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We never learn, do we? How exactly do you love yourself? We still look for sunlight inside of shadows. We still look for a future with the past. We still love like our hearts were never broken. We still cry as if the rain was something we created under the ocean, where no one hears us cry alone, no one hears us folding our hearts, each crinkle– each tear, I’m sorry. Were we ever going to make it? Did we finally lose it? I think the better thing is– will we ever love again?

– darling, i can only hope so

We need to fall out of love with the need for human approval and acknowledgement. We need to fall out of love with the desire in our hearts to be noticed and praised. We were not designed to pine for the validations of others, but for the validation of One, and One only. We desire to be close to the King, but instead of applying the necessary daily disciplines, we put our earthly wants ahead of our spiritual needs, and allow ourselves to become focused on that which will soon fade away. The deeper we seek after the adoration and affections of man, toiling, performing and creating for the praise - the deeper we dig our hole, and in turn, distance ourselves from the relevance and necessity of God. We’re a tag focused generation - more interested in how trendy something is instead of how much we genuinely like it. We are a generation chasing the quick fix, rather than patiently seeking a long term impact. We’re a group of people fixated too intently on finding the next big thing, eating at the next hip café and posting the next popular quote on social media platforms, to gain whatever validation it is we are hoping and aiming for. When did we become so caught up in this ego-stroking pattern of reliance and dependence on all the wrong words from all the wrong places? When did we lose our sense of holy worth, and start playing hide and seek with God and His promise that He is indeed, enough? We’re on the fast burn track to burying ourselves as a generation who lent to hard on the opinions of strangers, and swayed too far from the truths of His word. People will come and go, their views will bend and waiver.. So why do we put such great emphasis on doing, being, seeing and living for the acceptance of something so fleeting and temporary? It’s time we set our sights on something more eternal than being what we believe others want us to be, and start grinding our gears to reach the potential that God knows we have within us. We are called to place emphasis on His thoughts and His ways. It is in focusing on doing our best and being our best for Him, that we lose the shackles of performance, and start to live an authentic and influential life.

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Tom Searle and Sam Carter Interview (2014) 
We love Tom 

“I wish more kdrama love triangles were less predictable. With the whole ‘second-lead’ thing, you already know who is going to end up together. I want some dramas to actually keep you guessing on who the female lead and male lead are going to end up with. “

Yes, there is tremendous suffering all over the world, but knowing this need not paralyse us. If we practice mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful sitting and working in mindfulness we try our best to help and we can have peace in our heart. Worrying does not accomplish anything. Even if you worry twenty times more it will not change the situation of the world. In fact, your anxiety will only make things worse. Even though things are not as we would like we can still be content, knowing we are trying our best and will continue to do so. If we don’t know how to breathe, smile and live every moment of our life deeply we will never be able to help anyone.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

Everybunny, look who is coming home soon…
Jay holds a very special place in our hearts, and gap in our lives left by him can never be filled. But he left so many happy memories, and a space for a fuzzy fur ball to keep Effie company.
We went to visit him this week and he is SO FLUFFY! He’s absolutely gorgeous & so sweet. Let’s hope he & Effie feel the same way about each other! We are adopting him from the RSPCA after he was found abandoned. His next home will be forever ❤️

There is a mourning that all of our hearts weep for- the mourning of death, of pain, of misery, and of despair.

And then there is the mourning of sin.

You see, this first mourning seeps and it slides and it wreaks havoc upon our minds. It is made manifest in the news headlines and in the images of dead young children washing up on shore. It is a mourning full of bright red anger and deep blue anguish and ‘something has gotta change'es and ‘i’ve lost my faith in humanity’s.

This pain is relatable- this pain deserves universal mourning for universal hurts.

But in Christ, a mourning exists that is much slighter, much subtler to the hearts of men.

When sins like vanity and lust are on the table- when disobeying your mother or gossiping about your brother is at hand- when ignoring the sister in need or not turning the other cheek is at the forefront- the latter mourning begins.

Now troubles and sorrows are of great magnitude in this world- so may we weep with those who weep, and lay prostrate with those who lay prostrate. May we never turn a blind eye to such pain and such grief, and may we seek in comfort those around us.

But may we also weep for the things that don’t seem so bad to this world- the pride, the gluttony, the shiny envy. May we mourn for the sins that makes us feel good- the lustful gaze, the haughty thoughts.

May we weep for the things that go unweeped for. For the outcry cut short. For the breaking of a Father’s heart.

May we weep for the world, with the world, yes, may we weep.

But may we weep near the foot of the cross, near the feet of the Savior, at the heel of destruction. May we weep for the things that the world can’t see and our flesh-hearts can’t unmask.

So may we weep.

May we weep.

—  a prayer for the world, a prayer for a better world

anonymous asked:

What is grace?

Grace is the most incredible gift we could hope to receive. It’s God loving us even when we are so unlovely and dirty. It’s the undeserving favour and love of a Heavenly Father who sent His son to die for you and for me. Grace will transform your life, as you realise that somebody as perfect and pure as Jesus came to die in our place and for our mess even when our hearts were in total rebellion. Grace empowers you to move forward in righteousness, joy, peace and strength as you receive such undeserved love and forgiveness lavished upon you. Everyday I discover more of the life changing depths of grace. ❤️

My poet friends and I always joke about the danger in dating people like us:
The ones who will turn empty promises into love songs. 
The ones who will get on stage and share things they can’t find the courage to tell you without an audience. 
The ones who swallow antidepressants in the form of words. 
And let me tell you,
We are not easy people to impress either. 
When we are constantly surrounded with metaphors about flowers and the moon, even the most sincere compliments seem stolen from Nicholas Sparks novels. 
We will read your confessions like a romcom script. 
We will spell check your love notes. 
Don’t ever think you can fool us. 
We choose when we want to be fooled. 
You did not outsmart us, you just became our next great tragedy.
Do not fall for a winter. 
We break our own hearts already.
—  “On Dating Artists,” Ari Eastman