in other news this blog is a year old today

That Moment When

You’re jammin’ out to some Hoodie Allen and you have to change the music because you’re a nanny and it’s inappropriate for a 9 year old. Back to Taylor Swift….

Nannying is really cramping my style.

In other news, pretty sure I rocked my interview today! Keep your fingers crossed for me! A Classroom With Love At The Center

Peggy Sia has some remarkable fifth grade moments. “One morning, as we were discussing the meaning of resilience, a student recalled something his coach said to the team during a practice. The things one chooses to do that others will not do today, will enable one to do the things that others cannot do tomorrow. Such powerful words coming from that of a 10-year-old.” Every day, they move her to rise before the sun, step out of her slumbering household, and into the hour-long commute to school. With her “Big 3” classroom tools, Peggy unleashes a class culture of empathy— one in which math problems and grammar lessons unfold with love at the center.