and snuggled in next to Kilo.

Annie jumps off the dock naked in the movie and all of a sudden, Kilo sits up, barks and jumps off the bed. “Kilo! Baby!” I run down the hall with only Derek’s t-shirt and a black Calvin’s thong on. “I just took you for a walk!” I say, laughing when I turn the corner and see the big, white, fluffy, boy scooped up in my fiancé’s arms.

“Hey sexy.” He smirked. 3 years in and his smile still killed me. “Nice shirt” he laughs as I run towards him and he sets Kilo down.

“You like it?” I stop in front of him and twirl, my ponytail whipping around behind me. He chuckles. “What are you doing back? I thought it was another late night in the studio for you.”

I worked like lighting trying to get back to that ass, Mama” he beams, slipping his arms around my waist.

“Well you’ve got my ass booked every night for the rest of your life” I kiss his nose.

“Still not long enough” he bites his lip and sweeps me into his arms. I laugh kicking my legs and when we get to the bed, he tosses me down, then heads to get ready for bed. “Are you watching the Parent Trap?” He laughs.

“Maybe” I smile as Kilo hops back into our bed. “I’ve only seen it 50 times.”

"That’s what I was going to say,” he says softly, coming out of our closet in the t-shirt that matches the one I’m wearing and the silk kush boxers I got him for our 6th month anniversary. He crawls into bed next to me, but Kilo is in the way. “Hey Pup, are you trying to steal my woman?” He rubs K’s head and the puppy pants and looks at both of us.

” I don’t think he’s ready to move yet, Babe.” I laugh and kiss Derek, leaning over the dog.

“I’m watching you” he says jokingly and looks in Kilo’s eyes. I twist the Tiffany engagement ring on my finger, admiring it for the thousandth time. I look back up at my puppy and my fiancé. I could not be happier than when I am in bed with my two boys. Derek and I have had many ups and downs. We started out at friends with benefits. Then we went back to friends. Then, his Dad passed away about 3 and a half years ago and he came to me and I really help him through it. He and I make each other better everyday and I could not imagine being with anyone else. We got engaged right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with this successful, kind, sexy, fun-loving man.

We finish watching the movie and Derek and I take Kilo for one more quick walk together. He gives me a long hot kiss when we get back inside and I know we will be leaving Kilo outside the bedroom tonight. “Goodnight Baby” I say as he settles on his bed and we head back into our bedroom.

“Now where’s that ass I have booked for tonight?” Derek says as we close the door.

I smirk and slowly pull off the t-shirt, revealing my black Calvin bra to match the thong I’m wearing. I toss it lightly at Luh before spinning around for him and bending over slightly, giving him a slight wiggle. “This ass?” I joke.

“Hell yeah” he says and I look back at him.

“I got really lonely without you today. If you hadn’t come home so early, I might have taken matters into my own hands.” I pout, teasing Derek a little as I slowly approach him.

“I told you to always call me if you need this dick. I will drop or rush everything I’m doing to satisfy you.” He speaks to me softly and I finally come between his legs and he slips his hands up my hips.

“I was thinking about all of your sexy tattoos” I run a finger down his arm, tracing over some of the patterns. “Something about them just makes me want to get” I pause and get really close to Derek, then whisper, “Dirty.”

He looks up at me “God damn, I fucking love you. You’re the sexiest thing” he slips his hands around and squeezes my ass before pulling me into his lap. Our lips crash together again and somehow I wind up lying back on the bed.

Derek sucks lightly at my neck and works his way over my tits and down my stomach, leaving bruises and kisses behind. When he gets down towards my heat, he pauses and hovers over me. He brings our lips together and starts rubbing me over my thong. I moan into the kiss as his other hand wanders my body.

I slide my hands around his back and slip his shirt over his head. I look up and open my eyes and see the bulge growing in his boxers. I’m panting under Derek’s touch and begin to beg. “I need you, Daddy. Come on. I’ve been wanting that hot, stiff cock all day” his eyes meet mine. I know his trigger words. I close my eyes again when he tugs at my clit once more and sucks at my tits. “Please!” I moan and he sits up.

He smirks and peels my underwear off of me. He disappears for a second and I close my eyes. I hear him fiddle with a condom wrapper and soon, he slams into me causing me to cry out.

“You like that, Princess?” He says slipping his hands under my knees and pushing them back so he can get deeper into me.

“Fuck yeah” I moan as his pace quickens. I’ve been needing his thick dick all day. Since we got engaged, I’ve been especially horny. Derek kisses the tops of my breasts as he slams into me over and over. I can’t keep from moaning out, boarder line screaming. Derek moans with me.

We flip over and he starts taking me from behind. I hear him slap against my ass as he fucks me deeper and deeper. Breathlessly, I tell him I’m going to cum and he slips a hand around and starts playing with my clit again. I cry out again and can feel him getting closer.

“I’m almost there too” he says in between thrusts. He speeds up even faster and it sends us both over. We ride out our climax, both of us moaning slightly. Finally, we collapse on the bed, panting.

Soon, I am snuggled back into his arms and we are drifting off. “I’m never staying late at work again” Derek says playfully as he kisses my forehead.

“Two early nights in a row gets you some great head” I smirk and lay down on his chest. He spanks my ass lightly.

“In that case, I’ll be home before dinner”

I guess Kilo will be sleeping in the living room again…

I hope you liked it!!

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SHINee (written) reaction to you buying you both a couple outfit? Thanks!

Jonghyun would probably look at you with an exaggerated shocked expression, huge eyes and mouth wide open, looking like he can’t believe what he’s seeing…ten minutes later he would be standing in front of the mirror with you by his side and ‘’Ok, I have to admit we look pretty fabulous.’’‘’We? Jjong, you’re not even looking at me,are you?’’‘’This shirt really compliments our eyes.’’ …no, you’re not.’’ But don’t worry, he would have plenty of time later to show you how much he liked you in a new outfit!

Onew wouldn’t exactly be an example of an excited person when he sees what you’d bought. He’d already told you that he wouldn’t mind having a few matching things but a whole outfit wasn’t exactly what he had in mind…especially this one you brought that looked like ‘’a stage outfit for an experimental comeback’’ according to his words. But despite his tortured expression he would still wear even if it’s just to see your smiling face!

Let’s get this straight, you wouldn’t be the one to buy it! Before you even have that idea cross your mind Key already made it a reality. One day you would come back home and you wouldn’t even enter the apartment properly when you find yourself being jumped by him. You probably wouldn’t be fast enough in putting on your new clothes for his taste so don’t be surprised if he suddenly decides t help you cough cough. And honestly you’re lying to yourself if your still convinced he’ll let you go with just trying it on…be smart and save the energy for the photoshoot!

Be sure that Taemin would be pretty straightforward with saying whether he likes it or not…but if you do end up choosing a thing he likes he would be pretty happy to wear it since he would find the idea of matching things extremely cute in reality, you’re the one that’s cute, everything else is just an addition. When you wear it for the first time he would be blushing for a first few minutes for an unknown reason trust me, he himself doesn’t know why but the blush would be gone soon when he dives into a passionate monologue about how good you look after you jokingly ask him to ‘’teach you his ways’’ because there’s no way someone can look so effortlessly good!!

Minho wouldn’t exactly be all over the moon about the idea of wearing something extremely cheese so you make sure to choose something that wouldn’t make him side-eye it every now and then. But if it’s something he wouldn’t mind wearing…then you both got what you wanted. You got your desired couple outfit and he found an easy way to show other guys who are staring at you on the street that you’re his. ‘’Minho, what are you doing?’’‘’That guy is looking at you weirdly?? Doesn’t he see our matching shirts…’’‘’Correct me if I’m wrong…but it’s probably BECAUSE of them!’’


4 TH JULY  🎆🎉

I know i’m late, but social media sucks sometimes JAJAJAJ, I also know that I have a Colombia flag on my face and its nothing related to this 4th July thing but i’m not American and we’re in a Colombian pub JAJAJAJAJ ..

I hope y’all like our matching t-shirts and have a really nice week! 

So..that was our first celebration as a official couple, first one was New Years but we were just starting.. I just wanna say that i’m very thankful for having you in my life and that i hope we can have many many celebrations and holidays together because you are the best thing that ever happened to me, and every single thing by your side matters more then a million things without you.. @1-800-tanisha ❤️

Imagine being the love of Sherlock's life.... And not knowing that he faked his own death....

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“Put [Y/N] on the phone John.” Sherlock’s shaken voice flowed into John’s disbelieving ear, as he handed the phone to you slowly…. 

“Sherly please get off that ledge.” You whisper, tears welling in your eyes as you watched his slender figure. 

“You and I both know I can’t do that love, I need you to promise me something though.”

“Sherlock this isn’t how it was suppose to end…. this isn’t our….”

“Promise me you will not dwell on me, I know I promised you many things, and I am….”

“Sherlock shut up.” You cut him off, you could see him wipe his hand across his cheek as you looked at his figure, “You are the only man I want to have those things with. I get it….. you can’t get off the ledge, and this is the ultimate end, but please, don’t make me watch.”

“Turn around,” He whispered as your body turned away, “Now listen to me very carefully, {Your Full Name}. I love you, and you are the only one who will have my heart. Since the moment you walked into my flat as a client I knew you were special in some way, it just took a while to realize why, and maybe if I knew sooner I could have forfilled more for you. Please know that even though I lied about so much, I never lied about my love for you.”

“Sherlock.” You whispered, covering your mouth to control the sob which wanted so badly to escape.

“Goodbye Miss [L/N].” He whispered again…. and then you heard John Scream, “SHERLOCK!”

You turned just in time to see his body fall behind the truck, your eyes widened, and your frame frozen as John ran into action… the only thing running through your mind was that Scott Sherlock William Holmes was dead.

NOW Imagine your Reaction when you learn he is alive!

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You were sitting in your favorite spot, a book opened on your lap as the crisp autumn air blew against your face. 

“You know, I think you would have liked this book very much, however the plot is far to simple, for even a sea monkey would realize that the father was the murder all along, since his wife was clearly having an affair with the accountant. However you would have enjoyed a laugh at it.”

No one replied

“I always loved how you would let me entertain you with my literature. You would stop playing your violin, or working on a case just to lay across my lap and let me read the ridiculous passages to you, questioning the authors motive constantly and muttering as I read. I miss it greatly.”

No response

“Oh did I tell you,” The book now shut on your lap, “I went on a date the other night with John and Mary. It was with one of the blokes who works at their office, and I must say for a medical professional he lacked a brain, and personality. Maybe I am being to hard on the men I date, but after dating a man like you….” You giggled slightly, “Well lets just say, dating has been bloody awful, since no one in this world compares to you.”

“Well clearly, since no one in this world, except for maybe Mycroft lacks my level of intellect. However Mycroft seems to think that he is too good for a mate.” Your heart stopped at the voice, which seemed to be coming from behind you, and the grave you so often talked too.

“However anyone in this world would be lucky to call you their companion, I know I considered myself the luckest man in all of England when we were together.”

You still hadn’t turned around, terrified your mind was playing a trick on you, 

“I must say these past two years I have missed you more then words can describe. I missed waking up in the morning to the slight added weight to my shoulder from your head resting upon me like a pillow, your finger lightly dancing over my skin as you moved in your slumber, the slight dampness from your drool. I missed how when you woke up the first thing you did was open your beautiful, [y/e/c] eyes and look up at me, smile and then nestle into me more.” 

You could hear him stepping closer,

“I missed you making me coffee in the morning, and how you would rant some days about the mass amount of body parts stored next to the breakfast food. I miss how you would curl up in my chair and read those books to me, or how you used to turn your music on and dance as you dusted. I missed you making my tea and how you always made sure I had my favorite biscuit with it.” 

You could see his feet now in front of you….

“I miss the nights when you would lay beside me, your hair thrown up a top your head, dressed in your shorts and cami as you read. I missed talking to you about how we would grow old, surrounded by our gifted children and even more gifted grandchildren. How John would be our neighbor, and how you would joke of his children marrying our own. I missed how even though you would fall asleep before me, as soon as I got in to bed, you would roll over and nestle into me. And how on the nights you convinced me to bed early how it took you an hour to do the same action I missed when you would whisper that you loved me when you thought I was sleeping.”

It was then that he knelted before you, your eye watering as you looked upon a ghost,

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“I missed how you would hide my drugs and cigarettes, and how you would yell at me for being rude, and how you always liked proving you were intelligent to me. I missed your perfume, and your voice, and your purple nail polish, which you claimed matched my shirt. I missed our comments about Anderson, and how you corrected me when I mispronounced Lestrade’s name, or how you would tell me to listen more to John, or chit chat with Ms. Hudson. I missed the way you could calm me down, how you helped me think, how you knew more about the solar system then me, even when you would sneak me a cigarette when John wasn’t looking. I missed how respected I felt around you, how you never showed affection outside of the flat, never pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I missed all of you, when you were happy, when you were angry, when you were crying…. I missed the feeling of your love, your hands, your mouth, your hair. I missed my soulmate, my lover, my partner, you.”

“Then why didn’t you come back then?” your voice was betraying you.

“Because I needed to wait for the truth to be revealed, for Jame’s plan needed to be…”

“I don’t know if I should slap you, or kiss you right now.” You interrupted, “All I needed, all John needed was a clue, a hint, that you were alive.”

“[Y/n] I so badly wanted to tell…” And then he felt the sting of your hand, yet before he could react to the pain in his cheek, he felt the very hand that slapped him entangle into his curls as your lips crashed into his, both of you feeling high at the very action.his own hands going to your face as he kissed you back. Finally, after a need for oxygen you both fell away from one another.

“I missed you too.” You whispered, “And I expect a full explanation when we get back to the flat.” 

“Ahhh I see you still have the flat.”

“Yes, and you can look at it as soon as we are finished.”

“Finished with what?”

“Well we should hurry back then, don’t you say, so I can show you.” You whispered in his ear, before jumping up and leading him to your car so that you could get him home.