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Hello hello! Winter break is about to start so I’m opening traditional art commissions, each image has information about each category but I’ll write it down here in case it doesn’t load for you! They are PayPal only!


  • Sketch: $5
  • Ink Lines: $8
  • Full Color: $12

Waist Up:

  • Sketch: $10
  • Ink Lines: $15
  • Full Color: $18

Knee Up:

  • Sketch: $20
  • Ink Lines: $25
  • Full Color: $28


  • Sketch: $15
  • Ink LInes: $18
  • Full Color: $20

Chibi Watercolor Portrait (3 slots!): $15


  • -NSFW
  • -Furries
  • -Mecha
  • -Anything offensive of any sort!
  • -Real ppl

What I WILL draw!

  • -OCs!
  • -Fandom charcters
  • - Anything else that is not stated in the list above lmao

If you are interested send me a message here or at Forzadaa  @ outlook . com! I’ll try to get in touch with you as soon as posible! Any details will be talked over there!

Thank you all! <3

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