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oh my god….has howard stark left lasting emotional and psychological scars on his child in eVERY UNIVERSE IS THIS THE ONLY CONSTANT

idk why but “what do you do?” just strikes me as such a boomer question. like, even “where do u work?” has classist issues, but why do these olds keep demanding to know ur exact job title, you know? this is generalizing af, but i feel like millennials will just be happy to hear u got a job and might be curious about where it is, but boomers won’t stop until they find out if it comes with dental and a 401k.

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But can you believe Harry's first solo magazine cover is really coming out on the first anniversary of that time Harry wore a NickGrimshawxTopman shirt the night that Nick went to watch him perform at the O2, in a magazine published by the ex of Nick's supermodel bestie? And will I ever stop making everything about Gryles? (Probably not).



“You wanna look smart? Then answer their question with your own question, then answer that question.”