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So, my 5-year-old niece is watching Buffy (for the very first time, obviously) and her mom (one of my closest friends) keeps me posted on her reactions. My niece has also sent me a couple of voice messages babbling on about the show (like, for example, how she was reading a book on insects and she found a praying mantis and she went: “that’s like Xander’s teacher!”) My friend told her that I like Spike, and she sent me a message telling me that she wanted to see the Spike episodes because she knew I liked him and her grandma liked him, too. Anywho, she did a drawing for me, inspired by the show and Spike… 

This is the drawing on the front…

That’s Spike and I making out, FYI. And she wrote his name phonetically (the way she says it as a Spanish speaker - her mom tried to convince her to write it the proper way, but no such luck.) Also, there’s someone pointing and laughing at us. I kept asking about the third person in the picture, and she kept dodging the question. I asked her if it was her spying on us, and she let out a creepy laugh, so make of that what you will. Notice how deeply in love Spike and I are. Our kisses form little hearts. That’s true love, if you ask me.

But there was a second drawing on the back of the page…

That’s me staking Spike, who’s in vamp face and crying, apparently. I think I’m crying too. And there’s a caption that reads: “Isabella - There are some loves that kill - Paua Espaic (Paula/Spike)”

She has basically predicted the Season 2 Bangel finale, featuring Spike and yours truly. 



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i would just,,, like to take a moment to appreciate lance in the simulator scene 

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Happy Birthday To The Precious Neets! 

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