in other news i now have a scanner

Hi y’all! sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately! It’s just that:

1. I’ve been out of town a lot (i’m in a long distance relationship with a 2.5 hour drive between us, so i’m out of town like every other weekend)

2. my scanner broke and i can’t afford a new one right now, so i can only scan art when i happen upon a place with a working scanner 

3. i have a full time job now that is actually fairly time consuming and demanding.

but, i HAVE been making art a lot, writing some poetry, and working on my newest, largest, and best poetry zine yet! more news to come on that front in the new future! but in the meantime, here’s a half finished painting of some girls hugging that I made a while back. currently i’m working on recreating this in an embroidery hoop, which is actually much more difficult than i expected it to be. but it’s fun.

for more frequent updates and behind-the-scenes art happenings, follow my art insta @hb_arts_ :) I update it regularly, and post little videos on my story of works in progress!