in our hearts

“I think that it is very important if you know what you want, understand where you are heading towards, and try your best to get it. It is only when we use our hearts to do it, and fall in love with what we are doing, then can we really get real determination.”

We know the place between bad days,
where we are able to find one another
without looking.

We know the hollow drum inside of
us, the weeping telling us to tighten
our grip around our hearts for a
little while longer. 

We know the kind of quiet that owns
its own voice. We are told we terrify
the river, for we know how she

We know the empty bed. 

We know the closed palms.

We know that when we look in the
mirror, we are only seeing a fraction
of ourselves. We make that fraction
huge, we beg it to make sense.

We know how to be human. We
know how to tell others that they are
not being human enough.

We know how to breathe, even
though we never bothered to learn.

We know how to be hurt. We know
this so well, the poems are the proof.
And for those who cannot write,
the eyes are the proof.

We know the plummet between
loving and fucking. We know you
can only do one at a time. We do
not fuck those we love. We know
we feel more comfortable using
other words when we talk about
fucking the people we love.

We know we are afraid of tomorrow.

We know we are exaggerating when
we talk about yesterday.

We know we have arms to go to
when ours are not enough. We know
that love is not something we can
say, but all the things we do.

We know that this space between
us is momentary. We know that we
do not exist at all, in the grand
whole of the universe, just as grains
of sand do not exist individually
to us as we walk amongst them.

And still, we know that we are 
essential. We know that our hearts
are reaching for one another. We
know this means something huge.
We know this immense love to
be monumental. We know this
will stay when we are gone.

—  “i have a lot of fears but i am certain of you.” by Emma Bleker

we never thought of this happening to us,
but here we are with our hearts in our hands,
neither of us willing to let go,
but not strong enough to carry on.
we thought we were invincible, baby, but 
now we’re realizing that we are all too human. 
oh, the ache of it. 

did you ever imagine a hurt like this? 
did you ever picture this much blood?

i never thought that i would lose you like this, 
all fire and pain and no mercy. it’s got me on my knees. 
we thought we had a love that would never fade, 
but all the color has bled out. everything is black and white.
the music stopped playing. all that’s lingering in my ears
is the sound of your goodbye.

—  The End of Us by Auriel Haack

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Black Girls Talking Episode 45: WE TALKING BOUT PRAXIS, NOT A GAME. PRAXIS. On Girlhood and Solidarity

Fanta Sylla joins us this week to talk about the film Girlhood and her recent essay on solidarity between black women and non-black women of color. Plus, we all bow down to the rightful queens of our hearts, A-listers, paid sisters: Beynika.

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close to home, close to our hearts. we love finding spots like silverthread falls so near to our hometown of philadelphia. #bluemovement photo by @thesecondgleam

anonymous asked:

How can God be in the centre of a relationship?

that’s a pretty good question. 
If our goal in life to glorify Christ, to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, strength and to love our neighbour as ourself, then how can we make Him the center or our relationships.

Let’s start here: Christ is everything. If your faith is in Christ, and You believe He is Lord of all and that the universe revolves around the glorified Lamb who is all sufficient, all powerful, the personification of love and mercy, then you would agree that He is everything. That if you or I died right this second, it wouldn’t matter because we would be found in Christ and we would be with Him. And if we gained everything possible in this world, all the education, all the money, all the fame, all the ‘love’ and affirmation by other humans, that Christ would still be better than all of that.

When you begin with Christ’s everythingness, you can begin to see how to revolve your life and your relationships around Him. That when He is not just first, but everything, then you can function, then you can have fuller joy.
“Christ is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” - John Piper

A Christ Centered relationship involves devos - individually, then sharing what you learn with each other. It involves prayer alone and together for all things, it involves affirmation, encouragement, affection in a brotherly-sisterly-bestfriend kind of way. It involves two lives, two souls who know who Christ is what Christ has done, then live in such a way that glorifies Him - in what you say, how you act. 

God’s Word does not prioritize for us to feel good. The real things in life are not over feelings. The Word of the Lord is for us to be free and to stay free (sanctified). It’s a blessing to have the Bible available to us. Study God’s Word and give every effort to obey it without questions for intellectual debates in our heads or self-driven concerns from our human hearts.

“Whenever our right becomes the guiding factor of our lives, it dulls our spiritual insight. The greatest enemy of the life of faith in God is not sin, but good choices which are not quite good enough.” – Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

Look into the Book of John 15-16 to see what the Lord Jesus was teaching when He said, “These things I have spoken to you so that you may be kept from stumbling.”

We went sailing
in umbrellas
as the moon
spilled its light
into our hearts.
With the hum of rain
on our lips and
ocean waves,
on our fingertips,
we built homes
in our eyes.
We built castles
in our souls.

  • You Were Cool
  • The Mountain Goats

it’s good to be young but let’s not kid ourselves
it’s better to pass on through those years and come out the other side
with our hearts still beating
having stared down demons
come back breathing

people were mean to you
but i always thought you were cool
clicking down the concrete hallways
in your spiked heels
back in high school

you deserved better than you got
someone’s got to say it sometime because it’s true
people should have told you you were awesome
instead of taking advantage of you
I hope you love you life like I love mine
I hope the painful memories only flex their power over you a little of the time
we held on to hope of better days coming
and when we did we were right
i hope the people who did you wrong
have trouble sleeping at night