in other news this blog is a year old today

And so it continues... Happy Birthday Barrile Art!

Today Barile Art is 1 year old! That’s right, gang, my little artblog turned 1! Happy Birthday/Anniversary to my fun little corner of the internet.

The transition to this blog went smoothly over this past year. I’ve brought you all both older previously posted work (from other websites) and tons of brand-new-spanking-fresh-out-of-the-art-oven-piping-hot Joe-Art!!

I find a lot of joy posting an assortment of my artwork sundries and odds and ends. As my mission statement says, “At barrile art you’ll find my non-commercial original personal illustrations, works in progress, art process, sketches, and doodles.” And by golly, you will! I even show you a tiny peak, on occasion, at my commercial artwork too!

I have a LOT in store for you all in year 2 at Barrile Art. So buckle up, keep your hands and feet inside the Barrile Art Tumblr at all times, and please enjoy the ride.

Here’s my very first post from 14 April, 2014, check it out!

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Seven Arrested in Connection With Shooting At A Murrieta Party!

Two adults and four juveniles from Temecula and one other man have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a man at a party April 10 in Temecula, police said today in a news release.

Keanu Hughes and Racquel Rangel, both 18, were booked into the Southwest Detention Center on suspicion of conspiracy and attempted murder. Four other males, ages 16 and 17, were booked on suspicion of the same crimes, as was 21-year-old David Montijo of San Diego. (In above photo, from left: Montijo, Hughes, Rangel).

According to the news release, Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the 30600 block of Pauba Road at about 11:59 p.m. to the report of a shooting at the residence. Upon arrival, they found more than 50 people attending a party at the residence. The party was hosted by an underage teen while the homeowners were away, police said.

Soon after, the victim of a non-life-threatening gunshot wound arrived at a nearby hospital, seeking treatment. The victim reported he had been shot while attending the party.

Arrests were made after detectives interviewed numerous subjects and processed a variety of evidence related to the incident. According to witnesses, an altercation occurred between two groups of people during the party. One of the groups fled the party in a vehicle and threatened to return with a firearm. A short time later, several subjects arrived at the party in a white pickup truck. The subjects exited the truck, approached the party and shouted something before shooting into the crowd. 

At least two of the subjects involved in the shooting were recognized from the earlier altercation, police said.

Now after reading and viewing the source, what are your thoughts on the situation? (Comment, Like, Share) @JwetSmashMouth