in our hearts

  • Jaune:[wearing assless chaps] what do you think of my new clothes?
  • Pyrrha:I love it!
  • Jaune:You didn't notice anything different? That I'm wearing tight jeans?
  • Pyrrha:it's got a little bit of red on it... oh I mean, I don't know... I think it looks great.
  • Jaune:You haven't been staring at my butt?
  • Pyrrha:Well, I always do that

Boone Fork 2016 18 – Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, October 16, 2016

Being true to ourselves

within the context and circumstances of our life

puts us at odds

with what is required, expected and assumed

in each situation as it arises–

and at odds with what we desire or fear

in those situations.

We grow into the mindset of the culture

during our childhood and adolescence,

and live to exploit the situation

to our advantage, gain and profit.

We readily forsake, betray, and/or abandon

any concern for what is true to ourselves

in favor of doing what we need to do

to get what we want–

wanting things that have no affinity

with what would ring true to our heart and soul.

You see the problem.

We are divided within

and incapable of living with our best interest at heart.

We want what we want,

and will have it or die trying to get it.

We will do anything but the one thing necessary

to put ourselves in accord with ourselves

and live as one toward the good of each situation

and the good of the whole.

we will not change our mind about what is important to us.

Our mind can change, of course,

but not by effort of the will–

ours or someone else’s.

That puts us in the place

of being mindfully, compassionately, aware of what’s what,

and seeing how it goes.
The Difference? Hillary Supporters Are Actually Happy

It’s a positive campaign.

Like the pantsuit flash mob dance-a-thon above, Hillary Clinton rallies and events are marked by a sense of joy. The crowds respond to the correction offered often by President Obama, “Don’t Boo, Vote!” And there’s a definite sense of humor vibe as well.

Bathroom signs at Clinton’s Pensacola rally yesterday.

— RogelioGarcia Lawyer (@LawyerRogelio) October 23, 2016

“We’re going to work our hearts out to make Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States.” —@ElizabethForMA

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 24, 2016

“She looks damn presidential,” @timkaine says in Philly

— Kasie Hunt (@kasie) October 23, 2016

I could show you images of Trump rallies but you know what those are like, right?


When I wake up before dawn,
the thought of you warms me up from the inside,
your name appears in my thoughts.

We do not measure joy;
instead we embrace it in our hearts,
and we become consumed by it,
the same way
numerous molecules
of oxygen
fills our

Our commitment is a heartbeat dialogue
which challenges the mind’s capacity
to compare experiences
to memories.

My heart (like my awareness)
is totally awake.