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i’m nervous about previewing this portrait. it’s my first major departure from an original design in a series of mods committed to being more or less “vanilla-friendly,” and even though i plan to make a brown-haired alternate, it’s still a very different approach to the character. so i want to talk a little about why i went this direction with marnie.

marnie’s original design has always bugged me. i assume she was intended to be chubby, but her face strikes me as weirdly childlike, not rounded or full. her narrow shoulders and slim arms make it look like she has puffy sleeves, not arms with muscle or (god forbid) fat on them. and don’t get me started on her color palette. in my war on side braids and green clothes and ostensibly middle-aged adults who look like twenty-something final fantasy characters, marnie was absolutely the most intimidating target.

so rather than tweak her portraits directly, as i’ve done before, i sketched over them. i looked up images of farmers and ranchers to get a sense of how real women in her profession dressed and wore their hair. i thought a lot about my mom and how her face looks and where her features sit in it, and about the co-leader of my old girl scout troop, who went grey young and had the most beautiful, richly textured hair i’ve ever seen. i pasted marnie’s eyes and nose into my sketch layer and ditched absolutely everything else.

the end result is a marnie who, to me, recalls women i know and encounter in my day-to-day life, which is exactly what her dialogue has always done for me. even if it’s not for everybody, i couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

in other news, the first sprite i’ve made is unbelievably cute:

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People are still saying Kougyoku is immature for hating Sinbad :(

When they are manipulated via magical means by a man they once had a romantic interest in that resulted in the imprisonment of their siblings, I shall consider taking their claim into consideration.

And I say ‘consider’ because odds are the person saying such a thing preaches about Sinbad hate on a daily basis only to turn around and hate on several other characters, and I firmly believe that person is the real immature one in the situation, not Kougyoku.

when a story has your fav finally making friends and living a somewhat solitary but comfortable life

when said story suddenly ends with your fav finding the Silver Key and going back in time to repeat his life and succeed in wiping out humanity

okay, so, you know how chat is just so over-the-top with his flirting? i was thinking about this and what if — and i know this has been disproved by the webisodes but shhhh — what if ladybug honestly didn’t realize chat was serious?

like, at all? like, she honestly thought he was 100% joking in all his lines?

now consider: an inverse marichat scenario

  • ladybug, in her well-meaning wish to bond with her partner, asks chat who he likes
  • he, thinking she’s joking (because honestly how could she miss it), responds that ‘it’s her,’ kind of lightly, kind of jokingly, etc etc etc of course she knows it’s her
  • except maybe she doesn’t, because she laughs, girly-giggly-bright, and bumps his shoulder, saying, “No, really, I mean it! Who do you like?”
  • he tries to set her straight, but the damage is already done: “C’mon, Chat. I know you’re a huge flirt but there’s gotta be somebody who’s captured your heart~ I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”
  • the boy, quite reasonably, is crushed
  • after a bit more pressing, a much sadder cat confesses (a bit pointedly lbr) that there’s this amazing, amazing girl who hung the stars in the sky, who he doesn’t know nearly as well as he’d like, who’s incredibly brave, (etc etc etc) and who doesn’t take him seriously at all
  • ladybug is h o r r i f i e d
  • she knows her partner is a silly dork but how dare this girl! didn’t she see what she had? didn’t she see what she could have?
  • ladybug is going to have Words
  • or, better yet, she’s going to help chat get the girl of his dreams
  • first, she just needs to figure out who that girl is
  • Ladybug’s Thought Process: dismiss all superlatives > ‘chat doesn’t know her that well’ (”not true,” chat would insist if he could hear that. “just not as well as I want to!”) + ‘doesn’t take him seriously’ = ??? > does she know anyone like that…? > …oh shit > oh shit
  • does he like marinette?
  • “Chat… that girl you like… is she Marinette?”
  • chat’s jaw drops
  • “H—… How…?”
  • HOW DID YOU GET MARINETTE FROM T H A T ? he wants to scream.
  • he’s spoken with her like three times! (as chat)
  • ((he’s spoken with her three times while flirting like the wind and making a giant fool of himself, just fyi))
  • ((it’s not that big of a leap))
  • Ladybug Finds Herself in a Quandary, headlines at six
  • 1) it’s her! she’s the girl who dared to not know what she had!
  • 2) chat likes marinette, whom he’s spoken with three times, but not ladybug, whom he talks to every few days at least? (she doesn’t blame him for that — he knows full well how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless ladybug can get — but it’s a little saddening, nonetheless)
  • 3) she’d sworn to herself she’d help out, but helping chat get together with herself?
  • “Women’s intuition,” she says, brushing it off. “She’s cute! You should ask her out!”
  • Ladybug’s Logic™: chat likes marinette > chat doesn’t like ladybug > ladybug is marinette > marinette is ladybug > if she spends enough time with chat as marinette, he’ll see just how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless she is (how much like ladybug she is) and fall out of love with her > this will free him up to like someone who isn’t her > a strangely sad thought, but better than him pining over someone he doesn’t truly know… right?
  • it takes a bit more pressing, but eventually, an oddly depressed chat agrees to let her set up a date between the two
  • ladybug’s Got This
  • do you see where this is going?
  • with a drooping tail and a hundred apologies on his tongue, chat shows up at the bakery
  • “I’m so sorry you got dragged this,” he tries to apologize when Marinette opens the door. “Ladybug forgets to listen sometimes, and—”
  • marinette grabs him by the arm and just about takes off running
  • it is the first date of many
  • and, the thing is, it works
  • ladybug’s plan works
  • chat sees exactly how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless marinette is
  • that is, he sees exactly how much like ladybug she is
  • shit, thinks chat “so stubborn and so irresistible” noir, watching marinette scramble up to the top of some very high place on her wit alone and grin down at him in the evening light
  • shit, thinks chat “she’s crazy awesome” noir, watching marinette come up with a plan to get them both out of trouble in mere minutes and relay it to him with a mischievous giggle that would make anyone’s heart trip
  • s h i t, thinks adrien “whoever she is, I love that girl” agreste, watching as marinette wraps their whole class around her finger with a speech, animated and fearless and powerful, promises of stars in her eyes and the gravity of supernovas in her voice
  • (“I think I have a type,” Adrien ‘I did not ask for this boner’ Agreste confesses to his close friend, Nino, after that particular spectacle.
  • Nino pats his shoulder in pure empathy.
  • From somewhere behind them, Alya sighs, “Don’t we all.”)

imagine an inverse ‘imma help my best friend out with their crush’ au


Previews of some of the drawings I’ve made for @tsukkiyamazine! First one is for a (stomach-churning, saccharine sweet, secondhand-embarrassment-filled fluff) fic by @crazygaze, and the second is for another fic (which i can simply describe as an emotional rollercoaster ride) that’s written by Alexis! 💗

Zine preorders are opening on December 16th! ✨

at the haus, playing spin the bottle
  • Holster: okay nursey your turn to spin
  • Nursey, drunk off his ass: haha okay okay fine, i'll kiss dex
  • Holster: ....nursey, you're supposed to spin the bottle first
  • Nursey: i can't believe it's dex again, fourth time tonight...
  • Holster: ...nursey, the bottle
  • Nursey: haha me and dex
  • Holster: ....nursey....
  • Nursey: *moves bottle and points it at dex*
  • Holster:
  • Nursey:
  • Holster:
  • Nursey: dex
  • Bonus...
  • Dex: ...are you fucking kidding me...
  • Also Dex: *has three hickeys, is already halfway into nursey's lap, plans on using tongue*